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lUcortis of Jfot* £t George 




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This volume contains the proceedings of the President and Council of Fort St. 
George for the year 1688. They were taken from the thirteenth and fourteenth 
volumes of the series, " Diary and Consultation Books, " and put together by the 
late Mr. Pringle. The footnotes on pages 1 and 32 particularize the portions of 
the volumes, which have been included in the present publication. The original 
manuscript volumes are in a fair state of preservation. 


19th July 19] 6. Gurator, Madras Record Office. 





[From January 1 to December 31, 1688.] 



The Diary and Consultation Bo[o]k of the Hon b,e Elihu Yale Esqr 
President Governo[ur] & Council!, their Proceedings & Transac- 
tions] for the Affairs of the R* Hon b,e English East India 
Company in the Presidency of the Coast of Choromandell and 
the Bay of Bengala. 
Ship Adventure Thomas Hickes Master Sailed for Bombay. 

Att a Consultation Jaiiedfor 

Present B °^ a " 

Elihu Yale Esq be President & Governour 
M E John Gray S b John Biggs 
M B John Littleton M e Robert Freeman 
M K Thomas Wavell M b Nath. Higginson 
M E William Frasee. 

Cap' Anthony "Weltden excused the not delivering in an aocompt of his Capt 
Tenasseree expedition, having not yet finished itt, & promises to bee very parti- ^^ofWs 
cular & large therein, but delivered in an ace* of the demorage of his Ship, & charges Tenasseree 
dieting the Souldiers he carried & brought back with him from Mergen, which the notfiniBhed 
accomptant is order'd to examine and report itt to the Councill. He delivers 

acct of 



Orderd to be 


The Councill being very Solicitous in sending home advices of affairs here to Concerning 
the R* Hon ble Comp a & there being no Ship as yet arrived here from the Bay, or ^ ring / sLip 
the Southward, the discourse of hiring a free Ship was renewed, but resolved to advices to 
await Some few dayes longer, in expectation of their own Shipping. ,5 n s lan ?- 

few dayes 
for the 
arrivall of 
their Honrs 

Order'd that Pag 1000 be paid to M r Nathaniell Higginson Paymaster r 1000 to be 
Generall, to defray Charges Garrison &c a . paid Mr 

The ace* being made up of the Madapoilam Cloth, bought & Sorted for the MApTam 
R* Hon bIe Comp as ace' amounting to P 1404 : 07. Itt is onired to be paid. ciothtube 

. £_ paid for. 

Note.— the Diary and Consultations of the period, January 1 to February 17, 1633, have been taken from Publio 
Consultations, Volume XII I, pages 193-248. 

Records of Fort St. George 


the J oint 
Stock Mer- 

Petition3 to 
be freed 
duty of a 
Agreed to 
free hira, he 
paying the 
Rt Honble 
charge in 
Bending him 

Generall &ca 


from Coo- 


Itt being usuall to Tasherif the R* Hon ble Comp as Chief Meroh* 8 yearly atfc this 
Season, but they having been no ways Servicable to the Comp* 8 affairs this year, as 
well from their own differences & disagreement as also from the troubles in the 
Country, which greatly discourages & obstructs all trade, which occation'd our 
hesitation in doing itt, But considering 'twould bee a great discredit to them, & 
possibly occation such discontents as might bee prejudiciall to the trade of the 
place, 'tis therefore agreed that they bee presented with broad Cloth as aocustom- 
ary, itt amounting to a Small valine, but that they be reprehended for their 
neglect and disagreement, and advised & assisted to a reconciliation. 

One Walter Stewart a Phisitian coming out on the Resolution in the quallity 
of a Souldier, and having had Severall Successful! practices in his profession here, 
made itt his Petition to bee free'd from the duty of a Souldier, that he might have 
more time to Study & practice, which in consideration, that there is great occation 
for him in Town these Sickly times, 'tis agreed that he bee free'd from bearing 
Armes, provided he pay the Charge &c a the R* Hon ble Comp a have been att in 
Sending him out. 

Elihu Yale. 

John Gray. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

R : Ffreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 

Will : Fraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated 31 st past with Invoyces and Bills of 
Lading for what they have laden on the Royall James & Pearle, & a List of what 
they rec d from aboard them, & both Sailed the 30 th past, they Send our Ace* Curr' & 
that their books Shall follow as Soon as coppied, they desire a ffactor & a Writer 
for their assistance in their business, they have delivered their goods & treasure to 
the Merchants & want mony to pay their Washers, & charge of the Factory & to 
Send them more Ropes & Gunnys, which are not procurable with them, & that 
the troubles in those parts do daily encrease. 

Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor dated 31 th past advising the receipt of the 
Pag 1000 Sent them, that they had ready there 229 Bales & att Portonovo 134, 
that their Merchants desired Pag 20000 to carry on the Investment, which they 
question not to compleat by the middle of next month, if Supplied with Said 
money, & that they had put off half the Gold Thread to them att Pag 3f- ^ Rowl, 
one with another designing the other half for the Portonovo Merchants. 

Att a Consultation 


Royall James 
being fall 
could not go 
to Coodaloor 
as order'd. 
Curtana to be 
sent to fetch 
theirs & 


Elihu Talk Esq" President & Governour 
M R John Gray S e John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M B Robert Freeman 
M K Thomas Wavell M r Nath. Higginson 
M E William Fraser. 

Our orders to the Royall James for her dispatch to Coodaloor found her att 
Conimeer, but she being full laden & no other Vessell there for to lighten her 
they advise us, that she Sailed hither the 30 th of last month, to repair this dis- 
appointment, Itt is agreed to hire the Curtana Frigat to fetch the goods from 
Coodaloor & Portonovo, whereupon Cap* Anthony Weltden was Sent for, & treated 
with about the Curtana's going, who Seemed unwilling to go the voyage, being 
design'd for Acheen, but after Some discourse of the necessity thereof, as well to 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 


Secure those goods from the danger & troubles of the Country, as to have them in U n^*i^gYo D 
readiness to Send to England upon the first Ship, without which wee could not go. 
compleat a lading & that itt would bee a good Service to the R 4 Hon bIe Comp a he g ™?ht to 
was porswaded to contract for the vojage att half a Pagoda freight each Bale, be half a 
which we esteem very reasonable the usuall rate being one Pag from those parts. F ^Q_ ea,ch 

The freisrht 
very reason- 

In their Generall Letter of the 31 th past the Chief &c a advising that their Coodaioor 
Merchants are in a great readiness with their contract, & have much goods by ^q^reP^go 
them, but cannot compleat their Investment, without more money requiring Pag 20000, 
20000. Since the R* Hon ble Comp a will Suddenly be much more indebted to 
them, but- considering there may bee Some danger in advanceing & Sending so 
great a Sumrae to them att once, 'tis agreed and order'd that no more then Pag 
iOOOO bee Sent them now by the Curtana, but to advise them, wee Shall duely pay piooootobee 
the remainer upon making up Acco tts . Ben t them - 

They also advising their want of money att Conimeer to dicharge their p 1000 to be 
necessary expences, 'tis order'd that Pag 1000 bee Sent them with advice to ^eer*" C ° ni " 
mannage itt with their greatest frugallity. 

The R* Hon ble Comp a being very desirous of Cotton Romalls and there offer- Cotton 
ing a parcell for Sale, the Musters being examined by the Councill after Some boost* 8 
treaties about them & the price, wee att last came to an agreement for them, att 
Pag 13 ^ Corge each peice to contain 16 handkerchiefs, which wee esteem very 
cheap, and the Warehouskeeper is order'd to Sort and receive them accordingly. To be Sorted 

and received. 

Elthtj Yale. 

John Gray. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

r : ffbeeman. 

Tho : "Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . "Will: Fraser. 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated the 3 d Ins* giving an ace 1 of the 5. 
troubles in those parts, & proposing the building a ffortification. ® ene ™ u . 

Rec d a Letter from Mes3 rs Daniell Chardin & Salvadore Rodrigues dated att Genu from 
Korpa the 23 th past advising to have rec d our Letter, & would keep the R* Hon le Messrs 
Comp as mony Sent with them, in their hands, till further order. Saivad'orf 

Paid Mr Robert Freeman Pag 10827 : 27 for ace* of the Metchlep a Merch ts 5. 
so much being due to them for goods delivered att Metchlepatam on the R* Hon ble ^*^ lepa 

Comp as aCCOmpt. . mony paid 

The Merchants were Tasherift as order'd last Consultation day, also the ^mVstodT' 
Chief & Second Cattamaran men, the former with 2 \ yards ordinary red broad Merchants _ 
cloth, the latter with 2 yards, they having been very Servicable att all times, &caTasherift - 
especially when the Muckwaes run away, & old Chubdar haveing been a long^ 
time in the R l Hon ble Comp as Service, was also Tasherift with 2 yards of the Same 
cloth as usuall . 

French news enformes us that the Moors att Surat are very Severe against Erenoh news 
all Christians, that they had confiu'd the English, that were left there, & that the from Surat - 
English Ships had blockt up Surat river. 

Generalls to Coodaioor and Conimeer, dated this day approved & Signed 6. 
containing directions, about their managing the R* Hon ble Comp a8 affairs in those GenUato 

ffactOrieS. & °Co!i°meer 

This evening the R l Hon ble Comp as Chief Merchant, acquainted the President, 7. 

that one of the Mogulls lifeguard, Sent down into these parts, to receive his Rents, ° ne ofthe 

desired to wait upon him tomorrow, but doubting he might bee too prying & inqui- gatherers' ent 

sitive of the Garrison, excused his coming then, as being Sunday, & desired itt d ? sirest ° 

D ' ° •" vissit the 

1-A Preeident. 

Records of Fort St. George 


Some of the 

Covmcill sent 


The oooation 

of bis coming. 

Desires a 

G nard as f arr 

as Kisna 




The answer 

return'd him. 

He desires 

treasure into 

Agreed to by 




Letter from 

the Governr 

of Trincom- 


Sends a List 

of what 

delivered for 

use of the 



The amfc to 


may bee atfc Nine this night, (M r Gray, M 1 ' Littleton, & M r Wavell, being Sent for & 
present att his coming) when after a long discourse of the Court & Government, he 
declared the occation of his coming was, that he had rec d about a Lack of Kup s & 
Pag 6000 for the Mogulls ace* & had leftitt att Pullimelee, but in regard Sevagees 
flying Army was forraging those parts, & robbing & plundering, desired our assist- 
ance, to Supply him with 300 horse, 500 Souldiers & 500 Poods, to guard itt as 
farr as Kisna River, w ch he prest hard, & that 'twould bee most acceptable to the 
King to Serve him in this danger, But the Governour considering the unreason- 
ableness & dangerous consequence of undertaking Such a charge or iDtermedling 
with things of that nature, return'd him for answer, that wee should bee alwayes 
ready to Serve the Mogull to our power, but that hee well knew Sevagees forces, 
& that he had lately taken three Forts and a hundred Towns, very near us, & dono 
many other mischiefs in the Country & that this place was also threatned by him, 
& was within Twenty four howers of us, therefore could not Spare our forces 
from our Guards, besides that three or four hundred horse would signifie little, to 
Sevagees three or four thousand in the field, tho wee fear'd not ten times So many 
here, but there 'twould run the Kings money & our people into great danger, there- 
fore desired him to consider well of itt, whereupon he desired permission, to bring 
itt into Town, but hearing of our "Warr in Bengal] requested that the President 
would give him his word and hand, that hee and his Treasure should bee Safe, & 
have liberty to carry itt away, when he thought convenient, which being agreed 
to by all, he was told by the President, that the Town was free to all persons, & 
that no prejudice should bee done to him by the English, but that they should 
fair as wee did & that he might choose what place he pleased to reside in, desiring 
him to Send no more people then necessary, & those to be Sober and civill, 
whereupon he was dismist, with Rosewater & Beetle & Seem'd pleased with the 
discourse and entertainment. 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated the 5 th Instant giving an ace' of a Ship 
passing by there withfrench Coulors, & came to an Anchor in Pullicherry road, 
putting out & riding with English Coulors there, they heard she came from Siam, 
& had a great quantity of goods aboard her, & that there passed by afterwards a 
Sloop which put out no Coulors, they Suppose her bound likewise for Pullicherry, 
and would enquire concerning her. 

Bec d a Letter from the Governour of Trincombar to the President dated 3 d 
Ins 1 inclosing the following List of what deliver'd for use of the R* Hon ble Comp as 
Ship Madras ffrigatt amounting to Dollars 440, which he desired may be paid to 
M 1 ' John Afflceck. 


Ooppyof the F or the English East India Hon ble Comp :l their ace* rec d in Trincombar from 

Trincombar. Hon ble East India Danes Company. 

1 Main Mast ' 

1 Main yard 

] Main Topsail yard 

George Mathies for 2 months pay serving 

for a shipwright a month 12 R.$. 
George Emholt, for one months pay Ser- 
ving for a Cooper, but now is out of 
the Hon ble Danes East India Comp* 8 
Service, debted for a month 



Claus Voogt. 

R.$. 440 :- 

Fort Dansborg, 
27 tb Dec r 1687. 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 

-FORI' ST. GEORGE, JANUARY 168% [ 9t h.] 

This forewritten wee confess to have rec d from the Hon ble Danes East 
India Comp a & that upon our Hon ble English East India Comp as aco fe 
which we Attest with our hands, Actum ut-Supra. Mr. Milton 

&o» own 
RlCHAKD MILTON. the receipt. 

John Wallis. 
Samuell Swynoke. 
Att a Consultation Munday 9. 

Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 
M R John Gray - S E John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M e 
M R Thomas Wavell M r Nath. Higginson 
M K William Fraser. 

The President read his Cash Book for the month of Decemb r which was past Cash Acct 
in Council], the ballance examined being, P 44894 : 05 : 5 : December. 

The Mintmaster M 1 ' Thomas Wavell read his acc t8 of the Mint for Mintage Mint Acct 
duties of particular persons Gold covned in the month of December Pag L0620 att for 
■ipCent " ... Pag : 103: 03: 50: December> 

Order'd that Pag 1000 be paid M 1 ' Nathaniell Higginson Paymaster Generall pioootobe 
to defray the Charges of Garrison &c a . SLrf ' Hig " 

Having received an accompt from Trincombar of what M r Milton &c a received concerning 
there from the Danes Governour, for use of the R* Hon ble Comp as Ship Madras t a b b i e ™"? n ' 
ffrigat, (as enter'd next before this Consultation) w ch appearing to be very unkind the acct 
& unreasonable, as charging of $300 for a Main Mast of a Ship under ] 00 Tonns * ™ ba T r rin " 
& 90 for her Main yard; notwithstanding the many civillities, & kind usage they 
-and their Ships have often rec d att this Port, however in consideration that our 
people have allowed their accompt, & drawn a Bill upon us for it's amount 
being DollarE 440 payable to the order of Christian Pauk Comidant, which amounts 
to Pag 240 Itt is order'd to bee paid to M r John Affloeck, hee having his order to Order'd to be 
receive itt _ i £"&.<*. 

A Letter from the President to the Pettepollee Merchants to come & make up Letter to 
accompts, bring their Bill, & receive what mony due to them. Merchants! 

The Ace 1 of Romalls bought last Consultation day, being made up amounting Bomaiig to 
to Pag 221 for Seventeen Corge att Pag Thirteen ^ Gorge, Itt is order'd to bee epai 

Cap* Weltden demanding his Demorage &c a for his Mergen voyage, 'twas Answer 
answer'd him, that wee could not make up that ace* till wee had his Journall W eitdon Pt 
thereof, and examined itt with his Commission, and Instructions, to know how upon his 
farr he had discharged his duty therein, and that Some other complaints must bee demorage* 
enquired into, before wee could conclude his accompts. 

Hee was also enquired of about M r Whites Ship, and the reason of his not Enquired of 
bringing her with him, to which he answered, that M 1 ' White's business had brought not 
detain'd him some time att Palliacat, but that he doubted not his coming accord- Mr whites 
ing to his promise in his Generall to the President &c a as also in Several! Letters ,p h ' ther - 
to many others, 'twas also demanded whose and what those goods were, that he tbertto. Wer 
traverst from his to M r Lucas Ship, in the Road, who answer'd that they were 28 Oonoerning 
Canisters of Tea, and 3 Chests of China Cupps, he re': d att Madapollam, from M 1 ' Iroayht 6 
White's Ship and were consigned to M r William Jearsey, and offerr'd his Oath that Some Tea 
he knew of no more, either of the King of Siams, his Subjects or M r White[s] cupps"* 

aboard him. Consigned to 

Elihu Yale . R : pre eman Mr Jearse y- 

John Gray Tho : Wavell 

J. Biggs Nat : Higginson 

John Littleton Will : Fraser 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Records of Fort St. Gear ye 



from Coni- 


A ffrench 
Ship passed 


Letter from 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated the 6th Instant advising that the Ship 
riding in Pullicherry road with English Coulors, had Sixty black and ten white 
men aboard her, which is all the ace' the Cattamaran men, can give of her, they 
not Suffring them to talk a word with them, & from others they can as yet learn 
nothing, that about 12 a clock att night, the 5 th Instant, they having rec d some 
Hoggs & Hice aboard Ship, weighed Anchor and Sett Sail, and cannot learn where 
she is gone, or what her design is, and of the Sloop that passed by, they have no 
ace* of her, but that she rides in Pullicherry road, & suppose her to be a forerunner 
of the Siam ffleet, They advise that the 6 th Instant came a Maldar from Bolloje, 
with orders to put his Duroy upon their building, but not bringing a Letter along 
with him, they only lookt upon him to bee a Spie, & told him, when they rec d a 
Letter from his Master, they knew what they had to do, and then he Should have 
their answer, with which the fellow was Satisfied. 

A Ship passed by this Road with ffrench Coulors, Supposed bound to Pulli- 
cherry from Tenasseree. 

Rec d a Letter from the Madapollam Dubash & Braminee desiring mony for 
their expences, to pay their wages, and repair the rTactory. 

Last night came to Town Madana Anta Pontolo, Sangana & Narrapa's- 
wives, & families from Conjeveron, with their necessaries, who Say that Sevagees 
fflying Army was plundering thereabouts, & that their husbands were coming to 
Trevicane or hither, to Secure themselves & their estates. 

Att a Consultation ExtrIo 


11. M R John Gray S s John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M' Robert Freeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M b Nath. Higginson 
M E William Fraser. 

A Generall to Mess 1 ' 5 Daniell Chardin & Salvadore Rodrigues att Gulcondah, 
giving them directions about our affairs with the Mogul], dated this day read and 

Having notice that notwithstanding M 1 ' Samuell White's Severall Letters, & 
promises of coming hither, he departed from Palliacatt, Some dayes past, & being 
not yet arrived here, must be gone to the Southward, & most probably to the 
French att Pollicherry, having formerly had a very intimate correspondance, with 
them, & wee lately receiving news from Conimeer, that a Ship with English Cou- 
lors was arrived there, conclude itt him, & gives us occation, to doubt that the 
Ship or lading may belong to the King of Siam or his Subjects, 'Tis therefore 
order'd that the Curtana bee immediatly dispatcht to Pollicherry, and that M r 
William Fraser, he being willing thereto, bee joyn'd in Commission w th Cap* Welt- 
den to Seiz the Ship M r White commands, & bring her hither to bee examined by 
the Court of Admiralty, to know to whom she & her goods really belongs, & 
adjudge her accordingly, also that the Governour do write a Letter to Mons r Martin, 
Directore Generall att Pullicherry, & State the case to him, & desire his assistance 
therein and that Instructions bee given to M r Fraser, for the discreet managery 
of this affair, that they avoid giving the ffrench any offence within their Road, & 
to bee very cautious of blood shed. 

Genii to 

Chardin & 
Mr Whites 
going from 
gone to 

Suspition of 
having Siam 
Curtana to 
be dispat- 
ohed to 
Mr Fraser to 
be join'd in 
with Capt 
Letter to be 
write to 
to be given 
to Mr Fraser 
To avoid 
giving offence 
to the 

Diary and Consultation Book, It 

FORT ST. GEORGE, JANUARY 168$ — [11th.] 

Cap* Weltden' s dispatch to the Southward, Commission to M 1 ' William Fraser Dispatch, 
& Cap 4 Anthony Weltden, Instructions to M v Fraser, & a Letter from the Presi- ^^tioM 
-dent to Mon 1 ' Martin Directore Generall att Pollicherry all dated this day read and an d Letter. 

M r Freeman having two Small Copper meld Peeces, very propper for our Gates, Two small 
& having occation for them, these troublesome times, they are order'd to bee C °loes &eli 
bought, att fan 8 Six f- pound, that being the lowest price, which wee esteem very bought of Mr 
cheap, their Carriages Shod with Iron given into the bargain. Freeman. 

A parcell of Packing Stuff bought of Nalla Vencatadry amounting to Pag Packing stuff 
134.22. Itt is order'd to bee paid. tobeepaid 

Elihu Yale. 

John Gray. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

r : freeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Nat: Higglnson. 

Will: Fraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 


M B William Fraser 

& Cap t Anthony Weltden. 
Having late advices from M r John Willcox Chief &c a Councill att Coniineer, Commission 
that a Ship passed by their road with French Coulors, But coming to an Anchor *°^c a p r t a8er 
in Pollicherry road, she hoisted an English Auntient, & they had news, that she Weltden. 
came full laden from Siam, but in all probability itt must bee M r Sarauell White 
upon his ship Resolution, who was lately att Palliacat, & promised by Severall 
Letters to come to this Port, But hearing that he is some dayes Sailed thence, wee 
doubt he intends itt not, but that hee is gone, to Some other Port to shelter him- 
self from Justice, these are therefore, by virtue of his Sacred Majesty the King 
-of , Knglands Commission & Proclamation, as also by yours & your Owners 
Charterparty to the R* Hon ble Comp a to order you to pursue the Said Ship along 
the Coast, So f arr as Portonovo, she sailing & trading without our Pass or Licence, 
contrary to his Maj ties Royall Charter & Proclamation, & the R* Hon b; " Comp as 
orders and that you Seiz & bring her to this Port, to be examined before his 
Majesties Court of Admiralty, whether she or her goods do not belong to the 
King of Siam, or his Subjects our declared enemies, the Same Orders wee give you 
concerning any other Ship, you shall find without an English Pass, & shall 
Suspect her to belong to the Enemy, or to have any of their goods aboard them, 
or English men in their Service, that you bring them hither, obliging the Ship 
first to pay all wages due to them, So requiring your dilligent & impartiall observ- 
ance of this our Commission, we date these in Fort S* George the Eleventh day 
of Jan ry 168|. 

Elihu Yale. 

John Gray. 

John Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

Robert Freeman. 

Thomas Wavell. 

Nath Higginson. 

Rec d a Generall from M r Nicks &c tt att Portonovo, dated the 7 th Ins* desiring 12. 

a Ship to take in their goods, to Secure them from the troubles in the Country, & Genevan 

Send us Coppy of their Consultations & Diary, for the month of December. no°T™. Port0 ' 

Rec d a Letter from Cap' Spencer to the President dated att Trincotnbar the Letter from 

■31 th past, advising that they intended to Sail for Portonovo the 2 d Ins* & that he Capts P en- 

Records of Fort St. Georqe 




Advice of 
Mr Whites 
Bailing from 
ffrench new 

Mr Lucas 
his advice 
from Mr. 

had Sold all the Cordage, he carried with him to Cap' Strangways att Pag 4 ^ 
hundred, the whole weighing Eleven hundred gross. 

The ffrench Padre came & advised the President that he had just now 

received advices from Pullicherry that M r Samuell White in his Ship Resolution 

Sailed thence for England, the 6 th Ins* and that the ffrench had rec d advices from 

fromiengaii. Bengali, wherin they say that the English were fitting two Ships for England, & 

that they had lost many men, & were in a very weak condition. 

M r Lucas having rec d a Letter from M 1 ' Samuell White, gives the President 
the following ace 4 in writing. 

Hon b]e S r , 

I just now rec d the following Short advice from M r Samuell White dated in 
Pudicherry the 5 th January 168| Viz* . Yesterday morning I arrived here, & have 
here received all the Gentile & generous weilcome, that my best wishes could 
expect, my present leisure cannot permitt me to descend to particulars, having 
resolved to Sail this night, & will not now touch att Trangambar as before I 
intended, having mett with Such Supplies here, as I could expect there. 

The Directore Generall adviseth mee that he Sailed thence the 6 th Curr* in 
the morning, and I am really of opinion he is gone directly for England, tho he 
mentions not a Sillable thereof to mee. 

Your hon ls obedient Servant, 
T bom as Ltjoas. 
Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq e President & Governour 
M E John Gray S r John Biggs 

M R John Littleton M b Robert Freeman 
M R Thomas Wavell M e Nath. Higginson 

The Madapollam Merchants being come to Town, and demanding their debt 
from the R' Hon ble Comp a due to them upon a bill given by M 1 ' Samuell Wales 
Chief &c a Councill att Madapollam, for goods rec d there from them, for the R* 
Hon ble Comp as ace* Itt is order'd to be paid them, only allowing Interest to the 
14 th of October last, our mony being then ready to have paid them, but they 
urged that by contract, itt ought to have been paid them att Madapollam, where 
their goods was provided & delivered, & that besides the long time they had 
occation for & have been out of their mony, they have been put to the great trouble 
& charge of coming hither to receive itt, & that the danger of travelling would 
make their return very hazardous, which they desired wee would consider, of, & 
allow them Something for, as also the full Interest of the R* Hon b,e Comp as debt, to 
the time of payment, which they must duely pay, att a much higher rate, to the 
persons they owe itt to, but by much perswasion, & promise of Tasherifs, when 
they departed as also of our future encouragment & trade with them, they were 
prevail'd with to abate near 4 months Intrest upon their Bill of Pag 12995 : 
05 : 2. 

'Tis also order'd that our Severall other Debts att Madapollam be discharged, 
according to the acc ts in their Books, and that Some mony be sent thether, to our 
Braminee to pay off the Peons &c a that have lookt after, and guarded that 

Receiving news from Conimeer, Pcllicherry & others that M r Sam 11 
White was gone from Pollicherry, and was design'd directly for England 
or Bombay, 'tis therefore order'd that M r Fraser do not proceed up 
on his intended voyage, there being now no occation for itt, But that the Ship & 


Ma [dapol- 

demand their 
debt from 
the Rt Hono- 
ble Compa. 
Merchants to 
be paid. 
the Intrest 
to what 

Other debts 
att Mada- 
pollam to be 

Mony to be 
sent to the 
Mr White 
being gone 
from Pulli- 
Mr. Fraser 
not to proceed 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 

-FORT ST. GEORGE, JANUARY, 1681 [12th.] 

Cap 4 Weltden do Sail directly for Coodaloor, to bring away their goods, which on his intend- 
they in their last Generall, write us are in great danger of the Government, ctpTwfitden 
besides the great occation wee shall have for them, to lade on the Royall James to sail direct- 
for Bnglafnd, the] Cap* is therefore order'd that he hasten his return what ^ f r or Gooda " 

possibly he Can. to hasten his 

A Generall to Coodaloor, & a Letter from the President to Cap* Spencer Coodaloor & V 
ordering him to bee expeditious in the repairs«of the Ship & frugall in his expences Letter to 
both dated this day read and past. 0a P* s P en - 

TTi -rr cer ' 

Elihu Yale. 

John Geay. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

R. Ffkeeman. 

Tho : Wavell, 

Nat: Higginson. 

Will: Feasee. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Letters last night advise that Sevagees forces had plunder'd Conjeveron 13 
kill'd about 500 men, destroying the Town, & put the Inhabitants to the flight, sevagees 
dispersing themselves about the Country, & many of them run hither, & about takin s Con J e - 
twelve this day came a Letter from Changalaput, advising the Governour, that 
they had certain news, from the Maretta Camp, that they had drawn out a party 
of about 2000 horse and 5000 foot under the command of a Generall, to assault A t 
this place, giving them encouragment, that the plunder should bee their own, upon drawn out to 
w oh advice, the Govern' &c a order'd that the Portugues & Gentues should bee a i^° ltthl8 
Summon'd to their Armes, One man from each family that had two therein, & two Portn'gnes 
from each family that had Six therein, from 15 to 60 years of age, Coppy of Said ^^^ 
Summons is as followeth. mon'd. 

to their 

By order of the Governour & Councill these are to give notice & Summons all Armes. 
persons whatsoever, Inhabitants of or dwellers in this Citty of Madras, to Send coppy of * he 
one man in Armes, from each house or family that have two men therein, betwixt the Poitu- 
the ages of fSfteen, and Sixty years, & all families that have Six men to Send out |™t* 
two with Armes, the Portugues to meet before their Church, & the Gentues att 
the Town Choultry, by four of the Clock tomorrow evening being the 14 th Instant, 
where they shall bee commanded & disposed to Such Guards & Watches, as shall 
bee judged most necessary, the default of any person herein, to bee punished or 
fined, att the pleasure of the Governour, & Councill, Dated in Port S* George the 
Thirteenth day of January One Thousand Six hundred Eighty & ^~ 

Elihu Yale. 
John Geat. 
John Biggs. 
John Littleton, 
robert feeeman. 
Thomas Wavell. 
Nath. Higglnson. 
William Fbaser. 

The Curtana Frigat Cap' Anthony Weltden Commander Sailed hence for 13. 
Coodaloor & Portnovo, and on her M r Ralph Ingram Sent to bis former station Curtana 

. j. n J 1 Sailed for 

att Coodaloor. _ coodaloor. 

A ffrench Ship called the President from Meraen coming near into this 14. 
Road, the Govern r Sent off the French Padre, to wellcome them into the Port, & g.? re f nch 
to learn the news of our affairs from Mergen & Siam, intending if any person of iie'rgenTome 
quallity was on board, to Send off Some of the Councill to compliment & invite ° ear the 

2 A ffrench 

Padre sent 


Records of Fort St. George 


ffrench Em- 
Excuses bis 
not coming 
He sends the 
The news 
from Siam. 


them ashoar, but Some of the Boatmen acquainting the Embassador on board her, 
that one of their Ships lately passed by, whereupon he return'd the Padre, with 
his excuses for not coming ashoar, his business att Pullicherry requiring hast, 
but that hee had sent the Chevalier ffourbean, to acquaint us the news of those 
parts, w ch was, That the King of Siam had delivered over the Forts of Banckoak on 
both Sides the River into the ffrench posession, as also the Block houses att 
Mergen, with orders to build a Fort there, for which p[urpose] had sent a ffrench 
Raja [_sic] & Engineer, but gives us no'acc' of the late Massacre there, more then that 
itt was beleived, itt proceeded from the rebellion & mutiny of the people, the King 
of Siam's Governours there, being sent for up in Irons to him, also that M r Hodges & 
M r Hill were arrived att Siam, & Lodgins appointed them, next the ffrench Embas- 
sadors there, & was under no confinement, that Cap* Perriman had fitted his Ship & 
only waited orders from M r Hodges & M r Hill for his return hither, That the Siamers 
had sent two men of warr to Pegu, in pursuit of the Trevitore, & some other 
private Ships gone thether, 'Tis reported they are man'd with 80 Christians, 
Dutch, French & Mistees Portugues, besides Natives & that they are fitting out 
two more Ships thence, upon Some other design, that there were only three men 
saved from the Massacre att Mergen, Viz' M r Threader, M r Morgan, and Cap' 
Cropley, with all the women & children, That the ffrench King had Loaded Mons r 
Phaulkon with great honours Viz* A Count of ffrance, & Chevalier of the orders 
of S* Michael & S* Peter, & Sent for one of his children to bee bred up in ffrance. 

Rec a a Letter from Cap* James Perriman Commander of the Pearl ffrigat 
dated att Mergen the 24 th last month, giving an ace* of his arrivall there & of M r 
Hodges & M r Hills going up to Siam, & of his being in a readiness to return, 
So Soon as he had orders from them. 

Muster'd the Portugues & quarter'd them to their Severall Posts. 

This night the Governour order 'd an Allarm to bee made, to begin in the out 
Guards, by great Guns, to try the readiness & care of our people, there being 
notice of Sevagee's being within ten miles of us. 

The Royall James Cap' Richard Cook Commander arrived from Conimeer, 
and brought a Generall from Coodaloor dated the 12 th of October last, with Bill 
of lading for what Shipt on board her there, their larger advices & Invoyce coming 

The Pearle William Harrison Master arrived from Conimeer with a Lading of 
Chenam and Billet wood. 

Att a Consultation 


Emhu Yalk Esq* President & Governour 
M E John Gkat S e John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M E Robert Freeman 

M E Thomas Wavell M e Nath. Higginson 

M E William Fraser. 

In consideration that there is no Ship as yet arrived from Bengali, & the 

tobfnniaTen Season growing late, Itt is order'd that the Royall James bee forthwith unladen & 

andsarveyed. Surveyed, & the report thereof given to the Councill, that they may know her con- 

ditionj & in what time she can bee fitted for her voyage to England, that M r Wavell 

bee accordingly Sent aboard to muster the men, & take with him the Severall 

Masters & Carpenters in Town, Strictly to Survey her. 

The Judge Advocate was advised to draw a Process against the Pirat 
be dr°awn t0 prisoners, that formerly belonged to Ship Royall James, more evidences against 
against the them, being now arrived in Said Ship. 

Piratg. a 

Two Siam 
men of warr 
sent to Pegu. 

Who saved 
in the Mas- 
sacre att 
honours oon- 
ferr'd on 


Letter from 
Capt Perri- 

An Allarm 
made by the 


Royall James 
from Coni- 

Generall &ca 
from thence. 
Ship Pearle 
from Ooni- 


Diary and Consultation Boole, 1688 11 

FORT ST. GEORGE, JANUARY 1681 [16th.] 

The Storekeeper is order'd to receive the Grain from aboard the Royall storekeepei 
James, into the Companies Godown, & Secure itt safe & well, for our Supply in *Vthe ^n 
case of necessity, these dangerous times, & whereas M r Thorn 8 Constable was att by the Koyaii 
the lading the Said Grain, Itt is order'd that he go aboard, aud See the measuring ^"mas 
& delivery of itt .to the Boats. Constable to 

go aboard to 
sur'd & deli- 

A Letter from the Governour to the Directore General! att Pullicherry read & Letter to 
past, congratulating the ffrench Embassadors arrivall thether from Siam. Puiiicherry. 

Cap* Cook advising us that most of his Coodaloor goods are damaged by the Damaged 
late Storm, itt is order'd that when itt is asboar, that M r Littleton Warehouskee- ioyaUJames 
per do open & examine every Bale, & what he finds damaged to bee sent to the t0 be Bent *° 
Washers to bee recured. 

Order'd that the Pearle from Conimeer bee unladen, and that M r Higginson Pearie to be 
takes charge of the Chenam, & the Steward of the Billet wood. unladen. 

The Portugues Train'd band Souldiers being muster'd according to order, but Armestobe 
wanting Armes, the Storekeeper is order'd to deliver them, what Firelocks they Portngnm the 
want, taking a receipt of each for the Same. Train'd 

The Bookkeeper having made up M r Constable's ace* of Grain bought att Baiiance Mr 

Trimlevas, and laden on the Royall James for ace* of the R* Hon ble Comp a the ° ° 8 £ b ££. n 

baiiance amounting to Pag 24 : 11 Itt is order'd to be paid him. to be paid. 

The Rack of the Hull of the Loyall Adventure (having no occation for the gjjj^jj 

Masts & Riggin) is order'd to bee vallued by indifferent persons, & taken upon Loyall Ad- 

the R* Hon ble Comp as ace* to Supply our Severall occations for itt, also the Iron- ^nture to be 
Bolts & four small Guns, (Saved in Said Rack) for use of this Garrison, and the .^ th ' e Iron 

produce to bee carried to the Owners Credit. bolts & four 

" small Guns. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Geay. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
r : ffkeeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
Will : Frasee. 
John Stables Sec 17 . 

Rec (i a Letter from Rohaloo Cawn the new Nabob, with his Dustick for the 16. 
Safe passage of our people to Gulconclah, also a Letter from Ettabar Cawn att Letter 
Gulcondah, both containing promises of their friendship, in accommodating our ca > wn Rohal00 
differences with the Mogull and procuring his Phirmaund, advising us -to Send Letter from 
Some person up to them, to negotiate our business, Rec a also a Letter from our C awn? r 
Vakeel Coje Abanus, giving a full ace* how our affairs Stood with the Mogull. Letter from 

Alteration of 

This day wee had the following ace* of the alteration of Governo rs viz* That Qavemrs. 
Nabob Shastee Cawn, was Sent for from Bengali, to be Govern 1 ' of this Country, 
that Shaw Allum was under confinement, Sultan Tarra was gone with four 
Generalls against Sevagee, Rohaloo Cawn was made Nabob in the place of Nabob Mogniu 
Mahobat Cawn, Cassa Cawn Sobidar of this Country, & the Peons that came from *°Xrt goiug 
Gulcondah report, that in their way hither, they Saw Timmana Naigue with 5000 Sevagee. 
horse & 10000 foot going to Chingee against Sevagee. 



Records of Fort St. George 


Att a Consultation Extrao. 


tion npon 
Nabob Roha- 
loo Cawn's 

Bengali and 

the ffrench 

ffrench Em- 
excuses his 
not coming 
Sends Cheva- 
lier Forbin. 
To be civilly 
Generall to 


Elihu Yale Esq" President & Governour 
JVP John Gray S r John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M ,: Eobert Freeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M u Nath. Higginson 
M B William Feaser. 

Receiving a kind Letter from the new Nabob Raholoo fsic] Cawn wherin he 
assures us of his faithfull assistance, in the well composing our differences with 
the Mogull, & procuring his full & Gener" Phirmaund, according to our desires 
advising us to Send Some English up to Court, to congratulate the King in his 
new conquests & to mannage this affair for which he Sent his passport for our 
peoples Safety in their Journey, and reception there, Another Letter also of the 
Same import, from Ettabar Cawn, an eminent person of that Court, our Vakeel 
writing us, the full State of our affairs, which appear very hopefull & auspicious, 
But being in daily expectation, of news from the Bay and Surat, 'tis agreed that 
wee await Some longer time for them before wee act, or resolve further herein, 
that we may not interfeer with their design es & circumstances, but from their 
Severall advices, conclude what shall be most Safe, honourable & advantagious. 

A ffrench Ship coming into the Road but not to an Anchor, the Governour 
Sent one of the ffrench Padre's aboard to enquire whence she was, & what her news, 
who acquainted us that she came from Tenasseree and had aboard her the ffrench 
Embassador, to the King of Siam, who Sent his respects to the Governour, & 
would have given us a vissit, but that he had news, of his Ship's arrivall from 
Siam, and her readiness to Sail for ffrance, also sending the Chevalier fforbin, to 
excuse his not comeing ashoar, who 'tis thought convenient, to entertain with 
the civillities of the Garrison, to express our respects to the French King & his 
Embassador &c a and repay their Courtecies. 

A Generall Letter to Surat read & past, advising all occurrances, and our 
proceedings with the Mogull, att Gulcondah to this time. 

Elihu Yale. 

John Gray. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

r : ffreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 

Will : Eraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 


Ship Delight Sailed for the Southward & on her the Chevalier ffourbien took 
his passage for Pullichery, & M r Devett for Conimeer. 


Att a Consultation 

Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 
M R . John Gray S n . John Biggs 

M B . John Littleton M e . 
M R . Thomas Wavell M\ Nath. Higginson 
M William Fraser. 

M 1 ' John Davis desiring an answer to his paper delivered the 9 th Ins 4 concern- 
ing his going for England, the Warehouskeeper &c tt was order'd to hasten their 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 13 

FORT ST. GEORGE, JANUARY 168% [19th.] 

examination of the Coodaloor Cloth bought and Sorted by him &c a there, & that WarehouB- 

the wrong and injury done the R* Hon ble Comp a therein, bee tried & determined ^sten*° at ° 

by the Court of Admiralty, & that Satisfaction be made accordingly, Also that res rting 

M r Davis do first clear the President, & Councills award against him, upon M 1 ' c : ° t , h aIoor 

Cawley's charge, before his departure. The damageB 

to be tried 
aDd deter- 
mined in the 
To olear Mr 

Cap* Cook was Sent for, to discourse him, about the damaged Cloth & Cap^Oookto 
Paddy in the Royall James, also to treat with him, about the Sale of Capt ne John abont the 
Wetwangs round Pepper, but being aboard, the Secretary was order' d to give him ow? ged j 

i.n-i- i n -\t i Oloth and 

notice thereof, & to give his attendance here on Munday next. Paddy. 

The generall Sessions to be held on Friday the 27 th Ins* and that a Grand oeneraii 
Jury bee Summon'd to enquire into & present to the Court, all crimes and misde- (^beheld 
meanors that has happened within the Garrison & Citty to this time. 

Order'd that the Paymaster do pay Cap* Harrison Pag 100 for his voyage 1^°^° be 
& freight to Conimeer & back, having duly accomplisht the Same according to Harrison, 

Elihu Yale, 

John Gray. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

r : ffreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Nat: Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . Will : Fbasek. 

Rec d a Generall Letter from Conimeer dated the 17 th Instant, incloseing 19 - 
Translate of one from Sounde Bolloje, wherein he orders them to take down fr^Coni- 
their great Guns, lately mounted upon their Gates which if they refused to do, meer - 
that they must expect great troubles to ensue, and they desire our assistance and 
answer thereto. 

Att a Consultation Bxtrao. 


Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour Satterday 

M B John Gray S e John Biggs 21. 

M u John Littleton M e Robert Freeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M r Nath. Higginson 
M B William Fraser. 

A Generall Letter to the R* Hon ble Comp* dated this day read & past, to be Genii to the 
Sent ^p ffrench conveyance & contains our advises of their Eon rs affairs in these RtHonbie 
parts, Bengali & Surat, and 'tis order'd that Said Letter be Sent to Pullicherry by oinpa ' 
a Cattamaran, that being a quicker conveyance then overland, the Ship bound 
thence for ffrance, being upon departure. 

Elihu Yale. 

John Gray. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

R : fereeman. 

Tho . Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . Will : Fraser. . 


Records of Fort St. George 

[2 1st.] 


Gene rail 
from P..) 


Letter from 
Gopall Pundit 
and Vittnla 

Rec' 1 a Generall Letter from M r Nicks &c a att Portonovo, dated 16 th Ins' 
advising the arrivall of the Curtana ffrigat, that they have 500 Bales ready, which, 
are more then She can take in, that M r Ingram had taken his former Station, & 
M r Hall in Said Generall, and in a Letter from himself, desires to know how he is 
to bee disposed of, & that they had sent us a Muster of Camezes N° 2 having no 

Rec d a Letter from Gopall Pundit and another from Vittulapillee att Conje- 
veron, advising that they hear Severall of the Governours &c a of those paxts, their 
enemies, with great treasure, are fled into this Town, to Secure themselves and 
their estates, and threaten us if wee protect them. 

Att a Consultati 


Emhu Yale Esq k President and Governour 
M K John Gray S e John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M e Robert Freeman 
M E Thomas Wavall M e Nath. Higginson 
M R William Fraser. 

Orders to be Orders and Rules for the Sober and civill deportment of all Souldiers that 

put up in the appointed on their ffree guards to lye a nights in the new guard lodg, before the 
Lodg. nard ffort, read and past as enter'd in the Coppy book of Letters rec d and order'd to bee 

hung up in the Said Room, and duly observed by them, or the penalties inflicted. 
Letters to Letters from the President to Gopall Pundit and Vittula pille, att Conje- 

Go P a " P undltt veron, in answer to theirs rec d yesterday read and past, being to Satisfie their 
Piiiee. pretended Scruple, & to preserve a friendly correspondance betwixt us, so as not to 

disoblige them or the Mogull. 
Some damag- Some of the Paddy by the Royall James proving damaged by the late Storm, 

ed Paddy to ^ na -(; itt will not keep for Stores, Itt is therefore order'd that what hath been wet 
j>e ispose w ikh g a ]^ wa ter, be Sold in the Buzar, & deliver'd to the Souldiers, Peons & 
Cooleys each month on their Musshire & pay, att the Buzar rate, & the remainder 
put up for Stores for the Garrison, Grain being likely to bee Scarce this year also, by 
the troublesome company, and foraging of the Mogulls and Sevagees army 8 , 
both sides rakeing what they can into their posession. 

There being a parcell of Round Pepper aboard the Royall James in the 
disposal! of Cap* Cook, he was sent for & discourst about itt, but hee desired till, 
next Consultation to enquire the markett price, and then -would treat with us 
about itt, & give the R' Hon b:e Comp a the offer thereof, before any others, 
wee also demanded satisfaction for the damage upon the Cloth & Paddy aboard 
his Ship, to which hee answer'd, that itt was not occation'd by any defect in his 
Ship, or neglect of his people, but the unavoidable violence of the October Storm, 
when he made a Legall Protest against the Sea, & had given the Chief &c a att 
demanded for Coodaloor due notice thereof, he was therefore order'd to produce the said 
ciotn a & a§ed Protest, as also his Journal!, which he promised to bring next Consultatioa 
Paddy day. 

Occation'd by 
the Storm. 
To Produce 
his Protest 
and Journall. 

Mr Pitt M 7 John Pitt having misbehaved himself in his Office of receiver of the 

dismisthis Custome house, in taking more Fees then were allowed or appointed by us, which 
CusToms e tho he alledges to bee the error of his ignorance, & not design, yet being a fault 
house. much complain'd of by our Merch ts & a discouragment to them, & the trade of the 

place, 'tis order'd that all Such irregular frees, be returned by him, & he dismist 


to be put 
up for Stores 

Capt Cook 
about his 
Desired till 
next Con- 
sultation to 
enquire the 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 15 


his place in the Custorae house,'& that notice bee given to the rest of the Officers 
there, to be just & exact in their duties, according to our establisht Rules. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Geay. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
r : ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . Will: Feasee. 


from Bengali. 


No Consulta- 

Ship Beaufort Cap* John Nicholson Commander arrived from Bengali & 
brought a Packett from thence, containing as follows, Gener 11 from the Bay to 
England, dated 31 st Dec r 1687. Gen" from the Bay to the Fort dated Paokettfrom 
pmo j ns t Register of the Court of Admiralty, Invoyce ^ Beaufort to the ffort, BengaU 
List of Ships Stores to bee provided, Rec* from the Court of Admiralty Cap 1 
Nicholsons rec' of his Ships company Cap* Consets rec 4 for ditto, D*° his 
receipt for Commission for his Purser, List of private goods, Cap* Thorn 8 Battens Pa P ers 
acknowledgment, List of the Packett, List of Gen 11 book & 0!l for London ; of Biggs and°Mr 
said papers what relating to the Admiralty delivered to S r John Biggs, & Cap* huoaB - 
Battens acknowledgm* to M r Lucas itt belonging to him. 

Rec d a Letter from M r John Beard dated att Coxes the 5 Ih Instant inclosing 25 - 
the Beauforts bill of Lading. ^loST 

Beard with 
Bill of Lad- 

The Beaufort in her way from Bengali touching att Vizagapatam brought ing from " 
from thence P4 Bales of Callicoes, as p Bill of Lading inclosed in a blank cover, Viza sapatam. 
but no Generall Letter nor Invoyce. 

The Councill did not meet this day, The Presidents only Son dying last night, Thursday 
was interred this morning, to their great grief & sorrow. 26. 

Rec d a Letter from Bobba Sadaradeen att Pettepollee desiring the rent of 
his house wherin the R' Hon ble Comp a8 concernes are, may be paid to his Letterfrom 
brother, Mahomed Bakeer, being P 77 for 11 m ths att P7f month. BobbT" 96 

Att a Consultation Extrao Fbiday 27. 


Elihu Yale Esq B President & Goveenoub 
M R John Geay S b John Biggs 

Cap t John Nicholson M a John Littleton 
M R M E Thomas Wavell 

M B Nath. Higginson M b William Feasee. 

Cap* Nicholson being arrived from Bengali, & formerly ordered fourth of this Ca P tNioh °!- 
Councill, which tho not mention'd in our last Commission, yet not being any lucT^ h ' 8 
where forbidden, Itt is agreed that he continues his place in Councill, in considera- 0oUQeiI1 - 
tion of his being well acquainted with the late mannagery of affairs in Beno-all. 

The Bengali Generall Letter rec rl by the Beaufort, dated att Chutanutteo the Genlraii 
p m0 Instant, was read and Severall particulars therin consider'd but nothing att read* 
present resolved thereon, only that the Storekeeper do provide what Stores & conBidered - 
necessaries are procureable of what they write for, and bee Sent them by the first to^ro^X* 
opportunity. stores a * 

for Bengali. 

The Warehouskeeper & Storekeeper are order'd to unlade with all expedition What to •><> 
• the Treasure, Lead, Arme.s, & Stores, consigned to us from the Bay upon the tteiilluio™ 


Records of Fort 


Beaufort & 
Boyall James 
to be survey- 

Which Ship 
most fitting 
to be sent to 
Englaui! . 
The other to 
Ach9en & the 
West Coast. 


Beaufort, (the Petre & other goods to bee continued aboard till further considera- 
tion,) and that all care bee taken thereof, for their dispose or preservation, Itt is 
also order'd that the Storekeeper & Paymaster, do tomorrow go aboard both the 
Beaufort & Royall James, with what Pilots Carpenters, & others necessary for that 
occation, Strictly to muster their men & Survey the Ships, & take particular notice 
thereof, giving us their report, & opinion, which Ship is most capable & ready to 
Sail for Europe, haveing Scarce goods enough to lade> and dispatch one of them in 
time, & that the other bee Sent to Acheen, and our Factorys on the West Coast to 
lade with Pepper for England. 

Elihu Yale. R : efreeman. 

John Gray. Tho : Wavell. 

J. Biggs. Nat: Higginson. 

John Nicholson. Wlil : Eraser. 

John Stables Sec 17 . John Littleton. 


Genlls to 
Coodaloor & 
A Peon from 
Mercht att 
Peon from 
Peons & 
Letters Stopt 
about 90 
miles off. 
A Braniinee 
& Peons Sent 
for them . 

Gen lla to Coorlaloor & Conimeer dated this day read & past, concerning the 
R 4 Hon ble Comp as affairs in those {factories and the great Guns att Conimeer. 

This morning came a Peon, which was sent from Surat, with Lfes in company 
of four more, who falling Sick by the way, the others came forward, but no news 
of them, he Says the Bengali Merchant was att Callicut lading Bice for this place, 

and in the afternoon came one of Said Peons, who Saies the others with the Letters 
were Stopt by the Polligars about 90 miles off, & had been much wounded by the 
way, whereupon the President sent a Letter from the Chief Merchant, by a 
Braminee, & four Peons, with a Small Present, to redeem the Stopt Peons & 

from Achee 


Ship Trevicane John Kiddell Master arrived from Acheen. 

Att a Consultation 


Elihu Yale Esq" 
M B John Gray 
Cap t John Nicholson 
M K Robert Freeman 
M K 

President & Governour 
S R John Biggs 
M E John Littleton 
M E Thomas Wavell 
M K William Fraser. 

Generall to 
the Rt. 
P 40 to be 
paid the 

the Survey 
of the 
Beaufort & 
the EoyaU 

Beaufort in 
much greater 
then the 

A Generall Letter to the R* Hon ble Comp a dated the 25"' Septem r last, designed 
to bee Sent by the Loyall Adventure, but she being unfortunatly cast away, itt was 
now read & approved by the Councill. 

Order' ci that Twenty Pag in Paddy and Twenty Pag in mony bee paid the 
Washermen on ace* of washing & cureing the EL* Hon bIe Comp a8 Callicoes, & that 
the Warehouskeeper do hasten them therein. 

M r Wav6ll M r Higginson &c a having given in their report of the Survey and 
muster of the Beaufort & Royall James, which is (as enter'd next after this 
Consultation) that both Ships are capable of their voyage to England, that the 
Beaufort muster' d 94 Europe men & boys, and the Royall James 67 but Cap* 
Nicholson engaging to furnish the Ship, with what more Europeans he can provide 
with 50 Lascar9 more for the Service & defence of the Ship, and being in much 
greater readiness then the Royall James, having aboard him Quintaledg, many goods, 
with his provissions & water, assuring us that he shall bee fitt for his dispatch in ten 
dayes time, & doubts not to gain his passage for England, making his last voyage, th6' 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 17 

FORT ST. GEORGE, JANUARY 168% [30th.] 

lie Sail'd hence the 17 th of February, whereas the Royall James by their own com- 
putation, cannot bee in a readiness to Sail, under a months time att Soonest, which 
■will bee too late to gain his passage, besides his being not So well Stored with 
provissions, Itt is therefore agreed and order'd that the Beaufort bee dispatcht Beaufort to 

be dispatcht 
directly for 

directly for England, with all expedition, & that the Royall James do proceed to f^gjj,?™^ 8 

Acheen, if the Season will permit, and any freight can be procured thether, & the west 

thence to go to our ffactorys on the West Coast, to lade Pepper thence for England, ^°^\ 

but first that she go to Coodaloor, & take in the Madras ffrigats Cargo, which will Coodaioor 

to take in the 
C argo. 


i the 

bee more Secure aboard her, & that the Madras ffrigat do also go if she can bee 
repair'd in time, & get a freight, & to return from the West Coast, if they can Spare 
her, with a lading of Pepper and the news. w MtOowt 

Sanoho Narso having Credit in the Madapollam Generall Books for mony lent Sancho 
them, the Bookkeeper was order'd to make up that ace* (& the Bills being deli- p a Ya 80t ° be 
vered into Councill), amounting to Pag" 1081 : 12 : Principall & Interest, to the 
14 th October last, Itt is order'd to bee paid. 

Cap* Cook being again Sent for to treat about the round Pepper aboard his Capt Cook 

about bia 
Round Pep- 

Ship, when he acquainted us that he was offered Pag°18 f" Candy, by Severalls, Demands 


but would not sell itt under Pag 19 to which wee told him that he was obliged to ^ijgedto^ 
Sell itt the R' Hon ble Comp a Something cheaper then to others, in consideration, Rt Honbie 6 
that itt came from their ffactorys, and upon their Ship, & had undoubtedly lessened c ,°™ pa r h 
what should have been Sent them, wherupon wee offered him Pag 16 ^ Candy to others! 1 
receive itt aboard, & after came to 16^ but would not bee perswaded thereto, ^and* offered 


aro-uinff that the Pepper was not his, and that he was obliged to do the best he obliged to 

■"a" & rl ° sell itt att the 

highest price. 

could for the Owner, to whom he was accomptable, So he was desired to consider He is to con- 
thereof, till tomorrow, & not to dispose itt, without first acquainting us thereof, tomorrow. • 
Order'd that a Court Marshall bee Summon'd & held in the afternoon, att Court Mar- 
the Sort Hall, for the tryall of the Severall fugitives & Pirats &c a . SumnWd 
The Warehouskeeper again order'd to dispatch the resortment of the Cooda- Warehous- 
loor Bales, that M r John Davis his charge thereon, may bee heard & decided, they d^patch 
are also to begin the lading of the Red-wood, Pepper Bales &c a tomorrow aboard resorting the 
the Beaufort. ciotb. 

Elihu Yale. R : ffr eeman. ? d b th in *° 

John Gray. Tho : Wavell. Beaufort.. 

J. Biggs. Nat : Higginson. 

John Nicholson. Will: Frasek. 

John Stables Sec ry . John Littleton. 

To the Hon ele Elihu Yale Esq*. 
President and Governour oe 
FortS t George &C 4 - Councill. 

In pursuance to your Hon r & Councills orders wee the Subscribers went on Report of the 
the 27 th Instant on board the Beaufort and Royall James, to Survey them, in which ISiufLfand 
Survey to the best of our judgments, wee find them both capable, as to their Royaii 
Bulls to proceed for England, the former wee have viewed only her Gun deck, and Jame8, 
find all things there sound and good, but being a full Ship, could not make any 

Records of Fort St. George 

[30th.] FORT ST. GEORGE, JANUARY 1681 

Survey in her hold, the latter we having Surveyed her Gun deck, as also her hold, 
from her main hatch way, to her Powder room, where wee find her bottom & 
other Timbers, to be firm & sound, but notwithstanding by sounding their Pumps, 
we find they both make above half an Inch water, in half an hower, The Beauforts 
men were muster'd & found to bee 94 boys & all, but the greatest part Sick & weak, 
the Eoyall James men muster'd 67 Europeans, very haile, Stout fellows, with 
twenty Lascar Slaves belonging to her. 

Thomas Wavell. 

Nathaniell Higginson. 

Charles Metcalfe. 

Samuell Prickman. 

John Naylor. 
Fort St. George, Edward Gekenhill. 

30 th Janua ry 168f . • Armiger Gostlin. 

a Court This afternoon a Court Marshall was held in the Fort Hall, when the Attorney 

held. General!, gave in an information against Six of the Royall James men, for running 

information^ awaV) from their Ship, and committing severall Piracies upon this Coast, which 

tfeRoyai appearing by good evidences, besides their own confession, the Court Judged 

AUf 8 "a"" them a ^ guilty, but considering their number, & that justice inclines to mercy, the 

guilty. Sentence was given accordingly, to make their ends more exemplary to others, 

Three to tee Viz' That Allexander Hunter should be hang'd att the yard arm, aboard the 

Thrfee'to'be Royall James, James Smith upon the common Gibbet, and Ralph Streaker to bee 

burnt in the Shott to death, att the Fort Gate, the other three Viz 1 John Naisby, Nicholas 


Dorrill & George Read to bee burnt in the fforehead with Letter P & banished, 
HobtSnnder- & whereas Robert Sunderland a Gunners Mate rec d from Some of them, part of 
the Gantlope, their Stoln Treasure, and concealed the Same, itt was order'd that he Should run 

the Gantlope and bee dismist his employment. 

Rec d: a Letter from Pullicherry dated 24 "^ advising that their Ship designed 

they return 

Packet to thence for Surat, was not arrived from Siam, so return our Packett Sent thether 
Honbie to S° D y that conveyance, but advise that their Peons will go in 8 or 10 dayes, 

Oompa Sent And that our Packett to the R' Hon ble Comp a was delivered their Embassadore, 
lof/adoref m " who Sailed the 2 d for Europe, and promise great care of its conveyance. 

■$■ MO 

Generaii to A Generall to Surat dated this day approved and Signed to be Sent by French 

Pattamars, containing our advices of the R* Hon ble Comp as affairs in these parts. 

2 Rec d a Letter from Mess rs Chardin & Salvadore dated |f past advising of 

Letter from their arrivall att Gulcondah, but had not then Spoaken with our Vakeel he being 1 in 

Messrs. .-, ^ ' ° 

chardin & the Camp. 


Curtanafrom Ship Curtana Cap* Anthony Weltden Commander arrived from Coodaloor 

Coodaioor. an( j Portonovo, & brought a Generall from thence dated the 24 th past, inclosing 
ivomthenoe. Bill of Lading for 339 Bales of Callicoes, & 39 Baggs of Indico Shipt on board 

her att those Factorys. 
Generall Rec rt a Generall from Coodaloor dated the 28 th past, with Invoyce of the 

from oooda- pvementioned goods by the Curtana. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 19 




Att a Consultation 


Blihu Yale Esq 11 President & Goveenour 
M K John Gray S e John Biggs 

Cap t M e 

M R Robert Freeman M e Thomas Wavell 
M E Nath. Higglnson M e William Fraser 

The President read his Cash Book for the month of Janu ry which was ex- Cash aoot for 

amined & past in Councill the ballance being .., ... P. 11638 : 02. Ja ™ary. 

The Curtana arriving this morning from Coodaloor & Portonovo, with 339 Cnrt ana's 

bales of Callicoes, and 89 Baggs of Indico Itt is order'd that they be travers'd STverst to 

aboard the Beaufort for England. the Beaufort 

D for England. 

Order'd that Pag" 1000 bee paid M 1 ' Natha. Higginson Paymaster Generall p f 000 to be 
to defray Charges Garrison, &c a . fflggi^on. 

Order'd that the Gold by the Beaufort from Bengali, bee weighed and Gold f the 
delivered to the Mint, and coyned. Beaufort to 

be eoyn d. 

In consideration of the Seve rail inconveniencies that has happen'd by the Order con- 
exportation of Children, Stoln from their parents, to prevent which for the future, erniD F ex * 
'tis order'd that no iSlaves shall bee IShipt off or transported, except Such who are a si°aVes!° n ° 
first examined by the Justices of the Choultry, & their SeVerall names Register'd 
in a Book for that purpose, for which the Justices are to receive two fanams for 
each Slave, & whosoever shall offend, against this Same Rule, & shall bee convicted 
of Stealing people, are to pay for the first fault five Pag & for the next to loos 
their ears in the Pillory, and that this order be fixt upon the Severall Gates and 
in the Choultry. 

After much dispute & perswasion the President agreed with Cap' Cook, for Ca P* CookB 
all the round Pepper, brought upon the Royall James from Sumatra, upon Cap* bought 
Wettwangs, and other particular acc ts att Pag 16f ^ Candy, to bee weighed attp a goi6£ 
& delivered aboard that Ship. * Candy - 

Having long been treating about the China goods disperst among many About China 
persons in Town, being the returnes of last voyage, wee have prevaild with Some good3- 
to dispose them to the R* Hon ble Comp a as followeth Viz* China Raw Silk att 

Pag 32 f- m d of 25 Emoy Pelongs flower'd & plain att Pag 3 f f ' 8 Damasks att wh *t china 
Pag° 41 the peece, & China ware half Bowles att 1 Pag f Gorge, & large Coffee ££*' agreed 
Cupps, att Pag° 8 f" mill which tho little more, then half the markett price of late 
yeares, & scarcely the prime cost and charges in China, yet the consideration of Scarcely the 
the Warrs, troubles and no trade in the Country, induces most to sell att So cw|ea° St * 
low a rate, which cannot be expected to bee an example for futurity, Since there is Nott ° beex - 
little or nothing gotten by any, & great loss in Some, which wee doubt will bee ampfe for ex " 
a discouragment to the trade, tho wee also offer'd to take them upon the R* o ff tm ' ity - 

take China 
goods as the 
Et. Honble 
Compa pro- 

Hon ble Comp as proposalls, for their particnlar adventures & ace* to England, but N e r "^ a ^ e 

could perswade none thereto, in consideration of the uncertainty of those Markets thereto. 
& the great charge thereon. 

The Accomptant delivering to the Councill, M r John Davis his ace* of what D^*J,°j™ t 

due upon the late Award upon M r Caw leys charge against him, which M r Davis of what due 

Q upon Mr. 

"" A Cawleys 



Records of Fort St. 


Order'd to 
pay itt, but 
refuses itt. 

To be paid, 
before his 
keeper to 
hasten the 
aoot of the 
Mr. Cawley 
order'd to 
the Sea Side. 
Mr. Freeman 
& Mr. Wavell 
to See two 
Pirats exe- 


was Sent for, & acquainted with, & order'd to pay itt, w ch he refused to do, th6 
he before referr'd itt to us, but now gives for answer that he will only stand to 
the R 4 Hon b,e Comp as award thereon, but having justly proceeded thus farr there- 
in, wee agree that itt bee paid before his departure hence, & 'tis order'd that the 
Warehouskeeper &c a do hasten their ace* of the prejudice the R' Hon 1316 Comp a 
have suffer'd by his &c a Sortment of the goods, lately received from Coodaloor 
and Portonovo. 

The employm* of receiver of the Sea Oustonies being vacant M r W m Cawley 
is order'd to that office & to deport himself dilligently & peaceably therein. 

Tomorrow being the appointed execution day, for two of the condemn'd 
Pirats, 'tis order'd the M r Freeman & M r Wavell do attend thereat, and that the 
whole Garrison bee call'd to Armes, that the unhappy Spectacle may deterr them 
from the like crimes, as also to make our justice more publick & Satisfactory to' 
the Country people, some of whom, have been great Sufferers thereby. 

M r John Cheney late Storekeeper having committed an error in his acc t9 to 
his own wrong, of Pag 31 which by them appearing to us to be So, itt is 
order'd to bee paid him. 

Elihu Yale. R : ffreeman. 

John Geat. Tho': Wavell. 

J. Biggs. Nat : Higginson, 

John Nicholson. Will : Fbaser. 

John Stables Sec ry . John Littleton. 

Generall to Coodaloor dated this day approved & Signed ordring them to 
lade their remaining Bales upon the Madras ffrigat, & send her hither with all 
expedition for the Beaufort, except of necessity She must be carried into Porto- 
novo River to repair, if So to Send them by Some other conveyance. . 

This morning according to Sentence the 30 th past, Ralph Streaker and James 
Smith were executed. 

Ship Moulsford Cap* Edward Inglish Commander arrived from Emoy & 

brought two Gene rails, from M r Glad man &c a there, dated 17 th Novem r & 2 
Decern 1, last, the former inclosing Invoyce & Bill of lading for 19 Chests Raw 
Silk, & 12 Copangs, laden by them upon Said Ship, for the R* Hon ble Comp as 
ace* & that there was no expectation of a Settlement there, the Latter desireing us 
to enquire after Some Sugar & Tea, laden by the Govern 1 " of Emoy on board the 
Shrewsbury, & a Ship Cap* Burton commanded, there haveing been no returnes 
made him, & to rectifie the injury done him. 

Rec d a Gen 11 from the Govern 01 " &c a of Palliacat dated -j% Ins* with a List of 
what the Royall James her fugitive Pirats, had taken from Some of their people, 
demanding Satisfaction to bee ma'ie them. 

Att a Consultation Extras 
Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 
M E John Gray S e John Biggs 
Cap 1 . M e John Littleton 

M* Robert Freeman M e . 
M" Nath. Higginson M b William Feaser. 

Acet of the The Warehouskeeper & Assistants having resorted the Cloth bought & Sorted 

thTcoodTioor by M r John Davis &c n att Coodaloor, and now given in the ace* thereof, the Same 
Delivered to was delivered to the Bookkeeper to make up a calculation of the damage therein, 

the Book 

P 31 to be 
paid Mr. 
Cheney for 


Generall to 

Ship Mouls- 
ford from 
from Mr. 

Generall &ea 
from Pallia- 


Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 21 


& to deliver itt to S r John Biggs, to bee enquired into, & determined by the Court A calculation 

„,,.,, 00 ^ ■* to be made 

01 Admiralty. & delivered 

Sr John 

The Ship Moulsford arriving yesterday from Emoy, brought us the news of ships du- 
the Safety and dispatch, of the R 1 Hon ble Comp as Ship London, & the Worcester Emoy' 10m 
ffrigat, richly laden thence for Bombay ; The Owners of Said Ship Moulsford in- Mouisford's 
tending to have accepted the R* Hon Me Oomp as generous encouraging offer, about c ™ 8 f i ^ ro _" 
her goods to be laden upon the Beaufort on those tearms, but her Cargo being chiefly land. 
Gold, Grain and Sugar, is altogeather improper for itt, but their next Cargo may 
bee So order'd as Shall bee Servicable to their Hon 1 ' 8 and the proprietors, & there 
being very little China Ware, Raw Silk, or Silks come upon this Ship, Itt is order'd 
that the Warehouskeeper do take in, what he can procure, att the prises formerly Warehons- 

keeper to 
take in China 

agreed upon, And that the 19 Chests of Raw Silk of the R* Hon ble Comp a aboard Rawsnkto 
the Moulsford from China, be traverst aboard the Beaufort for England, & the 12 thV^ufort 
Copangs delivered to the Mint and coyned, being the produce of their Hon" Copangsto 
adventure, Sent th ether f- Ship George. e oyned ' 

There being a pai*cell of Bengali Taffaties offered att Pag 2 *$■ peece but Bengali 
being little better then those formerly bought, Itt is agreed not to give more then offe^'dbut 

Tag If ^)' peece. not agreed 

The Governour &c a of Palliacat having wrot us a large relation & complaint Concerning 
of the injuries done Some of their people by Ship Royall James's runaways and &cto°Pama. 

cats Letter. 

Pirats, to which a Suitable answer was wrott, & now read and past, advising that An answer 
wee had punished the Criminalls w th death, & should devide the Small matter they ^l™& • t 
had left here, proportionably among the proprietors, requiring them to do the 
same, with what they had therof in their posession. 

M r Samuell Griffith being arrived here upon the Beaufort from Bengali, was Mr Griffith 
Sent for, & acquainted with the R' Hon ble Comp as favour, in readmitting him into tcftne d w°est°- e 


their Service, conditionally he would go to the West Coast, to which he gave his He g ive B his 

-thanks, but could not be perswaded to accept thereof, alledging that his long ^ni"^'^"* 

indisposition in the Bay, necessitated his return for England. Engiand° r 

The Madapollam Merchants being upon their departure home, 'twas agreed to Madapoiiam 

Taaheriff them, as usually att Madapollam, in consideration of their great trouble TaTterift 
& charge in coming hither to receive the ballance of their ace* which by contract 
should have been paid them there. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Geay. 
J. Biggs. 
John Nicholson. 
John Littleton. 
r : ffrbeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec 17 . Will : Eraser. 

Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor, dated the f* mo Ins* desiring Some mony for 4. 
the Portonovo merchants, they having as yet only rec d goods, Silver 
Silver thread, which lies by them undisposed of, They Send us coppy of their loor.' 

Dyarys & 
tions &ca. 

Diary & Consultations, & Ace* Cash for the month of Janua ry & their Consultation Books for 
Book, Coppy book of Letters rec a and Sent, and Pursers Book of acc t8 for last England - 
year, to be Sent for England. 


Records of Fort St. 


Paokett from 
the Danes 
for Europe. 
Train'd bands 


Letter from 
Coje AbanuB. 

Mr Barron 
being: arrired 
was Sent for. 
Excuses his 
not coming 
being indis- 
aboard the 
Royall James 

To be sent 
for ashoar 
& well dried. 
All hast possi" 
ble to be 
made there- 

Cloth att the 
Washers to 
be hastced. 
Small Gunns 
bought of 
Capt N : chol- 

Emoy Pelongs 
to be paid 

Cap'r, Welt- 
den's acct 
not yet 
Promises itt 

paid Mr 

Mr Hatsell 
offer'd r.he 
Ht Honble 
Compas Ser- 

His answer 


This morning Allexander Hunter was executed aboard the Royall James,, 
according to Sentence the 30 th past. 

Rec d a Packett from the Danes att Trincombar for Denmarke, to be Sent f- 
the Beaufort for England, & forwarded from thence. 

This afternoon the English Train'd bands of this Citty under the command of 
Cap* Robert ffreeman, were muster'd consisting of 85 of the R* Hon ble Comp as 
covenant Servants, & freemen, besides Officers. 

Kec fl a Letter from Mess™ Chardin & Salvadore att Gulcondah, no date & 
from our Vakeel Coje Abanus dated the 12 th past, giving a full ace* how our 
affairs stood with the Mogull. 

Att a Consultation 

Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 

M E John Gray S b John Biggs 

Cap 1 John Nicholson M k John Littleton 
M E M* 

M r Nath. Higginson M e William Fraser. 

M r Samuell Barron arriving here upon the Moulsford and now come ashoar,. 
was Sent for to bee discoursed, & examined about the China voyage upon the 
Shrewsbury, as also to advise concerning the Chinees brought with him, belonging 
to the Generallof Emoy that wee may receive and entertain him accordingly, but 
he excused his coming upon his being indisposed. 

Cap* John Nicholson acquainting us that the Pepper aboard the Royall James 
is wett & unmerchantable, the Warehouskeeper is order'd to Send for itt ashoar, 

& that itt bee well dried, & after weighed & bagg'd according to agreement, that 

all possible hast bee made therein by the Warehouskeepers, that the Beaufort may 

not bee detarded in her voyage, and that the Cloth att the Washers be likewise 
hastn'd to that purpose, as also their further report of the Coodaloor Cloth. 

Cap* Nicholson having a parcell of small Gunns & Carriages to dispose of, & 
wee having occation for them for use of this Garrison, Itt is order'd that the 
Storekeeper do buy them att prime Cost. 

Kitte Narrand having deliver'd in 56 Emoy Pelongs att Pag 3 ^ peece am* 9 
to Pag 168 Itt is order'd to be paid him. 

Cap* Weltden was Sent for to give in an ace* of his voyage to Tenasseree, 

but there being Some error in the coppying he desires till tomorrow and then 
promises to give itt, when wee shall proceed upon examination of that business. 

Order'd that Pag 340 be paid M r Nathaniell Higginson Paymaster General! 
to defray Charges Garrison &c a . 

In the R* Hon 1 " 6 Comp as Generall of the 9 th Febru ry p the Resolution, they 
order M r William Hatsell to bee entertain'd a ffactor in their Service, if he desired 
itt, who being lately return'd from his China voyage, was Sent for, & acquainted 

with their Hon" favour & pleasure concerning him which being offer'd to his 
acceptance, he gratefully exprest his Obligation to the R* Hon ble Comp" for their 
great kindness to him, which he Should readyly accept, were not he att present 
engaged in the business of his late China voyage, but when that was clear'd,, 
should readily accept the R* Hon ble Comp a9 Service. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 23 


Receiving Letters from Mess rs Chardin & Salvadore, & oar Vakeel att Gul- Mr Chardin 
condah, which, being read & discourst upon, the VakeePs was order'd to bee i r g 8 read& 
Translated, and that wee meet tomorrow to resolve Something about that affair. discourst. 

' ° To meet 


M r John Littleton Warehouskeeper & assistants deliverd in another paper Another re- 
concerning their resorting the Coodaloor Cloth, which was delivered to the Ac- resorting the 


comptant to give his answer thereto. telecom* 

Elihu Yale. tant. 000mp ' 

John Geay. 

J. Biggs. 

John Nicholson. 

John Littleton. 

r : ffreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . Will : Feasee. 

This being the Coronation day of his Majesty King James the Second the j*. 
usuall Ceremony was performed. 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated the 3 d Ins* advising that they had 1 50 o„™™J e *' rom 
Bales & the remaining Cloth to compleat their Investment att the Washers & 
coming in, They desire Ropes to bee Sent them, they much wanting them, & none 
procureable thereabouts. 

Att a Consultation Bxtrao. 

rigs Coro- 
nation day. 



Elihu Yale Esq" Pbesident & Governock, 
M" John Geay S e John Biggs 

Cap* M e John Littleton 

M B M E Thomas Wavell 

M E Nath. Higginson M r William Feasee 

Having: well considered & debated upon the Nabobs & our Vakeels late Concerning 

61 the Nabob 

and Vakeels 

Letters from Gulcondah, 'tis agreed that wee excuse the Sending any English from J e ° nain 
hence, upon pretence of the danger of Sevagees forces &c a and that wee order English. 
Mess r3 Chardin & Rodrigues to pay our Vakeel the Pag 10000 Sent up by them, & Mr Chardin 

&oa to pay 
the Vakeel 
P 10.000 sent 
with them. 

that he Still prosecutes the business of procuring us the Mogulls full & generall Directions to 

Phirmaund, upon the termes he lately wrot us, & not to consent to less, but to the^akeei°. 

procure as much more as possibly, th& itt bee att the expence of Pag 4 or 5000 

more, then already sent him, provided the Phirmaund bee firm &i good, including 

our free enjoyment of this- place, paying but Rup s 3000 yearly in Bengali, in leiu 

of Customes, & to pay no more then 2 p Cent in Surat, granting us the Several! 

other priviledges & conveniences wee wrot him about in our Severall Letters, 

which if they refused to grant, then to desist his further solicitation therein, till 

wee hear their opinions att Surat, & what they do there in this affair. The Severall severall 

Letters were accordingly drawn by the President, & Read & approved, & order'd Letters read 

to be translated & dispatcht to Gulcondah, with all Speed possibly- ' pas ' 

The Accomptant gave in a paper, advising the Councill, that hee could not Concerning 
draw up any intelligable ace* or calculation from the Warehouskeepers report of houske* 18 ^ 
the Sortment of M r Davis his Coodaloor Cloth, therefore that no more time be lost report of the 


Records of Fort St. George 


The Councill 
& Sortera to 
examine the 
said Clotb. 


therein, to the detarding the dispatch of the Beaufort, 'tis order'd that the Councill 
& Sorters, do Severally examine the Cloth, & give their opinions thereon, which is 
to bee deliver'd to the Judg of the Admiralty &c a for determination. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
John Nicholson. 
John Littleton. 
r. efreeman. 
Tho : Wavell, 
Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . Will : Fraser. 

This morning three of the Royall James Runaway Pirats Viz* James Naisby, 
Nicholas Dorrill, and George Read were burnt in the forehead att the Fort Gate, 


Three Fi- 
rats barn't 
in the fore- 

Robt Sunder- with letter P and Sent on board the Royall James, and Robert Sunderland run the 
Gant] r opV he Gantlope according to Sentence, the 30 past. 

Letter from Rec d a Letter from Cap* James Perriman Commander of the Pearl ffrigat, 

CaptPerri- ^ e( j att Mergen the 24 of December, referring us to his former or to the Dutch- 
man the bearer for advice. 

Att a Consultation 


Cap*-, Wiltden 
dehvera his 
That & other 
to be perused 
by the Coun- 

Mr. Thomas 
Davis his re- 

Bills to be 
given for 
ballance of 
Ship Rose 
her aocompt. 

aoct for 

JWint aeot for 


Elihu Yale Esq e President & Governour 
M K John Gray S e John Biggs 

Cap t John Nicholson M e John Littleton 
M E M R Thomas Wavell 

M E Nath. Higginson M e William Fraser. 

This day Cap* Anthony Weltden delivered in his Journallof his Transactions 
att Mergen, which with other informations from the Ships company and passengers 
on that affair, was deliver'd for the Councills perusall, but wee having so many 
other businesses to do for the dispatch of the Beaufort, wee shall not bee able to 
examine itt thoroughly before her departure, but shall bee Strictly enquired into 
att our first leisure. 

M r Thomas Davis delivered in a remonstrance of the Seizure of himself, and 
his estate in Bengali, giving a List of the particulars thereof, amounting to 
by his calculation Rup B 91,475 as also an accompt of his Debts amounting to 
Rup B 28300 requesting leave, to take his passage on the Beaufort for England, 
the consideration whereof is referred to our next meeting. 

S r John Biggs and the Assistants of the Court of Admiralty desiring Bills of 
Exchange, upon the R* Hon ble Comp a for the ballance of Ship Rose her ace* 
amounting to Pag° 1056 : 25 payable as follows Pag 949 : 23 to the widdow of 
Capt Thomas Lucas, Pag 62 : 08 to the Assignes of Thomas Spencer Carpenter 
deceased & Pag° 41 : 30 to the Assignes of John Blake Seaman deceased, Itt is 
order'd that the money bee accordingly rec d into the R* Hon ble Comp as Cash here, & 

Bills given for the Same att 9 f Pag payable as accustomary. 

M 1 ' Thomas Wavell Storekeeper his ace' of Stores, bought, Sold & expended in 
the month of December read and past. 

Mr. Thomas Wavell Mintmaster his Ace* of the Mint, for coynage of parti- 
cular persons Gold in the month of January read and past amounting to Pag 
14406 att * & Cent ... Pag 72 : 01. 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 25 



Being advised in a Generall from Conimeer that they were in a great inveBtmt 
readiness, with their Investment, the Merchants haviug brought in most of their rekaS'^t 
goods, & ' 50 Bales ready made up, & desire a Vessell for their transport hither, to Conimeer. 
Secure them from the danger of the Country & some Packing Stuff to bee Sent 
them, & here being no Vessell of the R* Hon ble Comp as but the Roy all James, who is 1° HonWe* 1 ' 
upon the Careen, and new rigging, which will not be fitted to Sail in twenty dayes, C om P as 

to fetch itt. 

Itt is therefore order d that a Moors Vessell in this road be hired for that Service a Moors 
att half a Pag "W Bale, & if there bee not enough to lade her there, that she proceed v ? SBe11 to be 
to Coodaloor, and fill up there, & the Warehouskeeper is order'd to Send them, Packing 
what Popes, Twine & Gunnys, he can Spare or procure. stuff to be 

Agreed that an order bee given to Cap* John Nicholson to receive John John Tho- 
Thomas on board for England, he being So much crazed with his former lunacy, ™ as to g0 . 
as renders him unservicable, and troublesome to the place. o°nthe gan 

M T Nathaniell Higginson late Mintmaster delivers in three papers of Assays, Papers of 
Seven Musters of eager Gold, & half a Pistoll plated, rec d by the Williamson, to Assays dei; - 
bee Sent to the R* Hon ble Comp a with his Ace 4 thereof, & delivers to M r Johnson Higginsonfto 

go home. 

Assay Master, Eighteen parcells of Assay peeces of Gold f 1 the Williamson, to .Assay peeces 
make his triall of their fineness he being now recovered of his Sickness. Mr'jobnson 

M r Thomas Wavell Mintmaster delivers 8 parcells of Musters of Gold, rec ^ Papers of 
Ship Resolution, which are to bee Sent home to the R* Hon ble Company. deTiver'd by 

Mr Wavell to 
be sent home 

Order'd that the following payments be made Viz* To Narso Madapollam p avme nts to' 
Catwall for 5 months wages due to the Peons and Servants that look after the bee made. 
R* Hon™ 6 Comp aB ffactory there, att Pag 16 "§ month Pag 80. To Lievt Lesley 
for 100 peeces of Bengali Taffaties Pag 150. To Narrand for 69 Pelongs 19 
Damasks & 1 peece of Buff Sattin Pag 2i>7. 

In regard the Warehouskeeper and .Assistants have not given in an ace* of Concerning 
the wrong & injury done the R' Hoa bie Comp a by M r . John Davis &c a Sorting the kor cloth." 
Coodaloor Cloth, the musters were brought up to the Councill, & Itt is order'd 
that each person of the Councill, do Strictly examine the Said Cloth, & give in ^Ivd b**' 
their report, how much ^ Cent'tis below the Musters itt should bee equall to, the ^Councill. 
medium of which to bee taken and referr'd to the Admiralty to determine itt. the Admiral- 

ty to deter- 
mine itt. 

The Warehouskeeper having acquainted the Councill, that there cannot bee BawSiikto 
Chests sufficient made in time for the Raw Silk, to be Shipt on board the Beaufort, ^ e P a ^ 
Itt is orderd that they bee pack't well in Wax Cloth, & Cotton, with Gunnys & cToth, Cotton 
Leather, the most securest & Safest way they possibly can. &ca - 

M r Samuell Barron being arrived from Mallacca with three Chineeses from Three 
the Generall of Emoy, to treat with us of a mutuall trade to those parts, being ^£ ee . seB - th 

Mr. Barron. 

design'd hither last year upon a China Junck, but were over perswaded by the Of their 
Dutch not to surpass Mallacca, posessing them with great danger 
passage hither, so disposed their Cargo there, but on their returning to China, 
were near the Streigbts, encounter'd with the Wnglish Pirats that run away with """" " — ~ 
the R* Hon b,e Comp as Sloop Goodhope from Bengali, who plunder'd the Junk, and 
after Sunck her, with much gruff goods in her, these persons narrowly escaping Escaped in a 
in a Small Boat which they also had board with design to have Sunck her, but Smali boat ' 
proved servicable to carry them back to Mallacca, & from thence were perswaded 
to come hither on the Moulsford, where next clay after their arriva.ll they were Said CMnee- 
handsomly rec d in the ffort, by the Governour & ca and Saluted with Guns, for their tneffort bj 
wellcome, & to the Generall their Master, and the Steward is order'd. to carry the Govemr 
them a Present of Liquor & provissions, & to Supply them whilst they stay here, 


Records of Fort St. George 



To courteous- (-which will not bee above a month) & that they have a convenient acoommoda- 
ly treate . £. Qn ^ cour t e ous treatment, to oblige their good report of the place, & civillities to 
our people that voyage thether, & to encourage the trade. 

Elihu Yale. 

John Gbay. 

J. Biggs. 

John Nicholson. 

John Littleton. 

r: ffreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . "Will : Fraser. 

9. A Letter which the Governour writ to M T Samuell White att Palliacat & now 

returned he being gone, was read to the Councill & is enter'd in the Coppy Book 
of Letters Sent. 

Rec d a Letter from James Harding dated yesterday, wherein after a long 
Story he desires to bee Supplied with mony to lay in provissions for his homeward 
bound voyage, upon ace 4 of arrears due to him. 

Oar Spies advise us that Some of Sevagees fforces had attempted the taking 
Pullimelee ffort, but were repulst with the loss of Some of their men. 

The Braminee & Peons which were Sent to enquire after the Surat Peons & 
Letters, returned, but can hear nothing of, bringing a Letter from the Polligars 
they went to enquire of about them. 

The Madras ffrigat John Spencer Master, arrived from Portonovo & brought 
a Letter from M r Hall & M r Oranwell dated there the 9 th Instant, inclosing Bill of 
Lading for 159 Bales of Callicoes, laden on her there. 

Arr a Consultation 

Letter from 
the Gover- 
nour to Mr 


Letter from 










can't be 




frigt from 


Letter bfy] 

hefr] from 



Report of the 
weight of 
Gold from 

P 1000 to be 
paid Mr 
Lascars & 
Peons to be 

upon whioh 
Mr Thorns 
Davis has 
leave to go 
for England 
upon the 


Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 
M R John Gray S b John Biggs 

Cap t John Nicholson M r John Littleton 
M E Robert Freeman M R Thomas Wavell 
M R Nath. Higginson M r William Fraser. 

M r John Littleton & M r Thomas Wavell report the weight of a box of Gold 
rec d from Bengali containing one Bagg & one Bamboo of Rock Gold and one 

oz. dwt, gr. oz. dwt. 

Bagg of Acheen Mace poiz togeather 1069 : 12 : 12 which is 2 : 09 more then 

Order'd that Pag 1000 bee paid M r Nathaniell Higginson Paymaster Generall 
to defray Charges Garrison &c a who was orderd to entertain what more Souldiers, 
Lascars & Peons he could procure, for the safe guard of the place, these 
dangerous times, Sevagees forces, having yesterday plu'nder'd Pullimelee Town, 
& now beseiging the ffort 12 miles off. 

The Councill having duly considered M r Thomas Davis Remonstrance & 
Petition for his return for England, as also how indifferently, the Agent & ca write 
concerning him, & his troubles in Bengali, 'tis agreed that he has liberty to go 
for England, upon Ship Beaufort, Provided that he Legally assign, & make over 
his concernes in India, & give Bond in Ten Thousand pounds, payable to the 
Govern 1 " of the Company S r Josia Child, & S r Jeremy Sambrook, to indemnifie the 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 27 



R* Hon ble East India Cornp a from all and any demands, payments, Seizures or 

troubles ; that they shall Suffer from the Government in Bengali, or any other 

place, upon his Score, on debts, ace* 3 or trade made by him, or for his employers 

in Bengali, And 'tis order'd that the Judge Advocate & c:i do draw up the Said judg Advo- 

Instrumcnts of security, authentickly, & see them Sign'd & deliver'd before an ^w^the 

order bee given for his embarquing for England. instruments. 

James Harding giving in another of his peremptory papers, wherein besides James Hard- 
Severall other Letigious impertinencys, he demands the Councills paying him m r ny em ,r nds 
mony for his homeward bound voyage, out of his Sallary payable in England, provisBions. 
which being a desire without reason or example, 'twas rejected, & he acquainted h '° m granted 
with the reasons thereof, but continuing itt still his desire to return for England, Leave to go 
'twas granted him, he being a very useless, turbulent person here. home - 

M r Samuell Barron appearing before the Councill he was order'd to give a ^ r ?^' r a ° ° t 
more Satisfactory ace' of his China voyage on the Shrewsbury, then wee yet have of his China 


had, as also of the R* Hon bIe Comp as remains, left with him ait Emoy, & to repay To repay 
what he had conditionally rec d upon ace* of Sallary, the R* Hon ble Comp a disap- o^acc^of 60 ' 1 
proving of his being entertain'd in their Service. . his Sallary. 

The Warehouskeepers were order'd to examine the goods last rec d from P° r j' ono ™. 
Portonovo Coodaloor & Vizagapatam, & truly to report their condition, & sort- & vizagapa 

goods to bee 

ment to the Councill, & to hasten the Shipping off the Pepper, China goods &c a To hasten 
aboard the Beaufort, that she may bee dispatcht in Season. Beaufort" 1 * 

The Madras ffrigat arriving from Portonovo with 159 bales some of each Madras 
Sort are order'd to bee examined & reported, & traverst aboard Ship Beaufort, & portonovo!" 
her West Coast treasure & Cargo to be laden aboard the Royall James for some of each 

o . sort to be 

Sumatra. examined. 

Charles Meers who came out a Souldier upon the Williamson, upon some caries 
discontent, his return being desired by himself & his friends, and having repaid to^iwmS! 
the 10£ the R* Hon ble Comp a were att in Sending him out, 'tis order'd that he re P aid the 
have leave to go for England, listing himself a Seaman aboard the Beaufort. compTiok 

Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
John Nicholson. 
John Littleton. 
r : ffkeeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . Will : Frasek. 

Ship Trevicane Sailed for Conimeer to fetch their Bales. 11. 


Two English Souldiers belonging to Indrapoora, and taken by the Dutch att ExamTn^on' 
Bantam Capas, when M r Potts was there, and brought by them from thence to two English* 
Metchlepatam, were examined, as enter'd in the Coppy Book of Letters received. Souldiers 

Rec d a Generall from Coodalour dated 6 th Ins* with two from Cap* Spencer. C ° ast ' 

* " ' Generall from 

Viz* One to this place, dated the 3 rd Ins* & the other to M r Nicks dated 5 th Ins* all Coodaloor - 
giving an ace* of the Madras ffrigats arrivall att Portonovo, & that her greatest oStsprawr. 
want will bee Salt provissions. 

Ship new Madras Merch* Christopher Fox Master arrived from Acheen. 12. 

New Madrai 


Rec d a Letter from Cap* Anthony Fenn, Commander of the Dragon, & M r Letter from 
Rob Leveson, dated in Bombay the 22 th September last, advising of their' being &MrLeve 8 on 

, att Bombay. 



Records of Fort St. George 



brought into 

Generall Aoa 
from Coni- 


f orc't in there, by contrary Winds & Currants, that they had fitted the Ship & 
waited only for the Gen 1Ls dispatch, to proceed on their voyage to Persia, & that 
the 19 th d td Ship Charles the 2 d Cap' Andrews Commander, arrived there from 
Mocho, & brought in with him Six Moor Ships, & Beer the Interloper. 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated the th Instant accompanying their 
Generall Books. 

This night wee had advice that S3vagees fforces, prest hard upon Pullimelee 
ffort, & that the Braminee's were retired therinto with 300 horse and 700 ffoot. 



A Gunners 
Mate enter- 
P6f month 
allowed him. 

Capt ffree- 
mans Sloop 
prest att 

Refused to 
the Court of 

Also the 
Capt Welt- 

accts for 
Septr, Ootor 
& Novemr 

Genii to the 
Bt Honble 

oppinions of 
the Coodaloor 
to make up 
the aoot. 
To be deter- 
mind in the 
Court of 
Letter to 
Dubas and 

Elihu Yalb Esq* President & Governour 
M B John Gray S e John Biggs 

Cap 1 John Nicholson M r John Littleton 
M B Robgrt Freeman M" 
M E Nath. Higginson M u William Fraser. 

Being in great want of an able Gunners Mate, and there being one M r Rider, 
a good Artist, that belonged to the Madras Frigat, Itt is order'd that hee bee taken 
from that Service, and employed a Mate to the Gunner att Six Pagodas ^ month, 
and to take charge of the out works. 

The Agent and Councill of Bengali having prest there a Sloop of Cap* Robert 
ffreeman's, called the Samuell of about 50 Tons, for the occation of their Warefare, 
which they do now keep for their other Services, being a new and Sound Vessell, of 
which they advise us in their last Gener 11 desiring us to agree and satisfie Cap* 
Freeman for the same, but she being taken, on ace* of their Warrs, the case more 
propperly belonging to the Court of Admiralty, they were order'd to examine, and 
decide the Same according to equity. 

The complaints also against Cap 1 Anthony Weltden, Commander of the Cur- 
tana Frigat, for his mismannagment of our Commission to him, about the Mergen 
affair, being a Navall, & Martiall business, itt more naturally appertains to the 
said Court of Admiralty, who are accordingly order'd to enquire thereinto, & 
adjudg according as they find, & that all papers relating thereto bee deliver'd 

The Warehouskeeper M r John Littleton read his Book of Acco tls for the 
months of August, September, October & November, which were past in Council], 

A Generall to the R 4 Hon ble Comp a dated the 25 th January last to bee Sent 'ffi 
the Beaufort, read and twas demanded of the Councill, if they had anything to 
offer therein, either in objection or addition, but being unanimously approved and 
order'd to bee engrost. 

The Councill having Strictly examined the Coodaloor Cloth, bought & Sorted 
by M r John Davis &c a do now give in each their opinions how much e^ery Sort 

comes Short of the Muster, which was deliver'd to the Bookkeeper to make up 
the Ace* what the R 4 Hon ble Comp a have been wronged therein, which is order'd to 
bee delivered to the Juds;e of the Admiralty to bee determined in that Court. 

A Letter from the President to the Madapollam Dubas ABraminee about the 
Pag° 80 Sent them by the Catwall of that place, and ordriiig them to be very care- 
full of the R* Hon ble Comp a ffactory read & past. 

Elihu YiLE. 

J. Biggs. 

John Nicholson. 

John Littleotn. 

and Consultation Booh, 

■ FORT ST. GEORGE, FEBRUARY 168% [13th.] 

I except y e small damages given on y e Codolore Olo : not~"\ R: ffreeman. 
knowing when it was compared w th y e Muster but y* \- m _ W AYELI 
y e refuge Clo : had been all turned out ... ...J 

I except the order concerning tne Codaloor cloth ... Nat : Higginson. 

John Stables Sec ry . Will : Fraser. 

Rec d a Generall from Ooodaloor dated the 9 th Instant advising that if the 13. 
Madras ffrisrat takes in 100 Bales, they Shall have left there 200 Bales, but cannot Qeneraii 

ci t ii i -j.1 t rom Cooda- 

get conveyance to bend them nitner. i o r . 

This evening rec d news that Severall of the Mogulls Generalls with 5000 horse Moguiia 
.& 11000 foot, were coming down against Sevagees fforces. coming down 


Rec d a Gen 11 from Coodaloor dated 10 th Ins* with Invoyce of 159 Bales $J the 14. 
Madras ffrigat. Genii & oa 

Att a Consultation Extrao f *T Cooda " 



Elihtt Yale Esq e President & Governotjr Wensdat 

M E John Gray S b John Biggs 15 - 

Cap t John Nicholson M R John Littleton 

M B Robert Freeman M e Thomas Waveli, 

M R Nath. Higginson M k William Feaser. 

Cap* Cook was Sent for and acquainted that wee were ready to dispatch him Capt CookH 

not yet 

-to the West Coast, & that the R* Hon 1:ile Comp a had no reason to pay demorage for his Beady to ; 
conveniencies, and that his Owners must abate itt for the loss of time, to which he owner^to"^ 
answer' d, that he made all the hast in fitting his Ship, as possibly he could. abate their 

A parcell of Nillaes offering to Sale, Itt is order'd that they be bought as xiUaes to be 
those last year and laded aboard the Beaufort. bought. 

There being also a parcell of Madapollam Long Cloth white offer'd to Sale, A P ar ° e11 of 
and wanting goods to lade upon the Beaufort, Itt is order'd that itt bee bought att lon/cioth^o 
Pag 22-J <p Corge, to pay one quarter part in Lead att Pag 10 p Candy, and the be hou s ht - 
remainer in mony, that being the lowest & best agreement, wee can make for itt. 

A parcell of Tnrmerick being to be bought in Town, to lade upon the Beau- Turmeriok to 
fort, Itt is order'd that the Warehouskeepers do buy itt, as cheap, as they can, be bought - 
not exceeding Pag 2| |j Candy, which th6 no good commodity in England, yet 
"wee esteem itt better then dead freight. 

The Warehouskeepers deliver in an ace* concerning the Portonovo Cloth by Report of 
the Madras ffrigat, and the Vizagapatam Cloth, by the Beaufort, as enter'd in the andvLTga- 
Coppy Book of Letters received. patamcioth. 

The Accornptant having made a calculation of what the R l Hon ble Comp a have ^j^'^JTt 
been wronged by the Sortment of the Coodaloor Cloth, by M r John Davis &c a att sorted by°Mr 
Coodaloor, the Same was delivered to the -Judge Advocate to determine in the 5 a ™' s * c . a t - 
Court of Admiralty, where all the Councill have liberty to Sett, and examine if they the judge 

please. Advocate to 

r determine. 

Cap* Richard Cook being again examined about the damaging the Goods & About damag- 
Grain aboard his Ship att Coodaloor, when he produced his Journall and a Protest Gra1n°inShip 
against the Sea, wherein he aledges, that 'twas unavoidably occation'd by the late Boyaii James, 
violent, Storm, and produced a note that he had acquainted the Chief &c a att protested 
Coodaloor therewith, who Supposing that they might arrive time enough here to against the 
recure them, itt being also bad weather, and they having order for her hasty dis- Reason for 
patch thence, with all the goods they could procure, towards her lading for not taking 
England, which wee then intended, they order'd the continuance of those goods a board° 3 
aboard but wee Shall further enquire into itt. RoyaiiJamei. 

ashoar att 


Records of Fort St. G, 


men to be 
& her lading 
Ten Slaves to 
bee Sent to 
St Helena on 
the Beaufort. 


Private trade 
to bee regis- 

Order'd that the Paymaster & Storekeeper do go aboard Ship Beaufort to 
Survey her lading and calculate her Tonnage, aud to Muster her men, & particularly 
the ffifty blacks the Captain agreed to provide his Ship with. 

The R* Hon ble Coinp a having order'd the Sending ten Slaves upon each Ship, 
and they being reasonable cheap. Itt is- order'd that they be bought and shipt upon 
the Beaufort, Cap* Nicholson having been perswaded to give them their passage 
to S* Helena, the R* Hon ble Comp a to provide necessary cloths, three Tons of water, 
& Salt fish sufficient for the voyage. 

The R* Hon ble Comp a having permitted in their Generall of the 7 th Janu ry 168£ 
any unprohibited goods, not limiting the quantity to bee laden upon their Ships for 
England to help out their dead frieght which unavoidably would fall thereon, the 
Sec ry is order'd to Register such goods, and give his order to the Commander to 
receive them according to the R* Hon ble Comp as order. 

ErjHtr Yale. 
John Gray. 
J : Biggs. 
John Nicholson. 
John Littleton. 
r : ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec 17 Will : Fraser. 

Thursday. No Consultation this day the President having put itt off till tomorrow that 

16 - the Invoyce &c a papers may be got in a readiness for the Beaufort. 


Att a Consultation Extrao 

Friday 17. 

Elihu Yale Esq e President & Gtoveknour 
M K John Gray S R John Biggs 

Cap t John Nicholson M e John Littleton 
M E Robert Freeman M k Thomas Wavell 

M B Nath. Higginson M b William Fraser. 

Cash acot for 
part of ffebry. 


awarded Mr 
Freeman by 
the Admi- 
ralty for his 
Sloop to be 

Generall to 
St Selena. 

Long Cloth 
to bee paid 

Mr John 
Davis pays 
in what 

The President read his Cash Book for the month of ffebruary to this day,, 
which was past in Council!, the ballance remaining examined being 
Pag 440 : 35 :— 

The Court of Admiralty having awarded Cap* Robert Freeman P 800 for his 
Sloop Samuell, Seized by the Agent &c a and Cap* Nicholson in Bengali which is 
allowed by the Councill & order'd to be paid him accordingly. 

A Generall to the Governour and Councill of S* Helena advising to have Sent 

them for the R* Hou ble Comp HB ace* upon the Beaufort, ten Slaves, with their 
Cloths & necessarys, dated this day, & Ship Beauforts dispatch for England read, 
past and Signed. 

M 1 ' Freeman having deliver'd in 28 Bales of M r Samuell Wales deceased his 
Madapollam Long Cloth, which the Warehouskeepers rec d and Sorted, the three 
quarter part amounting to Pag 708 : 27 : — 

Itt is order'd to bee paid him, and the Lead to the amount of the other quarter 
part, to be delivered him by the Warehouskeeper. 

M r John Davis this day paying in Pag 440: 34:° according to the Book- 
keepers ace* made up, upon the President & Councills award on M r Cawleys charge 
against him, which himself referr'd to us in his answer, and had a most impartiall, 
just examination & decission, therein, & could then give no reasonable objection 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 31 

FORT ST. G EORG E, FEB RVARY 168\ [17th.] 

against any one Article wee charg'd, but Seein'd fully satisBed, tho Since cast Concerning 
many reflections upon us unworthily, as appears by Said examinations Sent home 
to which wee referr. 

M r John Davis was also examined upon his Severall Scurrilous Letters sent f^Oiwh 
us from Coodaloor, wherein he greatly complains and reflects, upon our Sending for his scurrilous 
him thence, to conclude the examination of M r Cawleys charge against him, th.6 Letters - 
he had often wrot us to do itt, & that he intended to go for England by the first 
Ship, which was a sufficient reason, for our so doing, and Sending M r Nicks, to take sending Mr 
charge of the R* Hon ble Oomp as affnirs there, he being appointed by the R* Hon ble Nicks Chief 
Comp a Chief of Madapollam, whether we^ could not Send him, that ffactory being of Coodaloor - 
withdrawn, and to leave their Hon" concernes att the uncertainty of M r Davis 
leaving them att pleasure, in disorder, besides may other reasons, had there not 
been that occation, he having long managed those affairs very arbitrarily and 
badly as by the many former complaints Sent home against him. 

Hee was also examined, about the Severall other idle particulars & reflections Examined 
in his Letters and his Severall breaches, contempts & neglects of the R* Hon ble a™*^ 

tions in 

Comp as and our orders, as also about his inconsiderate proposalls of an Investment ^Lcon"' 

att Trimlevas, near Portonovo to advance Pag 20,0' ready mony to a few Strange siderate 

poor Merchants, in a troublesome ill Govern'd Country, where wee have neither P r °P° Ba118 - 

priviledges, house or Security, or if there had been, wee had neither money or order 

for itt, yet he magnifies, and applauds himself, for the little project, when had 

wee not been engaged by his former contract att Portonovo and Coodaloor, wee had 

more reason to have withdrawn them [than] Settled new ones, in those troublesome 

parts, that cannot, bee long free, from the Mogulls warrs, and conquest, and are 

continually infested by the roving Sevagees, and att best only a markett for Grain. 

He was also required to advise us what he knew towards the advancement of this 

place, which he much pretends to in his letters, but could or would give us no ™L?nXeor 

reasonable answer or satisfaction to anything, tho much prost to itt, and wee Satisfactory 

much doubt they proceeded more from the effects of passion, then any reasonable 

consideration, he having been long a disorderly, imperious idle man, of much more 

pride and nois then Sense or integrity. 

The Warehouskeepers here and att Coodaloor having not given a full 
satisfactory accompt of the R* Hon ble ComD as injury by the Sortment of those oftheCooda- 
goods by M r John Davis &c a of Coodaloor, the Court of Admiralty (to whom loor cloth - 
the decission was referr'd) to give us their opinion that upon that consideration, 
and want of evidence, 'tis better the determination thereof bee referr'd to the To be refer- 
R 4 Hon ble Comp a themselves, which M r John Davis also being willing thereto k mT R * 


offering his bond of lO'/OO to Stand to the award of any three of the Comittee M . T DaTis t0 
about the- damage in the Sortment of the said Cloth &c !l which with himself now fund to d ° 
goes on Ship Beaufort, 'tis therefore agreed that his Bond be taken for the their award - 
R* Hon ble Comp a in Said Summe, to Stand to the examination and award of the 
Hon ble Governour of the R* Hon bIe Comp a for the time being, the Hon ble S r Josia 
Child & S r Jeremy Sambrooke, since wee cannot rightly determine the matter, 
before the dispatch of Said Ship, and the Judg Advocate is order'd to draw up Jjjjfto draw 
^Said Bond authenticly and that itt, and all other papers relating to this business n P the Bond, 
be Sent now home to the R* Hon bl " Comp ;l leaving here attested coppies thereof. ^senthome 

The Bookkeeper having made up the ace* of China goods bought of Severalls to bee paid 
amounting to Pag 10965: 01 :— It is order'd to bee paid each person according ta * 
to the Warehouskeepers list. 



Records of Fort St. George 


The Accomptant is advised to hasten his Books and Invoyce, and the Sec ry 
order' d to Box up the Books and papers & get the Packett in readiness, intending 
if possibly to dispatch the Ship tomorrow. 


from Coni- 


from Cooda. 

Letter from 
Coje Abanus, 

from Mr 


[No] Con- 
[Mus]ter of 
Ship Bea[u- 
forts m]en. 

Report of the 

men and 

Diary Mr 

Elihu Yale. 
' John Gbat. 
J. Biggs. 
John "Nicholson. 
John Littleton. 
R : ffreeman. 
I except Davis s goeing for Eng d till \ 

full satisfaction bee made y°>THo: Wavell. 
Hon We Comp a here. ) 

Nat : Higginson. 
Will: Fraser. 
John Stables Sec 17 . 

Kec d a Generall from Conimeer dated the 15 th Instant, advising that all the 
Cloth, was att the Washers to P 1000, and Should follow our orders when the Ship 
arriv'd that was Sent for their goods. 

John Stables Sec ry . 

Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor dated the 14 th Ins* with Ship [Ma]dr[as] 
Frigats ace* of expence, an Attestation of what wanting in a Bale of Callicoes, A. 
List of damaged goods rewashed, and five receipts for mony paid by M r Swynoke, 
to Some of her Seamen, The A[ttesta]tion & List deliver'd the Warehouskeeper, 
and the five rece[ip]t[s j th[e] Storekeeper. 

Rec d a Letter from Coje Abanus dated att Gulcondahthe ^■[ m0 Instant J which, 
was So long upon the way, by reason the Peons fell Si[ck which] gives us an ace* 
how our affairs s[ta]nd with the Mogull, [which sejverall from him of later date 
have done. 

Rec d a Letter from Mons r Chardin, to the President dated att Gulcondah, the 
|| past month, giving an ace' of the trade in those pa[rts] & the price of Silver, 
& in another Letter he advises the Mogulls going from Gulcondah, towards 
Viziapore, and that our Vakeel Coje Abanus, was gone along with him. 

No C[o]nsultation The Councill being busie in the dispat[ch of] the Beaufort] 
for England. 

M r Wavell & M 1 ' Higginson deliver in their Muster of Ship Beauforts men, 
whereby there appears to 96 living, as also a report of their Survey of Said Ships 
lading as [fjolloweth, 


Wee the Subscribers being appointed by the President & Councill to go aboard 
the Beaufort, & Muster her men, & view her Ton age, & report, that of Europe men 
muster'd 96. Wee Saw five or Six Slaves aboard besides which the Captain 
affirmed, hee had about thirty ready ashoar which with ten Slaves to be Sent on 
the R 4 Hon ble Comp as ace* will make near Fifty, That the riaid Ship can take in 
about one hundred & fifty Bales mors The great Cabbin & Round house free, but 
too much pester'd between Decks. 

Thomas Wavell. 
Nath : Higginson. 

M 1 Samuell Barron delivers his Diary of his unfortunate China voyage, dated 
in Mallacca the 20 th March 1687 which is to bee Sent to the R 4 Hon ble Comp a by 
the Beaufort, he promising to give a coppy of itt. 

Note. — The Diary and Consultations of the period, February 18 to December, 31, 1688, have been taken from 
Public Consultations, Volume XIV,-pages 1 — 269. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 33 

FORT ST. GEORGE, FEBRUARY 1681. [2,0^.] 

Ship Beauforts dispatch fur England, read past & Signed the 17 th Ins* was fort B dis- 
dated this day, & delivered the Commander Cap' John Nicholson. and C deh ated 


Having a great desire to get the Surat Letters lately Stopt by the Polligars a g"' n sent 6 " 
& Sent after, but denied by them, their contents being of great importance for us af 'e r - 
to know att this time, Itt was thought convenient to try once more, & Send a 
larger Present of broad Cloth &c a what formerly Pent being Supposed not 
Sufficient to answer their expectations. 

Ship Loyall Cap* Cap 4 Francis Eldred Commander arrived from Acheen. Lo " c 

from Aoheen i 

Ship 1 Trevicane Nicholas Westberry Master arrived from Conimeer, and ^enutrom 
brought a Generall from thence, dated the 21 9t Ins* with Invoyce and Bill of [c]ohimeer. 
Lading for 335 Bales of Callicoes & 181 bags of Indico Shipt on board her there. 

Ait a Consultation 

Euhu Yale Esq* President & Governour 

M B John Cray S e John Biggs Thuksday 

M B John Littleton M k Robert Freeman 23 - 

M E Thomas Wavell M e 

M R 

The whole Councill being duely Sumraon'd. 

The Conimeer goods by the Trevicane are order'd to bee brought ashoar, to £°°^.if tb t e 

bee ready for the next Ship for England, the Beaufort having been dispatcht two bee'bronghfr 

dayes, and not Sufficient lading for a following Ship. ashoar. 

A Generall to the R* Hon bl « Comp a to bee Sent Via Surat, and a Generall to f h e 6 n R t alIe *° 

Surat, f" French conveyance, both dated the 24 th Instant read and past. Honbie 

Compa & 

The Sloops as they advise from the West Coast, being all lost, a[nd] having ^ e n auf b ° r *£ 
little conveniency for the lading & expediting] the Royall James from thence, bought for 

the West 

the Beauforts Long Boat, with her necessary[s] was bought att Pag 70 and i a es°aiso 8 to" 
order'd to bee Sent thether bv the Royall James, with two Mussulaes. bfi Sent - 

J J ' P 10000 to be 

In consideration of the dangerous & troublesome going overland to Coodaloor, Sent f ship 
& here being a Ship bound thether, Itt is order'd that Pag 10000 bee Sent by her, t0 Cood * loor - 
to Supply those, & Portonovo Merchants they having advised us, that their Invest- General] to 
ments, cannot be [carrijed on, or concluded without itt, And a Generall to them Coodaloor. 
ad[vi]sing Sending Said mony dated this day read and past. Royaiuames 

Now [th]e Beaufort is dispatcht 'tis order'd that the next [be] [the] Royall to'beedis- 
James to the West Coast with all possible Speed, and that her goods & treasure, goods** trea- 
bee laden accordingly, and duplicates of onr Generall Letters to the R* Hon bIe 8Ure <» *>e 
Comp a bee Sent by her and the Cap tne advised, to hasten her fitting. th^Boyaii 

Duplicates to 
the Bt Hon- 
We Compa to. 
bf e sent by 

The Beaufort being Still in the Road the Governour wrot the Cap* a Letter Ca P* Niohoi- 

blaming his delays, which might endanger the geting his passage about the Cape, f or Mb deUy 

to the R* Hon ble Comp as great damage thereby, to which he return'd answer that ! n n0t Sail_ 

Records of Fort St. George 




Ship Beau- 
ort Sailed. 
[that] went 
on her. 
Letter to 

French Sloop 
from Pulli- 
Genii rtol 
Surat & Rt 
Compa Sent 
by her. 
P 1000[0] 
Sent to 


New Madras 



French Sloop 


Pass to 

Ketch " 











Two Gunns 

his stay was occation'd by the accidental! breaking of his buoy rope, whereby he 
could not weigh Anchor, but that he would certainly Sail this night. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Geax. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
r : ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . Will : Fraser. 

Ship Beaufort Cap 4 John Nicholson Commander, Sailed hence early this 
morning for England God Send her a Safe arrivall there, And on her went M r 
Samuell Griffith, M r John Davis & M r John Thomas, as passengers. 

A letter from the President to Mons r Chardin att Gulcondah dated yesterday, 
again ordring him to pay the Pag 10000 Sent with him to our Vakeel Coje 
Abanus approved and Signed. 

A French Sloop arrived in this Road from Pullicherry, to take in a French 

Padre for Metchlepatam, who is design'd thence to Gulcondah & Surat, & by him 
Sent our packet for Bombay & Gen 11 to the R* Hon ble Comp\ 

Pag 10000 laden aboard Ship N[ew] Madras Merchant Christopher Fo[x] 
Master for Coodaloor. 

Ship New Madras Merchant Sailed for Coodaloor. 

The French Sloop which arrived yesterday Sailed for Metchlepatam. 

Given a Pass to Ketch Annapourna belonging to Marripa & Callawa Chitty, 
Inhabitants of Fort S* George Mollaia Tandell bound to Carricoll. 

Alvaro Cacella do Valle the Portugues Chief Embassador to the Mogull att 
Gulcondah, to obtain his Phirmaund for S* Thoma, we hear is upon his return 
thence, having done little or nothing in that business. 

Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor dated the 22 th Instant, advising that they had 
made a calculation, of what due to the Duan, & find they owe there about Pag 800, 
and att Portonovo Pag 400 which they desire may bee Sent "$• first oppertunity, 
the Duans people continually dunning them for itt, They also desire Some Wax 
& Wheat for the Factory use, none being procureable in those parts, And that 
there was three Coyles of Cordage wanting by Ship Royall James N°. 3.16.29 
which the Captain detained for his Ships use, and must accompt for. 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq" Peesident & Goveenoue 
M B John Gray S a John Birgs. 

M E John Littleton M E Robert Freeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M r Nath : Higginson 
M R William Feaseu. 

There being two turn'd Gunns of Cap* Nicholsons offer'd to Sale poiz 25© : J : 

21 lb att 20 f 1 s &8 : 6 f 1 Pag am' to Pag 59 : 14 [wjith two Carriages att Pag° 
& in all Pag 67 : 14 : they are order'd to bee bought & paid for, having occation 
for them, for use of the Garrison. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 


f 998 : 



















: 81: 




: 5 


: 85 

: 3 


: 05 





A Present of Oyle of Mace and Cordiall water, Sent to our Vakeel Coje [o y ]ie of 
Abanus att Gulcondah, am* to Pag 21 : 12 : is order'd to be paid for. Ki* f»° 

A parcell of Nillaes bought of Nalla Vencatadry being 24 Corg att Rup 8 57 f Nillaes & 
Corg, and Rup* 8* f Pag amo* to Pag 390 : 30 : & a parcell of China goods ™£*™[» 
bought of him amounting to Pag 658 : 07 : both Shipt on board the Beaulort, Itt for . 
is order'd to bee paid him. 

The Paymaster M r Nathaniel] Higginson his Book of Acco tt8 for the month of Jj^*" 
November read and past as followeth. November. 

Charges Garrison Pag 

Charges Generall 

Charges Diett . 

Charges Extraordinary 

Charges Cattle 

Charges Merchandise 

Ace 4 Fortification & Repairs 

West Coast 

Expedition of Bengali 

Expedition to Tenasseree ... ... 

M r Thomas Wavell desiring to bee excused from being one of the Justice Mr waveii 
Assistants to the Court of Admiralty, in consideration of his great business of the ^ B e e 3 d to h b e e 

Admi[r al]ty 

Mint and Storekeeper, Itt is order'd that M r Robert Freeman dn Supply that Mr Freeman 

V 1Mji3 ' ■ , that place. 

M r Milton was Sent for & order'd to give in an Ace* to the Book ke[e]per Mr miton 
how he disburst the mony he rec d att TriDcombar, as also of the expences on the to give in Ms 
Madras Frigat, and recuring the damaged Cloth, which when examined, hee is to 
report to the Councill. 

The Chief & Councill att Coodaloor desiring S[o]me Wax & Wheat, Itt is wheat to[b> 
order'd that the Storekeeper do Send them 20 baggs of wheat, there being no Wax ?, en * to 
procurable, As also 20 baggs to Conimeer for the Factorys use. andConi- 


According to the R* Hon ble Comp as former order[s] to Send £2000 up [on] £2000 to be 
their ace* on any good Country voyage, & there being a Ship called the Moulsford, ^the^ifoniifc 
now bound for Emoy in China, Itt is agreed & order'd that to that amount bee ford, 
laden on board her in Silver and goods propper for that market. 

There being no Ship of the R' Hon ble Comp 88 fitting for Tonqueen, and the A c to be 
Curtana Frigat bound thether, Itt is order'd that what Stock in Silver and goods Sent to Ton. 

queen *$ the 

wee can Spare, bee laden aboard her & consigned to the Factory, & what Assist- Also Factors 
ance wee can of Factors and Writers bee Sent them by Said Ship. & Writers. 

The Governour representing to the Councill that the Fort & Garrison, & the Concerning 
Several] Points, Bulwarks & Batteries, being either under very odd, or various Several] 
uncertain names, & Some without any, w ch may occation neglects or mistakes, upon Point8 *°- 
aSuddain assault or Surprise, & now being liable to the danger of the Mogulls and 
Sevagees forces, 'tis order'd that they bee regulated, & named more honourably & 
distinctly, that all persons upon an Allarm, might readily know, & march to their 
Severall Posts & Quarters, And first for the Cittadell or Fort which went under 
the various tear[ms] of flagstaff Point, Horse Point, Cook room &c a , and never any 
Settled certain names Register'd for them, 'tis now appointed that they go under 


36 Records of Fcrt St. George 


the following names for the future, & the Souldiers and Inhabitants be quarter'd 
to them accordingly Viz*. 

The 4 Fort The four Fort Points called. 

PointB caUU The English Point. * 

Scotch Point. 

French Point. 

Irish Point. 

^Garrison And the QamSOn Works Viz*. 

Charles Point. 
James Bulwark. 
S* Thomas Point. 
Dover Battery. 
Sea Gate. 
Plimouth Battery. 
York Point. 
Middle Gate. 
Chowtry Gate. 
Gloster Point. 
River Gate. 
River Battery. 

The streets And that the Severall Streets have their Severall names, & Precincts as well 

for order & regularity, as to ascertain the Sales of houses & grounds therein, as 
also upon occation for collection of Taxes, & Cesments Viz'. 

S* Thomas Street. 
James Street. 
Church Street. 
Charles Street. 
Chowtry Street. 
Middle Street. 
Gloster Street. 
York Street. 
York Lane. 

The Lanes * Also the Severall Lanes and Allys by them accordingly. 

Allys by 

Out Town A- n d that the Out Town Gates Points and Streets be likewise named and 

Gates &oa co regulated, which the Justices are to advise with the Chief Gentue Inhabitants 

e name . a b ut itt, and accordingly agree thereon, and Inscriptions made to each place till 

itt grow accustomary. 

Orders for And the Gunners often committing many mistakes in returning Salutes to 

the Gunners Ships &c a and no directions hitherto about itt, 'tis agreed that the following Orders 

ii°shed P to Ds published to them, and hereafter observed Viz*. 

them T 


hon blb Q omp a DO rj BLE fo[r] THE PoWDER THEY FIRE AWAT UPON MISTAKE Ao*- 


To fire to no Ship whatever before She comes to an Anchor in this Road, that 
is betwixt the Point of the Gentue Town and the Southern most part of the 
Macquaw Town, & first Salutes the Fort. 

To fire equall Guns to all Ships, that have the King of Englands Commission, 
& wear his Coulors, The Same to all forreign Royall Ships of what Nation Soever. 

To all other English Ships that have no Commission, nor Kings Coulors, to 
fire two less then they Salute the Fort with, & but one in thanks to all they shall 
fire a Second time, allways observing that Such Ships are to fire the last Gun. 


Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 37 



And to all other free trading English or Country Ships, & the R* Hon ble 
<3omp as Small Frigats, Ketehs or Sloops, as also all Strangers Ships never to 
•exceed five Guns, in answer to them, without particular order from the Governour, 
Notwithstanding how many they fire to the Fort, But if they fire but five or 
Tinder, then to return but three or one, those Ships always fireing last. 

That all Salutes to the Commanders coming ashoar, be ordev'd by the 
Governour, & the Same to bee given them att their going aboard after their 
dispatch delivered them, and that no more then one Gun bee given to the Ships 

That the Gunner or his Chief Mate & one more be constj an]tly night & day in 
the Fort Gunroom, not only to take care of the Amunition, but give out what 
Stores there may bee occatio-n for, upon forfeiture of a months pay. 

That a List bee taken monthly each Muster day of the names of all the 
Gunners Mates & Assistants belonging to the Garrison, & that the Said List bee 
allways hung upon a Board in the Gunroom in the Fort, & that every man3 Station 
& Post bee added to his name, & this List to bee kept allways clear, & mens names 
to bee either incerted or blotted out, so often as men are either entertain'd into 
Service, or dismissed therefrom, & an ace' thereof taken by the Commanders of 
/the Souldiers, when they desire itt, that they may att their going the Rounds, or 
att other times, inspect who are absent from their Severall Posts & places assigned, 
by which means, their duty may bee more carefully perform'd, then in time past 
itt hath been. 

And for the avoiding of accidents, which often times have happen'd in 
Severall places, Itt is hereby order'd, that none Shall Smoak any Tobacco, or Suffer 
to bee Smoaked either in the Gunroom in the Fort, or att any other of their Store- 
houses, or lodging places where Powder & Ammunition is kept, upon penalty of 
forfeiting one months pay, to the poor, or otherwise bee punished, as the offence 
may deserve. 

That the Gunners Mates Shall att all times before or att the Beat of Taptoo, att 
Nine of the Clock att night, repair to their Severall Posts, & Guards where they 
are assigned, & there to remain till beat of Drum for discharge of the Watch in 
the morning, & whosoever Shall neglect his duty in this particular, in not coming 
to his Guard or Post att the time appointed, or Shall go off from his Guard or 
Post contrary to these Orders, shall forfeit half a months pay to the Poor, or bee 
otherwise punished as the offence may deserve, or if they shall bee drunk, or create 
any disturbance or quarrell upon their Guard, they shall bee punished, according 
-to the Articles in the Orders of the Garrison. 

That all the Mates meet every morning att the Gunroom, to See what business 
is to bee done that day, & Stay the doing of itt, unless leave granted by the 
Gunner, through Sickness or otherways under the penalty of one dayes pay. 

That' all the Mates att an Allarm given, bee ready with their Matches, lighted, 
& to keep their respective quarters till order'd otherwayes, by his Hon r or Gunner, 
under the penalty of one months pay. 

That no Stores whatever shall bee rec rt , deliver'd or lent without the Store- 
keepers particular order in writing, & that the Gunner do keep a Leidger ace' of 
all Stores, & their expence, & deliver a monthly ace* thereof, to the Storekeeper, 
And that all Storehouses, Points, Bulwarks, & Lockers, bee duly fitted with Armes, 
& Ammunition, to be allwayes in readiness for the most Suddain Allarm or Assault 
And that all Ordnance, have their due Load & charge of Powder, And if att any 
time, upon examination, the Cartrouches shall bee found defective, the Gunner 
shall forfeit a months pay for the first fault & after greater punishment, as the 
crime shall deserve, & that if any of the Gunners Mates, shall bee convicted of 
embezling any manner of Stores, to pay treble for their vallue, & if of purloyning 
or Stealing any, to run the Gantlop, & bee expell'd his Office & the Garrison. 

Records of Fort St. George 

[27 th.] 


~ revicanes 
f reight to be 

List of 
Actions to 


forces oome 
to Conje- 
forces re- 


Genlls to 
Coodaloor & 

The Trevicane having brought from Conimeer 235 Bales Callicoes & 181 
bags Indico, accounting 3 baggs to a Bale, is Bales 60| in all Bales 295 J att half 
a Pag f" Bale according to agreem* is Pag 147 : 18 : which is order'd to bee- 

In pursuance of a late Law made for the conveniency of all Inhabitants & 
travellers, Itt is order'd that the Register do bring us every Munday to Councill, 
a List ot' all Actions depending in the Court of Admiralty, for the better 
observation of the Said Law. 

Eljhu Yale. 
John Gkay. 
J. Biggs- 
John Littleton. 
r : efeeeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
Will: Fbasee. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

The Spie Peons from Conjeveron gives the following ace* That two dayes- 
Since arrived there Mahomed Sadick a General!, Maccoi Ishmael Cawn, Rustum 
Cawn, & Eachuma Naigue, with 4000 horse & 700U foot, of the Mogall army, 
& that Sevagees forces were gone the[nce] beyond Outramallore & had plunder'd 
the Townesof Cowes, Cattle &c a as they went along, & that the Said Army of the 
Mogulls were going to Chetteput. 

Generalls to Coodaloor & Conimeer dated this day approved & Signed, advising 
to have Sent to each Factory 20 bags of wheat. 

Att a Consultation 




P 1000 to be 
paid Mr 
A scandall 
raised on the 
Pago coyned 
in this Mint. 


Elihu Yale Esq e Peesident & Govebnoue 
M B John Geay S e John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M B 
M R Thomas Wavell M k Nath. Higginson 
M k 

Higginson Paymaster 

A Declaration 
to be publish- 

The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 

Order'd that Pag 1000 bee paid M r Nathaniell 
Generall to defray Charges Garrison &c\ 

There having been lately in these troublesome times & Governm ts many 
irregularities committed in Severall places, more particularly att Kisnapatam & 
Carera, where they have counterfeited our Pagodas with the Same Stamp & 
weight, but are not three-quarters their vallue, which has brought so great a 
disreputation upon ours lately Coya'd from peoples fearing that they may bee 
those fals ones, itt has been a late practice in Town, & up the Country to advance 
three ^ Cent in Exchange of new Pagodas for old, whereas by our Strictest exa- 
mination wee cannot find the least difference either in fineness, weight or vallue 
between those coyned of late years & what formerly, Itt is therefore order'd to 
prevent the injuries that may accrue to our Mint thereby that the following 
Declaration bee published by beat of Drum, & affixt upon the Gates of the Citty 
in English, Portugues, Moors, Gentue and Mallabar Viz*. 

Some envious bad people out of prejudice, & a wicked design against this 
place, have lately raised a Scandall against the Pagodas coyned in this Mint, Some 
years past, which upon Strict examination, are found to bee justly the Same 
both as to weight and fineness, Therefore these are to publish and forbid 
any Merchant, Shroff, Chittees, or any other persons whatever under thi& 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 39 



Government, to make any difference or distinction in our Pagodas, either in receiving 
or paying them, allowing nothing thereon, the Pagodas being exactly of the same 
vallue & whosoever shall bee found culpable herein, to forfeit all the money so 
•chang'd & advanced upon, for the first offence, and a greater punishment for the 
second, and banishment from the Citty for the third offence. 

Elihu Yale 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 
r : ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
Will : Fraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

This afternoon the President & Councill accompained by the Cap* 8 of the !™;„ given 

Garrison & ca gave names to the Severall Points, Bulwarks & Batteries, as order'd to the Points 

in Consultation the 27 th past. &ca ' 

Passes given to Boat Banganauta, belonging to Ranga Chitty one of the R* t^BoatT 1 

Hon ble Comp as Merchants att Fort S* George Woodooman Tandell bound hither Ship. 
from Oarricoll, And to Ship Trevicane belonging to Mackhadum Neena, Inhabi- 
tant of Fort S* George, Nicholas "Wesbary Master, bound to Acheen. 

Ship Mamoodee Enassuaris Master arrived from Acheen. Mamcodee 

from Acheen. 

Rec d a Letter from Cap 4 Thomas Batten att Acheen, dated the 7 th of last STtBtfEl 
month, advising of a Ship belonging to the King of Siam, arrivall there, laden 
with Copper, Tyn, Tutanague, Pepper and Benjamin & bound for Pullicherry, 
that he durst not medle with her in that Port, the Shabander having threatned 
all the English if he did, that Said Ship had put out Treasure into a Small 
French Vessell bound to Pullicherry, & that he would wait on the Said Siam Ship, 
■& dispute itt with her att Sea. 

Rec d a Letter from Mahomed Sadick the Mogulls Generall att Conjeveron ^ e tt " 1 f rom 
giveing an ace* of his arrivall there, with friendly expressions of kindness. Generall att 


Ship Rochester Cap 1 John Brumwell Commander arrived from Bengali and E o CheBter 
brought three Generalls from the Agent and Councill, without place or date with from 
Coppys of their Diarys for Last year, & Ballasore Diary, with Invoyce of goods Letters!' 
laden by them, aboard the Rochester & duplicate of a Protest given to Cap* John uyarys.iu- 
Brumwell, they advise that they intended to Send the Madapollam Ketch with Sthenoe. 
Bale goods, & that matters are Still much att one betwixt them & the 
Government, & that the Resolution was Safely arrived into Ballasore 
Road, Sending us receipt for 537 bags of Rice *$• the Beaufort. Also 
a Generall from Ballasore, dated 21 th Jan ry 168| with Invoyce & Bill of Genii from 


Lading from thence for 61 Bales of Nillaes & one Small parcell of new[Setts]of 
Stuffs for Mustars, & Bills of Lading for what was laden by the Agent & Councill 
aboard Said Ship, & some receipts for goods laden aboard Cap* Nicholson. Also 
a Letter from Cap* Jonathan Unkettle dated aboard Ship Priaman 13 th March cf* t e un-° m 
168-f advising of his arrivall att & fortifying Indrapoora. kettle. 

Said Ship Rochester touching on the Coast of Gingerlee found M r Fleetwood Letter from 

att a place called Ganjam, & brought a Letter from him thence, without date, FteTtwood. 
giving his reasons for dispatching her, without lading the Grain order'd for this 

place As also coppy of Cap* Brumwells letter to him dated in Ganjam Road the capt 7 Brum. 

^ m0 Feb ry 168| proposing reasons for his quick dispatch to Fort S l George. wella le, ter 


Records of Fort St. George 


Capt B i um- 
wellB papers. 



freight to be 

Also Com- 
mission to 
the President 
and Second 
the Siam 
Ship att 

Siam ship att 
bound for 

Rochester to 
ride off Coo- 
daloor to 
Seize her. 
Her soodB to 
be continued 
aboard till 
her return. 
If she misses 
her to bring 
our goods 
from the 
wives to 
have half 
their hus- 
bands Mus- 
Orders to 
Capt Brum- 

Generall to 
Letter to 
G enerall. 
Delivered to 
Capt Bram- 
well Mb 


Cap' John Brumwell Commander of the Rochester delivers the President his 
answer to the Agent & Councill of Bengalis Protest, dated in Ballasore Road 22 nd 
Jan ry 168|. Also coppy of an Attestation, concerning his Long boat & men, with 
coppy of another Attestation, of the Souldiers & Seamens mutinying both dated 
the 2 th of June 1687. 

Att a Consultation Extrao 

Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 
M* John Gray S e John Biggs 

M R John Littleton M k Robert Freeman 
M K Thomas Wavell M r Nath Higginson 
M R 

The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 

The Owners of Ship Moulsford demanding their freight for goods brought 
upon the R* Hon ble Comp ftS ace' from Emoy, according to agreem' with Ai 1 ' Gladman 
&c R as ^ Bill of Lading, Itt is order'd that the Book-keeper do make up the- 
Accompt, & that itt bee paid accordingly, as also the appointed Commission to the 
President and Second. 

The Governour having rec d a Letter from Cap' Batten att Acheen advising- 
that a Ship arrived there from Siam, under French coulors, about 400 Tonns, 16 
Gunns, and 12 Europeans, & notwithstanding they produced a Bill of Sale, that- 
She was bought by the French of the Portugues, but upon enquiry he was enform- 
ed by the Seamen that She belonged to the King of Siam, as also the goods on 
board her, & that he intended to have taken her, but that the Shabander att 
Acheen declared, that if hee offered to meddle or use any hostillity in their Koad, 
he would have Satisfaction from the English ashoar, which prevented his Seizing 
her in that place, but that hee intended to wait her departure, She being bound 
for Pullicherry, but least that he Should fail in his enterprise, she being a large 
Ship, well man'd and Gun'd, and being Satisfied here, that, that very Ship did belong; 
to the King of Siam, and went under the name of the Eagle, with a black Spread 
Eagle on her Stern, which gives us great reason to beleive, that the French 
Coulors, are only a pretence to Save her from our Seizure, Itt is therefore order'd 
that the Rochester do immediatly Sail for Coodaloor, and ride there in expectation 
of her from Acheen,. that he Seize and bring her hither, to be examined by the 
Court of Admiralty, and accordingly bee disposed, and for the more expedition, 
Itt is order'd that what goods she brought from Bengali, bee continued on board 
till her return, and that if he misses of her, that she then bring our goods from 
Portonovo, Coodaloor and Conimeer, to Secure them from the dangers and 
troubles of the Country. 

The Souldiers that are. gone upon the Severall expeditions leaving their 
wives and families very poor, whose necessities have been very importunate with 
us for half of their husbands Musshire, which was promised them upon their 
departure and is now order'd to bee paid them. 

Orders to Cap' John Brumwell in the abovesaid expedition, Generall to 
Coodaloor ordring them to lade what goods they had att Portonovo and there, as 
also what Chenam and firewood they had by them, or could Speedily procure on 
board the Rochester, And a friendly Letter from the President to Mahomed 
Sadick the Mogulls Generall att Conjeveron all dated this day read and past, and 
the Orders deliver'd to Cap' Brumwell, a coppy whereof is enter'd next after this- 

Elihu Yale. R : ffreeman. 

John Gray. Tho : Wavell. 

J. Biggs. Nat: Higginson. 

John Stables Sec ry . John Littleton. Will : Fraser. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 41 

FORT ST. GEORGE, MARCH 1681 [3rd.] 

To Cap* John BrumWell 

Commander of Ship Rochester. 

Whereas you have rec d his Majesty the King of Bnglands Commission, author- g^J^f 
izing & impowering you to bee aiding & assisting to the R* Hon ble English Bast orders. 
India Comp a in making Warr against the Mogull & King of Siam, wherein you 
are to observe and follow such orders, as you shall from time to time receive from 
the Said East India Comp a their Generall, Presidents, Agents & Councills in the 
East Indies, "Wee therefore the President and Councill of Fort S 4 George doe 
hereby order you upon receipt hereof, to repair aboard your Ship Rochester, & the 
first oppertimity of Wind and Weather presenting to weigh Anchor, & Set Sail, 
bending your Course for the Speediest attaining of the Port of Coodaloor, where 
you are to ride in twenty fatham water, in expectation of a Ship and lading of the 
King of Siams, under French coulors, who in probability must pass you, being 
designed from Acheen to Pullicherry, formerly called the Eagle, with the black 
Spread Eagle in her Stern, (as <|P a Paragraph in a Letter from Cap' Thomas Batten 
att Acheen, a coppy whereof is herewith delivered you, wherein you will att large 
bee enformed concerning Said Ship and lading) and if you should have the good 
fortune to light upon her, either as you are in Said Road, or in your passage 
thether, you are then to Seiz her, and bring her to this Port, to bee examined by 
the Court[of]Admiralty, the Same you are to do, to any Ship you Shall Suspect to 
belong to the Said King of Siam, or his Subjects, But if you do not See her, in 
twenty dayes after your arrivall, then to take in the R' Hon ble Comp as goods att 
Portonovo & Coodaloor, as also att Conimeer, So wishing you good Success Wee 
date these Presents att Tort S' George the 3 d day of -March 16b>-|. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 
John Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Rob t Freeman. 
Thomas Wavell. 
Nath. Higginson. 
William Fraser. 

Ship Frances Thomas Bowrey Master arrived from Portonovo. 

Ship Fiances; 
from Porto- 

Th[is] morning early Ship Rochester Cap 4 John Brumwell Commander Sailed |- 
for Coodaloor. for C Cooda r - 


Att a Consultation 

Elihu Yale Esq" President & Governour Munday 5v 

M r S r John Biggs 

M R John Littleton M r 
M R Thomas Wavell M b Nath. Higginson 
M r 

The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 

The President read his Cash Book for the month of Febru ry which was past in Cash Aoct 

Councill the ballance remaining examined being P 35 : 25 : : for Februar 7- 

The Register of the Court brought in a List of the Actions depending accord- List of ^ 

ing to order, which was perused by the Council]. ' Actions d ° d - 

The Storekeeper M r Thomas Wavell read his acc t9 of Stores bought Sold & [store] 

expended for the month of January, which was past in Councill. fMJanuwy! 

42 Records of Fort St. George 



[LievjtLesiie Liev 1 Jatnes Leslie delivering in his" Petition to bee discharged from his 

Petitions to 
bee dis ]char- 
ged from his 

[The] answer imployment, in the R* Hon ble Comp aa Service, having Served his covenanted time, 
nextmeetino- tne same was perused, & deferr'd till next meeting to give him an answer. 
Charges in ° Order'd that before the mony taken with the Pirats, bee devided amongst the 

taking the loosers, that the charges in Sending to Sadraspatam to take them, be first deducted. 


MrPownsets M r John Powusett being arrived upon Ship Kochester was called before the 

agamst"* 8 Councill & the complaints from tne Agent &c a in the Bay read to him but he being 
him read. by them Sent home to England, & the Attestation gone thether by Cap' Nicholson, 
To give seen- wee shall confirm the Same order, & therefore not meddle with a further examina- 
rityforhis tion, but continue him a Prisoner, till he Shall give Security for his personall 
retarn^or 6 appearance and return for England. 


Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
Johint Littleton. 
r : febeeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
John Stables Sec ry . Will: Feasee. 

5 - M r William Hodges in a Letter to M T John Littleton, and M r John Styleman, 

Mr^Hodge^ dated in Levo the 12 th Decern 1 " 1687, advises them, that he was in hopes they 
att Siam. should bee dismissed, as Soon as the French Embassador was gone, whose Stay he 
thought might bee ten dayes longer, that hee Supposes they have heard of the 
Sad murder of the English att Mergen, but believs not much (or any thing) of 
truth, hee having made itt his business, upon the place, yet knew not well what 
to advise, the most agree that there was killed 33 English & 20 Portugues, that 
M r Phaulkon had promised to Shew him a Letter, Signed by Cropley, Triggs and 

be Sent to 
the Oyer or Syam Govern 1 * to prevent the Same, that M r White had advised, that 
there was ten English Ships coming against Mergen, So that he had long before 
rec tl orders, to deface the place, & goe to Siam, Since he thought itt impossible 
to defend itt from the English, as he had advised, that Cap 1 " Weltden taking 
M 1 ' Whites Ship out of the Road, made the Oyer consult, with Some rascally 
Dutch men, & hee was afraid that Cropley was privy to the design of killing 
M r White & M r Burnaby, which when performed, by a parcell of people made 
drunk & madd, proceeded without any other consideration, then the more they 
murder'd, the more would bee their proffit, that the Oyer was then in Levo, & hee 
was informed, that when brought to examination, his flesh is to bee pinched off 
with hot Irons, that there was one Dutch man, & Several! of the Natives there 


t[wo] English men more, which advised that M r White & M 1 ' Burnaby 
to make their escape in M r Whites Ship, which occation'd Orders to b 

in Prison, that they bring them up, but by two or three att a time, to prevent a 
further disturbance, that the King was extreamly grieved, & was resolved that all 
that had a hand in the murder, Should Suffer, that there was att M[er]g[en], five 
Comp* 3 of French, and Above 300 disciplin'd Siammers. He desires to bee excused 
to the President & Councill, that he had not paid his respects in writing, but that 
when he came to Madras, hee would acquaint them the reasons of itt, That had 
just then the certain news, that Cropley had been att Levo 15 days, & kept a 
close Prisoner, that when the French are dispatcht, they shall know what they 
have to trust to, but he fears not, being civilly treated as can expect, That he had 
Seen the King of Siam's Declaration of Warrs, against the R* Hon ble East India 
Comp a & their Servants, Liberty to all freemen, that are English, That by these 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 

-FORT ST. GEORGE, MARCH 168% [5th.] 

French Ships, the King of Siam Sends home, his greivance against our R* 
Hon ble Masters, & their Servants, & referrs himself to the King of Englands 

French Peons from Pullicherry in their way hither att Marcawnum about N ews f 
12 miles on this Side Oonimeer, found a party of Sevagees forces & Polligars, who Sevagees- 
had been engaged & killed ten on each Side, that they had Sent to the Chief of some" 
Conimeer, to lend them Pag 500 each, but were denied, that they kept Strict P°i%ars 
guard att the Factory & in the Town not knowing what design they may have to engagmei ' 
plunder the place. 

Rec a a Generall from Coodaloor dated the 2 d Ins* with the Coodaloor & 6. 
Portonovo Merchants Acc ts Ciirr* and desire Pag 20C00 to carry on their GeneraU &o& 
Investments, without which they will not go on currantly, nor goods come in for from cooda- 
an early Ship, as also Some paper, Rec d also a Letter from Ebraim Cawn, from 
Arrealoor, to M r Nick3, wherin hee desires that Some trusty person, might bee Letter from 
Sent up to him, to whom hee would discourse Something, that he had to Say, & Oawn™ 
declare his intentions. 

Ship James Henry Burton Master arrived from Pegu, who acquaints us, that Ship James 
now the English may Settle there, upon what tearms they desire, & brought arrived from 
Letters from the Chief Minister of State, and the Governours of Sirian to the Letters from 
President. the chief 

Ministers of 
State there. 

Ship Trevicane Nicholas Wesbary Master Sailed for Acheen. 7. 

cane for 

Rec d a Letter from M r Daniell Chardin, dated att Bagnagar the %\ Letter from 

monsr Chard^- 

Febru ry 168-J to the President, advising that the Mogull was Still going forward [Ne]wsfrom, 
to Viziapore, & Sent all his Army against Sidimassan, that an Embassador was Guicondah. 
expected there every day, from Palliacat, to get the Mogulls Phirmaund, that the 
Dutch had been to wait upon Nabob Rowaloo Cawn, that there was no trading, 
they having not yet Seen one Stone, every body hiding their Diamonds and mony, 
that they had Sold their Silver for Pag 6^ f 1 Seer, and that our Vakeel Coje 
Abanus was gone with the Mogull. 

A r iT a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour Thursday 

M E John Gray S b John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M E Robert Freeman 
M K Thomas Wavell M n Natjh. Higginson 
M E William Fkaser. 

Receiving advices from Coodaloor that the Pag 10000 lately Sent them was Concerning 
not Sufficient to carry on their Investments, nor Satisfie their Merchants, in pro- Weitrnt'' 1001 ^ 
portion to the Europe goods delivered them, but wee having no more mony to 
Spare, before itt arrives from England or Persia, Itt is order'd that if the Merch- 
ants, will not Credit us for the remainder of the Contract, that they make up 
Accompts, & receive no further goods from them upon Said Contract, And one 
Ebraim Cawn, Son to Seer Cawn, a late considerable Govern 1 in the Chingee Concerning 
Country, having wrot a kind letter to the Chief of Coodaloor, to invite his corres- (awn™ 
pondance, desiring him to Send up a trusty person to him, to treat with about Letter. 
Some Secret business, Itt is order'd that their Conicoply formerly Servant to Seer 
Cawn, bee Sent up to him as privatly as possibly with a Small present, he being 
design'd to Succeed his father in the Government of Coodaloor, And a Gen" to a Generaa 
Coodaloor of the Same import read and past. to coodaloor. 


44 Records of Fort St. George 

[ 8th .j FORT ST. GEORGE, MARCH 1681 

Mint Acot rpk e Mintmaster M r Thomas Wavell read his Acc t9 of the Mintage duties of 

particular persons Gold coyned in the month of February which was past, in 
Councill Pag 32292 : 18 att \ f Cent P 161 : 16£. 

Warehous The W arehouskeeper M' John Littleton read his Book of Acc ts for the month 

of December which was past in Councill. 

acot for 

p iooo to bee Order'd that Pag 1000 bee paid M r Nathaniell Higginson pay master generall 

HigSon. to defray Charges Garrison &c a . 

Rules & The President having drawn up Rules & Orders for the better managment 

Customed th(S of the Customehouse, & the Severall Offices therin, itt was read & approved by 

hone. the Councill, & order'd to bee engrost, & made into Portugues Moors, & Gentue, & 

hung upon boards in the Customehous, that all Merchants may bee Satisfied, what 

duties and fees they are to pay Viz'. 

Orders & Rules to bee observed in the Customehouse by the Officers 
&c A Viz 1 . 
What Oas- That all English as well [as] the R* Hon b,e Comp as Servants, as freemen, do duly 

g°iSh tcTp^y" P a y f° ur W Cent upon the vallue of all goods, imported or exported by Sea, (Jewells 
& Treasure excepted) & that all Such goods having once paid Custome, are free to 
bee Sent up the Country, or exported without any further charge, to the 
proprietors, provided itt bee done, within the tearm of one year. 
What to be That all French, Dutch, Portugues, & all other Forreigners & Natives do pay 

lone'igners. Six W Cent u P on the true vallue of all goods imported or exported by Sea (Jewells 
& Treasure excepted) as also the usuall Small duty to the Pedda Naigue & Town 
Conicoply, and that Such goods, having once paid the aforesaid Custome, the 
proprietors may within twelve months, freely Ship them off, or Send them up the 
Country, without further charge. 
what for That all goods traverst aboard any Ship in this Road, Shall pay the half 

verat!*" 1 " Custome, But that'all Such goods, as Shall bee brought to this Port, & continued 
Of goodacon- aboard Ship, without alteration, shall pay no duty, but the Same Ship that brought 
tinued aboard them, shall have full liberty to carry them away. 

The entry of That all Captains, Masters & Pilots, of all Ships, Vessells & Boats do 

ail Vesseiis. upon their arrivall, make entry of their Severall Vesells, their name3, burdens, 

men, guns, cargo, & from whence they came, with the marks & numbers of the 

goods aboard them, & as much of their contents as they know, & to whom they 

belong or are consigned. 

Anchoridge That all Ships Vessells & Boats do before they depart the Road duly pay the 

to bee paid. f n owm g Anchoridge duty to the Customer each Monsoon or Six months voyage 


Al] English Ships that are 200 Tons or upwards ... Pag Nine. 

All Ships under 200 Tons Pag Six. 

All Country Ships that are 100 Tons or upwards ... Pag Five. 

All Ships under 100 Tons Pag Three. 

All Sloops & Ketches Pag Two. 

All great Boats ... ... ... ... ... Pag One. 

All Small Boats half 

■Custome- The Customehous howers for business, are from Eight in the morning, to 

house how- Eleven, and from two to four in the evening, but one always to bee there. 

The Officers of the Customehous their severall Stations & Employments 
Viz t . 

The Sea Customers Charge. 

Entry to bee All entries both of importation & exportation are first to bee brought to the 

the a cMef° Chief Customer, who is to peruse, & rate the goods particularly, according to the 
Customer. price currant of the Buzar, Signing the Same entry & ace* which is to bee delivered 
to the Receiver, after the Customer, has enter'd itt in his Register. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 45 

FORT ST. GEORGE, MARCH 1681 [8 Itt ] 

The Receivers Office. 

The Receiver of the Customes is to calculate & take the dutys upon Such ^\ T h e e rto 
entrys and acc ts as Shall bee brought him from the Customer under his Sign & not duty, 
-otherwise, & that after he hath rec d the Custome upon Such entries, that then he 
also Sign the Said entry (Registring the mony and of whom rec d ) which is to bee 
delivered to the Chief Searcher. 

The Chief Searchers Office. 

rchers 1 

The Chief Searcher is justly to examine ail goods by the Entries, that Shall ex ,,, 
be brought him, Signed by the Customer and Receiver, and to Chop & pass them goods by the 
accordingly, otherwise not, upon loss of his employment, & Such other penalty, as entrye - 
Shall bee awarded by the President & Couacill, & if he Shall find the quantity or 
quallity of goods to differ, of what mention'd in the Said Sign'd entry, & ace*, 
believing itt to be done out of a willfull design, to defraud the R' Hon ble Comp a of 
their Customes, that he or they do Seiz & confiscate the Same, as also all other 
goods clandestinly design'd to defraud the Customes, One third whereof to be what goods 
made good to the'R* Hon ble Comp a One third to the Searchers & One third to the Seizable ' 
poor & discoverers of Such frauds, & that after he hath duly examined & past the 
Said goods, that he exactly files all entrys, & att the months end, or before that 
months ace' is read in Councill, he compares them, with the Customer & Receiver 
.to prevent mistakes therein. 

Fees to bee paid the Custom shous Officers. 

Fees to be 

All entrys above two hundred Pagodas to pay Viz*. paid the Cus- 

To the Customer five fanams. Officers? 8 

To the Searcher four fanams. 

To the Receiver three fanams. 
All entrys under Two hundred Pagodas to pay Viz'. 

To the Customer Three fanams. 

To the Searcher Two fanams. 

To the Receiver One fanam. 

All Bales to pay each half a fanam $ diem, and other goods half a fanam p J^wtrt* 

Candy Warehous room, to the R* Hon ble Comp a and to the Storekeeper two fanams housroom. 

for each larg parcell of goods, and one fauam a Small, for his care thereof, during ^perafees. 

the time of their Stay there, he being responsible for all goods put into the Store- p en aityfor 

house, and whoever takes more, then herein order'd, or shall bee defective in his breach of the 

duty, or wrong the R' Hon ble Comp a Shall bee expell'd the Service. ordOTs. mg person whatever do go off aboard Ship or Send off any Boat of goods f°^ l°i t0 
without the Customers licens. Ship without 

the Custo- 
mers licens. 

There being yet none of the R* Hon ble Comp as Ships arrived here to Send to J™^" 6 * 
Tonqueen, 'tis order'd that the following treasure & goods bee laden on board the laden on the 

Curtan [a] 
for Tonqneen, 

Curtana, & consigned to M r William Keeling &c a Councill there, & that they To be con- 
return as much a3 they can Spare, & provide of wrought Silks upon Said Ship, att chief anV ie 
the usuall freight, if none of the R f Hon 1 '' 6 Oomp^ offers for itt. And M 1 ' Giles coanciii 
Lytcott making itt his earnest petition to go to & bee Setled in that Factory, 'tis whlt'retums 
agreed that he go upon the Curtana, & upon his arrivall att Tonqueen, to bee of to bee made. 
-.Councill there, next after those already Setled by the R' Hon ble Comp' 1 and that tobe^f 



Record? of Fort St. George 


Mi Walsh to 
go to Ton- 

of what to be 
Sent to Ton- 
qneen ^ the 

Goods & 
treasure to 
bee laden on 
the James for 
To be con- 
signed to Mr 
Thomas Tale 
& ffranois 
Returns to 
be made on 
Ship iVloule- 

Seasons for 
Something in 
this adven- 

of what to be 
sent to Emoy 
*$ the James. 

lievt Leslie's 



Agreed that 
he be dis- 

Mrs Francis 
Petitions to 
keep a pub- 
lick house. 
Nott permit- 
ted to doe itt. 
To be Sent on 
the Royall 

An allowance 
to be made 
her out of the 

A Settlement 
Offered by the 
art Pegu. 

Seasons for 

Enoch "Walsh bee also permited to go on Said Ship, to Serve the R* Hon ble Comp a 
in his Station at that Factory having petition'd for itt. 
3 Chest Silver. 
2 Bales fine broad Cloath. 
10 Bales broad Cloth ordinary. 
5 Bales Perpetuanos fine. 
10 Bales Perpetuanos ordinary. 
1 Cask red Lead. 
1 Box of Branch Oorrall. 
100 Piggs of Lead. Necessarys for building & Provissions. 

'Tis also order'd that the following goods & treasure bee laden on Ship James 
for Emoy, consigned to M r Thomas Yale & Francis Willcox, for disposall, & to* 

return the effects, $3 Ship Moulsford in flaw & wrought Silks, for the R* Hon ble ' 
Comp as ace* and that if any other of their Servants arrive thether from Surat, that: 
they advise with them therin, & the reason that wee have Something exceeded in 
the am* of this adventure, because wee have So much Europe goods by us, & no-, 
hopes of disposall of them, in this troublesome Country and bad time. 

1 Chest Silver. 

2 Bales fine broad Cloth, blacks, blues, Crimsons &c a . 
10 Bales broad Cloth ordinary d t0 Coulors. 

10 Bales Cloth Rashes ord^' d»°. 
4 Bales Perpetuanos fine d t0 . 
6 Bales Perpetuanos ord^d* . 
1 Cask red Lead. 
1 Box of branch Corrall. 
100 Piggs of Lead. 

Liev* James Leslie's Petition was also consider'd of and he not being to bee- 
perswaded to Serve the R' Hon bI ° Comp a longer in this Garrison, being designed 
home next Shiping, 'tis agreed that he bee discharged according to his desire, 
hee having Served near four years here and in Bengali, as Liev* & in all places & 
expeditions deported himself as became a Gentleman & a Souldier, and more parti- 
cularly recommended by the Agent &c a in the Bay for his late good behaviour on 
severall occations there. 

M rs Francis (wife to the late Liev* Francis kil'd att Hidgley by the Moors) 
being Sent hither from Bengali, very poor, She made itt her petition, that She 
might keep a Punch house for her maintenance, but She being a notorious bad 
woman, 'tis agreed that She bee not permitted to keep a publick house, lest itt bee 
the occation of many debaucheries & disorders, She having lived very Scandalously 
formerly here, 'tis therefore order'd that she go on the Royall James to the West 
Coast, & that according to the R* Hon ble Comp is order, She bee allowed something 
out of the proceed of the prizes, to provide her necessarys, in consideration of the 
loss of her husband, in the late unhappy Bengali expedition. 

The James a Country Ship being lately arrived from Pegu, brought letters 
to the President from Severall Govern 1 ' 8 there, inviting us to a Settlement, upon* 
unusuall good tearms, & priviledges, & that the King would grant us any thing, 
wee could reasonably desire in a Settlement there, but the R* Hou ble Comp a having- 
possitivly forbid itt, wee can resolv nothing about treating thereon, till wee have 
better authority for itt. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 47 

' FORT ST. GEORGE, MARGE 1681 [8th.] 

M r Wale3 late Chief of Maddapollarn, & M r Brereton being dead, & all the Madapoiiam 

Comp as Servants of that Factory, excepting M r Thorn 9 Wright, who being here, ^ x ar f^ ct 

brought us the Stewards ace' of their expence in July, which the Accoraptant forjuiytobe 

is order'd to examine & report to the Councill. examined. 

Gen 11 to Oonimeer dated this day read & past, ordring them to lade what Generall to 

Bales, Ohenam & Billet wood they could procure, upon the Rochester, when she £ 0Dimeer - . 

came there, in her way hither from Coodaloor. Baies'Lao" 

the Roches- 

Blihu Yale. ter. 

John Gray. 
J : Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
r. ffrkeman. 
Tbu : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
Will : Feasek. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Fi'ench Peons from Pullicherry give the following accornpt. That Conimeer 9 

Factory is att present under Some trouble, 50 horse & 100 Peons belonging to F°"J™„7n 

that Government, Stoping all provissions coming to them, the reason as they hear some 

is for mounting great Gunns upon their Gates for the Security of the Factory, in tro ' able 
these troublesome times, which they would have taken down, but as yet the Chief 
&c a have advised us nothing about itt. 

This day M r Thomas Lucas became Security for M r John Pownset's appear- Mr Pownset 

ance, & both Signed bond, in Pag 10000 So hee had his liberty. t^A^T** 


Our Spie Peons from Conjeveron give the following accorapt, That Eachuma News from 
Naigue with a party of 2000 horse & 4000 foot of the Mogulls forces, marching on J everon - 
towards Sevagees forces att Wandawasse, had encounter'd them, & in the conclu- 
sion found they had each Suffer'd alike, which the Mogulls Generall Mahomed 
Saudeck having advice of, Sett out with the remainder of the forces from Con- 
jeveron to his assistance, but no news what has happened Since. 

The Polligar to whom the President lately wrot about the lost Surat Letters, The lost. 
having by his great care & trouble found them, & Sending them hither, by his ^^JJ[ 
■Egib & 5 more of his own Servants, entertaining our Braminee & Peons Sent to hither 
him very civilly, & writing a kind Letter to the President, itt is thought convenient 
to Send him a Small Present in return of his kindness, The Letters rec d were all 
open, & are as followeth Viz* Coppy of a Generall from his tCxell ' &C 1 att Bombay G en ii from 
-dated Ultm Novem 1 ' L687 giving an ace 1 of the Sniping in those parts, what prizes Mr shaxton 
they had taken, & how the R f Hon ble Comp 18 affairs Stood there, A Generall from ciyfton. 
M r Shaxt6n & M r Clifton, dated att Carwar the 15th Decern'' last, giving an ace 4 of 
the Bengali Merchants arrivall there, & their going on ber to Mangelore, for the 
more Speedy putting in execution their orders, & that by her they shall write more 
att large, also two particular Letters to the President, & one to Docf Heathfeild. Particular 

° *■ letters reed. 

A Pass given to Ship Mamoodee belonging to Mackhadum Neena Inhabitant iq 
of Fort S* George, Checca Neena Master bound for Achsen. Pass to ship 


Ship Frances Thomas Bowrey Master Sailed for Arheen. ship Francis 

for Acheen. 

A Letter from the President to the Polligar, that Sent the lost Surat Letters Letter to 
dated this day approved and Signed, giving him thanks for his kindness therein. p »ii'g ; * r - 


Records of Fort St. George 

[12™. J 

Att a Consultation 


List of 
Lost Letters 
from Surat 

acet for 
acot for 


Blihu Yale Esq* Pbesident & Goveenoob 
M R John Geat S* John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M e Kobeet Feeeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M e Nath. Higginson 
M r "William Feasee. 

The Eegister brought in an ace* of the Actions depending in Court, which 
was perused by the Councill. 

The lost Letters from Surat, lately rec d was read, and itt is order'd, that 
what therein is for us practicable, bee observed, and that the Judge of the 
Admiralty do prepare his opinion, about Seizing the Enemies goods from free 

The Warehouskeeper M r John Littleton read his Book of acc ts for the month 
of January which was past in Councill. 

The Paymaster generall M r Nathaniell Higginson read his book of acc ts for 
the month of December, which was past in Councill as followeth. 

Charges Garrison ... ... ... ... I 

Charges Generall 

Charges Diett 

Charges Extraordinary ... 

Charges Cattle ... 

Charges Merchandise ... 

Ace* Fortifications & Repairs ... 

West Coast 

Expedition to Bengali ... 

Expedition to Tenasseree 

000 : 

: 05 

: 3 






: 3 





: 14 

















Pag s 2444 : 08 : 

A Present to 
be sent the 
Polligar that 
found and 
sent the lost 


Ship Ma- 
moodee for 
from Coni- 

In consideration of the great care and trouble the Polligar (to whom the 
President lately wrote) took in finding and Sending the lost Surat Letters hither, 
by his own Egib & five Servants, and of the kind Letter hee wrot to the 
President, as also his civill entertainment, of our Braminee, & Peons sent to him, 
Itt is order'd that a Small Present bee Sent him, in return thereof, hee being a 
great man in those parts, & may oblige his care on the like occation, & engage his 
assistance to our Merchants, in their business under his government, & that his 
people bee civilly treated during their Stay here. 

Elihu Yale. 

John Geat. 

J : Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

E. ffeeeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 

Will : Feasee. 
John Stables Sec 17 . 

Ship Mamoodee Checca Neena Master Sailed for Acheen. 

Rec ci a Generall from Conimeer, dated the 10 th Ins' giving an ace* of their 
mte with the Governour, about their great Guns mounted on their Gates, of 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 49 

FORT ST. GEORGE, MARCH 1681 [12™'] 

their getting the better of him, & of the particular affairs in those parts, Also a 

Letter from Harja Raja to M r Willcox, advising him, to make themselves Strong, Letters {rom 

& another from Harja Raja, to Sounde Bollogie & to Adam Cawn, ordring them Maha Raja. 
not to disturb the Factory. 

Sloop Sophia, which was driven out of this Road, in last Oct r storm, arrived 13 

here, having fain in with Zeloan, & there remained till the Monsoon Served to come ^^i°^^ 

A Pass given to Sloop Salam Mattaras, belonging to Mirzam Maus[um], 14 

Mahomoodu "Woosen Master, bound for Bengali. sf^'sai 


Att a Consultation 


Elihit Yale Esq e President & Governocr Thursday 

M E John Gray S e John Biggs ] 5. 

M E M* 

M E Thomas Wavell M E Nath. Higginson 
M E William Fraser. 

M r Littleton att the Mount, M r Freeman duly Summon'd. 

Generall to Conimeer dated this day read & past, ordring them if possible to Generality 
procure Maha Raja, & the Chief Soobidars Cowl, for our Fortifying & a free trade, p^ure 6 * 10 
which probably may bee granted, now the Mogull is likely to conquer that Maha Raja 
Country, & that they get what goods they can in readiness for the Rochester, *° a ' e °° t " 1 eir 
which is order'd to call there, in her way from Coodaloor. goods in a" 

readiness for 
Ship Roches- 

Upon further consideration, that the R* Hon ble Comp a advise, they intend to of the Rt 
Send no Ship this year to Tonqueen, & wee having Silver by us, which wee cannot g™ bl a e 8 not 
att present dispose of well, & their Hon™ being very desirous of those goods, Itt is Sending a 

ship this 
year to 

agreed that three Chests more of Silver bee added to that Stock by the Curtana, if Three chests 
she proceeds on that voyage to Tonqueen, she being an able, well fitted Ship, & m0 re to'bee 

Sent f the 

having much Europe goods by us, which the Warrs & troubles in the Country, will Europe goods 
not permit us to dispose of, & the R f Hon tIe Comp a having given us order in their adhere 3 " 

The Rt 


„ . Compas 

* orders. 

Generall, to Send 2000 upon any good Ship & voyage, as wee Shall think convenient a Cargo to be 
Itt is therefore order'd that the Same Stock, bee also laden upon Ship Moulsford ^TtL^oX 
for Emoy in China, as is appointed for Ship James Viz*. ford. 

1 CheSfc of Silver. Particulars 

2 Bales fine broad Cloth, blacks, blues, Crimsons &c a . ° f ar s ^ d 
10 Bales broad Cloth ordinary ditto Coulors. 

10 Bales Clotb Rashes ordinary d t0 . 
4 Bales Perpetuanos fine d t0 . 
6 Bales Perpetuanos ordinary d t0 . 
1 Cask red Lead. 
1 Box of Branch Corrall. 
100 Piggs of Lead. 
The Chineeses lately arrived here from Emoy, being desirous to go to Provission to 
Conjeveron, to See a Pagoda, built by their Anchestors, to enquire into the antiquity the m china° r 
of itt, that they may report itt to their King & Master, Itt is order'd that a men . to g° » 


Records of Fort St. George 



Letter from 
NewB from 

News from 


Sloop Speed- 
well with Mr 
Brown & 
Mr Charle- 
ton from 

Letter from 
Capt Batten. 

Letter from 

Capt Brom- 


About a Ship 

Stopt by him 

under Frenoh 



Paes to Sloop 
from Oooda- 

Of Capt 
Stoping a 
Ship under 
ffrench Cou- 

Letter from 
Monsr Martin 
to Coodaloor 
about said 


Pallenkeen, & other necessarys bee provided for their Journey thether, Since our 
courteous entertaining them, may bee a great obligation, upon the Chinees 
Government, to encourage our trade thether, and theirs to this place. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
r: ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat: Higginson. 
Will : Feaseb. 
John Stables Sec 17 . 

Rec d a Letter from Mons r Ohardin dated att Bagnagar yw£^ -^8-J advising 
that the Mogull, had Sent a Letter in great hast to Nabob Mahobat Cawn, which 
is commonly reported is to recall him to his Nabobship, that the Dutch & French 
have endeavoured to gett the Mogulls Phirmaund, but as yet not effected, that 
trade still continues dead as itt was, that the Mogull had Sent the King of 
Gulcondah to the Fort of Oalberga, & that Shaw Allam was to have his liberty, 
after he had taken the Oath of Allegiance to his father. And in the Postscript to 
Said Letter, adviseth that hee had just then rec d Letters from Surat, which Say that 
the Govern r of Surat had Sent to Bombay to make an agreement, & that the 
Generall was to go to Swally in two or three days about itt. 

Sl[oop] Speedwell John Knowlman Master arrived from Vizagapatam & on 
her M r Richard Browne & M r Francis Charleton. 

Ship Phenix Manuell Mendis de Livera Master arrived from Acheen, & by 
her a Letter from Cap* Thomas Batten, dated 19 th Feb ry 168| giving an ace 4 , that 
hee durst not meddle with the Siam Ship in that Road, but would wait her Sailing 

Rec d a Letter from Cap' Bromwell dated on board Ship Rochester riding off 
Coodaloor the 1 5 th Ins* advising that hee had met with a Ship under French Coulors, 
which had discharged her lading att Pullicherry & was bound to Portonovo, the 
men most got ashoar in their boat, but by those left he had said information, that 
she had been in his posession four dayes, & if no body came to demand her, hee 
would lade the R* Hon ble Comp as wood upon her, & Send her hither. 

A Pass given to Sloop Mamoodee belonging to M r Robert Freeman one of the 
Councill att B'ort S* George Mamoodee Woosen Master bound to Carricoll. 

Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor dated 13 th Ins* advising that they had exa- 
mined their Warehous ace* att Portonovo, & could not find an error of a Bale 
therein, that Cap* Spencer Sign'd his Bills of Lading without any objection, that 
they thought itt was not a convenient time, to discourse their Merchants about the 
Intrest allowed them, nor of the Cloth lost att the Washers, least itt might hinder 
the briuging in their Investment & advance for the next Ship, that M r Davis when 
he contracted with them, did agree, that the Cloth lost att the Washers should 
not bee on their ace* that they heard by a Ship from Acheen, that the Siam Ship 
there, would not Sail thence in Some time, that the Rochester had detained a Ship 
under French Coulors, which they hear belongs to Some Chuliars att Portonovo & a 
French man, but could find no writings aboard, to understand the truth thereof, 

that they had rece d a Letter from Mons r Martin Directore att Pullicherry (which 
they Send herewith, dated -i-| Ins 1 ) who owns her to belong to the French Comp a as 
hired by them of Some Chuliars att Portonovo upon freight, that they would bee as 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 51 

-FORT ST. GEORGE, MARCH 1681 [I8 rir -] 

private in their correspondance with Ebraim Cawn as possible & Send us Coppy of 

their Diary, Consultations & Ace' Cash, for the m th of February, & Pursers acc ts for Diary Con- 

the months of December and January. ^"ca^eod* 

Rec d a Letter from Mons r Martin att Pullicherry dated jf Ins' wherein he gives MonwMarti 
an ace* of Cap* Brom well's taking a Country Ship under French Coulors, which hee of the above 
assures us belongs to Some Chuliars att Portonovo in amicy with us, & hired of sai ip " 
them upon freight for the French Comp as Service. Letter frum 

Kec d a Letter from Cap* Bromwell dated in Coodaloor Road the 11 th Ins* ad- Capt Brom- 
vising that passing Pullicherry Road, he Saw two Ships riding there, which 
hee had acquainted M r Nicks with, to make enquiry concerning them. 

The Saphir Frigat Cap* Thomas Lacy Commander arrived from Bengali, & s " nir Fri . 
brought a Packett from thence which contained Viz* Bengali Generall to the gat from 
Fort, & another to the R* Hon b,e Comp a both dated ]6 th Febru ry 168|- Invoyce Ben e aU - 
and Bill of Lading for goods sent on the Saphir Frigat. List of Prize goods ter^lfm 7 
on board the Katharina when taken. An ace* of what things taken out of Don thence. 
Joao Ship (these two last delivered to the Judge of the Admiralty) Coppy of 
Cap* Bromwells Letter to the Agent &c a dated the 4 th March 168f Cap* March 
his Attestation dated 6 th Febru ry 168|- Coppy of a Protest against Cap* Consett. 
Coppy of Cap* Consett's Protest against the Agent &c a Coppy of Ship Berkley 
Castles Invoyce dated 12 th March 168-f Attestation of words Spoaken by Cap* 
Consett. Coppy of a paper of M r Haggerstones to indemnifie the Comp a Coppy 
of a paper given to Haggeistone by the Agent &c a Invoyce of the Gold bought 
on an ace* of M r Richards Child. List of Stores wanting in Bengali. List of 
the Packett. 

Mahomed Sadeeck the Cierkell of this Country, & Second to the General], Letter from 
having Sent a Letter to the President by Mahomed Zaffer the Chief Governour Mahomed 
of S* Thoma, Palliacat and Armagon, under him, which he desired hee might 
deliver this day, hisoccations obliging him to depart tomorrow morning, & finding 
itt not to bee avoided, he was order'd to come in the evening, when he delivered The contents 
Said Letter, whose contents is Viz' That he understood Some of the Duans Servants of Said 
had Shelter'd themselves in Madras, & desired that they might bee turned out of Letter - 
Town, & that if Mahomed Zaffer, should demand any of them, they might bee Mall0med 
delivered, which would Secure us from any future demands, which was all he had Zaffer dis- 
to Say,' & upon discourse with him, find that itt was generally believed, that our oouraed - 
old friend Mahomet t Ebrahim, was Sent for by the Mogull to his Nabob^hip att 
Gulcondah, & that under him (Mahomed Zaffer) was Mellick Mahomed Govern r of 
S c Thoma, & Mahomed Cassim Govern 1, of Palliacat, which being the materiall 
news, he was Saluted with Seven peeces of Ordnance to his wellcome, & his Masters 
health, & presented with 5 yards of fine Scarlett, & a Fowling peece, & the SS^.* 11 * 
S* Thoma Governour with yards 2-J of fine Scarlett, So with Beetle & Rose water 
dismist them. 

M r Richard Browne Chief of Vizagapatam delivers the following: particulars l9 - 

TT- t Books &oa 

V 1Z . delivered by 

Journal! & Leidger C begun T mo May 1685 ending 30 th Aprill 1686. ' 

Journal] & Leidger D begun 'f' mo May 1686 ending 31 th July 1687. 
Stewards Expence book begun f mo Jan ry 168| ending 31 th Dece r J 687. 
Cash Book begun T" August 1687 ending 31 th Janua 1 ' 5 ' I68f. 
Invoyce of 94 Bales of Callicoes by the Beaufort dated 20 th Jan 17 168|. 
Invoyce of Treasure & Gold & Silver Thread ^ Sloop Speedwell. 


52 Records of Fort St. George 

[19™-] FORT ST. GEORGE, MARCH 1681 

Att a Consultation 

Monday Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 

19 - ' M R John Gray S e 

M R John Littleton M k Robert Freeman 

M R M E Nath. Higginson 

M R William Fraser. 

The whole Councill being duly summon'd. 
No error in Perusing the Generall from Coodaloor dated the 13 th Instant, wee find they 

btte^att 6 st ^l affirm that the Bales laden there on board the Madras Frigat, were all right 
Coodaloor on according to Invoyce & Bill of Lading, & that the mistake must bee here, in Cap* 
Frigat. M Spencers delivering or Cap' Nicholsons receiving the goods aboard, which the 
To be strictly Warehouskeeper is order'd more Strictly to examine, that the R* Hon ble Comp a may 
h ^ e min ' d have Satisfaction for itt. 

Mr. Brown to M r Richard Brown being arrived upon his Sloop from Vizagapatam he was 

folheMw- Sent for to the Councill, & acquainted that hee must give answer to the Merchants 
chants charge against him, which is order'd to bee delivered for his perusall, & being 

arge ' demanded to deliver in his Letter Books Consultations & Diary, he answered that 

Hee kept noe being alone att the Factory, hee kept no Diary, & itt is order'd that the Treasure 
Treasure &ca & Gold & Silver Thread, he brought with him from Vizagapatam, in Said Sloop 
o nt be of ] sio d o 6 p d be taken ashoar. 


Bake *$■ The Bengali Gen 11 rec d ■$■ the Saphir Frigat perused, & the Bales order'd to 

Sa h h h Fr ' g ht ^ ee k rou ght ashoar, with all expedition, the Commander acquainting us, that hee 
a B ho < ar. ronK fears there may bee Some damaged, w ch the Warehouskeeper is order'd to enquire 
if any i n t 0> & Cure if h e fi n( i g 0j Itt is also order'd that the Severall complaints, Protests, 

bee'cured. and Attestations against the Severall Europe Commanders, bee coppied for 

Papers to be 
coppied for 
England and 

Capt Brom- England, and Surat, & that examination bee made of what concernes Cap* Brom- 
OTalttined! well therein, and the Storekeeper is order'd to provide what of the Stores hee can, 
AOhirnrpon that they write for, & that a Chirurgeon, with what medicines can bee got, bee 
to beflenTto Sent by the first opportunity to Bengali, according to their desire. 


Saphir The Saphir Frigat being now arrived with us from Bengali, & a very fitting 

t^Ton^eln ^ Q *P ^ or ^ e Tonqueen voyage, Itt is order'd that the goods which were designed 

Cargo^de- 611 upon the Curtana thether, bee now laden on the Saphir, & that she proceed on 

tif n cnrt° r na * Qat vo y a g e > & that the Paymaster, and Storekeeper, take care that She bee well 

to bee laden 
on her. 

To bee well mari 'd & fitted, & that publick notice bee given by a Bill upon the Gates, (as 
fitted! & enter'd next after this Consultation) that, all persons may bee free, to lade what 
Permission to Silver they will upon her, & to receive their returnes in Gold or Musk att 10 ^C* 
to'have 1 re- r & freight, or in case that wee have not sufficient Stock to lade her upon the R* 
tnmes in Hon ble Comp as acc f att Tonqueen, that then they permitt any person to lade what 
Or ld t.ner n8k ' Raw or wrought Silk Sufficient to fill her up, att the accustomary freight of 15 ^ 

goods in re- Qt_ 
turn to fill 
her up. 

°h7sh? p mS Cap* John Bromwell having Stopt and detained a Country Ship under French 

with French Coulors att Coodaloor, which Mons 1 ' Martin Directore att Pullicherry, having by 
stopt r by Letter assured us that She belongs to Some Chuliar Merchants of Portonovo, in 
Capt Brom- am ity with us, and hired of them upon freight, for the French Comp M accompt, & 
Cap' Bromwell findiug no proof to the contrary, or any that She belongs to our 

Diary and, Consultation Book, 1688 53 

[20 th ] 

Enemies the Siamers.'tis order 'd that she and what appertains to her, bee released, Orderdto 
and that the Governour answers the trench letter accordingly. bee released. 

The Rochester being att Coodaloor 'tis order'd that the Chief &c a do lade what Grain &ca to 

be laden on 
the Roches- 
ter att 

Grain and Oyle Seeds they can procure there, to the am 1 of a Thousand Pagodas, p 1000 to be 
which Sume is order'd to be Sent them overland. Also Hoggs and other provissions, Se *\ { °l tha * 
:all things being very Scarce & dear here, and likely to bee worse, the Mogulls & a Great 
.Marettaes Armys, plundering and destroying all they can. here™* 7 

Elihu Yale. R ■ ffreeman. 

John Gray. Tho : Wavell. 

J. Biggs. JSat : Higginson. 

John Littleton. Will : Fraser. 

John Stables Sec ry , 

These are to give notice to all persons that the Saphir Frigat Cap* Thomas Paper of the 
Lacy Commander will Sail (by the Almighties permission) for Tonqueen in jugate going 
20 dayes, & that whoever is desirous may lade on her for Said place, what Silver to Tonqueen. 
they please, & to receive their returnes in Gold or Musk att 10 ^ C* freight, Dated 
in Fort S* George the 19 th day of March 168£. 

By order of the President & Councill. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Generalls to Coodaloor and to Cap* John Bromwell with a Letter to Mons r 20. 
Martin Directore att Pullicherry, from the President, the contents as agreed upon G b enll . s .f ca 
yesterdays Consultation, and a Letter to Mahomed Sadeek, the Ceerkell of this ship with 
Country, all dated this day approved and Signed, and Pag 1000 Sent overland to S r ™ oh 

-Coodaloor. Letter to 


Rec d a Letter from M r William Hodges and M 1 ' John Hill dated att Bankoke Letter from 
the 2 d of November 1687 giving an ace* of their arrivall att Mergen and going to MeWiiUam 
Siam, and that by the first good opportunity, they '1 give a full ace* of affairs in j hn S Hiii. Mr 
those parts, and that M 1 ' Phaulkon had prepared a house for them, being in daly 
expectation of their coming. 

Rec d a Letter from the Madapollam Braminee, advising the affairs in those 21. 
parts, that Hassumbeague, was Governour of that, & Gingerlee Country, as farr Letter from 
as Chekacull, that the Dutch were turned out of the Government att Pollicull, Madapollam 
which was now under Hassumbeague, who had put the Chief Dutch Merchants & Braminee - 
Banians into Prison att Penugundah, that Hassumbeague was designed to vissit 
those parts, & so return to Gingerlee, that the Braminee had rec d the Pag 80 Sent 
him, & excuses his coming hither, the wayes being dangerous, & his Stay neces- 
sary to look after the R* Hon ble Comp as concernes in the Factory, these trouble- 
some times, that Paddy was risen from Pag 5 & Candy to 12, that those who 
were able, were gone to Gingerlee, and that the new Government daily torments 
the Inhabitants for mony. 

Rec d a Letter from the Madapollam Merchants the oontents of the Same Letter from 
import as the Braminees. Madapollam 

Rec d a Letter from the Pettepollee Dubas & Braminee, advising to have Letter from 
taken the R* Hon ble Comp as things out of Bobba's house, & put them into a MiteeDdwa 
Godown, att Pag 2 ^ month, to commence from the 22 lh of last month, there and Bra- 
being no Boats procurable, to carry them to Metchlepatam, & that what was due miLee< 
to Bobba for rent, hee desires may bee paid to his people. 


Records of Fort St. G-eorge 


Mr DuBois 
orderd to the 
things dis- 
wanting for 

Hospitall to 
bee bought. 
A new Hos- 
pitall to be 

Mr Biggin- 
Bon &ea to 
make a due 
Survey & 
vallue of the 
att Tonqueen. 
Eight Slaves 
to bee Sent 
tr Tonqueen. 
Capt Burton. 

To bee exami- 
ned inthe 
Court of 
Sent to 


Att a" Consultation 

Elihu Yale Esq e President & Governode 
M B John Gray S e John Biggs 

M H John Littleton M k Robert Feeemen 
M R Thomas Wavell M e Nath. Higginson 
M 1 ' William Feasee. 

Orderd that M r Daniell Da Bois do Supply M r Litcott's place in the Custome- 
house & that hee dilligeutly discharge bis duty therein. 

Severall things relating to the Government discourst, and given the Justices 
in charge for the future. 

The withdrawiug Severall of our Factorys having brought many of the R* 
Hon We Comp as Servants hither for whom having no accommodation in the Fort, 
they are necessitated to lodg att publique houses, which has been the occation of 
their too great expence, & disorder, and cannot well bee prevented, without Some 
Suitable Lodgins bee built or hired for them, And there being a very comodious 
house, built by the contribution of the Town Inhabitants, for an Hospitall, to 
entertain Sick Souldiers and Seamen, which lying So near the R* Hon ble Comp as 
Sorting Godown, & the Church, and in the middle of the City, that 'tis very 
offensive, & inconveniently Scituated for that use, & its Tarras joyning to the 
Godown, & the great concourse of company that frequent the Hospitall, renders 
the R* Hon ble Cornp as goods in danger of being Stoln, which Sometimes must 
unavoidably lye open in the Godown yard, & the goods often lost thence, has been 
Suspected to go that way, which cannot bee better prevented for the future, but 
by adding the Hospitall to the Godown, which the many lower Rooms therein, 
will bee of great conveniency & Service for China & other Sorts of fine goods, & 
the upper Rooms for Lodging Chambers for Factors & Writers, upon which con- 
siderations, and of its being So many Severall ways convenient & Safe for the R* 
Hon ble Comp as Service, 'tis agreed & order'd that itt bee bought of the Parish for 
their ace 1 and that a new Hospitall bee built with the mony att a more convenient 

place, near the River Side, And M r Higginson, M r Fraser, Cap* Bett and the Church. 
Wardens, do make a due Survey & vallue of the Said Hospitall building, & that itt be 
paid for accordingly, and that the Church Wardens &c a do begin with all expedi- 
tion the new Hospitall by the River. 

They advising from Tonqueen, that they are building a Factory, and that they 
want many materialls and assistance for itt, & labour being very dear there, 'tis- 
hereby order'd that eight Slaves bee Sent thether, upon the Saphir Frigat for that 
service if they require them, or elce to continue as Marriners for the Ship. 

His Exell cy the Generall &c a having wrot us from Bombay, about Securing 
Cap* Henry Burton for carrying away Haggerston, & his purloyn'd goods from, 
Surat, 'tis order'd that hee bee examined by the Court of Admiralty about the Said 
business, & that the complaint bee there determined] according to its iuerrit, 
Hearing also the principall Haggerston, is very luckely taken in Bengali, & Sent to 
Bombay, upon Ship Berkley Castle, where wee doubt not, hee will receive the just 
reward of all his villainous crimes and actions. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Geax. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 


Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
Will : Feasee. 

John Stables Sec ry . 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 55 

FORT ST. GEORGE, MARCH 1681 [22^1 

Rec a a Generall from Conimeer dated 20 th Ins ; -with Letters from Harja Raja, 22. 
Gradarra Pontolo, & Sevagee Pontolo, permitting them to make the Factory, as Gen eraii 
the French att Pullicherry and the Dutch att Tignapatam, upon which the Chief OoaSmeer. 
& Councill, desire Some force, to defend themselves, Since the Small officers of the 
Duan were disappointed of their vast expectations, & are combin'd against the 
place, & that 300 Marettaes were coming down against them, & want a Supply of 
mony, having not one Cash left in the Factory. 

The Ship which Cap* Bromwell Stopt att Coodaloor, under French Coulors, Shi P Sent f 
arrived here, being Sent by him to bee examined, no demand being made of her, well, B a rr™ed 
th6 she had been in his posession ten days as ^ a Letter from him, dated aboard here - 
Ship Rochester riding off Coodaloor 20 th Ins*. SJKST 


Rec d a Letter from Badheulzamon Governour of Metchlepatam under Hassum 22. 
beague to the President, about our resettling that Factory. Letter from 


The Lady Biggs having layn Sometime ill of the Small Pox deceased last 24. 

Att a Consoltation 
Blihu Yale Esq" President & Governour 1688 

M B John Gray S" 

M E John Littleton M b Robert Freeman 
M e Thomas Wavell M r Nath. Higgikson Mundat 

M E William Frasbr. 

The Merchants being come to Town overland from Vizagapatam according to vizagapatam 

our former orders to them, they were Sent for & discoursed about their mannagment Merchants 

of the R* Hon We Comp as affairs in those parts, that the Factory had been° very dls0our8ed - 
chargable, but little Servicable to the R' Hon ble Comp a & that if they intended to 
have us continue itt, they must take off a proportion of Europe goods & Silver, as 

other Merchants did, & provide better Cloth, And that their complaint against Their com- 

M r Brown should bee heard, & all justice done them therein. plaint 


Mr. Brown to 

The Register brought in a List of Actions depending in the Oourc, which was A^istTf the 
perused by the Councill. Actions. 

A Generall Letter to Tonqueen to bee sent p Saphir Frigat, giving them Generall to 
directions in making returnes read and past. Tonqueen. 

Here being two Country Vessells bound for Bengali, and wee having order'd stores to be 
the Saphir, Frigat for Tonqueen, & they writing us earnestly from Beno-all for Sentt ° 
Ships Stores, Itt is order'd that part bee laden on board the Plienix to Supply their Benga11 - 
present occations and the rest to follow by next oppertunity. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
R : pfreeman. 
Tho: Wavell. 


Will : Fraser. 
John Stables Sec 17 . 

_ Ship Rebecca Cap* Thomas Batten Commander arrived here from Acheen, 26. >• 
having left the Siam Ship there, not daring to meddle with her la Etoii. ' Rebeceafrom 



Records of Fort St. George 


Ship Lyon 
from Ganjam. 
Letter from 
Mr. Fleet- 
Ship Reco- 
very from 
Padre Evans 
& Packett by 
Letters from 

Letters from 




Letter from 


Ship Lyon Edward Mills Master arrived from Ganjam on the Coast of 
Gingerlee, ■& brought a Letter from M r Charles ffleetwood dated there the 29 th of 
last month, with Jnvoyce & Bill of Lading for 100 Gars of Paddy, laden by him 
on the R* Hon :c Comp as ace* att 35 p Cent freight. 

Ship Recovery Cap* John Hampton Commander arrived from Bengali & 
Padre Evans on her, who delivers a Packett from thence containing Generall to 
Fort dated 21 th February 168£ Coppy General! to the R* Hon" le Comp a & to the 
Fort both dated 16 th ffebruary 168| Ship Recoverys Invoyce, & List of the Packet, 
Also a Letter from William Bowridge dated in Hugly River 24 th ffebruary 168| 
inclosing Ship Recovery's Bill of Lading. 

Rec d two Letters from Mahomed Sadeek, the Mogulls Generall att Wandewass, 
both of the Same import, desiring that what of the Duan's Officers & families 
remain in Madras, may bee turned out of Town, their Stay here, having been a 
great hindrance to the Duana business, and that none bee permitted to come into 
Town, without his dustick, which if observed, will bee very pleasing & accept- 
able to the might [y] Allumgeer. 

Rec d a Letter from Mons r Martin Directore att Pullicherry dated the 3 d of 
Aprill 1688, wherein hee writes that they were very punctual] to the amity between 
our Royall Kings, & did not protect any of our Enemies goods under their 
Coulors, & that the Ship from Siam att Acheen, was brought by the French 
Embassador, & laden on his ace* and did not belong to the King of Siam or his 

Att a Consultation 


Ships Lyon 
& Recovery 
to be unladen. 
keeper &ca 
to take care 
of the Grain. 
What provis- 
sions to be 
sold & what 
to bee kept. 
Lyons frieght 
to be paid. 
How the Hice 
to be dis- 
Recovery to 


to He 

Stores to be 
Sent to Ben- 
Liberty to 
lade on the 
acot for 

order'd to 
bee paid. 


Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 
M E John Gray S k 

M R John Littleton M K Robert Freeman 
M E M E Nath. Higginson 

M B William Fraser. 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. 

Order'd that the Lyon from the Gingerlee Coast with Paddy and the Reco- 
very from Bengali, bee unladen with all expedition, & that the Warehouskeeper 
& his assistant do take particular care, in its receiving & preservation, & that itt 
bee put up in Secure good Godowns for that purpose, & that Eight months Stores of 
Oyle & Butter bee reserved for the Fort use, & the rest disposed of, itt being 
Scarce & dear in Town, as well to Supply the Inhabitants, as to prevent its decay 
& wast by long lying, and that the Lyons freight bee paid in Spetie according to 
Bill of Lading, & that the Rice bee kept for the Service of the Garrison, & 
monthly Sold only to the Souldiers, Peons & Labourers att Markett price. 

The R* Hon ble Comp as Ship Eecovery being arrived from Bengali Itt is 
order'd that she bee returned thether in one months time, & that what Stores they 
write for, bee now sent on her, as also Cables & Anchors, for their Supply, hear- 
ing that the Nathaniell was likely to loos her passage to Persia, for want thereof, 
& that notice bee given by Bills upon the Gates, that all persons may lade on her 
att 5 ^ Cent freight, as enter'd next after this Consultation. 

The Warehouskeeper M r John Littleton read his Book of Accompts for the 
month of February, which was past in Councill. 

Orderd that the Sallary due & payable to the R* Hon ble Comp as Servants the 
25 tu Ins* bee paid & that the Bookkeeper draw up the ace* accordingly. 

Diarii and Consultation Book, 1688 57 

FORT ST. GEORGE, MARCH 1688 [29th.] 

Orderd that Pag 1000 be paid M r Nathaniel! Higginson Paymaster general! P.icootobee 
to defray Charges Garrison &c a . paid Mr. Hig- 


Elihu Yalk. 
John Gray. 
John Littleton. 
r : ffreeman. 
Tbo : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
Will : Fraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

These are to give notice to all persons that Ship Recovery Cap* John 29 
Hampton Commander will Sail (by the Allmighties permission) for the Bay of N °t ioe "i 
Bengali, in one month after the date hereof, & that whoever is desirous may lade overy's" 
on her for Said place, att five 39 Cent freight, Dated in Fort S* George the 29 th day sailing for 
of March 1688/ Benga11 - 

By order of the President & Councill. 

John Stables Sec ry . 

Letter from the President to Mahomed Sadeek the Mogulls Gen 11 att Wande- 30 
wass being in answer to two rec' 1 from him the 28 th Ins* that what people of the Letter to 
Duans in Town, should (when known of) bee order'd to return to their Severall Mahomed 
places, being ambitious of the Mogulls favour, & his friendship. 

Rec d a Letter from Mahomed Sadeek & another from Sangana, Madananta 39 
& Anto dated att Wandawass the 27 th Ins* both the Same contents, desiring that Letterg from 
the wives & families of Sangana, Madananto & Anto may remain in Town, and Sadeek&ca. 
care taken of them. 

Rec d a Packett from Bombay which contained Viz* Bombay Gen 11 to Fort S' Packettfrom 
George dated 8 th of last month Coppy of a Clause of a Generall Letter from the Bomba y- 
R* Hon ble Comp a to Surat, dated 23 th March 168| Coppy of two Clauses of a 
Generall Letter from the R* Hon Ue Comp a to Bombay dated 13 th May 1687 Coppy 
of a Clause out of a Generall Letter from Bombay to the R* Hon ,lle Comp" $ Ship 
Success dated January 9 th 168-2- Pattern of Taffety. Generall Letter from Gorrbroon 
dated att Rowdowne 14 th August 1687. Generall Lettrr from the R* Hon blp 
Comp a to the Fort dated 3 rd Sept 1 ' 1686. Another Generall from the R* Bon ble 
Comp a dated the 6 th June 1687. Sentence of Condemnation of Ship Andaluzia in 
the Court of Admiralty. Coppy of the R' Hon ble Comp as Generall Letter to Priaman 
dated the 26 th June 1686. Coppy Agent Charnock &c a Generall Letter to M r John 
Bird att Surat, dated in Hugly River the 22 th December 1686. Coppy of Agent 
Beards Bill for Rup s 2300 taken of Said M r John Bird att 1 f Cent f mens 
Intrest for the R* Hon ble Comp as ace* dated the 9 th December 1684. 

The Gpvernour and Councill mett and the Generall Letters from the R' Rt Honble 
Hon ble Company with the other papers, as also the Generall Letter from Surat c "" 1 p u and 
this day received were read, and the consideration referr'd till next meeting, p er u Se d. 
which was order'd to bee att Mundays Consultation. 

Peons from GulcondahSay that att their coming thence they called upon our Peonefrom 
Vakeel Coje Abanus, to know if hee had any Letters to Send by them hither, who Gnlcondah - 
answered hee whs just going up to the Camp, to the Mogul!, and had not time to 
write then, but would Send in a few dayes after them. 

Ship Coodaloor Merchant George Paulin Master arrived from Acheen. ., 1 

Merct from 

This morning att four a Clock died Doctr John Heathfeild. Afeill 2. 

Doctr Heaths 

Ship S ta Rose Augustin Hart Master arrived from Pegi 

feild died. 
Sta Rose 
from Pegu. 

& 8 Records of Fort St. George 

Pag" 993. 

: 20: 

: 3 

663 : 



243 : 













282 : 






59 : 


Pag° 2549: 




Att a Consultation 
Presen t 

Elihtj Yale Esq" President & Governour 
M E John Gray S r 

M R John Littleton M e Robert Freeman 
M R Thomas Wavell M e Nath. Higginson 
M E William Fraser. 

The whole Councill being duly summon'd. 
Paymasters The Paymaster generall M r JNathaniell Higginson read his Book of Acc t? for 

Janui° r ^ e raont ^ 0I January which was past in Councill Viz*. 

Charges Garrison 

Charges Generall 

Charges Diett 

Charges Extraordinary ... 

Ac30 tt Plate 

Charges Cattle 

Charges Merchandise ... 

Fortification & Repairs ... 

West Coast ... • 

Expedition to Bengali ... 

tionVdetend- Tne Agister delivers in an Ace 4 of the Actions depending in this Court 

ing. which was perused by the Councill. 

paid the be Order'd that Pag 20 bee paid Narso &c a Washers on acc f of curing the R* 

Washers. Hon ble Comp as Callicoes, and that the Bookkeeper do make up their Accompt. 
be^madT'np Wee Dein g u pon better tearmes with the Government and less danger then 

Souidiers and formerly 'tis agreed & order'd that for the lessening the R l Hon ble Comp as charge, 
Peons to bee the Souldiers bee reduced to 240 or three Companies & the Peons to three 
Companies of 300 & the Supernumerary Topasses & Peons bee disbanded, & 
therein the Paymaster is to pick out the weakest & most unfitt for Service. 

According to the R' Hon bl Comp as & the Generalls &c a late orders rec d from 
Ton U t Pe b a England & Surat, the Sea Customer is order'd to receive a Rupee a Ton from all 
Ships belonging to the English, before our Pass bee given them, the free Ships 
excepted according to Said order. & that a proportionable duty bee taken from all 
Me XtV'of" other Vessells that desire the K,* Hon ble Comp as protection & our Passes. 

other Ves- 

p looo to b They lately writing us from Conimeer of their want of mony to carry on 

Sent to Coni- their business, & defray the Charges of that Factory, t'is order'd that Pag 1000 bee 
TcTencrease '^ enb them, and to write them to encrease their quantity of blue Long Cloth, and 
their quan- to bee deeper died. 

tity of blue 
Long Cloth. 

Oapt Batten Cap* Thomas Batten Commander of the Rebecca desiring to bee excused from 

bee'excused taking our Orders to fight against the R' Hon ble Company's Enemies the King of 
Siara & his Subjects, And itt being chargable to him to maintaine the honour of 
his Majesties Commission, and in many circumstances inconvenient to his voyaging, 

Desires tolay requests that bee may lay down that too, which is agreed to, and order'd to bee 

Commission, cancelled. 

° rde '' d to n , Elihd Yale. Tho : Wavell. 

bee oanoelled _. ~ _ _ , 

John Gray. . Nat : Higginson. 

John Littleton'. Will : Fraser. 

R : ffreeman. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

received of 


A proportion- 

st the 

,.i Sia 

Diary and Consultation Boole, 1688 59 


Eec d a Generall from Conimeer dated the 31 th past giving an Acco" of the 3. 
French att Pullicherry, & that the Maretta & Gulcondah forces were within a Genii from 
Gentue League of each other, & expected that every day would produce Some Commeer - 
great matters. Also a Letter from Mons r Martin Directore att Pullicherry to M r Le . ter from . 
Willcox. Motl8r Mar - 

tin to Mr 

A Generall to Conimeer & to Coodaloor both dated this day approved & 3. 
Signed, ordring the former to lade their goods upon the Rochester when she came Geniis to 
there, & if they were in any eminent danger to take Some Souldiers out of her cooXioor* 
for their Security, & that they propose to their Merchants the provission of 6 or 
8000 p s blue Long Cloth, to bee brought in by the fine of June next, & Sent them 
Pag 1000 for their ffactory expence & to the latter ordring them to lade their Piooosent 
Bales & Grain, Wood & Chenam on the Rochester & dispatch her to Conimeer to to Conimeer - 
take in their goods, & that M r "William Hall take his passage hither on the Ro- Mr Hall to 
Chester, in order to his going to Vizagapatam as formerly appointed. Also a come hither 
Letter from the President to Badhe [u] lzamon Governour att Metchlepatam, "hes"^^ " 
congratulating his coming to the Government. Letter to 

S b ° Metchlepa 

Rec' 1 a Generall from Coodaloor dated 29 th past, advising that the black Eagle 4 overnour - 
passed by there in the evening, which Cap* Bromwell could not See, lying off So Gei,eraiifrom 
farr att Sea, & that the ffrench have two Ships well armed riding out a due dis- Coodaloor - 
tance one from another, in Sight of thera, but whether to guard the Siamer in their 
Road, or to iatercept any Shiping belonging to us, cannot tell. That had rec d the 
Pag 1000 for provission of Grain, & Sent M r Swynook to Portonovo to provide 
itt, itt being cheaper there then att Coodaloor. That their Generall Books Should 
bee Sent as Soon as transcribed, & want Some large paper for that purpose. 

Rec d a Letter from Cap* John Bromwell dated aboard Ship Rochester the 31 th Letter from 
past advising of the Black Bigle having passed by £or Pullicherry near shoar in °|g* Brom ' 
the evening, and that he was standing into Coodaloor Road, to take in the R* 
Hon ble Comp as goods. 

The French Padre having rec d a Letter from Mons r Martin Directore att Paragraph 
Pullicherry, a Paragraph whereof relating to the Ship Black Eagle, was translated, Martin ° nBr 
wherein hee declares, that Said Ship and goods did belong to the French Comp a & 
not to the King of Siarn or his Subjects, and is enter'd in the~ Coppy Book of 
Letters received. 

Rec d a Letter from Mess rs Chardin & Salvadore Rodrigues dated in Bagnagar Letter from 
|| past advising to have paid the Pag 10000 sent with them to our Vakeel Coje ^ n Xa Char " 

Rec d a Letter from our Vakeel Coje Abanus dated in Gulcondah the 11 th past 4. 
giving an ace* of his going up to the Camp, & how our affairs stand with the Letter from 
Mogull. Also a List of what priviledge3 the Mogull is willing to grant, & de- £°j t e rf ba r ° ug " 
Bires our Speedy answer, and possitive order how hee Shall proceed therein, that no viiedgea. 
blame may -come upon him hereafter, and that hee had rec d the Pag° 10000 of 
Mess rs Chardin and Salvadore. 

Att a Consultation 


M E Elihu Yale Esq r President & Governour Thursday 

M E John Gray S* John Biggs 5. 

M B John Littleton M e Robert Freeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M e Nath. Higginson 
M R William Fraser. 

The President read his Cash Book for the month of March, which was past 0a8hAcotfor 
in Councill, the ballance examined being Pag ... ... ... 9878 : 29 : 0. March. 

The Storekeeper Generall M r Thomas Wavell, read his ace* of Stores bought, Storekeeperg 
Sold & expended in the month of Feb rr which was past in Councill. .Acctfor 

„ Februry. 


Records of Fort St. Geon 


P 1000 to be 
paid Mr. 

About Land 

About the 
Quitt. Bent. 

Capt Welt- 


about provid- 
ing blue Long 
To clear 
their old 

Of naming 
Mr Higgin- 
eon before 
Mr Wavell in 
the Generall 
The business 
debated & 

Mr Wavell 
to be Sea 
Mr HUgin- 


Order'd that Pag 1000 bee paid M r Nathaniell Higginson Paymaster General] 
to defray Charges Garrison &c a . 

There arising a Scruple about the Land Customes, Itt is agreed that all 
English men who duly pay four ^ Cent Custome, that they are free to Send the 
Same goods out of Town, without paying more, but if the property is alter'd, 
by their Selling them to any forreign Merchant in Town, that then the person, 
that So buys them, & Sends them out by Land, Shall pay two p cent Land Custome. 

Cap' Richard Cook desiring that his Bill of Lading might bee deliver'd him up, 
& in consideration of the late violent Storm, & the unavoidable damage to the 
flrain, which happened in her Hiding att Trimlevas against which wee find hee 
made Protest, Itt cannot reasonably bee expected that hee Should make Satisfac- 
tion for itt, but there being loss in the measure, Itt is order'd that hee pay for Six 
hundred Marcall, before his Bill of Lading bee delivered up, as also for the new 
corning his Powder, which he likewise refuses. 

Wee being mediating & treating about the procury of a Phirmaund from the 
Mogull for the Settlement of the R c Hon ble Comp as concerns in this & other parts, 
& the whole Country being in a troublesome condition Itt is thought convenient, 
& by unanimous consent agreed, that the publication of the R* Hon bIe Comp as Law 
about paying the Quit Hents, be Some time deferred, least itt prejudice our affairs 
& allarm the Government, to en crease the Quit Rent of the Town, & other incon- 
vemencies that may happen there from, but that itt bee Strictly prosecuted & 
observed So Soon as wee have any certainty of a Phirmaund, or the troubles over. 

Cap* Anthony Weltden Commander of the Curtana Frigatt, having deliver'd 
in a Petition that his Ace* with the R 4 Hon ble Comp a might bee cleared, the Accom- 
ptant & Warehouskeeper are order'd to examine the Same with his Charterparty, 
deducting the amount of the" late Judgnf of the Court of Admiralty, as also what 
goods are wanting, or hee is indebted for, & that they report itt to the Councill. 

Chinna Vencatadry, Allingall &c a Merchants were Sent for & discourst about 
providing of blue Long Cloth, according to the R* Hon b,e Comp aB orders to which 
they Said, they would give their answer in a few dayes, they were also minded & 
prest to clear their debt to the R 4 Hon b,e Comp a which has been long contracted, 
& that the Bookkeeper adjust acc ts with them. 

M r Nathaniell Higginson finding himself in the late Gen 11 Letter of the 
6 th June from the R* Hon bIe Comp a to bee named before M r Thomas "Wavell in the 
Paragraph tha/t Commissions them, to the charge of the Customes, hee Supposes 
thereby that the R* Hon ble Comp a intend he Should proceed M 1 ' Wavell therein, & 
desiring the Councill to consider, & give their opinions of the case, they were 
order'd to withdraw, & the business being debated, 'twas agreed that M r Wavell 
was in the Same Station to preceed according to the R* Hon ble Comp as Commision 
for the Settlement of the Councill & do appoint him to bee Commissioner for 
receiving the Sea Customes, & that M r NathanieJl Higginson do take the charge 
of the Land Customes, as also of the Mint, hee being a good proficient therein, & 
that M r Robert Freeman now Sea Customer do make up his ace* of the Customes to 
the end of Aprill, & Surrender up his place to M 1 Thomas Wavell, and that hee 

Mr h F p! maE take charge of the Paymasters employment from M 1 ' Nathaniell Higginson, & that 
master!* 7 M r William Fraser do take charge of the Stores from M 1 ' Wavell, & each to conclude 

Mr Fraser to 
be Store- 

To enter on their Acc ts & enter on their 'Severall employments, the f m° next month, when this 
mel"?™ years Goner" Books Should bee ballanced, & a particular ace 1 of all remaines taken. 

next month. 

Diary and Consultation Boole, 1688 61 



Thomas Englesby having by his Severity been the occation of great troubles a man 
■& discontents aboard the Royall James, 'tis order'd that hee bee taken ashoar, & |™ThomB 
another English man bee exchanged for him to Supply his place. Engiesbyin 

Elihu Yale. James - 

John Gkav. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton, 
r : ffkeeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat: Higginson. 
"Will : Eraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Ship Phenix William Miller Master arrived from Mallacca & Acheen. ship 

r Phemx 


« 6. 

John Strangways Master of Sloop Sophia having paid a Rupee ^ Ton, accord- Pass given 
ing to the R 4 Hon ble Comp as order, the usuall Pass was given him. Sl00p SopWs 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq e President & G-oveenour Munday9. 

M E John Gray S e 

M E John Littleton M b Robert Freeman 
M B Thomas Wavell M b Nath Higginson 
M e William Fraser. 
S R John Biggs att the Mount. 

Ship Royall James & Madras Prigatt Dispatches to the West, Coast, G-enerall Dispatohes 
to Bencooleen, and Saphir Frigat's dispatch to Tonqueen read and approved. 

Since M r Barron's arrivull wee having often required both himself, M r Mose Mr Barron 
& M r du Bois to conclude their acc ts & give us Some Satisfaction about the R* drained 
Hon ble Comp as disappointments in the discharge of their Commission & Instruc- on Thursday 
tions, in their voyage to China upon the Shrewsbury, they are therefore appointed next " 
upon Thursday next to appear before us, to bee examined upon that ace* & the 
Secre ry is order'd to give them notice thereof, that they may prepare accordingly. 

M r John Cheney making his request to bee restored to his place in Councill, Mr Cheney 
believing that the R* Hon bIe Comp as displeasure arose from their being misinform'd p^cTin 1 " 8 
of his designe of going to Batavia, & that hee had not discharged his duty Oounciii. 
according to, his Orders & Instructions, upon the design of going through 'the 
Streights to Mindanao, but hee having been there & through the Streights of 
Cumbaua Supposes himself free from the Suspition, & therefore may plead 
a right to the R* Hon ble Comp as promise, when they entertain'd him last in 
their Service, which was the chief encouragment of his undertaking that voyage, 
who being order'd to withdraw, & the question put to the Councill & debated Itt The quea- 
was agreed, that Since there was no mention of him in the Commission for theoontoiii. 
setling this Councill, nor order for itt in any General! Letter, that wee cannot 
admitt him into this Councill, till further order from the R f Hon ble Comp a about Agreed that 
him, whereupon he told the President & Councill, that Since they had been SJJS'SSi 

att present. 

pleased to deny him employment, hee was unwilling to eat the R' Hon ble Comp° 8 He desires 
bread for nothing, & therefore desired to bee Suspended till their Hon™ pleasures to 1 J ) | e d Sas " 
were known concerning him, which the Councill allowed of, promising to write in The Council! 
his behalf. allow of ut - 

Record* of Fort St. 

£9th.] FORT ST. GEORGE, APBILL 1688 

Damage of M r John Littleton giving in an accompt of the damaged goods upon the Royall 

oioth^ James, Itt is order'd that the remaining damaged cloth, bee vallued, & the loss 

noyau James 3 c ' 

tobeoharged charged to Ooodaloor factory, 

to Ooodaloor. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 


Tho : Wavell. 
Nat: Higginson. 
Will: Fraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

10. Rec d a Generall from Ooodaloor dated the 6 th Ins' advising that the quantity 

Genei-u Ac* f Oyle & Grain order'd, is not procurable att Ooodaloor or Portonovo, & that 
loo™ Cooda ' Trimlevas is a place able to Supply us upon all occations, if one resides there, as- 
Petition from the Dutch now have, They Send Docf Grudgfeilds Petition for a continuance of 
Grad^fieid. the Pag 4 f" month formerly allowed him f 1 M r Davis for his writing work, They 
Send us their Diary, Consultations & Ace' Cash for the month of March. 

Att a Consultation 


Elihtt Yale Es r President & Governour 
Thursday M e j ohn q ray gR 

12 - M E M R Robert Freeman 

M E Thomas Wavell M e Nath. Higginson 
M R William Fraser. 

S E John Biggs & M E Littleton att the Mount. 
Bee[s]wax;to There being great want of Beeswax for use of the Garrison & the other 

nleTior ° T Factoiys & the price being now reasonable, by reason of quantities brought from 
England. Pegu, h none come, nor expected from the Bay, Itt is order'd that Ten Candy 
bee bought for that Service, & if itt can bee obtained cheap, Itt is order'd that all 
in Town bee bought up, and Sent to England, for the R' Hon ble Comp as accompt- 
Saiiary tobe Pag 9 . 31 . 2 being due to M r John Cheney for Sallary to the 9 th Instant, 

paid Mr jtt { s order'd to bee paid him. 

Cheney. *■ 

Generaii to Generall to our Vakeel Coje Abanus att Gulcondah dated this day, in answer 

coje Abanua to j^g \^ e Letter, & giving him full Instructions in the mannagment of our affairs- 
with the Mogull, read and approved. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Geay. 

R : ffreeman v 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson.. 
John Stables Sec ry . • Will : Fraser. 

13. Ship S ta Joan Manu'ell Gomeseres de Ribero Master arrived from Maccao. 

Ship St»Joan 
from Maooao. 

rasa to sioop p aS s given to Sloop Nathaniell belonging to M r John Gray, Nicholas Pecuchet 

NathameU. Magter _ 

engMi Ship Bengali Merchant Cap* William Perse Commander arrived from 

Bombay, and brought a Packett from thence, containing Generalls formerly rec d 


bay . Instructions to Severall persons, & two Clauses of Letters from the R* Hon b 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 33 

■FORT ST. GEORGE, APR1LL 1688 [13th.] 

Paetett from 

Comp a & one to them from thence, Also a Packet from the R* Hon Me Comp 1 

which had formerly rec d ^ the Williamson & overland, except his Majesties Letter p a H "kett from 

to M r White and M r Burnaby with Invoyce & Bill of Lading for Europe goods con- **£*? 

Letter from 
Mr. Shaxton 

tinned aboard her. And a Letter from M r Shaxton &c a dated att Tellicherry the _ 

19 th of Februa ry last, with Invoyce & Bill of Lading for Goa Arrack, Brass Guns, Tea 

and Shot, laden on board her for this place, on Said Ship came two of the R' Hon blf ' Two of the 

Comp as Servants, Viz* Mathew Empson Factor & W m Bowdler writer. cSSS*" 


Att a Consultation Extrao 


Elihu Yale Esq e President & Governour Sattebday 

M E John Gray S e John Biggs 14. 

M R John Littleton M k Robert Freeman 
M K Thomas Wavei.l M e Nath. Higginson 
M B William Frasior. 

Receiving Severall Packetts by the Bengali Merchant which arrived here last p a0 kett by 

night from Bombay, touching by the way att Mangelore, Callicut & Rutterah, * he Bengali 

most of which wee having formerly had duplicates of, |jj the Williamson and perused. 
overland, there was only occation for the perusall of the Generall Letter from 

Cap* Shaxton &c a dated att Tellicherry 19 th Feb ry 168| wherin they advise as of g£g£ 

Lading from Brass Gunus, 100 Shot & 194 hogsheads Goa Arrack, Also that the Cargo 

Europe goods were continued aboard her out of England, but no Rice Sent us, as ^ 9 ° a ttie f . seut 

they formerly intended and advised us, which would have been very acceptable to ed. 

us, & beneficiall to the R* Hon ble Comp a and the Captain acquainting us, that Damage upon 

there is very great damage upon the Arrack, against which hee excepted in Bill P h J rso ^ r e raok " 

of Lading upon his receiving itt aboard, therefore to know its present condition order'd to 

& to prevent its further loss, Itt is agreed & order'd that, M r William Fraser, Surve v iu - 

Zouch Troughton Steward, Mathew Empson & the Fort Cooper do go aboard in To be sent 

the afternoon, to Survey them, & fill them up, & the Warehouskeeper is order'd soi™ ° 
to Send for them ashoar & Secure them, & that they bee exposed to publick Sale, to 

prevent the great loss, which will happen by their lying, & that Cap* Hampton & order'd to 

Cap* Lacy do also go aboard to view their Stowage, and carefully see, that there view the 

is no defect therein, whereby the Cask may receive damage. theT^ack. 

Order'd that the Warehouskeeper unlade the Bengali Merchant with all ^ e e n ^ n 

expedition, & deliver the Shot into the Storekeepers care. unladen 

The Gentlemen that were appointed to the valluation of the Hospitall, t v h all g ati °t jf 
having Surveyed, examined & estimated the Same, according to a paper now 

delivered in under their hands, & enter'd next after this Consultation, which is ihemoay 

appproved by the Councill, amounting to Pag 838 . 27 . to bee paid into the 'r^nT*' 

Church Wardens, for the use of the Parish, & that the R* Hon ble Comp as Servants for the g Rt 

now destitute of Lodgings & conveniencies, bee appointed itt there, & 'tis order'd c °^ bl a e 

that the Said Hospitall bee clean'd & fitted for them accordingly. Servts to 

bee appointed 

There being 5 Bales of black cloth come upon the Bengali Merchant, & Biaokciotb 

mention'd in Invoyce for China, Itt is order'd (if they can bee come att before t° bee sent 
the departure of the Ships) that Said 5 Bales bee Sent for the R l Hon ble Comp as ace' 

lading two on the Moulsford & three on the James, & consigned as the re3t of the How to b» 

goods to M r Thomas Yale, Francis Willcox, and all the R* Hon ble Comp as lade ?* d 
Servants they shall meet with there, 

Elihu Yale. R : pfrbfman 

John Gray. Tho : Wavell. 

J. Biggs. Nat : Higginson. 

John Littleton Will : Fraser. 

John Stables Sec ry . 


Records of Fort St. George 




Hos pi tall. 



Sloop Sophia 
for the 

Fort S*. George 13 th Aprill 1688. 

Wee the Subscribers being appointed by order of the President & Council], and 
of a Vestry of the Parish, to Surveigh and vallue the Hospitall, do make our 
report as follows Viz' That the Hospitall is very well & Strong built, & requires 
little repair. And in consideration of the great clearness of all materialls for build- 
ing, more then att the time of building the Hospitall (which is like to continue) 
wee are of opinion that the Hospitall may bee now worth, as much as the prime 
cost, which by the Church Books, wee find to amount to Bight hundred thirty 
eight Pag 08 twenty Seven fanams. 

Nath Higginson. 

William Feasee.' 

Eichaed Elliott. 

Heney Mose. 

James Bett. 

Chaeles Metcalfe.. 

Petee Laege. 

Sloop Sophia John Strangways Master Sailed for the Southward. 
Att a Consultation 



List of 
Ships to bee 

of Mr. Barron 
Mr. MoBe & 
Mr. Dn Bois. 


Elihu Yale Bscj r President & Goveenoue 
M E John Gray S e John Biggs 

M" John Littlenton M R Robert Freeman 
M R Thomas Wavell M k Nath. Higginson 
M k William Fraser. 

M r Thomas Fox requesting to bee discharged his duty in the Garrison, being 
lately married to a houskeeper in Town, Itt is granted, hee paying the R* Hon bl ° 
Comp as charge in Sending him out, Also M r Mead & M r Capell, they all being 
obliged to enter themselves in our Train'd Bands, & pay Scott & Lott as other 

The Register brought in an ace* of Actions depending in the Court which 
was perused by the Councill. 

Order'd that M 1 ' Thomas Wavell Storekeeper do go on board the Royal! 
James & Bengali Merchant, and Mustar the Ship? company and report the Same. 

M r Samuell Barron, M r Henry Mose, M r Daniell Du Bois & M r Francis 
Willcox late Factors to Emoy in China, upon Ship Shrewsbury were Sent for, & 
particularly examined about the great neglect, in the discharge of our 
Commission & Instructions & their Severall duties in that business, as also of the 
occation of the mauy disorders in that voyage, having yet delivered us, neither Cash 
Book, Consultation Book, Books of Ace*' nor Invoyce of the goods they returned, 
or ace* of what remained with M r Barron in Emoy waiting thus long for his 
arrival], before which they often alledged that they could not rightly Settle that 
business for want of his Cash Book, .which being now demanded of M T Barron, as 
also their Consultation Book, Hee replied, that those & all other papers of the 
R* Hon ble Comp as & his own, were lost on the Junk near Emoy, as also the follow- 
ing List of goods, which hee had provided for the R' Hon 1 "' 6 Co mp a after the 
departure of the Shrewsbury, & laden upon the Said Junk, were cast away, with 
much more of his friends & his own the List whereof hee recovered from the ace* 
the China writers had taken, att their Shipping off from Emoy, but could not 
collect any ace* of his Cash from them, but that would recollect his memory & 
give the best ace* hee could of that, & all other occurrances of that disappoint- 
ment, which disaster & Cap* Allfords willfull departure, has been the great 
occation, of all these troubles, but if itt had pleased God to have arrived the Junk 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 65 

FORT ST. GEORGE, APR1LL 1688 [16th.] 

in safety, hither, itt would have been of considerable benefitt to the R' Hon ble 
Comp a as well for the introducing a trade with China, as the great encrease of our 
Customes here, which wee must allow to bee well design'd by M r Barron, &■ 
agreable to our Instructions, tho in other matters, both hee & the rest have been 
idle & faulty in the mannagment of that voyage, chiefly occation'd by their quarrel- 
ling disagreem ts & th6 each endeavours to excuse himself by blaming the others, 
yet wee find upon examination & apparent neglects, that each of that appointed 
Councill, have been remiss & faulty in their particular charge, & all in the main 
affair. But before wee determine any thing possitivly therein, 'tis order'd that 
they meet togeather, & make up Acc ts of that voyage, charging those goods the R' 
Hon ble Comp a lost on the Junk, M r Barron having now Sworn in Councill, to 
the particular truth thereof. 

Cap* Freeman is order'd to Summons his Company of Train'd Bands to a f ^ance 
generall training upon the Island, opposite to the Fort, on Wensday next, being of the Train'd 
Easter Weeke, & that the Chief of the Moors & Gentue Inhabitants, bee invited ^ r a d ° d r ! d 
to dine with the (Jovernour &c a there, & that a handsome preparation bee made for 
itt accordingly this being the first generall appearance, and will make a great 
report in the Country. 

M r John Gray deliver'd in Cap f Anthony Weltdens ace*, assuring the Councill, Ca P t Welt " 
that hee had justly examined each particular therin, & that 'tis rightly Stated be'paia. 
according to Charterparty and agreement, the late judgment from the Court of 
Admiralty being deducted, the ballance resting is Pag 863 : 03 : which is agreed 
& order'd to bee paid him, his receipt for the Same being perused & approved by 
the Judge Advocate. 

Commission and Instructions to M r Thomas Yale and Francis Willcox in *J r ^aie & 
their voyages to China, on Ships James and Moulsford read and approved. commission 

& Instruc- 

Blihu Yale. 

J. BlGGS. 

John Littleton. 
r : f freeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 


John Stables Sec ry . 

Coppy of M r Samuell Barron's List Viz*. CoppyMr 

rrJ Barron's 

297 p s of Velvetts plain & flower'd of divers Coulours but List 

most black & violett, of which 150 p s att Tail 6 & 6 Mas f" 
p s & 147 p s att Tail 6 & 2 Mas f- p s & since am not certain 
what quantity out the parcell premention'd went by the Tail. Mas Cond. 
Ship Shall charge this ace 4 with the whole ... ... 1901 : • — : — : 

320 p s of Sengchew flower'd damast of fine Cabessa Silk 
diverse Coulors, Suppose about 60 f- s went by the Ship So 
charge as above ... ... ... ... .;. ...1504: : — : 

T. Ms. 

435 p s of Canton Damast white & coulor'd att 4 & 4 f- p 9 and 

likewise uncertain how many Shipt shall charge as Idem ... 1914 : — : — : 
80 p s of most curious Nanckin broad p 8 of divers coulors with 


large flowers of Superfine Cabessa Silk att 10 f" p 9 ... 800 : — : — : 

200 p 8 of large Panches whiteattT I & 2 M s "? p" 240: — : — : 

30 p 9 of plain double Sattin black & Musk Coulor att Tail 

9&5Mas?-p 9 285:—: — : 


Records of Fort St. George 



40 p s of large Pelangs damast flower att 4 & 6 *$ p 8 

T. Ms. 

56 p 9 of large plain d to 11 & 2 f p 1 

T. Ma. 

fct 4 & 6 ?• p s 

Tail. Mas Cond. 

... 84:-: — : 

... 179: — : — : 

Sundry expences 

7~0O7~7— : — : 
... 205: — : — : 

Somma Totalis" .. 

T.7212: — : — : 


Dragon fron 
Letter ftca 
from thence, 


Bands in 


l6 th Aprill J 688. Elihu Yale. 

Ship Dragon Cap* Henry Pensax Com dr (Cap' Fenn being dead & the Chief 
Mate taken ashoar by the Generall att Bombay) arrived here from Persia, & brought 
a Gen 11 thence dated 15 th Feb ry last with Invoyce & Bill of Lading for Gold & 
Silver laden on her, in part of the Bengali ace*. 

The Train'd Bands appeared in Armes, which consisted of 108 of the R l 
Hon ble Comp as Servants & freemen, besides Officers. 

Att a Consultation 


Councill to 
their busi- 

Of the Gom- 
broon Genii 
Letter ^> the 
Treasure by 
her to be 
The Admiral- 
ty to take 
care of Capt 
Fenns con- 

Ballance of 
his accts to 
be paid into 
the Bt 
Compas Cash. 
Valluation of 
Cloth dama- 
ged in the 
Roy all James. 

Report of the 
Goa Arrack 
by the Ben- 
gall Mer- 


Elihu Yale Esq k President & Governour 
M E John Gkay S e 

M E John Littleton M k Robert' Prekman 
M E Thomas Wavell M e Nath. Higginson 
M E William Phaser. 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. 

The Governour reminded the Councill, to get their business concluded So as 
to enter upon their Severall employments the first of next month, as formerly 

Receiving a Generall Letter from M r George Cooke Chief &c a att Gombroon 
f- Ship Dragon, dated the 15 th of February last, wherin they advise to have Sent 


us bv her, in Gold and Silver to the amount of Shahees 1153105 : 03 being in 
part of their Bengali ace* which the Warehouskeeper is order'd to bring ashoar 

with all expedition & care, and Cap* Anthony Fenn dying intestate in Persia, 
iV, the care of his concernes by the appointment of the Chief &c a left to 
M 1 ' Leveson, the present Commander, M 1 ' Gorbole Chief Mate & the Carpenter, 
till their arrivall hither, & itt being Supposed that Cap' Fenn may have 
Severall acc ts depending in England & India, & for the better Satisfaction & Safety 
of those, that are concerned therein, Itt is order'd that the Court of Admiralty do 
take itt into their care & examination, & to receive & dispose of the effects, & after 
discharge of all demands here, that the ballance of his ace* bee paid into the R f 
Hon ble Comp as Cash, advising thereof by the first oppertunity. 

M r John Littleton &c a according to order of Councill brought in their vallua- 
tion of the remaines of the Coodaloor damaged Cloth on the Royall James in the 
late Storm, (as enter'd next after this Consultation) which that Factory is order'd 
to bee Credited for, being the whole damage, was before order'd to be charg'd 
to their Debt. 

M 1 ' Fraser &c a appointed to the examination of the Goa Arrack by the Bengali 
Merchant, delivered in their report of that business, as entered next after this 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688. 67 

FORT ST. GEORGE, APRILL 1688 [1 9 ih.] 

Consultation, & there appearing much damage, 'tis order'd that M r Meverell & Persons 
the Cooper doe goe aboard to fitt & fill up the Cask, & carefully to Send them send thei 

ashoar. ashoar fitted 

& filled. 

The Warehouskeeper M r John Littleton read his Book of Acc ts for the month warehous 
of March which was past in Councill. March" 17 

Eichard Bowney lately come out a Souldier, having Some estate fallen to him Persons dis- 
in England, desiring leave to return to look after itt, Itt is agreed that hee bee char g ed - 
permitted to go on the Royall James, paying the R* Hon ble Comp as charge in To pay the 
Sending him out, Also George Mathews & Henry Osmer, making the Same request, compa^ 10 
Itt is agreed that they bee discharged, upon the Same conditions. charge in 

sending them 

Elihtj Yale. 
John Geat. 
John Littleton. 
r : fpheeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat: Higqiisson. 
John Stables Sec ry . "Will : Frasee. 

Whereas the Parishoners of S* Mary Fort S 4 George in Vestry assembled did ° e ° c p JYfor he 
unanimously agree to and with the Hon ble Elihu Yale President & Governoiu <>l the Hospitaii. 
Said Fort &C 11 Councill, for the Selling the old Hospital], to the R* Hon bIe East 
India Comp a . Now know yee that wee the Minister & Church Wardens, of the 
Parish aforesaid, for the time being, to & with consent of the Said Parishoners, 
have bargained & Sold into the Said Hon ble President &c a Councill for the use & 
behoof aforesaid, all and every part of the Said Hospitaii, (the utensills thereunto 
belonging excepted) with the Yard, & all the out houses, and conveniencies ther- 
unto belonging, for and in consideration of the Summe of Eight hundred Thirty 
Eight Pag Twenty Seven fanams, which mony wee confess by these Presents to 
have received, Wittness our hands this Nineteenth day of Aprill 1688. 

Richard Elliott. 
Heney Mose. 
Chaeles Metcalf. 

Fort St George ]9th Aprill 1688. 

Wee the Subscribers belonging to the R* Hon b!e Comp as Warehous, being Report 

order'd by the Hon ble President &c a Councill to examine the damaged Cloth c°oth al dama g - 

brought from Coodaloor by the Royall James, & to make a valluation, which wee ed t R °yaU 

have accordingly done, to the best of our Judgments as followeth. 

Beteelaes of 40 Cov ta 119 p 8 vallued att 

Pag 10 $ Corge P. 59 : 18 : ' 

Ditto of 50 Covts 59 p 8 vallued att 

Pag 10$ Corge „ 29: 18: 

Comeeses No. 1, 119 p B vallued att 

Pag 5 $ Corge „ 29 : 27 : 

Sallempores fine 169 p B att Pag 3 

P Corge „ 25: 12: 

Moorees N o. 8, 62 p s att Pag 5 <p 

Corge „ 15: 18 : 

Pag 159: 21: 

John Littleton. 
Henry Alford. 


Records of Fort St. George 



Report of 
the Goa 

Fort St. George 19th Aprill J 688. 

Wee the Subscribers in pursuance to the Hon ble President &c a Councils order, 
having gone aboard the Bengali Merchant, to See into the condition & Stowage of 
the Arrack, laden on Said Ship for acco" of the R* Hon We Comp a do give the follow- 
ing report Viz*. 

All the Cask wee find well Stowed, & well bedded & coin'd, but Severall of 
their Bamboe bungs out. 

The Cooper having gaged Some 3 or 4 of the Cask hee [c d ] [is come] att, 
& knok't his fingers on the heads of Severall others, thinks them to bee 
Some f some \ & Some ^ out. 

William Eraser. 
Thomas Lacy. 
John Hampton. 
John Harris. 


Pasa to sloop 


French news 
of an English 
Ship bound 
for Bombay. 

Pass given to Sloop Nathaniell belonging to M r Nathan 11 Russell Said Nathaniell 
Russell Master, bound for the Port of Mindanao. 

The French from Pullicherry advise, that a Ship of theirs bound from Siam to 
Surat, mett with the R* Hon ble Comp as Ship Royall James & Mary, off Cape 
Cdmerine bound from England to Bombay, that most of the Seamen & Souldiers 
on board her, were in a very weak condition, that she had been Eight months out 
of England, but brought no Letter from her, she not being designed for this Coast, 
but forced to bear away for Pullicherry, not being able to double Said Cape, they 
also advise that M r Hill was gone from Siam four dayes before she departed thence, 
but knew not whether by Sea or Land. 


Orders from 
the Presi- 

against the 
King of 
Siams Ship. 
Pass to be 
given Capt 
Batten he 
not desiring 
a Commis- 

Passes to be 
given to all 
that do not 
desire Said 
Mr Gray's 
accts to be 

Acct of 
Coats Swords 
<&oa to bee 

Att a Consultation 


Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 
M B S E John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M R Robert Freeman 
M E M E Nath. Higginson 

M K William Fraser. 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. 

Orders from the President to all Supra Cargoes, Commanders &c a of the free 
Ships now bound for Severall Ports in China, for the mannagment of themselves 
& their affairs read and approved. 

Commission to bee given against the King of Siam & his Subjects and 
Servants Ships, read and approved. 

Cap* Batten Commander of Ship Rebecca, not desiring to take a Commission 

against the King of Siam & his Subjects, & Servants he only requested a Pass, 
which was order'd to bee given him, and that all Commanders who are not 
desirous to take Said Commission have Passes given them. 

M r John Gray having given in an ace' of Some omission to his own prejudice, 
during his Paymaster employ, & M r Thomas Wavell & M r Nathaniell Higginson, 
being well acquainted in that business, Itt is order'd that they rightly examine the 
Said Accompts & report itt as they find, As also the Ace* of Souldiers Coates, 
Swords &c a delivered to Severall Souldiers by M 1 ' Gray, att present charged to 
Officers & Souldiers of the Garrison. 

Diary and Consultation Bool; 1688 69 

FORT ST GEORGE, APR1LL 1688 [23rd] 

The Warehouskeeper was order'd to dispose of the Oyle & Butter att the Oyie & 

best rates hee can, & to make use of this opportunity for their Sale, itt being much g^ r t0 bee 
wanted in Town, and to prevent its decay and embezling. 

There being great want of Mussulaesfor dispatch of the Severall Ships in this Ten Mussu- 

Road, which occations many complaints & discouragements in their business, M r b a Q e n t '° be 
Robert Freeman is therfore order'd to provide & contract for ten new Mussulaes, 
with all expedition, upon the best tearms hee can. 

There being a parcell of Pegu plank & they writing for Some from Bengali, regu piank 

Ttt is order'd that M r Freeman do buy a parcell that is offer'd to Sale, att the best bought, 
rates procurable. 

Order'd that Pag 1000 bee paid M r Nathaniell Higginson Paymaster Generall pJHrVig. 

to defray the Charges Garrison &c a . ginson. 

M r Richard Brown now delivering' in his answer to the Vizagapatam Mer- Mr Browns 

° answer to 

the Vizaga- 

-chants complaint against him, the Same was read, & order'd that on Wensday Tobeexa- 
morning next, the Said business bee examined & that all the Couneill bee present. wenMay. 

The Register delivers in an Ace* of the Actions depending in this Court, action! 
which was perused by the Couneill. depending. 

The Ballance of the Stewards ace* of Madapollam being P 286 : 01 : 3 but £ a a ^ nc J lam 
upon examination of their Charges Extraordinary itt appears that P 162 : 09 : 3 stewards 3 ™ 
was expended upon transport of M r Wales his family overland to Madras, whereas acottobee 
they went no further then Metchlepatam, by land, & there embarqued on the 
Loyall Cap* whereupon itt is thought reasonable, to abate the Said P 162 : 09 : 3 
& that the ballance being Pag 124 bee paid M r Thomas Wright and that the 
Bookkeeper do charge itt accordingly. 

Elihu Tale. 

John Gray. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

r : ffreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 

Will : Fraser. 
•John Stables Sec ry . 

This being his Majesty the King of Englands Coronation day, the usuall 23. 
Solemnity was performed. Coronation 

A Pass given to Ship Rebecca Cap* Thomas Batten Commander bound for 2 T 
Chhia. ^ - Pa8 ' 8 10 ship 

Rec d a Generall from Portonovo dated the 18 th Instant, with Jnvoyce and Generaii' 
Bill of Lading for 618 Bales [&c a ] laden on the Rochester there, and att Coodaloor, f »° m p ° rt ° 
and that they are like to have a considerable number of Bales ready, before the novo ' 
dispatch of a Ship for England, which they will send if can procure conveyance, 
otherwise desire to bee Supplied therewith, Also a friendly Letter from Ebraiim 
Cawn, hee having offered a Cowl for the Security of the R* Hon blB Companys 
concerns these troublesome times, which they referr to the consideration of the Letter from 
President and Couneill, they also Send us their Pursers accompts for the months of Ei>raim 
February and March. 

The Rebecca Cap 1 Thomas Batten Commander Sailed for China. 


Ship S ta Joan, Manuell Gome3seris de Ribero Master Sailed for Bengali. 

St Joan 
Sailed for 


Records of Fort St. George 


Att a Consultation 

Thursday Elihtt Yale Esq* President & Goveenoue 

26. M K John Gray S r John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M e 
M E Thomas Wavell M" Nath. Higginson 
M E William Fkasek. 

The whole Councill being duly Suinmon'd. 
Getieraii to General! to Bengal] dated this day read & approved, acknowledging the- 

Ben-aii. receipt of their Letters, advising the affairs in these parts, & giving them direc- 
tions in the mannagm* of the R* Hon ble Companys concernes there. 

M r Moody hearing that the R* Hon ble Comp a had order'd the encouraging of 
all persons to voyage to Mindanao, and there being little business att present, 
makes his request to bee permitted to goe thether, & to bring & deliver Clove Bark 
& Cassia Lignum, att the R* Hon bIe Comp 118 price, which taking into consideration, 
Itt is agreed that hee bee permitted to go, upon this condition, that his Sallary 
ceaseth, till his return, & then to take his Station hee now is in. 

The examination of the Vizagapatam Merchants complaint against M r Richard 
Brown Chief, was proceeded upon, but being not able to finish itt now, 'tis order'd 
that itt bee deferr'd till the dispatch of these Ships, & that then itt bee concluded, 
& the whole examination, debate & result thereon, bee duly entred, and that 
after wee have agreed with the Vizagapatam Merchants, for a new Investment,, 
that they take their passage thether, on the Recovery, the ways overland being 
very dangerous. 

The Chief & Councill of Tonqueen not having paid the freight of goods 

Moody per- 
mitted to 
goe to Min- 
danao npon 
his request. 
npon condi- 






against Mr 


freight not 
paid att 
fmight to h 

sent from hence thether on the R* Hon We Comp as ace* f Ship Prospect, but refer- 
ring itt to us, to Satisfie her Owners, the Same was considered of, & by reason Said 
Ship brought no returns back, Itt is agreed that wee allow Pag c l'f 1 Bale, & half a 
Pagoda ^ Bag and Box, for freight thether, that being the iisnall freight from; 
Metchlepatam hither, which am ts to P 245 & is order'd to be paid accordingly. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Geat. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 


Tho : Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 
Will : Feasee. 
John Stables Seo ry . 

to Capt 

Pas* given 
to the 
Sapair Fri- 
gats dispatoh 
dated <fe 
News from 

A Commission against the Siamers, given to Cap* 
Ship Loyall Captain. 

Era. Eldred Commander of 

A Pass given to the 
bound for Tonqueen. 

Curtana Frigat Cap* Anthony Weltden Commander 

The Saphir Frigats dispatch for Tonqueen read & past the 9 th Ins* was dated 
this day & delivered to Cap* Thomas Lacy the Commander. 

The Spie Peons give the following ace*, That Eatchama Naigne one of the- 
Mogulls Generalls coming from Wandewas to CoDJeveron, to fetch Some great 
Guns from thence, to their assistance against Ssvagee, the enemj followed with a 

Diary and C&nmltdtion Book, 1688 71 

FORT ST. GEORGE, APB1LL 1688. C 27 ™-] 

party of 4000 horse to Conjeveron, under the command of Santogee, where the 
two parties engaged, & the advantage fell on the Mogulls Side, they having the 
conveniency of firing their great Guns from their Pag° Killing 60 of Sevagee's horse, 
& about 20 or 30 men, So they returned from whence they came, & during this 
engagment, another party of the Mogulls from Wandevvas went to Taianoor, 
Mallianoor, Santogee's Town, in Sevagee's Dominions, where they plunder'd much 
Gold, Silver & goods, which they carried away with them to Chetteput Fort. 

Commissions against the Siamers, given to Cap* James Burton Commander of 
the James & to Cap' Lewis Intsham Com dr of the Moulsford. Burton and 

Capt I ' 


to Oapt 



well. Lette 

to him from 


Rec d a Letter from Cap* Bromwell dated att Conimeer the 25 th Instant with Lfttter from 
Coppy of a Letter to him from M r Nicks &c a dated att Portonovo 24 th ditto, advis- 
ing him of a Ship arrived in that Road under French Coulors, which they 
Suspected to belong to the King of Siam. & c r a ; 

Att a Consultation 

Present Monday. 

Elihu Yale Esq 5 President & Governotte 

M R John Gray M b John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M b 

M B Thomas Wavell M> Nath. Higginson 
M E William Feaseb. 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. Aoct of 

That as accustomary the Generall Books being to bee ballanced to the first bHaken! 
of May, Itt is order'd that a particular just aceompt of the R* Hon bIe Comp as 
remaines in this Garrison bee taken by each person, that has the charge thereof, 
ttnd delivered to the Councill for perusall & the Bookkeeper to charge them 

accordingly. General] to 

Generall Letter to the R b Hon ble Comp a to bee Sent f the Eoyall James, Honbie 
giving an ace* of affairs in these parts, Also a Generall to Indrapoor giving them Com P a - 
directions in managing the R* Hon ble Comp as business there read and past. & ildrapoor!! 

List of 

The Register delivers in an Aceompt of Actions depending in this Court, de^ndiuo- 
which was perused by the Councill. Paymasters 

The Paymaster Generall M r Nathaniell Higginson read his Book of Acc ts for Februry. 
the month of February which was past in Councill as followeth. 

Charges Garrison 

Charges Generall 

Charges Diett 

Charges Extraordinary ... 

Charges Cattle ... 

Charges Merchandise ... 

Ace* Fortifications & Repairs ... 

West Coast 

Expedition to Bengali ... 

Experiition to Tenasseree 

Aceompt Currant London 

Pag°1103 : 04 


918 : 13 




16 : 12 


37 : 31 


157 : 01 


174 : 05 

4 : — 

„ 43 : 04 



2 : 29 


28 : 25 


Pag ... 2695 : 31 


Records of Fort St. George 



P 687 to be 
paid Mr 
keepers acct 
for March. 

Order'd that Pag 687 be paid M r Nathaniell Higginson, Paymaster General! 
to defray the Charges Garrison &c a . 

The Storekeeper Generall M r Thomas Wavell read his acc ts of Stores bought,, 
Sold & expended in the month of March, which was past in Councill. 

Elihtt Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 


Tho: "Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
"Will : Fraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Rec d a Generall from M r Nicks &c a att Portonovo dated the 27 th Ins* advising 
of the design the Ship that arrived in that Road, with French Coulors had to 
Surprise them, they having Sent their Boat ashoar, with Arms for 20 men, that the 
French Captain had delivered them two Papers chopt by the Manderines, which 
did declare, that the Ship & Cargo, belonged to the King of Siam, and that under 
French Coulors, she had taken a Ship in that Road belonging to the English. & 
Sent her to Pullicherry, & had So incens't the Government against us, that they 
forbid all provissions coming to the Factory. 

Att a Consultation Extrao 



Of the Siam 
Ship att 

Ships to be 
Sent after the 

Orders for 

said Ships. 


Elihu Yale Esq e President & Governour 
M B John Gray S b John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M r Robert Freeman 
M E Thomas "Wavell M e Nath. Higginson 
M R William Fraser. 

Receiving a Generall Letter from M r John Nicks &c a att Portonovo, dated the 
27 th Ins' that a Ship with French Coulors, arrived there, whose Boat coming 
ashoar, two of their men fled to the English Factory for protection, & offer'd 
their Service to the English, who informed the Chief &c B that the Same Ship came 
lately from Tenasseree, & particularly belonged to the King of Siam, & was bound 
for Persia, Several! of his Servants & Manderines being then aboard, and were 
intended to Surprize the Factory, & Seiz their persons, & the R' Hon ble Comp a * 
estate, that night, & for that purpose had Sent Arms for twenty men, in that Same 
Boat they came ashoar in, which the Chief immediatly Seized & brought to the 
Factory, & the Captain having ashoar the day before, delivered them two Papers, 
in French, Sealed or chopt by the Siamers, & were instructions for their voyage to 
Persia, upon the King of Siam's ace* whereupon M r Nicks endeavoured what hee 
oould to have. Surprized them & took their Ship in the Road, but could not effect 
itt, tnit on the contrary the Said Ship with French Coulor[s] Seized upon a Ship 
belonging to the English, & carried her away to Pullicherry, & incenst the Maretta 
Government So against us, that they immediatly beseiged the Factory, denying 
any water or provissions to bee brought to them, whereby their lives & the R* 
Hon ble Comp as estate were in great danger, requiring our Speedy assistance of Ships- 
& men for their relief, Whereupon itt is agreed & order'd, that the Bengali 
Merchant & Dragon here, & the Rochester now att Conimeer bee Commission'd to 
proceed for Pullicherry & Portonovo in pursuit of the Said Siam Ship, & to 
Secure the R l Hon bIe Comp as Servants & concerns there, as also another Siam Ship 
expected thether, with great numbers of Siamers & French, who have undertaken 
great mischief against the English att our Factorys & elcewhere, & accordingly 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688. 7o 

FORT ST. GEORGE, APRILL 1688 [30th] 

orders were drawn up approved & Signed, & one delivered to Cap* Perse, with the 

Said French papers, & another immediatly Sent to Capt Bromwell att Conimeer, A3 Genlla to 

also Gen lls to Coodaloor & Conimeer about the Said busiuess. &°Conimer. 

Elihtj Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
r ; ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
Will : Fraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

To Cap* William Perse Com db of the Bengall Merch t . co PP y orders 

Just now receiving news fromM r John Nicks &c a Councill att Coodaloor, that Perse. 
a Ship of the King of Siams under French Coulors has taken Ship Prospect 
in that Road, belonging to the English, and beseiging: Portonovo Factory, attemp- 
ting to murther our people, & Seiz & robb the R* Hon ble Comp as estate there, 
These are therefore by virtue of his Majesties Commission to us & you directed, 
immediatly to fifct your Ship, & Sail for Portonovo, to assist our Factory, or elce- 
where in pursuit of the Said Ship, & to Seiz her, & the English Ship, wherever you 
find them, either in Pullicherry road or elcewhere, this being certainly the King 
of Siam's Ship, as the accompanying French orders do confirm, being under the 
Siam Seal, & if the French do protect & assist them, & offend or fight you, wee 
then order you to repell force by force, if they begin with you, & in all things 
behave your Selves like Englishmen, in discharge of his Majesties Commission & 
these our Orders, Dated in Fort S* George the 30 th of Aprill Anno 1688. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 
John Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Robert Freeman. 
Thomas Wavell. 
Nath Higginson. 
William Fraser. 

The Same orders Sent to Cap* John Bromwell Commander of the Rochester att 30. 

Conimeer. Said Order* 

Sent to Cap- 
t.i in Brom- 
well att 

Ship Loyall Captain, Cap* Francis Kldred Commander Sailed for China. ' , ,' ' ' 

Loyall Capt 
Sailed for 

A Generall Letter to the Hon ble Francis Martin Directoro Goner" att Pollicherry Generaii to 
dated this day, approved and Signed (and Sent to Cap* Perse Commander of the Puffioherry. 
Bengall Merchant to deliver) demanding rendition of the English Ship, taken 
by the Ship under French coulors, & carried into Pollicherry road, to do justice on 
the notorious offenders, & to make due Satisfaction for the injury & affront done 
our King Comp" & Nation, as hee Shall answer the contrary. 

Rec d a Letter from Cap* Thomas Lacy ('ofnander of the Saphir Frigat dated Letter from 
this day, desiring to know if hee Shall proceed on his voyage to Tonqueen, or Stay Capt Laoy- 
for the Company of the China Ships, To which the Secretary was order'd to 
answer, That the President & Councill would have him Sail in their company, to Answer to 
Secure him from the Siamers or other Enemies hee might meet with att Mallacca or Capt Lacy, 



Records of Fort St. George 

Note Sent to 
Capt Perse 

Capt Perse 
his answer 

Generall from 

Generall from 
Capt Brom. 

Note Sent to 
Capt Perse. 


Cap 1 Perse being Still in the Road the President order'd the Secretary to write 
to him, to know the reason of his not observing his orders, who returnes the 
following answer. 

M r Stables 

Yours f" a Cattamaran I rec d wherein I find his Hon r admires att my not 
Sailing, the reason of my Stay is, the winds being So farrout Southly, & the Sea 
and Currant setting So to the N° w d that instead of going to the S° w d I shall bee 
forced to the N° w d you may assure yourself, I'le loos no time or opportunity in 
prosecuting my voyage, I am in great hopes \jp night she will bee down, itt begin- 
ning to bee Smoother, then hitherto itt hath been, I am 

S r Your humble Servant, 
Bengali Merch* 2 nd May 1688. William Perse. 

Rec d a Generall from M r Nicks &c a att Portonovo dated the 29 th past advising 
the continuance of their troubles, and the danger the R' Hon ble Comp aa concernes 
and themselves are in. 

Rec d a Generall from Cap* Bromwell dated att Conimeer the 27 th past advising 
how unfitt his Ship was to undertake anything against the Siam Ships, being in 
want of men, and his Ship much pester'd, desiring a Supply of 160 Europeans. 

Upon advice rec d the Sec vy was order'd to write to Cap' Perse as followeth. 

To Cap t William Persk. 


Upon further consideration the President and Councill order, you not to 
deliver the Letter Sent you for Mons r Martin, till you shall receive further orders 
from them about itt, but otherwise to proceed according to their Instructions. 

The advices his Hon r &C* have rec d this day, requires you r Speedier proceeding 
upon your voyage then before, but they leave that to you, to take the first & best 
opportunity, So as not to loos ground by falling to leeward, which is all att present 

Fort St George 
2 nd May 1688. 

S 1 ' Your humble Servant, 

John Stables Sec ry . 

Ship Phen: 
Sailed for 

Ship Phenix, Manuell Mendis de Livera Sailed for Bengali. 

Att a Consultation 



Aceompt for 
Of the trou- 
bles att 


Elthu Yale Esq r President & Govebnour 
M K John Gray S r John Biggs 

M R John Littleton M* Robeet Freeman 
M R Thomas Wavell M r Nath. Higginson 
M R William Fraskr. 

The President read his Cash Book for the month of Aprill, which was past in 
Councill, & the Ballance examined being ... ... ... P440J:24: 

Yesterday receiving two Letters from the Chief &c a att Portonovo confirming 
the great trouble & danger they had before advised us. & that the Ship which 
lately went to Pollicherry, was ret [urn] ing to Portonovo with great numbers of 
French & Siamers, to assault our Factory, to which itt is reported that the 
t^o'lhefhe 6 . 8 Government had promised their assistance, Itt is therefore thought fitt & order'd 
that the Royall James (itt being ho ways a hindrance to her voyage to the West 
Coast) do Sail up as farr as Portonovo, to the assistance of our people & Factory, 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 75 



& taking the Siam Ships, but to 3tay there not more then 4 dayes, & then to Madras 
proceed upon her voyage to Sumatra, & that the Madras Frigat do make the to'lulatrf 
best of her way to the West Coast directly, She being a much worse Sailer then 
the Royall James. 

Order'd that P 1000 bee paid M r Robert Freeman Paymaster Generall to P iooo to be 
defray the Charges Garrison &c a . ' ^ a d n . MrFree " 

Elihtj Yale. 

John Gray. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

r : efreeman. 

Nat: Higginson. 

Will: Eraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

This morning the Bengali Merchant sailed out of this road for Portonovo, 3. 
but came to an Anchor Something to Leeward of this place. Bengali 


This morning the James Sailed for Maccao, & the Moulsford for Emoy in 4 
China, the Curtana & Saphir Frigats for Tonqueen & the Madras Frigat for the Ship Sailed 

West Coast. for Ohina 

Tonqueen <fc 

Rec d a Lelter from Mons 1 ' Martin Directore att Pollicherry dated 10 th Instant e * °™ ' 
giving a relation of the Siam Ship that had been att Portonovo, and of the Poffiohorry. 
returning the English Ship brought thether by him. 

Rec d a Generall from M r Nicks &c" att Portonovo dated ^)' mo Instant advising 
that the differences -with the Government were composed & tie English Ship fromPorto- 
return'd. ■ novo> 

Att a Consultation Extrao. 

Present : 

Elihu Yale Esq b President & Governour 

M B John Gray S k John Biggs Friday 4. 

M R M* Robert Freeman 

M B Thomas Wavell M r Nath Higginson 
M K William Fraser 
M B Littleton out of Town. 

Receiving advices from the Chief &c a Councill att Portonovo dated < ^ mo Ins* Differences 
that the Government had desired to compose the difference between them request- ^ Po r a t e ° d noTO 
ing that the Subidar &c a might bee permitted to come to the Factory to discourse ° P 
of what had past, which being granted, did before a multitude of people, declare 
themselves to have committed great errors therein, & desired that what was past 
might bee forgotten, promising for the future, to give no Such occation of 
difference, and that if any Siam Ship should come into that Road, they would 
give them their best assistance & protection for themselves & the R* Hon llle 
Company's concernes, from their assaults or injury, Also advising that the English 
Ship carried to Pollicherry by the Ship under French Coulors, was delivered 
to her Owner, & that the Siam Ship was gone from Pollicherry where they would 
not entertain them. Itt is therefore agreed & order'd that our Instructions about 
the Bengali Merchant & Rochesters going to Portonovo bee revoaked, & that 
they do not proceed thether, but that they bee acquainted with our agreement 
with the Government, and the Bengali Merchant order'd to come into the Road, 
& the Rochester ISoe Soon as She has taken in the Conimeer goods, do make the 
best of her way hither, & accordingly Said orders were drawn up, read, approved, 
Signed & Sent to them, And whereas the Royall James was order'd yesterday to 



Records of Fort St. George. 



Sail for Portonovo, & Stay there four dayes, Itt is now order'd that (for the 
reasons abovesaid) she do not go, but make the best of her way for the West 
Coast, according to his Dispatch dated and delivered the first Instant. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 

J. BtGUS. 

r: ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat ; Higginson. 
Will; Eraser. 


Letter from 
Capt Perse. 

Royall James 
flailed for the 
West Coast 
A England. 
News from 

Eec d a Letter from Cap' Perse dated 4 th Ins* advising that hee would observe 
the order sent him, & come into the Road as soon as possible. 

The Royall James Cap* Richard Cook Commander Sailed early this morning 
for the West Coast and England. 

Letters from M 1 ' Chardin att Gulcondah to the Governour of Aprill last, give 
the following ace* That the Mogull would free his Son Shaw Allum, from his 
long confinement, but the Prince generously refused itt, except hee would also 
enlarge Abullassan the King of Gulcondah, because hee was instrumentally the 
ruin of the King, having formerly engaged his word, that neither the Mogull nor 
hee, should ever come with power to trouble him, & that he would rather choos 
to lose his life, then break his faith & word with the King of Gulcondah, which 
was confirmed by his faith. That Sevagees troupes join'd with Siddemasson's are 
within Six Leagues of Gulcondah, burning & destroying all before them, they 
expect them there in a little time, That Nabob Rowalloo Cawn, had Sent his Jewells 
& treasure into the Castle, & he & his family is on the following thereof, That 
there are no Souldiers in the Fort, nor provissions fitt to withstand an Enemy So 
that if the Enemy comes, he may with great facillity take the Fort, That the 
Dutch & French are much in the Maretta's favour, & all Roads are full of Robbers, 
that the King of Persia marcheth in person with a great Army after Sultan Eckbar 
to give him help, in case the 60,000 horse men he hath already bee not Sufficient & 
sworn upon his beard that he will Sett him upon the Indostan Throne. 

Att a Consultation 

Munday 7. 

Mint Acct 
for M[arolh 
A Aprill. 

List of 
A Chirurgeon 


Elihu Yale Esq R President & Governour 
M R S" 

M E John Littleton M k Robert Freeman 

M R Thomas Wavell M r Nath. Higgjnsob 

M R William Fraser. 

Acc r of the Mintage duties 
n the months of March & 

The whole Council! being duly Summon'd. 

The Mint master M 1 ' Thomas Wavell read his 
upon particular persons Gold coyned in this Mint, 
Aprill, which was past in Councill as followeth. 

Coyned in the month of March P 474- att J f- Cent P 23 : 25 : 50. 
Coyned in the month of Aprill P 15462 at i f Cent P 77 : 11 : 50. 

The Register delivers in an Ace* of Actions depending in this Court, which 
was perused by the Councill. 

Doct 1 ' Heathfeild being deceased, & Doctf John Plummer gone home upon 
the Royall James, & the Hospitall being in great want of an able Chirurgeon, 

Diary and Consultation Boole, 1688 77 

FORT ST. GEORGE, MAY 1688 [7th] 

Mr. EmpBOD 

Doct 1 ' Sarnu" Browne late Chirurgeon of the Dragon being reputed So, & desirous 
• of the employ, Itt is order'd that he bee entertain'd att the Same Sallary & 
allowances as his predecessor Docf Heathfield had. 

M r Daniell Du Bois not being well disposed for the business att the Custome- 
house, Itt is order'd that M r Mathew Empson, do Supply his place under the ord'erd tothe 
•Customer. house!" 6 ' 

Some complaints was given in against M r William Fraser for his rash & ' 

illegall cutting off a black boys ear in the Fort, but Some of the Councill being aga^nstM^. 
absent, 'tis order'd they all bee present att the examination thereof. Fraser. 

A Generall to Coodaloor dated this day read & approved giving them direc- 
tions in the mannagment of the R' Hon ble Comp* 3 business in that Factory, & to cooda?oor.° 
order them to enquire about the Fort, the French are treating with Bccogees Son Directions 
about, which was built by him beyond Negapatam, & privatly to Send Some g'venthem. 
trusty Braminee to offer him as much mony as the French should, for to buy itt Bootees 
:for the R* Hon b!e Oora.p 88 Ace* their Hon™ having order'd us to procure a Fortifi- Fort." 
cation in those parts. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Gray. 

John Littleton, 
r : ffreeman. 
Tho; Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 

Ship Rochester Cap' John Bromwell Commander arrived here from the Sou- jq 

'them Factorys, and brought a Generall from Conimeer dated the 8 th Instant, ship Bo- 

withlnvoyce & Bill of Lading for 139 Bales of Callicoes and 89 Baggs of Indico °^ ei ar - 

iladen on board her there. Generaii 

from Coni- 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq e President & Govern r Thqrsdav 

M E John Gray S r John Biggs 10 - 

M R John Littleton M e Robert Freeman 
M K TIiomas Wavell M r Nath. Higginson 

M R William Fraser 

The Agent & Councill in Bengali having engaged, that the Lascars upon the L asoars to be 
Rochester Should bee returned, and She being now arrived from the Southward, retrained to 
Itt is order'd that M r Fraser take care that they bee Sent upon the Recovery, the Bay- 
that having complied w th their promise, wee may bee Supplied upon the like 

Order'd that the Rochester bee unladen & that the Storekeeper do Strictly R oe h es ter to 
Survey & muster the Ships Company, to See if She bee in a condition for a voyage be unladen, 
to England, & that hee take what ("aptain [s] Masters of Ships, & Carpenters he MuVter'd. 
can procure here, to assist him therein, & that hee give a report thereof to the 

The Bookkeeper M r John Gray read his Journall of the Gener 11 Books of Journaii for 
Accompts for the remaining part of the month of August last, which was also past uguB ■ 
in Councill, and hee again desired to hasten the entring & reading the rest of the 

The Chief &c a Councill att Conimeer having taken ashoar from Cap* Brorn- ^ n ^ &0 ? 
well Commander of the Rochester 12 great Guns, Cordage &c a necessarys, Itt is att Conimeer 
order'd that the Cordage bee return'd as near as possible, & Sent aboard without ^™ tt ^j? t " 


Records of Fort St. George 



News from 


Pass to Ship 
Letter from 


8 d 

charge to the Captain, & that hee bee paid for the Guns att 13 ; 6 f<Hhat being 
the price agreed upon. 

Elihu Yale. 

John Geay. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

r : fkreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Nat : Higginson. 

Will : Feaseb. 

Letters from Surat to M r Rodrigues dated the 7 th of last month, give the- 
f olio wing advice, That the Generall was arrived att Swaliy in March last, & that 
the Governours Son, had been aboard, to compliment him, ashoar, which hee refused, 
desiring the Governour himself would come aboard to him, which caused 
the Son to go away displeased, and the Governour would not agree to go,, 
but Some Merchants went aboard afterwards, & with much perswation, pre- 
vailed with the General] to go aslioar, who took with him two hundred Souldiers 
for his Guard, where the Governour came, and they proceeded and agreed upon 
Articles, which were Sent up to the Mogull, to be confirmed, but feared he would 
hardly consent to them, and that the Generall had returned four Prises, hee had 
taken of the Merchants, That the Ship New London was bound for England, Ship 
Charles the Second for Persia, Ship Modena for Bussora, And a Ship (which they 
do not name) for China. 

Pass given to Ship Phenix belonging to Cap* Edward inglish, Said Edward 
Inglish Commander. 

Rec d a Letter from Mahomet Sadeek to the President, desiring that a boy 
belonging to him, in Town, might be delivered his Servant. 

Att a Consultation 




Elihu Yale Esq r PeesidEnt & Goveen r 
M R John Gray. S r 

M K John Littleton M r Robeet Feeeman 
M r Thomas Wavell M r Nath. Higginson 
M r William Feasee. 

Papers con- 
cerning Mr. 
Ords estate 
delivered Mr 
To give 
Security & 
pay the bal 
lance into 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. 

M R . James Wheeler having administer'd upon the estate of M r . Ralph Ord 
deceased, the orders & papers rec d from England, relating to that business were 

delivered to him, & he order'd to give in Secuiity for the rendring a true ace* 
thereof, & to pay the ballance into the R' Hon ,,le Comp as Cash according to their 

The Custome by the exportation of Slaves here, being now of little advantage 
to tho R' Hon ble Comp" by their Scarcity, & itt having brought upon us great com- 
plaints & troubles from the Country Government, for the loss of their Children & 
Servants Speritedand Stoln from them, which being likely to encrease, by the new 
Government of the Mogull's, who are very averse, & prohibit all Such trade in his 
Dominions, & has lately expvest his displeasure therein against the Dutch for their 
exporting of Slaves from Metchlepatam, to prevent which prejudice & mischiefs 
for the future, & wee having rec d a late Letter from the Sier Lascar about itt, Itt 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 




is agreed & order'd that after the Twentieth Instant no person or Inhabitant of this 
place, either Christian or other, do directly or indirectly buy or transport 
Slaves from this place or any adjacent Port (whereby the Government, may be 
any ways troubled or prejudiced) upon the penalty of Fifty Pag for each Slave 
bought & transported, against this our order, But in consideration that Severall 
persons in Town, have formerly bought Slaves, which Still remain by them, by 
reason of their Sickness, or want of oppertunity to transport them, Itt is agreed 
that they bee permitted to Ship off such Slaves Provided they give a List of them to 
the Justices of the Choultry, & produce them publickly there, to bee duly examined 
& Registred, and the better to prevent any demands upon them hereafter, the 
Justices are order'd to Proclame the Same by beat of Drum, that no person may 
pretend ignorance, thereof, & that all may come, & make their demands for 
Children & Slaves Stoln, & upon due proof, they bee deliver'd to them, free from 

The R* Hon ble Comp a having directed us in their Generall of the 6 th June 
last, to encourage the trade to Mindanao, and therein allso order'd us, to engage to 
all persons, to pay them Eight pence p pound for Clove bark, and Fifty Shillings 
f- hundred, for Quill Cassia Lignum, for all that they Should bring to this Port, and 

"M r Ambrose Moody being now bound upon that design for Mindanao, and requir- 
ing an Obligation from us, to prevent Scruples hereafter therein, Itt is agreed that 
itt bee given to him, under our hands, and the R' Hon ble Comp as Seal, and to all 
persons the Same that desire itt, and hee having a Small parcell of Clove bark 
by him, Itt is order'd that the "Warehouskeeper receive itt att that rate. 

The Register brought in a List of Actions enter'd in the Court of Admiralty 
Since Munday last which was read in Councill. 

The Land Customer M* William Fraser read his Book of Accompts for the 
months of January, February & March last, which was past in Councill as followeth. 

The month of January. 

Choultry Cusfcome 
Land Custome 
Weighers duty 
Measurers duty 
Banksoll Toll 

Choultry Custome 
Land Custome 
Weighers duty 
Measurers duty 
Banksoll Toll 
Slaves ... 
Botica rents 










• 14 



: 28 








: 08 






Deduct Wages. 



= — 
















. „ 


















Deduct Wage 





the trade to 
Price ol Clove 
hark & Quill 
Cassia Lig- 
num allowed 
by the Com- 

Mr Moody. 

A Small 
parcell of 
Clove bark 
bought of 

List of 


enter'd in 





The month 
of January. 

The month 
of February. 

P 151 : 10 ; 27 


Records of Fort St. George 


The month 
of Maroh. 



Choultry Custome ... ... ... ... P. 

Land Custome ... ... ... ... ... „ 

Weighers duty ... ... ... ... ,, 

Measurers duty... ... ... ... ... „ 

Banksoll Toll , 

Slaves ... ... ... ... ... ... ,, 

Rent of Paddy Ground ... ... .. „ 

Deduct Wages. 


100: 33: 50 
27 : 07 ; 13 
1 : 18 : 88 
57: 04: 16 
4: 15: 31 
— : 16 : — 
55 : ~ : — 

246 : 22 : 98 
3 : 24 : — 

242 : 34 : 98 

Eliho Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 

John Littleton.. 
r : ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
Will: Fraser. 


Pass to 



Coppy of the 
King of 
of Warr. 
Generall &oa 
from Ooni- 


Phenix & 




Letter from 


Sadeek and 




Letter to 
To avoid 
paying Town 

A Pass given to Ship Conimeer Merchant belonging to M r John Willcox,, 
Anthony Penistone Master. 

An English man in the French Service, lately come from Siam, brought us 
news that M r Hodges & M 1 ' Hill Still continued att Siam, & itt was reported that 
M r Hill was coming hither by way of Tenassei-ee, also brought a paper Said to bee 
coppy of the King of Siams Declaration of Warr, against the R' Hon b ' 6 Comp a and 
their Servants, which is order'd to bee enter'd in the Coppy Book of Letters rec d 
& remitted to the R* Hon ble Comp a & Surat, by the first oppertunity. 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated the 12 th Ins* advising that they could 
not prevail with their Merchants, to provide blue Cloth, the troubles in the 
Country daily encreasing, that they were indebted Pag° 1 500, & desire a Supply 
of mony & paper, they Send their originall Cowl for their Guns, & Coppy of their 
Generall Books for the year 1685. 

Ship Phenix Edward Inglisli Master, & Conimeer Merch* Anthony Penistone 
Master, sailed for the Southward. 

Rec d a Letter from Mahomed Sadeek & another from Appauge Pontolo 
demanding the Town rent. 

Att a Consultation 


Elihtj Yale Esq" President & Governour 
M E S E John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M e Robert Freeman 
M R Thomas Wavell M b Nath. Higginson 
M r William Fraser. 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. 

A Letter from the President to Mahomed Sadeek, Seirkeel att Conjeveron, 
in answer to one rec d from him the 15 th Ins' read & past, wherein they demand the 
Town rent, but 'tis concluded best, to avoid its paym* till wee have accomodated 
our troubles with the Mogull, or as long as possible can conveniently. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 81 



The Severall persons employed in the Survey of Ship Dragon deliver in their The Dragon 
opinions to the Councill (as enter'd next after this Consultation) wherein they Surveyed 
declare her unfitt for a voyage to England, without repair, & the Commander J^geS* 
Cap* Pensax being sent for, declares & confirmes the Same, & hee having already England. 
rec d the amount of what agreed upon in Charterparty, & wee having no order, nor 
power to Supply him, with any more, towards her repairs & charges. Itt is agreed 
that wee do now Protest against the Said Ship for her incapacity for the R* Hon ble To be Pr °- 
Comp as Service, but that the Cap 1 bee also acquainted, that if hee can take up against, 
mony to fitt her, & make her capable for a voyage to England, wee shall afterwards To be em- 
employ her home. ployed .f the 

■r J Capt can 

raise mony 
& fitt her. 

The Storekeeper delivers in a Mustar of Ship Dragons men, which are 16 Muster of the 
living & much Short of the number she should have by Charterparty. m "°° nB 

For the greater care & better mnnnagment of the Customehouse business Itt Two Writers 
is order'd that they have two writers more for the^r assistance, to officiate as ^^e'to^he 
Waiters, & that George Wingfield & William Bowdler bee appointed thereto. Custome ? 
And that two Candy of Gaunce bee bought & made into Bell weights for the T „ oCa ^„ J 
Customehouse & Chowtrey, the Lead ones being faulty and much complain'd of. of Gaunoe to 

Elihu Yale. to P?^ , 


John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
E : ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat: Higginson, 
May the 15 th 1688. Will : Phaser. 

A Survey order'd by his Hon r &c a Councills command onboard the Ship Survey of 
Dragon, Cap' Henry Pensax Commander, now riding in Madras Eoad, Wee Samtiell Ship Dra e° n - 
Harden, George Clemmons, Joseph Evens [sic] & Francis Busby Carpenters, 
belonging to the good Ships Rochester & Bengali Merchant, now riding in the Road 
of Madras, whereof Cap* John Bromwell & Cap* William Ferse are Commanders, Do 
pass our best judgments to what wee See, in the Hold on the Larbord-side three 
beames in the Midships & knees belonging thereto Shifted to Starboard one Inch & 
better, by what wee find by her Pillars under the Gun Deck beames, which wee 
Saw experimental! with our own eyes, likewise two breast hooks in the Bowes, that 
we find rotten & Iron Sick, likewise on the Starboard Side, one middle band bioake, 
& abaft that on ditto one Gun Deck clamp broak, on the Gun Deck one Standard 
broak, opposite to itt one lodging knee broak, & likewise Some chayne bolts Started, 
& her Butts reached, & without good repairs & a Dock, itt is our opinion that She 
is not in a Condition for men & the Comp as goods to be venter'd home. 

Surveyed by us — 

William Fraser. 
William Perse. 
The mark of — John Hampton. 

Gkorgk C. Clemenoe. John Stkangways. 

Joseph Evans. Nath. Russell. 

Francis Busbey. Samuell Hardd 


Pass given to Sloop Speedwell belonging to M r Rich d Browne Thomas 19. 

Flamming Master. PasstoSioop 

S r eedwell. 

Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor dated 15 th Instant advising to have 75 bales Generail. 

ready att Portonovo, & desire a Supply of Pag 30,000 to pay their Merchants, from Cooda * 
that they had Sent a Braminee to treat, with Eccogees Son, they desire Factors 





fa2 Records of Fort St. George 


provissions, & propose the buying a house att Portonovo for their accomodation, 
one large enough being offered them for Pag° 350. 
20 Ship Delight Robert Aiellish Master arrived from the Southward. 

Ship Delight 




Munday Elihu Yale Esq" President & Goveeno r 

2l - M E John Gray S e John Biggs 

M R John Littleton M b 

M R M E Nath. Higginson 

M R William Fhaskr. 

Ligt o{ The whole Oouncill being duly Summon'd. 

Actions The Register brought in a List of Actions enter'd in the Court of Admiralty 

Since Munday last, which was read in Councill. 

The Warehouskeeper & assistants having according to order examined the 

Conimeer Cloth, do give in their opinions as enter'd next after this Consultation 
Capt Brom- & are order'd to examine the rest. 

wen to be (l a pt Bromwell delivering in an ace' of Guns, Stores &c a spared to the Chief 

paid ^ a at( . Q on j meer f or defence of that Factory, & confirmation of the late Cowl & 

priviledges given them, for Fortifying that place, which ace 1 being reasonably 

charg'd, Itt is order'd to bee paid him accordingly. 
A supply of Advising us from Coodaloor that they were forward in their former contract 

ed°att Cooda- there & att Portonovo, insomuch that thev were indebted Pag 30,000 to the 

Merchants for goods lately sent *$■ the Rochester &c a and that they had long Since 

delivered them in Europe goods to the full amount of their contract, & without a 

further Supply of mony they could not proceed, & must return part of the Said 
ord"erVi V Europe goods, Itt is therefore agreed & order'd that P 10,000 bee Sent them in 


mony & 3 Chests of Silver by a Vessell bound thether now in this Road, but that 
be°taken S in they take in no more goods upon this contract, after the last of next July, design- 
att Coodaloor i n g to dispatch a Ship by that time for Europe, & those goods to be part of her 
Lstofnext Cargo. Itt is also order'd to send Pag 3000 to Conimeer to discharge their debts, 
Jn Jy- & defray the expence of that Factory, and Factors provissions to both Factorys. 

Sent to Coni- 
-to be Sent 
to Coodaloor 
& Conimeer. 

beebought The Chief &c a att Goodaloor writing us that they have no convenient accom- 

att Horto- modation att Portonovo, to do the R* Hon ble Comp as business in, & desiring leave 

to build a house or buy one, offered to them upon reasonable tearms, ' tis agreed 

that they rather buy then build, Provided the house bee cheap, Suitable & the 

tytle good. lb, 

M r Ambrose Moody having delivered 252 of Clove barke att Eight pence f* 

pound bought of him for the R* Hon ole Comp* 8 ace* am* to Pag 18 : 24 : Itt is 

order'd to bee paid for. 

Elihu Yale. 
Sp b afd k John Gray. 

*r. J. BlGGS. 

John Littleton. 
R : ffeeeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat; Higginson. 
Will: Fraser. 


A Supply 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688. 83 


Fort St George may the 21 th , 1683. [21st] 

Wee the Subscribers belonging to the R* Hon blu Comp as Godown being Examination 
order'd by the Hon ble President, and (Jouncill to examine the Conimeer cloth do ciot™ 6 " 
make this following report Viz*. 

Long Cloth ordinary No. 1 indifferently Sorted but 
somewhat thin. 
No. 2 not well Sorted. 
Ditto browne No. 6 Course and thin. 
Ditto blew the Cloth indifferently good, but a pale blue. 
Sallampores ordinary No. 6 not having a Mustar Judge 

itt may pass for a Second Sort to 
No. 3. 
Ditto No. 3 well Sorted. 

Ditto brown indifferent good cloth. 
Comsaloes No. A good cloth. 

John Littlrton. 
Hem(y Alkoj.'d. 
Kjhvakd Tkedoeoft. 

Pass given to Ship Retrieve belonging to M r John Gray George Paulin 21. 
Master. J ' ass to Rh; p 


Ship S* Pedro de Alcanta, Antony de Malas Master arrived from Goa. ship from 

Rec d a Letter from our Vakeel Coje Abanus dated in Gulcondah the 3 d Ins* 22. 
advising of his treating with the Nabob, about our Phirmaund, of his being near Letter from 
a conclusion, & intentions of going up to the Camp, but that advices came from Co J eADaDUS - 
thence, that the Articles agreed upon between his Exell C} ' the Generall & the 
Governour of Surat, were confirmed by the Mogull by Sending him his Phirmaund, 
upon which the Vakeel desisted going up, & desires to know how he Shall 
dispose of a our mony. 

Sloop Speedwell Thomas Flemming Master Sailed to the Southward. 23. 

Sloop Speed- 
well Sailed 

Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor dated the 20 th Ins* advising that their Chief 24. 
Subidar Cashua Pontolo, was coming into those parts, & desire our order how to Generall 
present him, they write for mony to pay the R* Hon ble Comp as debt, to their [™™ Coda " 
Merchants, & that their contract there, would bee concluded in 4 or 5 dayes more. 

Rec d a Letter from Mons r Martin Directore Generall att Pnllicherry dated the 24 - 
31 th Ins* complaining of many unkindnesses rec d from the English, hee only £ ett " ( ™ m 
designing to excuse themselves from their late illegall & unfriendly protecting & 
owning the King of Siams Ships & goods under their names & coulors the President 
having lately wrote him a Sharp letter about itt. 

Att a Consultation 


Elihu Yale Esq r President & Govern" 24. 

M B S E John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M r Robert Freeman 
M" M E Nath. Higginson. 

M E 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. 
M r Wavell Sick & M r Frazer gone aboard Ship 
Rochester to Mustar her men. 
Receiving a' Generall from Coodaloor wherein they desire a further Supply of coo^ak.or"' 8 ' 
mony to pay off the tt* Hon ble Comp i,s debt to the Merchants for goods rec d of with more 


P^ecords of Fort St. George 


Of present- 
ing Cashua 

To be 
referr'd to 
the Chief 

Capt Pen- 

of ship 

Charge of 
fitiing her 
Dieting o f . 

TearmB for a 


Advice of 
the Generall 

That w« 
desist till 
wee hear 
from Surat. 
P 1000 to be 
paid Mr. 
Allow, nee to 
att Met. hle- 
patam & 

Genlls to 
Coodaloor & 


them, but having already order'd them, what wee can possibly Spare, itt must 
bee accordingly writ them, & that wee Shall Supply them further, when we 
are furnisht. They also desire our advice about presenting Cashua Pontolo chief 
Soobidar, who is coming into those parts, & a Present being accustomary & 
unavoidable, or elce wee must disoblige him & our business, Itt is therefore order'd 
that tae am' thereof & the particulars bee referr'd to them, but to bee advised to 
be prudent & as frugall as possible, & to enquire what the Dutch do therein, & 
to Suit their business accordingly. 

Cap* Pensax Commander of the Dragon having given in a Declaration of his 
Ship3 unfitness & uncapableness for a voyage to England, being much out of repair 
& unsheathed, and the great charge itt will bee to fitt her, besides mens wages for 
Said voyage, for which hee has no Stock, nor can take up Sufficient the coft being 
calculated att Rup s 15100 which paper is order'd to bee enter'd next after this 
Consultation, for the Owners fuller Satisfaction, Also a paper containing an ace* 
of dieting Souldiers amounting to $ 365 but one of them dying three months past 
Itt is order'd that his provissions bee deducted the remainer now paid him. 

Receiving advices yesterday from our Vakeel Coje Abanus att Gulcondah, 
wherein he writes of his further treaty with Rowalloo Cawn the Nabob there, & 
that hee had near accomodated the tearmes of our generall Phirmaund, & that he 
was in readyness to proceed to the Camp, to have itt contirm'd by the Mogull, on 
which day receiving Letters from the Camp, that his Exell cv the Generall S r John 
Child, had made a generall peace att Surat, & that the Mogull, had Sent his 
Phirmaund thether, to confirm the Articles, & presuming this place & Bengali 
are included therein, Itfc is thought fitt & agreed that wee prosecute no further 
the procury of our Phirmaund, till wee hear from Surat and know the tearms, 
they have agreed upon, & then to act accordingly, least we put the R* Hon ble 
Comp il to an unnecessary charge. 

Order'd that Pag lOOO bee paid M 1 ' Robert Freeman Paymaster Generall to 
defray Charges Garrison & ca . 

The Braminee, Dabass & 16 Peons att Metchlepatam P'actory & the Same 
number att Madapollam Factory, being left there to keep the Factorys in repair, 
& Security, till our resettlement, who complaining much for want of their wages, 
provissions being excessive Scarce & dear, in those parts Itt is order'd that their 
Arrears bee paid them, & allowed for the future Pag 24 <p month to each Factory 
for a Braminee Dubass & 16 Peons att each place. 

Generalls to Coodaloor & Conimeer dated yesterday read and past, giving 
them directions in the mannaginent of the R* Hon ble Comp as concerus att both. 
Factorys, & advising to have Supplied them, now, with what mony wee can 
possibly Spare, till wee receive a fresh recruit. 

Elibu Yale. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 
r : ffkeeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat. Higginson. 
Will : Fkaser. 

Capt Fort S* George 24 th May 1688. 

Declar '"■ T ° ^ H ° nb ' e E LIHtl YALE EsQ R 

«- arati on . PRESIDENT & G0V H &C A CoUNCILL. 

Hon 01 " S r &C\ 

Being order'd on board of the Dragon Cap* Anthony Fenn Commander, as 
Chief Mate, by his Exellency S r John Child, & after the decease of Cap* Anthony 
Fenn, I was constituted Comander of Said Ship, by order of M r George Cooke 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 85 

-FORT ST. GEORGE, MAT 1688 [24thX 

Chief &c a Councill att Gomroon in Persia, to navigate the Said Ship to Madras 
which being now performed. 

Since my arrivall here your Hon r &c a has been pleased to Send Surveyers on 
board of the prementioned Ship Dragon, who finding the Ship not capable of 
performing a voyage to England, & likewise I have made enquiry what she may 
cost in making her capable of a voyage to England, which amounts to Rup s 15100 
besides mens wages, to bee paid here, for which Summe I cannot find Creditt for, 
this is all from 

Hon ble S r & oa 

Your most humble Servant, 
(i ,fi Henky Pensax 

To Cap* Henry Pensax, 

Command re of Ship 

Dragon & ca Officers. 

Upon a due Survey of your Ship Dragon by the Several! Commanders, Ship 
Masters & Carpenters here, they have given us their joint opinions, in writing, as ^chars' 
also your own particularly, that she is now very uncapable & unfitt for a voyage 
to England, or any other place with Safety, before She be repair'd & fitted, which 
also is calculated will am* to Rup s 15100 which you having declared that you have 
no Stock for, nor can take up So much here, upon the Ships Credit, & she being 
declared wholy unservicable without itt, Wee the President & Councill of Port 
S l George, do therefore hereby discharge your Said Ship Dragon from the 
R* Hon bIe East India Comp as Service & all Demorages, and other charges or 
demands that may arise thence, from the date hereof untill you Shall make her 
every ways able & fitting for the Said R' Hon ble Comp as Service, till when wee do 
by these Presents discharge you & your Ship Dated att Fort S* George in 
the City of Madras the 24 th day of May Anno 1688. 

Eijhu Yale. 
John Gray. 
John Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Robert Freeman. 
Thomas Wavell. 
Wath. Higginson. 
William Eraser. 

Rec d a Letter from Mahomed Sadeeck att Wandawash, desiring that all the 26. 
Braminees, Merchants & other people belonging to the Duan, particularly Madapa, Letter from 
may be turned out of this Town. 

Ship Retrieve George Paulin Master Sailed for Acheen. 27. 



Reported that there has lately been an English Pirat att Trimlevas, Since S ep ?' t .° r " n 
which wee have rec d the following ace* Ship S 4 AntODio in Seven degrees latitude pirattatt 
near Z el on me tt an English Ship of 36 Guns but few men by which She was ' 1 ' rinilev a3. 
robbed totally except Some Vessells of wine, ei^ht men killed, carrying away with p°^ ed ' 
them her Pilott, Boatswain, Chirurgeon & Some Marriners, that after Some dayes Ship, 
a ffrench Ship from Europe with 14 Guns & 40 men happened to meet with her, 
which Supplied her with a l J ilott & brought her to S* Thoma She came from Groa, 
Also a rumour in Town that there are four Ships arrived in Metchlepatam Road, si^EmtL- 
with an Embassador & a Present of Elephants &c a from the King of Siam to the sador* «.« 
Mogul!, but no news of itt from thence. tLe'^fe^ 


Records of Fort St. George 



acc-t fo 


Att a Consultation 


Elihu Yale Esq* President & Govern" 
M" John Gka? S p - John Biggs 
M k John Littleton M r I.'obert Freeman 
M R M E Nath. Higginson 

M E William Fraser. 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. 
M E Wavell Sick. 

The Warehouskeeper M r John Littleton read his Book of acc t8 for the month 
of Aprill, which was past in Councill. 

The Paymaster GenerallM 1 Nath. Higginson read his book of Acc ta for the 
m th of March, which was past, in Councill as followeth. 

Charges Garrison 

Charges Generall 

Charges Uielt 

Charges Kxtraordinary ... 

Charges Cattle ... 

Charges Merchandise 

Acct Fortifications & Repairs ... 

Expedition to Bengali 

Expedition to Tenasseree 

'ag° 975 : 



„ 623 : 



„ 306 : 



» 28; 



» 36: 



,, 84: 



» 116: 



,, 52 ; 





g° 2,225 : 



List of 

Mr Levisons 
acct of 
How much 
Mr Leyisorj. 

List of Ship 
To be pub- 
lished and 
left att the 

Gold <fl> Ship 
Dragon to be 

The Register delivers in a list of Actions enter'd in the Court of Admiralty 
Since Munday last, which was read in Councill. 

M r William Fraser delivers in his Muster of Ship Eochesters men to bee 81 

M r Levison delivers in an ace 4 of his Charges & Expenees on the Dragon to 
Bombay & Persia amounting to Rup s 305 but finding that the provissions laid in 
here for them am" to Pag [108] Itt is thought fitt that hee bee allowed but Pag 
50 in full of his further charge, which wee esteem Sufficient, in consideration of 
what was laid in before. 

Cap' Henry Pensax delivers in Lists of Ship Dragons Stores W oh are order'd 
to bee published & left att the Custome house, that all persons may have a view 
thereof, to encourage them in the buying of the Ship. 

Order'd that the Gold rec d from Persia 
Mint & coyned with all convenient Speed. 

Ship Dragon be weighed off to the 

Elphu Yale. 
John Gi;at. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littlrton. 
r : fhieeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat : Higginson. 
Will : Fraser. 

John Stables Sec ry . 

29 Letter from the President to Mahomed Sadeek in answer to one rec d from 

Sadeek' h* m tne ^G" 1 Ins* assuring him that no person shall Shelter himself here to the- 
Mahomea. Duans prejudice approved and Signed. 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688. 




Sloop Sophia 


Letter from 
Letier fiom 

from Sounde Bollogie complaining of their ffortifying att Boiiogie. 

Sloop Sophia John Strangways Master Sailed to the Southward. 

Rec a a Letter from the Heer Laurence Pitt att Palliacat dated the 8 th Jane 
desiring that a Boat in this Road with Grain from Negapatain, might bee released 
•owning her & her Cargo to belong to their Company. 

Rec d a Letter 
Conimeer, & threatens hard if they do not take downe their great Guns 

Att a Consultation 


Elthu Yale Bsq r President & Govern* 
M B John Gray S B John Biggs 
M R John Littleton M r Robert Freeman 
M E M R Nath. Higginson 

M R William Frasee. 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. 

Cap* Perse having given us notice that his Ship is near unladen, & ready to 
take in Quintaledg, The Warehnuske< j per is order'd to lade Saltpeetre aboard his 
Ship Bengali Merchant according to Charterparty. 

Generall to Palliacat read & past advising to have released the Negapatam, 
Paddy Boat, the Governour having wrot the President, that she & her Grain 
belonged to their Company. 

. Having rec d a Letter from Sounde Bolloge of complaint for ffortifying 
Conimeer, desiring us to forbid their further proceedings therein, otherwise that 
he had orders from Court to prevent itt by force, but wee having now the 
Prince'ss Cowl, & authority for to mount Guns for the defence of the place, as the 
Dutch French have att Pullicherry & Tegnapatam, Itt is therefore thought 
fitt that Coppy of Said Letter be Sent to M r Willcox &c a that we may hear their 
opinions thereon, before wee give any answer thereto. 

M r John Littleton & M r Nathauiell Higginson report the weight of the Gold 
brought from Persia on the R 4 Hon ble Comp aa ace' upon the Dragon to bee 

oz. dwt. gr. 

3355 : — : 19 which is [lacuna in the original] then lavoyoe, & what rec' 1 for freight co 

oz. d*t. gr. 

bee 139 : 17 : 06. 

Discourst about Sending in pursuit of the Pirat but nothing agreed upon till 
wee Speak with the Europe Commanders, and know their inclinations & abillity 
for itt, the Pirat being reported to have 36 Guds mounted with about 60 
Europeans, & his Ship well fitted also to consider what time 'twill now require to 
go & return from Acheen, whether 'tis supposed the Pirat is gone. 

Pag 11: 12: 5 being due to M r Benjamin Northy for Sallary to the time 
of his death, Itt is order'd to bee paid to M r John Pitt, who married his widdow. 

Elihh Yale. 
John Gray. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
R : fprreman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Nat ; Higginson. 
Will : Fraser. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Ship Boa Vista Don Theodore de S 4 Lucas Master arrived from Coodaloor 
& brought a Gen 11 from thence without date with Bill of Lading for 145 bales of 
'Callicoes & 36 bags of Indico laden on board her. 


on the 
Generall to 


Coppy to be 
Sent to Coni 

Report of the 
weight of the 
Gold f' Ship 

Europe Com- 
manders to 
be discourst 

Mr North ey's 
3allary to be 


Ship Boa 
Visia from 
Generall &ca 
from thence. 


Records of Fort St. George 

Monday, 4 

List of Ao- 
tions entered. 

Gco:ds1 ^ 
Ship Boa 
Vista to be 
taken asboar. 

Cuntome over 
paid to be 
allowed out 
of next 

the Vizagapa- 

Mr. Brownes 
about the 
M erohants. 


Att a Consultation 


Blihu Yale Eso/ President & Govern*. 

M B John Gray S r John Biggs 

M r John Littleton M k Robekt Feeeman 

M R Thomas Wavbll M a Nath. Higginson 

M E William Feasek. 

The Register delivers in an ace* of actions enterd in the Court of Admiralty 
Since Munday last, which was read in Councill. 

The Warehouskeeper is order'd to take ashoar what brought from Coodaloor 
& Portonovo in the Boa Vista, & that they bee examined according to our 
former orders. 

There having been Some mistakes in the charging & receiving the Customes 
of Severall persons, & the Customer being doubtfull in the repaying itt, without 
an order of Council], Itt is hereby thought fitt, & order'd that all Such mistakes 
bee made good to the proprietors from the next entries they make. 

The Vizagapatam Merchants being desirous to return home, they were Sent 
for, & 'twas demanded of them, whether they had any further charge against 
M r Richard Browne, then bis imposing his own goods upon them att unreason- 
able rates, delivering us an ace* of quantities of comodities Sold' them att high 
prises which M r Brown acknowledged, but alledged 'twas the price curr* of 'those 
parts, & that hee had sold Severall times, & to other Merchants att the Same rates 
for ready money, whereas hee gave them near 12 months for payment, & that 
these very Merch ts importunatly desired to buy them att those rates, he having 
contracted with some Dutch Merchants for them, but upon their earnest entreaty 
perswaded the Said Dutch Merch s to release half to them, to the truth whereof 
Said M r Browne & M r Charlton delivered in their depositions to the Councill, to 
which they were duly Sworn, & are enter'd next after this Consultation. 

Elihu Yale. 
John Geat. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
R : ffreeman. 
Tho ; . Wavkll. 
1 Nat: Higgi,\son. 

Will : Fraser, 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Fort S 4 George June the 4 th 16S8. 

To the Vizagapatam Merchants charge bearing date Aprill the 9 ch 1687 
Richard Browne rnaketh Oath, That upon receipt of the Hon ble the President & 
Counoills orders for himself & them (as is mentioned therein att their request) to 
repair to Fort S* George, to have the Same examined, Hee did Summon the Said 
Merchants & Signified the Same to them, & delivered them, the late I residents 
letter to themselves, & likewise commanded them to gett ready to go to Fort S' 
George in convenient time, to vindicate their Said charge, But the greater part 
denied to have been concerned in any such charge, & that their hands thereto 
were forged, And as for those that were the authors thereof, being daily pressed 
by him to proceed to Fort S' George to make out their Said charge, agreablo to 
their own request, assuring them that himself or any others they Should desire, 
Should certainly repair thether, But finding them by many frivolous pretences, to 
evade their going he (that he might clear his reputation) offer'd to compell them 
thereto, upon which they promised him a Summe of mony, & offered to give itt 
him under their hands, that all that they had written was fals, provided hee would 
excuse their going up to the Fort, & continue to favour & credit them with such 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688. S9 


goods, as they Should desire as formerly, which proffer hee waved, acquainting 
them that 'twas no Small proceedure they had engaged themselves in, to charge 
him in So high a nature, & to make their applications to the President &c a that 
both he & themselves might bee order'd to appear att the Fort, that they might 
have right done them, which favour was now granted them, & that 'twas now 
impossible for him to clear his reputation (which they had in So great a measure 
Scandaliz'd) any other way but by their going up to the Fort for that neither the 
E* Hon ble Comp a nor the President & Couneill would bee Satisfied of his integrity, 
unless both parties were examined upon this matter by the President & Couneill 
att the Fort, & howsoever Slight a matter they made to impeach him, hee Should 
esteem itt, highly to import him fully to vindicate himself, of this charge, thereby 
to continue in the good opinion of the R* Hon ble Comp" & likewise in favour of 
the Hon hIe President &c a and So order'd them under the charge of Severall of the 
Factory Peons, & compell'd them to come hither, notwithstanding their many 
delays & contrivances to avoid itt, Now as to the particulars alledged in the above- 
mentioned charge by the aforesaid Merchants, he further maketh Oath, That 
he never (as he remembers) pretended that the R* Hon ble Comp a sent to Vizaga- 
patam Copper, Tutanague, Tin &c a goods therein Specified, neither did hee ever 
threaten the aforesaid Merchants to deliver them, or any of them, over to the 
Moors Government, if they did not comply with him, to take off goods as they 
alledge, but has often rescued them, out of the hands of the Government, when 
pretences has been upon them, And that hee had made an agreement & Sold the 
Said goods to two Bimlepatam Merchants, which the Vizagapatam Merchants 
understanding by their request, & importunity prevailed with him, that they 
might have the Said goods, att the rates & tearms agreed with the Bimlepatam 
Merchants, which were delivered them accordingly & no otherwise, being to the 
amount of Fag 5000 in the year ] 685 & in or about the month of February ll>8-f 
Some of the above said Merchants of their own accords often Solicited him, for 
Severall goods he had then by him, & att length prevailed with him for them, 
about the rates mentioned in their charge, and they were weighed & deli- 
vered them, but when the other Merchants had notice thereof, they would 
not rest Satisfied unless part were delivered them, in which they were So 
very urgent, & those that had bought them obstinatly refusing them any 
Share therein, affirming that they had fairly bought the Said goods, that the 
difference & contention between them, about the Same, grew so ' high, 
that hee to oblige them both, thought convenient to order the goods to bee 
equally devided among them, provided they would bee equally engaged 
one for another, which before could never prevail with them to do, & that they 
would therewith commence an Investment of Callicoes in the usuall Sorts provided 
by them, & to put our Investment m a good forwardness they had of him in 
mony & goods to the am' of about 16600 Pag and also upon the arrivall of the 
Comp ils mony, which was about 1900J & came about 6 months after (as he remem- 
bers) that was likewise delivered them, So that they rec a about 35700 of which 
the R* Hon ,,lB Comp a had the choice of the goods brought in, in lieu thereof, 
and the Merchants certainly made a good advantage thereby, having the 
abovesaid goods about 12 months without any Interest, & for the greatest 
part of the Said goods, they gave no more, that what hee has Severall times 
Since Sold att for ready mony, & hee being forced after about 12 months time, 
to take the turned out Cloth, for his mony, att Such rates that hee lost con- 
siderably by them, has never Since in that manner dealt with them, th6 often 
importuned by them, and presumes they have on that Score, exhibited the Said 
charge against him, not having in any other manner offended them, that hee 
remembers, neither can they in reason pretend the aforesaid goods were forced 
upon them, when they quarrel'd anions themselves in So high a manner, who 
Should have them. 

Jurat Coram me. Rl : Bewnb. 

Elihu Yale. 


Records of fort St. George 


Browne and 
the Vizasa- 
patam Mer- 


Fort S\ George June the 4 th 1688. 

Concerning the business between M r . Richard Browne & the Vizagapatam 
Merchants, Frnncis Charlton maketh Oath, That he never knew any time, that 
any goods were forced or imposed upon the Said Merchants, neither att any time 
were they threatned, forced or constrained on that ace* as ever he knew of, but 
this hee very well remembers & knows that they have often come to him, desiring 
of him, that hee would bee So much their friend as to speak to M r Brosvne & to 
perswade him, to Spare goods to them, & Severall times when the Said Merchants 
have come out of M r Browne's Chamber he askt the Said Merchants, what was 
their business, & they told him, they came to request M r Browne to Spare them 
Some goods. 

And further he maketh Oath that the President &c a orders for M r Browne & 
the Said Merchants to come up to the Fort, many times M r Browne has Sent for 
them, & told them they must go up to the Fort & make good what they had writt 
against him, thev returned him answer, they had no business there, & what Should 
they do att the Fort, with that M r Browne threatned them, & told them, that if 
they would not proceed on their journey to the Fort, hee would Send them up in 
Irons, many times hee had told them in this manner and att last hee compell'd 
them accordingly. 

Jurat Coram me. Fra : Charlton. 

Blihu Tale. 

Generall to 

Pass given t( 
Ship Lyon. 
Letter from 

Generall to Conimeer dated this day approved & Signed, reprehending them 
for their long Silence, giving them orders about 20 English men that left the 
Firatt att Trimlevas, Sending them the Translate of Sounde Bollogee's letter for 
their opinions, ordring them to hasten the conclusion of their Investment, & if 
possible to provide the blue Cloth, wee lately order'd. 

Pass given to Ship Lyon belonging to M r Richard Browne John Knowlman 

Rec d a Letter from Mahomed Sadeek att Wandawas desiring that Maddapa 
may bee Sent to the Camp. 

Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor dated < ^> n10 Instant, inclosing coppy of agree- 
ment made by M r John Davis &c a with Coodaloor & Portonovo Merchants, Also 
the Coodaloor & Portonovo Merchants Accompts Currants, they advise that their 
Merchants will undertake to bring in 100 Bales by the 20 th July next, for ready 
mony & no Cloth, otherwise not, that the Dutch are making great provission of 
Long Cloth, which makes itt harder to bee procured now, then a Small time Since, 
that there had been an English Pirat att Trimlevas, & about 80 of her men run 
away, designing for the Mogulls Camp, & in their way passed wide of them, of 
which they having notice, had Sent to perswade them to come in, but they would 
not give Credit to their promises, So proceeded on their design, that in weighing 
off the Corall to their Merchants they find a great difference in the weight, They 
also Send us a Letter which they rec d from the Braminee Sent up to treat with 
Bccogee about his Fort. 



A cot Cashfo* 

Att a Consultation 


Blihu Yale Esq* President & Govern 8 
M B John Gray S r John Biggs 

M K John Littleton M b Roekrt Freeman 
M e Thomas Wavell M r Nath. Eigginson 
M r William Frasee, 

The President read his Cash Book for the month of May, which was past in 
Councill, the ballance examined being Pag 4151 : 14 : 0. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 



In consideration that the R* Hon ble Comp" s goods imported here, do not really 
pay Custome, Itt is order'd that what ^oods of theirs is Sold to any person, & 
exported Shall pay two & a half f- Cent Custome by the exporter. 

Generall to Bengali read & past advising occurrences in these parts & Surat, 
and giving them directions in the mannagm* of the H* Hon ble Comp" s affairs. 

The Chiriirgeon delivering in a List of Medicines wanting in the Hospitall, 
Itt is order'd that they bee bought, att as low a price, & as few as possibly, being 
in expectation of the Europe Ships. 

In consideration that wee have not yet a Sufficient Lading for a Ship for 
England, & there remaining many Bales att the Southern Factorys, upon the last 
contract in President Gyffords time, which wee have no opportunity of bringing 
hither, but by Sending our Ships, & there also offering a freight of Paddy att 
Trincombar am* to Pag 1600 upon which consideration, and the Supply of the 
Town, Itt is agreed & order'd that the Bengali Merch* b^e lett to freight, & dis- 
patcht to Trincombar upon the tearms, and agreement hereafter mentioned, Also 
orders given him for the prosecution & Seizing the Pirat if near those parts. 

Contract & agreement made between us the Hon ble President &c a of Fort S* 
George for the R' Hon ,1,e Comp a & M r John AfBceck Merchant, for affreightment 
of Paddy upon Ship Bengali Merchant, from Trincombar att Five Pag & a half *$■ 
Gars, the Ship to remain there twenty clays after the day of her arrival!, & no 
more, upon penalty of paying the R* Hon hie Comp a her Charterparty demorage, 
that hee the Said John AfBceck is to be att the charge of lading & measuring 
aboard the Said Ship, & the R 1 Hon b!e Comp n of unlading itt here, that he is to 
lade the Ship-fully excepting the Steerase, Gun Deck & Cabbin, & to pay the 
aforesaid rate of Five Pag & a half f" Gars, for what shall bee wanting to fill the 
Ship, Witness our hands att Fort S* George in the City of Madras the 7 th day of 
June Anno 1688. 

There being Pag . 844: 23 : 4 due in the Metcyepatam Books to Chundore 
Jugga, & M r Freeman having orders to receive itt, Itt is order'd to bee paid him 
upon his discharge. 

Order'd that Pag 1000 bee paid M r Robert Freeman Paymaster Generall to 
defray Charges Garrison &c a . 

There being about 25 Seamen most English runaway from the Pirat Ship 
lately att Trimlevas called the Batchelors Delight Cap* Read Commander, who 
plunder'd a, Portugues Goa Ship off of Zeilon, since their departure from Trim- 
levas, The Chirurgeon of which Ship, named Harman Coppinger an Irishman, 
leaving his Said Company, came voluntarily hither, Submitting himself, whereupon 
the Governour promised his pardon, provided he would give h>rn a full & true 
relation of their proceedings, Since their first undertaking this wicked 
design, & to acquaint us with the force, bigness & condition of the Ship., the 
names of her men, & her future intentions, & to bee confin'd till then, And the 
Judge & Justices of the Admiralty, are appointed to examine the Said Relation, & 
to give us their opinions thereon. And that all care bee taken to apprehend the 
rest of them, who wee hear are fled to a Fort called Wandewas, to Serve the Mogull, 
But they being lusty Stout fellows which the Garrison is greatly in want of, 'tis 
necessary to recover them. 

Er.rau Yale. 

John Gray. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

R : Ffkeeman. 

Tiio : Wavelu 

Nat : Higginson. 

Will : Fkaser. 
John Stables Sec 17 . 


Custome on 
goods bought 
of the Com- 
pa & expor- 

Generall I 

be bought. 

Of fetching 
the goods 
from the 

A freight 
of Taddy 
offered. ' 
Merebt lett 
to freight, 

made for a 
freight of 

Debt to 
Joggapa to 
bee paid. 
P 1000 to be 
paid Mr. 

About the 




Records of Fort St. Geor^ 


Two PasaeB 

& Letter to 

Ship Lyon 
for Vizagapa. 
Ship Princeas 
of Denmark, 
arrived from 

received by 



MercM for 

General 1 

Conimeer. M' 

Passes given to Sloop George belonging to M r . John Affloeck Edward Green- 
hill Master, & to Ship Delight belonging to M r Thomas Lucas Robert Turlington 

Ship Bengali Merchants dispatch to Trincombar, Ship Recovery's dispatch 
to Kisnapatam & Bengali, & a Letter from the President to Mahomed Sadeek 
advising of Maddapa's going up, all dated this day approved and Signed. 

Ship Lyon John Knowlman Master Sailed for Vizagapatam 

Ship Princess of Denmark Cap' Joseph Haddock Commander arrived from 
England, and the Purser brought the two Boxes of particular Letters ashoar, 
which were delivered as directed, and the Generall Letters &c a taken by the 
President, ordring the Councill to meet on Munday morning, to peruse & 
consider thereon, The contents of Said Packett is as folio weth. Comp as Generall 
to the Fort dated 28 th Septe 1 ' 1637 Oomp as Generall to the Fort dated 12 th 
Octo r 1687 Ooppy of the Comp as Generall to the Fort ^ the Resolution dated 
8 th Aprill 1687. Comp a8 Generall to the Bay dated 28 th Sept 1 ' 1637 & Pac- 
kett. luvoyce of the Princess of Den m ark, Bill of Lading ditto, Charterparty 
ditto, Charterparty of the Loyall Merchant, Charterparty of the James, Commis- 
sion under the lar^ei' Seal for displacing M r Gray & establishing M r Higginson, 
List of Coast goods to bee provided for the year 1639. List of ditto goods of 
which none are to be Sent, List of Bay goods to bee provided for the year 1689. 
Papers rec d from M r Davis concerning the differences between him & M r Cawley, 
Extract of M r Lucas's his Letter from Bencoolen dated 30 th March 1687. List of 
Bullion Sent on accompt of private trade, List of Wines &c a Sent on accompt of per- 
missive trade, Accomptants Generall Letter, dated 18 th November 1687 On Said 
Ship came Six of the R* Hon bie Comp as Servants Viz* Nathaniell Halsey Factor. 
Amaure de La Saugere, Trevor Gaines, William Fowle, Joseph Chapman & Ralph 
Shelden writer. 

Harman Coppinger Chirurgeon of the Pirat lately att Trimlevas now delivers 
a narrative of their proceedings Since they enter'd upon that wicked design, as 
enter'd in the Coppy Book of Letters rec d . 

Ship Bengali Merch* Cap* W m Perse Com clr Sailed for Trincombar. 

Rec d a Gen 11 from Conimeer dated 9 th Ins* advising of the death of M r Willcox' 
who departed this life att 7 in the evening. 

Att a Consultation 


Mr ft ray 

his place. 
Bookn &ca to 
be delivered 


Elihu Yale Esq, 6 President & Governoor 

M" Nath. Higginson S e John Biggs 
M b John Littleton Cap* Joskph Haddock 

M E Robert Fkeghan M R Thomas Wavell 

M R William Fraser M e William Cawley. 

M r John Gray was Sent for, & the R* Hon ble Comp^ Commission for displacing 
him was opened A read, when after some discourse thereon, M r Nathaniell Higginson 
according to their Hon™ order in Said Commission appointed to his place, & M r Gray 
order'd to hast the delivering up all the R* Hon ble Comp as Books & Papers in his 
posession with a List thereof to M 1 Higginson, The President also assured M r 
Gray, that all due respects & justice Should bee Shewn him, & assisted as his 
business required, provided he deported himself as became him, Also M r William 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 93 

FORT ST. GEORGE. JUNE 1688 rii TH ] 

Cawley was Sent for & acquainted with the honour the R* Hon bIe Comp a had done n. 
him, in appointing him of this Councill, which with Some advice for his prudent Mr Cawiey 
deportment, took his place as order'd, Cap* Haddock also according to the R* Idvic'Tgiven 
Hon ble Comp as order was Sent for to Council], & acquainted with their Hon rs plea- "m. 
sure concerning him, who took his appointed place, next after M r Littleton. o/connofn. 

The B* Hon ble Comp as Generall Letters f the Princes]" sj of Denmark dated the ( >enI1 Le " erB 
28 th Sept 1 ' & 12 th Oct r were read & as much considered of, as time would permitt, & Honble 8 
whereas they have been pleased to make an alteration in this Councill, & thereby Compa 
Some imployments vacant, Itt is order'd that M r Thomas Wavell do return to his 
former place, of Justice of the Admiralty, that M r William Cawley do Supply M r 
Higginsons late employ of the Land Customes, & that M 1 ' William Hall do officiate 
in M r Cawley's place, of Receiver of the Customes. M 1 ' John Littleton was also Mr Littleton 
acquainted with the R* Hon ble Comp as pleasure concerning his paying Interest for acquainted &f 
the Ballance of his Paymasters acc ts who alledges that the greatest part of Said fi^u S 
mony was paid to the Shroff & Conicoply, & by them afterwards made good in 
.acco* to M r John Gray as Paymaster, but those acc ts not yet appeariug to us, M 1 ' 
Higginson Accomptant is order'd to inspect & examine the Same, ft give his 
report to us, that we may judge rightly in the case, M r Littleton was also order'd Sh jP . Prin ^* 
to unlade the Treasure from aboard the Princess of Denmark with all expedition, baeantaden. 
as also the other goods & Stores att first conveniency & that the Storekeeper do sh ipsCom- 

li ci-l- rt n panv to be 

muster the chips Company as usual!. musterd. 

Finding the R* Hon ble Comp a to bee now more possitive in their Customes ah persons to 
both to English, Forreigners & Natives Ttt is hereby agreed & order'd that itt bee ^ e Cuatome 
duly paid accordingly, Notwithstanding what wee have formerly wrot or ordered in 
this case, th6 wee Still hope the R* Hon ble Comp a will giatifie our request therein, 
in consideration of the low ebb of trade, & little proffitt thereon, Itt is also order'd 
that this Indulgence from the R 1 Hon ble Comp a to Forreigners & Natives be The indui- 
formally published in Town for the encouragment of those people, & the trade of s ^ished be 
the place, -as also the R 4 Hon ble Comp as late proposall of Sending Bengali & China As also the 
goods home to England, according to the List. proposaiiof 

Sending Ben- 
gal! & China 
goods home. 

This day having certain advice of the death of worthy M 1 ' John Willcox, who Mr Nicks 
really deserved the late encomium given him by the R* Hon b!e Comp a having ^ Conimeer. 
durino- his whole charge in those parts approved himself a most ingenious, 
faithfull Servant, & Some time before his death, did us the remarkable good 
Service of procuring a Cowl for the ffortifying of Conimeer, but he being gone & 
the place now wanting a Chief, & wee having not Stock Sufficient to employ 
those ffactorys of Portonovo & Coodaloor, Itt is hereby agreed & order'd that they 
both bee withdrawn, leaving only Some black Servants, to take care of the remains, 
and that M r John Nicks do go thether within twenty days to Settle affairs there, 
& take charge of the R* Hon ble Comp R8 concernes, & hasten the conclution of their 
Investment, leaving the Coodaloor & Portonovo business to M r Ingram &c a with 
orders to conclude there & come to Conimeer as soon as possibly. 

His most Gracious Maj ty & the R* Hon b,e Comp a having given orders for the Union Flag to 
wearing his Coulors in the Fort, 'tis hereby agreed & order'd that the Union fflag benoi8ted - 
be hoisted tomorrow, & that all respects & Solemnity bee made Suitable to So 
great an honour, the Garrison & Train'd bands are therefore order'd to bee in 
Arms, & the Chief Inhabitants of all Nations invited to the Solemnity. 

The Register delivers in a List of Actions enter'd in the Court of Admiralty List of Ao- 
Since Monday last which was read in Councill. tiona enterd - 

Elihtj Yale. R : ffreeman. 

Nat : Hioginson. Tho : Wavell. 

J. Biggs. Will: Fraser. 

John Littleton. W m Cawlet. 

Jos : Hadpock. 


Records of Fort St. George 


about paying 


John Stables Sec ry . 

The R* Hon ble East India Comp a ou: of their tender affection & generous 
indulgence to all their Inhabitants all well Christians, as also Moors & Gentues 
&c" of, & others trading to this their City of Madras, notwithstanding the consi- 
derations of their great charge of Fortifying, maintaining & defending the 
Garrison, place & priviledges with many other daily expeuces & charities, that 
greatly exceed the Cnstomes & all other Revenues thereof, have thought fitt for 
the further encouragment of their people & trade, to lessen their Custornes to five 
^p Cent, besides the usuall Small allowances to the Pedda Naigue & Town Coni- 
coply, which all persons are to take notice of, And that if any Officer of the 
Custornes Shall demand more, that complaint bee made of them, to the Grevernour 
& Councili, who will duly redress Such wrongs, & punish the unjust offenders,. 
Dated att Fort S* George in the City of Madras the 12 th June Anno Dofia 1688. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nath. Higginson. 
John Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Jos. Haddock. 
Robert Freeman. 
Thomas Wavell. 
William Fraser. 
William Cawlet. 


The Union 
Flag hoisted. 




Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor dated 8 th Ins* with Invoyce of what laden on 
the Boa Vista, & advise to have Spared Capt ne Bromwell a Stay of 13 Inches, & 
that M 1 ' John Davis used Some Coyles of Cordage but made no entry thereof, & 
that Books Letter C ballanced by M' r William Cawley appear to bee forced. 

According to yesterdays appointment for the Solemnity of hoisting his 
Majesties Flag in this Garrison, the Governour made this evening a handsome 
collation upon the Fort house Tarrass, where hee was accompanied with the 
Councili & chief of the R* Hon b,e Comp" s Servants, most of the eminent freemen, 
& Inhabitants of the City, of all Nations and Casts, The Garrison three Companies 
being in Arms, also the Train'd Bands consisting of near 101) English men, 
commanded by Captain Robert Freeman, & Liev 1 John Afflceck, who after an 
orderly march round the Fort, the Garrison Souldiers drew round within the Fort, 
& the Traind Bands without, when upon hoisting the Union Flagg upon the 
Standard, on the English Bastian, the Governour began a Glass of Toby to our 
Gracious Kings health & Royall Families, & his happy long Reigne, which was 
duely performed by all there, & hononr'd with three Vollies of Small shott, & as 
many chearfnll hurraes, from all the Souldiers, & Thirtyone pieces of Ord- 
nance, which was answered by all the Ships in the Road, Also One & Twenty 
with hearty wishes of Success & prosperity to our R* Hon ble Masters the R* I3on ble 
East India Company and Nineteen to their Hon ble Governour S r Josia Child, & 
the more to honour this occation there was Severall Prisoners freed & generous 
contributions to the poor, & the Souldiers as merry as Punch could make them, 
till night Silenced all in repose. 

Wenerall to Coodaloor dated this day approved and Signed, giving them order 
to conclude their Investments, & lade their bales on the Bengali Merchant, 
appointing M r Nicks Chief of Conimeer & to repair thether in twenty dayes, 
with other directions in the mannagment of the R'.Hon 1110 Corup as affairs in those 

Rec rt a Generall from Conimeer dated the 10 th Ins* advising that the remainder 
of their Investment may bee about 40 bales & will in a short time bee finished, that 
their Merchants cannot bee perswaded to provide blue long Cloth, they give theix* 
opinions concerning the Avaldars letter, & send us two of the Pirats, that were 
lately att Trimlevas. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 95 

FORT ST. GEORGE, JUNE 1688 [13th] 

Ship Delight Robert Turlington Master Sailed for Acheen. 

Sailed for 

Ship Oonimeer Merch* Ant. Peniston Master arrived from Conimeer. Conimeer 

Merohfc from 

Att a Consultation 

Elihu Yale Esq r President & Governour Thursday 

M B Nath. Higginson S e 14. 

M R John Littleton Cap t 

M R Robert Freeman M r Thomas Wavell 
M R William Fraser M r William Cawlet. 

Cap* Haddock aboard, The rest of the Councill duly Summond . 

The Storekeeper reports the Mustar of Ship Princess of Denmarks men to Muster of 
hee 148 living, 10 dead & 5 run away. ' ™ p PrinceB 

Being now upon Sending another Ship & Stock to Sumatra in pursuance of About Send- 
the R* Hon ble Comp as orders, & not having rec d any advices from thence Since the JJ* t0 Suma " 
[lacuna in the original] thereby not knowing how their affairs Stand, & whether any 
bee living or not, & itt therefore being of absolute necessity that Some person bee Proposed to 
Sent thether on this Ship, to Settle the business there, or mannage itt in case of c a ° n h n °fu t to 
mortallity of the rest, the President therefore proposed itt, to each of the Councill, go. 
to go thether, who upon Some discourse expre3t their unwillingness thereto, and Desire to bee 
desire to bee excused in consideration of the unhealthyness oE the place, alledging «»«M<sa- 
also that the R l Hon ble Comp a had prohibited their removall, Itt is therefore left 
to further consideration to choos Some persons to go upon that business. 

Cap* Hampton Commander of the Recovery acquainting the President &c a Hecovery to 
that his Ship being near laden with Stores & freight goods, She was uncapable of |° direotl y *° 
taking in a lading of Salt att Kisnapatam, & therefore is order'd to proceed 
directly for the Bay, & that the Ship wee intend to the West Coast, do in her 
way take in the Said Salt for Sumatra. 

The R* Hon We Comp a having Strictly prohibited in their Letter & List, the No more Fig 
Sending them home any more Fig Indico, there being a quantity formerly provided seaborne. ee 
att Coodaloor & Conimeer, upon former contracts in President Gyfford's time, Itt 
is order'd that the Warehuuskeeper do dispose of itt here, itt bearing a good what here to 
price or may bee employ'd in dying the blue Cloth wrott for. 

A Stock was also proposed to bee Sent to the West Coast, by the intended a stookto 
Ship thether, wherein was consider'd what we had lately Sent by the Success thlwest*" 
Frigat, Royall James & Madras Frigat, which with the Stock formerly advised to Coast, 
bee there by them, may amo' to near Pag 60,000 Itt is therefore now agreed that 
wee do not 'exceed Pag 20,000 in Silver & goods, & that the Several] kind of 
Cattle, Stores &c a bee Sent them by this Ship according to the R* Hon bIe Comp" 6 

In consideration of our late rec d advice from our Vakeel att Gulcondah, Pioooo to be 
the Generall had made a peace, & procured the Mogulls Phirmaund, wherein hee o™ t *akeei ni 
believes, that we are included therein, & therefore desisted from further trouble att Gaicon. 
& charge, in procuring a Generall Phirmaund according to our orders & wee dah ' 
having great reason to believe that the Generalls care & prudence would not 
omitt, to include us therein also, upon Some other considerations Itt is agreed 
& order'd that the Pag 10,000 formerly Sent our Vakeel on that ace 4 bee remitted 
drawn, or Sent from him hither, and that a Letter bee wrott to the Vakee) 

Order'd that the Storekeeper do make provission of Tanks and Mortivans Tanks & 
-according to the R* Hon ble Cornp" 3 order, to Secure the Pitch & Tarr, that is Jf™"™ 8 ^ 

for the Pitch. 
& Tarr. 

Records of Fort St. George 


The Stores to 
bee sold. 


expected by the Defence, & the Stores be Sold to as good advance, as may vend 
them currantly, Since they decay much by lying. 

John Stables Sec ry . 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Jos Haddock. 
R: ffkeeman. 
Tho: Wavell. 
Will : Feasee. 
W M Cawley. 


Letter from 




Letter to 
Souude Bol 

Generall to 

Rec d a Letter from Mahomet Jaffer about Some paintings formerly Stopt for 
not paying Custome. 

A Letter from the President to Sounde Bollogee Avaldar of Conimeer about 
the great Guns planted att that Factory approved & Signed. 

Generall to Bengali dated this day approved and Signed advising of Ship 
Princes[s] of Denmark's arrivall here, & giving them directions in the R* Hon ble 
Comp as affairs there. 

General] to M r Holcomb & M r Devett att Conimeer dated this clay approved 
& Signed giving them advices & directions in the R' Hon ble Comp ilS affairs att that 

Att a Consultation 


Mint Ac- 
c jmpL for 

Persons ap- 
pointed to 
examine the 
Out, of Chan- 

Of Mr. Free- 

He desires to 
bee excused. 

A Law relat- 
ing to That. 
oht houses 
& vacant 


Elihu Yale Esq k Peesident & Governotje 
M B Nath. Higginson S E John Biggs 
M E John Littleton Cap t Jos. Haddock 
M R Robeet Feeeman M e Thomas Wavell 
M E William Feasee M k William Cawley. 

The Register delivers in an ace* of the Actions enter'd in the Court of 
Admiralty Since Munday last, which was read in Councill. 

The Mintmaster M r Nathaniell Higginson read his Aco ts for Mintage duties 
of particular persons Gold coyned in the month of May which was past in Councill 
Pag 25671 : 18 att \ $> C l Pag 128 : 12 : 87. 

Commission & Packett from the High Court of Chancery in England with 
Interrogatories for the examination of Witnesses in behalf of the Governour, & 
R l Hon bltl East India Comp a against Streynsham Master, to which examination 
were appointed M r Nathaniell Higginson, M r John Littleton & M r Thomas Wavell,. 
and the Said Commission &c a papers being in number five deliver'd them. 

The business of the West Coast being more particularly put to M r Freeman, 
in consideration of his great abillity & experience in those parts, from the many 
voyages he has made there, bee was therefore desired to go upon the Princes[s] of 
Denmark, to inspect & Settle affairs there, as well as to encourage others to go, & 
to return upon her with Pepper hither, who having had some time to consider 
thereof, desires to bee excused going in regard the R* Hon ble Comp a have not 
particularly order'd anything therein, but that the Councill Should not remove 
from their places here, as also that M r Bloome is appointed by the R' Hon ble 
Comp a and continues Chief there. 

A Law relating to Thatcht houses & all vacant places & decay'd bouses in the 
Garrison was read & past, the Substance as followeth Viz*. That all Thatcht 
houses bee Tyl'd & all vacant places or decaj T 'd houses within the Garrison, 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 97 

FORT ST. GEORGE, JUNE 1688 [18th] 

commonly called the Christian Town bee built upon, or repaired for the conveni- 
ency of the Inhabitants, & Safety of the Fort, especially for those houses that 
Stand by the River Side, and adjoin to that wall, within four months after the 
promulging & publishing this Law, upon neglect whereof that Such houses & 
grounds bee Sold attapublick Sale, to Such persons that will build or repair them, 
which heads were delivered to the Judge Advocate to draw into form. 

Cap 4 Hampton delivering in a Bill of charges upon Ship Recovery the Store- Char eBon 
keeper is order'd to examine itt carefully & pay the Same. ship Re. 

cnvery to 
bee paid by 
the Store- 
Of making an 

The Princes [s] of Denmark being now arrived with a Stock for an Investment att^nis" 6 " 
here, in Such goods as the R* Hon ble Comp a have appointed for the lading their p |ace - 
great Tonnage home, But in consideration Chinna Vencatadry &c a Joint Stock 
Merchants are att variance, & in great disorder in their acc ts & their fund or 
Stock not appearing to us, So as to Secure the R* Hon bIe Comp as trade by a contract 
with them, which, & the troubles iu the Country has been the chief occations, concerning 
that wee have not invested any share of our Small Stock here, nor intend itt, the Joint 
before they are better Setled, Chinna Vencatadry & Comp a were therefore sent Merchants 
for, and acquainted with our intentions, of making an Investment here this year, differences. 
Provided wee could do itt with Security from them, & the Government, The 
President therefore enquired of them if they had yet accomodated their 
differences, & Setled their Acco tt8 and made good their obliged stock for the 
Security of the R l Hon ble Comp as trade with them, to which they made Such evasive 
answers, as gave us reason to believe they were Still in the Same disorder, where- „., d 
fore after a long discourse on this business, the Councill came to this conclusion, given them 
that more time might not bee lost therein, Viz* To give the Said Chinna Vencatadry foro ? m P° 8 - 
and Comp" fifteen dayes for the. composing their differences, Setling their Acco' 9 differences. 
& stock, which if they duly make apparent to us, So that wee may Safely trade if they fail 
with them, then to proceed upon a contract & Investment, but if they fail herein, stoJ"" a D e eTr 
then to elect a new Chief and joint company of Merchants, that Shall deposite a proposed. 
Stock for the benefitt, expedition & Security of the R l Hon ble Comp^ Investments, 
But 'tis also agreed that we entertain as many of the old Merchants as are willing 
to Subscribe and joyn with them, and bring in their money, all which was declared 
to the Said Chinna Vencatadry &c" Merchants, who were contented with our 
resolution, and agreed thereto. 

Postscript to Ship Recovery's dispatch dated this day, read and past ordring 
her Sailing directly to Bengali, without touching any where by the way, she being swpTe^ 
filled with Stores and freight goods. coverys 

Order'd that the 2 Chests of Gold, rec d f the Princes[s] of Denmark bee "7 cT" 
weighed off to the Mint and Coyned. onsoid to\» 

M 1 ' Evans and M r9 Haynes making their request to go on the Recovery to °°y ned " 
Bengali, with their necessarys and servants Itt is order'd that the Secretary do foi^'ro 
give the Commander an order to receive them. Bengali, 

Order'd that Pag 115: 28 bee paid Don Theodoro de San Lucas for freight Boa . 
of goods he brought from Portonovo & Coodaloor in his Ship Boa Vista, on the freight to be- 
lt' Hon ble Comp as accompt. P aW - 

Elihcj Yale. 
Nat: Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Jos Haddock. 


Tho. Wavell. 
Will: Fraser. 
W M . Cawley. 

cords of Fort 81. Georg 


Sloop George 
for Bengali. 





Letter from 








Repo.t if the 
weight of 
Two Chests 
of Gold. 

ers ncct for 
Att wha 4 , 
pries to Sell 
the Cordage. 

Persons ap- 
pointed to 
the Mint 

Pay master 
acots for 


John Stables Sec vy 

Sloop George Edward Greenhill Master Sailed for Bengali. 

Eec a a Generall from Coodaloor dated 14 th Instant, desiring a further Supply 
of mony to clear the R' Hon ble Comp ns debt to their Merchants, They Send a Letter 
which they rece d from their Braminee, Sent to treat with Eccogee, & had order'd 
his return, there being no hopes of procuring the Fort, Also Coppys of their 
Consultations, Diary & Ace 4 Cash for the months of Aprill and May. 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated 18 th Instant advising that their 
Merchants cannot by any meanes be brought to contract for any blue Cloth, that 
Sloop Sophia arrived there the 15 th Ins* that they had Seized upon three English 
men which left the Williamson in Bengali, and three Dutch men, which run away 
from the Rochester att Portonovo, who they intended to Send hither, but the 
Dutch Commissary passing by just then, and intending to make a halt att 
Marracawn, they thought convenient to keep them a day or two longer. 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 
M"' Nath. Higginson S r John Biggs 
M E John Littleton Cap* Jos. Haddock 
M K Robert Freeman M e Thomas Wavell 
M R William Fraser M e William Cawley. 
M r Nathaniell Higginson & M r John Littleton report the weight of two 

oz. dwt. gr. oz dwt. gr. 

Chests of Gold ^ the Princess of Denmark to bee 5455 : 02 : 1 6 : which is 1 : 1 9 : 03 : 
less then Invoyce, who also advises us of an Error in the Invoyce weight & amount 

lb. oz. dwt. gr. 

of the Said Gold, being Short calculated Id : 11 : 18 : 13 : am" to £846 : 15 : 11 : 
which the Accomptant is order'd to charge & Cred' in Ace* accordingly. 

The Storekeeper M r Thomas Wavell read his A ceo" of Stores bought, Sold & 
expended in the month of Aprill which was past in Councill. 

Being Some dispute in the Sale & prises of Cordage, in consideration to 
encourage and encrtase its dispose, and prevent its wast & damaging by lying 
Itt is agreed & order'd that the Storekeeper do dispose of itt, as Soon as he can att 
Pag° Bi W <?to all English, as well the R' Hon b ' ,, Comp aa Servants as freemen, and 
to fforreigners att Pag 4 ^ th.6 the Commanders of the English Ships, sell itt 
much cheaper. 

The H' Hon ble Comp" having for the better mannagment of the Mint appointed 
two of the Councill, to bee att the breaking of the Cakes, & putting them into the 
melting Potts, & taking off peeces for Assays &c a as by their particular Rules in a 
paper delivered to the Mint Master, which wee order to bee particularly observed 
& that M r Fraser & M r Cawley of the Councill, & M r Pitt & M r Du Bois Factors, 
do See those orders duly executed. 

The Paymaster Generall M r Robert Freeman read his Book of Acc ts for the 
month of May which was past in Councill as followeth. 

Charges Garrison ... 

Charges Generall ... 

Charges Diett 

Charges Extraordinary 

Charges Cattle 

Charges Merchandise 

Acco*' Fortifications & Repairs ... 

Expedition to Bengali 

Expedition to Tenasseree ... 

Pag° S31 

: 30 T V 

„ 395 


„ 329 





= 25yfc 

„ 128 


„ 138 

. 3. 





Pag 1801 ; 


Diary and Consultation Boole, 1688 


[21 BT] 

Order'd that Pag 300 bee paid Don Theodoro de San Lucas for a house p. 3ootobe 
att Portonovo, which he gave a Bill of Sale to the R* Hon ble Comp a from himself, & ^ 8e fo D r on * ght 
the late Owner a Dutch inhabitant of Palliacat, which mony was accordingly paid, att Porto 
the house being very convenient and cheap, and will prevent the greater charge of n " lv0- 
house rent or building 

Order'd that Pag 1000 bee paid M r Robert Freeman Paymaster Generall to Pioootobe 
defray Charges Garrison &c a . jewmln. 

Ship Dragons men, and others that have taken Prises from the Mogull and Seamen 
King of Siam, being very importunate for that allowance, the R* Hon ble (/omp a a^anse^ 
were pleased to encourage & animate them with, as by Said order of the 20 th out of the 
January 1685 Proclained here, upon the commencment of Said Warr, but Such priRP8- 
devissions being therein appointed to be made by a Conrt Martiall, 'tis therefore A Court 
order'd that a Court Martiall be Summon'd for that purpose, bls^mmon'd. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Jos : Haddock. 
r: ffreeman. 
Tho : Waveli. 
Will : frasjsb. 
John Stables Sec ry . W M . Cawley. 

Mahomed Cassim Governour of Palliacat having desired a Pass for a Sloop 21. 
belonging to his Son in Law, itt was order'd to be given him Viz* Sloop Jaffry Pass given to 
belonging to Allabux Pedro Cornelia Master. ' 8l °°P Jaff T- 

Ship Recovery John Hampton Master Sailed for Bengali. 22. 

Recovery for 

The r> English men & 3 Dutch men which were taken att Conimeer this day 23. 
arrived here, under a Guard of Peons. . Six Pun. 

aw&ys taken . 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated 20 th Ins 1 advising that the utmost their 24. 

Merchants can bee brought to, is to provide 4000 p s blue Long cloth, & 1000 p 8 Generall 

Beteelaes in 2 months for ah ready mony & no Europe goods, & that their last couTmeer. 
contract will bee Soon ended. 

Att a Consultation 


Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour Mukday 

M R Nath. Higginson S" John Biggs 25 - 

M E John Littleton Cap t 
M* Robert Freeman M r Thomas Wavell 
M e William Fraser M k William Cawlet. 
Cap* Haddock aboard Ship. 

Wee having used all endeavours possible for the procury of Blue Long Cloth LongO^tK 
att Conimeer according to the R* Hon ble Comp as orders and recommendation of 
those goods, & having wrott & rec d several! Letters thereon, the result of what 
they can possibly do, is, by their Letter of the 20 th Instant, That their Merchants f/ Tconi. 
can bee prevailed with to provide no more then 5000 p s blue Long Cloth, & those meer about 
not Singly, but will oblige them to take off also 1000 p» off 40 Cov d Beteelaes, & to eioth L ° ng 
take off no Europe goods, but to bee paid in ready monv, att the bringing in the Said propo- 
goods, which being directly opposite to the R* Hon ble Comp a8 orders to buy or Send 8 T a n e rejeoted ' 
any Beteelaes home, for their ace* 9 wee do reject their offer, & if they will not do Merchant* 
better must endeavour to prevail with our Merchants here, to Serve the R* Hon ble provide. 
Comp a " occations in that way which their Hon" appoint, & not to direct our con- 
tracts for their own conveniency. 



Records of Fort St. George 


Genii. Books 
Aca by Mr 
Gray deli- 
Mr. Higgiu- 
son's report 

appointed to 

The Presi- 
dent pro- 
mises him 
his best 

List of 
enter 'd. 
Letter to 

provission of 

$00 Oandy 
agreed tor. 
P 400 to be 
paid the 
Ebbony to be 
provided att 
p&i >•'<»- 
Concerning 8 

A regulation 
of the Chou- 

The Shroffs 
to manago 
their busi- 
ness in the 
What eaoh 
man is to 

A fine to be 
put on those 
that trade ii 
any other 


M r John Gray according to an order of Councill of the 11 th Ins* when he was 
by the Ii* Hon ble Comp"- 8 Commission dismist their Service, delivers in this day the 
Generall Books & papers of Accompts relating to them, being according to M r 
Higginsons report (enter'd next after this Consultation) wherein itt appears that 
the Books are behind hand from Aprill 1686 they being not yet ballanced, th6 they 
were delivered him by the President in July ballanced to Aprill, & has often Since, 
both ptivatlv & publickly been desired & required to take dilligent care to bring 
them up, which was as often promised to bee performed, but hitherto neglected, & 
itt being a weighty business & difficulty to recover Itt is order'd that M r Higgin- 
son bee appointed the best assistance the place affoards, & therefore M r Henry Mose 
being a good proficient therein, Itt is order'd that hee be taken off from his 
imploymentin the Court of Admiralty, & wholy apply himself to the Books, also 
M r William Proby, Francis Bett, & John Butterfeild who are the fittest Factors & 
Writers for that affair, The President also promises his best advice & assistance 
therein, So farr as his other weighty business will permitt, itt being of Such great 
consequence to the R f Eon ble Comp^ 8 Satisfaction and the Security of our Selves. 

The Register delivers in a List of Actions enter'd in the Court of Admiralty 
Since Munday last, which was read in Councill. 

A Letter from the President to Mons r Martin Directore att Pudicherry read 
& approved, also Generalls to Coodaloor & Conimeer. 

The R* Hon ble Comp a having declared their little desire or occation for Salt- 
peetre Kintaledge, having great quantities att home, a,nd Redwood being much 
more acceptable & profitable, but being grown very Scarce & dear, by the long 
mortallity & troubles in the Country, wee found itt very difficult to gett Merchants 
to undertake the provission thereof, but att last have now prevailed with our 
Chief Carpenter Mutcamorra, & Palliacunde Chitty to engage to procure & deliver 
us here 300 Candy in three months att Pag Two ^ Candy, but will not bee 
perswaded to undertake for more, and Itt is order'd that Pag 400 bee paid them 
on that accompt, And therefore Itt is thought convenient that our people att 
Vizagapatam bee order'd to provide a large quantity of Ebbony, to Quintaledge 
our Ships. 

The Chief Portugues in Town having Petition'd the Governo r &c a to excuse 
the late fine of 200 Pag° upon Anthony Camera for his misdemeanors, who being 
very poor, & Suffer'd much by Imprisonment Itt is agreed that hee be released for 
Pag 60 which will bee an Obligation to the Portugues, who contribute thatmony 
for him, & a good example to prevent future misdemeanors. 

The Governour & Some of the Councill & Officers, visited & Surveyed the 
Severall Chowtrys & Markett places, giving order for their better reguktion, & 
Settlement, & to repair & fitt the places for the conveniency of the Moveable 
Boteeks, & Stations for the Country markett folks, the better to Serve the Town, 
& collect their duties. 

The Shroffs or mony changers with much & long dispute, were also prevail'd 
with & appointed to mannage their business & trades att the two Chowtries att 
the end of the new Boteka Shop rents for which the Chief & old Standers are to 
pay three fanams ^jp month, the young Shroffs two ffanams, & the boys one fanam 
a month to bee collected by the Land Customer, & 'tis agreed & order'd that 
whatever Shroff shall bee found changing mony, or buying or Selling Gold Silver 
or Jewells in any other place then the Said Chowtrys appointed for them, that they 
forfeit for the first offence One Pag for the Second five Pag° & to bee banished 
the City for the third offence, & this chiefly to prevent the many cheats, commit- 
ted by them upon Strangers & Simple people, as also the better to regulate their 
exchanges, which Sometimes are exorbitant, and also to bring a revenue to the R* 
Hon ble Comp a and improve itt. 

Elihtj Yale. R -. 

Nat : Higuinson. Tho : Waveil. 

J, BiGtis. Will: Fkaseb. 

John Stables Sec r \ John Littleton. W m Cawley, 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 101 



Fort S* George, 25 th June 16S£ 
To the Hon bl6 ELiHu Yale Esq e 

Gov' & President. &c a Councill. Sgfa-L 

The R' Hon ble Comp a having by their late Commission appointed mee to Genii Books? 
Succeed M r Gray, Your Hon r &c a thought fitt to order by Consultation that hee 
Should deliver to mee by List, the Generall Books and papers relating thereunto. 

"Which List with what thereof belongs to the Books EB & FF I herewith 
produce, By which itt do's appear, that the Books EE (begun 1° May 1686 & con- 
tinued to the 31 th July 1687) are not ballanced, nor the remaines drawn out, And 
that of the Books FF (begun 1° August 1687 & ending 30 th Aprill 1688) there is 
only one months acco tt Viz b August 1687 finished & passed in Councill, & that 
without the remains of the preceding Books, .And from August 1687 to Aprill 
1688 (which are 8 months) there is nothing done towards the Journall. 

So that Books EE are to bee reexamined & ballanced, 8 months of Books FF 
to bee brought up de Novo, the Books of the Currant year to bee carried on 
monthly, & I have also incombent on me the charge & acc t8 of the Mint. 

I earnestly request Your Hon r &c a to consider & appoint by what meanes, 
this shall bee performed, So asthat the Severall Books may go on togeather, & 
that they may bee finished in due time. 

And that the Books GG of the present y?ar may not run behind as much as 
the former, I humbly propound that the aec ts of remains ult° Aprill last, may bee 
delivered in as Soon as may bee, that I may begin the Books GG for if I deferr 
them till the other are finished, Itt is not unlikely but there may be Some Errors 
in particular acc ts or Some papers lost, whereby the finishing of the former Books 
may be detarded. 

Hon ble S r &c a 

Your most humble Serv* 

Nath. Higginson. 

Pass given to Ship Boa Vista Don Theodoro de San Lucas Owner and Pasj to ship 
Master. Boa Vi8ta - 

Rec d a Letter from Mahomett Sadeek advising to have Sent a Cowl to the 26. 
Braminees belonging to the Duan, & desires they may be Sent him. Letter to 


Rec d a Generall from Coodaloor dated the 23 th Ins* advising to have finished 27. ee 
their contract att Coodaloor, & clear' d ace* with those Merchants & were prepar- e eneraU 
ing to go to Portonovo, where they hear the Merchants have a considerable from Cooda- 
quantity of goods ready, 6d hope 8 or 10 dayes may end their business there, that oor ' 
their Merch* 3 will not provide any blue Cloth, on the tearms to take Europe goods 
or make a proportionable abatement, that they had argued with their Merchants 
about the Intrest & lost Cloth att the Washers which they hope will bee consider- 
ed by the Hon ble President & Councill that their Generall Books are ready for 
transcribing, that there is a remain of Corrall &c a Europe goods att Coodaloor, 
which they desire an order about, that they having Sent for their Braminee who 
went up to treat with Eecogee, hee was returned. 

Att a Consultation 


Elihu Yale Esq* President & Govern* Thursday 

M E Nath. Hioginson S" John Bigos 28. 

M B John Littleton Cap 1 Jos. Haddock 
M K Robeet Freeman M e Thomas Wavell 
M K "William Fraser M b William Cawlet. 

Some discourses about the disposall of Cap* Haddocks Ship, but tho Survey About Cap* 
of the Rochester, not being yet given in She not being yet unladen, but reported ^ ddook '' 


Records of Fort St. George. 


acct for May. 

Sea Custom- 
ers accr.s for 


Permission i 
Send home 


B makers 











iiy : 











& believed that she is unfitt to proceed upon any voyage before She is repaired 
our resolves about the dispatch of her & the Princess of Denmark, is deferr'd till 
they bring in the report of her Survey & condition. 

The Warehouskeeper M r John Littleton read his Book of acc t8 'for the month 
of May which was past in Councill. 

The Sea Customer M r Thomas Wavell read his Book of acc tB for the month 
of May which was past in Councill as followeth. 
Sea Custome for goods is 

Ditto for Slaves ... 

Ditto for Tonnage 

Ditto for Ancborige ... 

Ditto for weighing 

The Ft* Hon ble Comp aB permission for Sending home China & Bengali goods 
being published, Itt is order'd also that the Same liberty for Sending home Pepper 
upon the tearms exprest in the James Charterparty bee also declared, & that all 
persons that please may make use of Said liberty accordingly. 

The Town broakers that were formerly employed in the makeing of Contracts 
& Bargains between buyers & Sellers being removed or dead, Itt is order'd that 
Cassa, Packeer Mahmaudu, Ramadas, Veragu & Mothera Paupa bee appointed to 
that business, for the preventing cheats & abuses upon Strangers, that may happen 
in Town, & that the duty of one $ Cent broakerige bee half brought to the R* Hon ble 
Comp as ace* & the other half for themselves, to bee rec d monthly by the Land 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat : Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

Jos : Haddock. 

r : ffreesian. 

Tho : Wavell. 

"Will : Eraser. 

W M Cawlet, 
John Stables Sec ,T . 

Cowol to the 



A Cowl granted by the Hon ble Elihu Yale Esq r President & Govern' &c a 
Councill in Eort S f George to Cassa ; Packeer Mahmaudu ; Ramadas ; 
Veragu ; and Mothera Paupa. 
Wee the President & Councill of Fort S' George, and City of Madras having 
had Sever all complaints of injuries done to Merchants, by the Broakers, which 
taking into our consideration, do find itt will bee advantagious to the place, & 
encouragm' to trade, & Satisfaction to Merchants, that Some trusty experienced 
men bee appointed for publick Broakers to the Town, to make Bargains & Con- 
tracts, that thereby no Strangers may bee wronged in the price currant of 
Commodities, & their Measures & Weights, and we having good Characters, of 
Cassa ; Packeer Mahmaudu ; Ramadas ; Veragu ; & Mothera Paupa for honest 
able men, Wee do hereby appoint them only to be Broakers in this City of Madras 
& liberties thereof, & they are to take no more then One '^p Cen^ of the Seller, of 
which one half Shall bee duly paid to the Land Customer for the R b Hon ble East 
India Company's accompt, the other half to bee devided into Six Shairs, whereof 
Two are for Cassa. hee having been long in that employment, This Cowl to 
continue during their lives ; if no injustice or misdemeanor bee committed by them, 
and then Such persons that So offends shall forfeit the Summe of One hundred 
Pagodas to the R' Hon ble Comp a & bee for ever turned out of his employment & the 
Town, upon penalty of Seveer punishment for returning, & whosoever of the 


Diary and Consultation Booh, 1683 103 


abovemention'd Shall bee found faulty herein, Shall bee liable to the abovesaid 
penaltys, Given under our hands & the R l Hou b!e Comp as Seal, the Eight & Twen- 
tieth day of June One Thousand Six hundred Eighty and Eight. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nath. Higginson. 

John Biggs. 

John Litttleton. 

Robert Freeman. 

Thomas Wavell. 

William Fraser. 

William Cawlef. 

Ship Boa Vista Don Theodoro de San Lucas Sailed for Manilla. 28. 

Ship Boa 
Vista for 
Manil la. 

Pass given to Ship Mindanao Merchant Nathaniell Russell Master, & this 30. 
night she Sailed for Mindanao. ?, asB to 

° Mindanao 


Cap' Haddock & Cap* Bromwell being aboard & our business relating to Monday. 
their Ships, this days Consultation was deferred till tomorrow for their coming N^'conanita- 
ashoar. tion - 

An a Consultation Extrao 

Elihu Yale Es e President & Governour Tuesday 3^ 

M K Nath. Higginson S e John Biggs 
M B John Littleton Cap t Jos. Haddoo 
M R Robert Freeman M r Thomas Wavell 
M b William Fraser M k William Cawley. 

The Register delivers in a List of Actions enter'd in the Court of Admiralty List of 
Since Munday last, which was read in Councill. rater'd! 

A Generall to our Vakeel Goje Abanusatt Gulcondah for drawing away the G enerii to 
Pag 30000 of the R' Hon ble Comp" in his hands concluding the Generall has CojeAbanna. 
incerted this place and Bengali in the Phirmaund lately obtained by him from the 
Mogull, but if the Vakeel is Satisfied to the contrary from Surat, or find itt by 
the Phirmaund given the Generall, then that hee takes up mouy, and follows our 
former orders, read and approved. 

Order'd that Pag 1000 bee paid M r Robert Freeman Paymaster Generall, pioootobe 
to defray Charges Garrison &c a . i^man 

The Persons appointed to the Survey of Ship Rochester, having delivered us Report of the 
their opinions in writing, (as enter'd next after this Consultation) wherein they Survey of the 
possitivly declare her uncapable of making a voyage, by reason of a great leak in t er. P 
her Bow, whereupon Cap* Bromwell was Sent for, & acquainted therewith, who 
also acknowledged the Same, when the President &c a offered him, that if hee 
would indemnifie the R l Hon ble Comp a from Demorage during the time hee was 
repairing his Ship, they would permitt his going to Some place to fitt her, & upon 
his return to reentertain him in the R' Hon ble Comp as Service, & employ him 
therein as wee should find occation, which hee possitivly refusing to give under his 
hand, therefore wee having no other course leit to clear the R' Hon b,e Comp a from 
the charge of Demorage but by casting his Ship, as being insufficient & unservic- saidShipdis- 
able, which is hereby agreed & order'd to bee done, & that a Protest bee given c & ' ge ' 
him accordingly, but that hee also bee acquainted, that after his return to this 
Port, wee Shall employ him, Provided hee allow us So much time, as hee Spends 
of his Charterparty, for his occation s & the necessary repair of his Ship, which is 
to continue after the expiration of his Charterparty, he was also offered ad the 

104 Records of Fort St. Geori 



men, materialls, recommendations, & other assistances we could give him, which is 

order'd to bee perform'd accordingly. 
Mr. Oawiey M r William Cawley being appointed Land Customer, & from that Station & 

make justice business troubled with many complaints from the Town people, wee do therefore 
peaoe ' also appoint him to bee one of the Justices of the peace & that hee doth moderatly 

& prudently discharge itt, And not to adjudg any materiall fine or punishment, 
Toadjadgno without the advice & opinion of one or more of his brethren, Such Offices greatly 
materiaii fine i mD ortinar the grood encouraorment of the Town, & therefore to bee done with 

without one ,.".. ° j j -j I- 

more. discretion and good consideration. 

Elihtj Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Jos : Haddock. 
r : fpreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Will: Frasek. 
John Stables Sec ry . Wm Cawlet. 

On board Ship Rochester June 27 th 1688. 

Ooppy Report Whereas wee the Subscribers having been Summon'd bv order of the Hon bIe : 

of t g he survey p resident and Councill of Fort S ! George for affairs of the R* Hon ble Bast India 
Rochester. Comp a to Survey the Ship Rochester, and in obedience to Said order, wee Said 
Subscribers do give the following ace* according to our best judgment, conscience 
& Skill, Viz 1 Wee the Surveyors Seing all parts of the Ship Rochester, & find all 
parts to our Sight in good condition, that is to Say nothing Started or budged, 
that is where wee have been, that is to Say in the Hoidd, the Arlop, & between 
Decks, all in good well condition & firm, knees, beames, clamps, Standards, & 
brest hooks all to bee good, only one Leake that wee find in the Bowes, which 
by going to a place convenient, where that they can careen, to Strip the Sheathing 
that they may come att the Leak & Search the Bowes & between the Wales, she 
may bee a Seivicable Ship, for to carry i}omp as or Merchants goods from the Said 
Port, to the best of our Judgment, but as she now is, & without Stoping the Said 
Leak, she is not fitt to go for England. 

William Fraser. 
William Dixon. 


Edw d Cotham Carp 1 . 
Edm d Cumper. 

Hon ble President 
&c a Councill. 

Coppy of By a Survey order'd to Survey the Ship Rochester, by your Hon r &c tt Jane 

CaptBrom- ihe 27 th 1688 The g aid g urve yers has found the Said Ship unservicable for the 
Comp" att present, Therefore I desire & request, your Hon r &o a Councills leave to 
go to Trincomala, being no other place on the Coast So convenient, where wee 
may stop the Leak, & do all the work which the Said Snrveyers has order'd, or 
any thing elce that shall bee found amis, I desire your Hon" favour to sret mee a 
Letter of recommendation from the Chief of Pullicat, that I may bee civilly treated 
with any thing 1 want for my mony, that the place affoards, which is all required 
att present from 

Your hon" very humble 
Servant to command 

John Bromwell.. 
July the 4 th 1688. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 105 

FORT ST. GEORGE, .10' LY 1688 [3kd] 

To Cap* John Bromwell, 

Commander of Ship Roch ester. 

Upon a due Surveigh of your Ship Rochester, by the Severall Commanders, coppy Ship 
Masters & Carpenters here, they have gi?en us their joint opinions in writing, ?£* eBtei '' B 
as also your own particularly, that she is now by a great Leak in her Bow, made 
very uncapable & unfitt for a voyage to England, or any other place with Safety 
before her leaks bee Stopt, which you declare cannot bee done here, therefore that 
you must of necessity go to Some convenient place for that purpose, She being 
declared wboly unservicable without itt, Wee therefore the President and Councill 
of Fort S' George, for ace' of the R' Hon ble East India Comp a do hereby discharge 
your Said Ship Rochester, from their Service, & all Demorages & Obligations by 
Charterparty, & all other charges & demands whatever, that may arise thence, 
from the date hereof, untill you shall bring her again to this Port, & she Shall 
appear by a due Surveigh, to bee able & fitting for the Said R* Hon 151 '' Comp as 
Service, till when wee do by these Presents discharge you and your Ship, Dated 
att Fort S* George in the City of Madras the 3 d day of July Anno 1688. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nate. Higginson. 
John Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Robert Fkeeman. 
Thomas Wavell. 
William Feaser. 
William Cawlet. 

Ship Conimeer Merchant Anthony Penniston Master sailed for Acheen. 3. 


Att a Consultation S. ant 


Elihu Yale Esa* President & Goveenour Thursday. 

M R Nath. Higginson S k John Biggs 5. 

M B John Littleton Cap t Jos. Haddock 
M E Robert Freeman M b Thomas Wavell 
M B William Fraser M K William Cawlet. 

The President read hi 3 Cash Book for the month of June which was past in cash Ac- 
Council), & the ballance examined being P 31341 : 19 : 3. oomptfor 

Cap* Bromwell representing to us, his necessity for mony to repair his Ship captBrom- 
& desiring the Two Thousand Dollars allowed in Charterparty to bee paid him, well desires 
Itt was taken into consideration, & resolved, that without has an absolute ^ o 2 t ° t ° o ' f , ee 
necessity for itt for the charge of his Ship, & that itt cannot bee avoided, that paid if can be 
none be paid him, till his return, the Ship being discharged the R* Hon ble Comp as avoided - 
Service for the present. 

Order'd that the Saltpeetre bee taken ashoar from the Rochester, she being Saitpeetre to 
designed to Trincomala to bee repaired. of t.he^o-° n * 

The R* Hon ,jIe Comp a not having Sent out any Phisick for use of this a chest of 
Garrison, & a good Chest offering to Sale, Itt is order'd that the Doctor^ do view Ptisioktobe 
itt, & report i'ts condition & price to the Council!, & that itt bee bought as ° u " 
reasonable as possible, there being great necessity for itt for the Souldiers brought 
upon the Princes. 

The fifteen dayes being three Since expired that were allowed to Chinna The Joint. 
Vencatadry &c a Merchants, for the Setling their acco tB paying their Debt to the ^ta^fm 
R* Hon ble Comp a & to make appear where, & in what their joint Stock of Pag° expired. 
5000(i lay, that wa3 obliged for the Security of the R* Hon b,e Comp a8 trade with 
them, who being Sent for to Satisfie us therein, but after long expectation, Sent us 


Records of Fort St. George 


A new joint 
stock to be;) 

Disposall of 
the Princes of 

Order'd for 

To tonch att 
& Vizagapa- 



froiu Coo 



Mr Daniel 1 
Gyfford ap- 
seoond of 

only evasive excuses, that Some of them were Sick, others absent, & most 
indisposed, tho the reall truth is, that they have done nothing towards that 
business, nor wee doubt by their delays do intend itt, having been two years about 
itt to no purpose, most of them having an aversion to Chinna Vencatadrys 
proceeding or being concern'd with them, from his being behind hand in his parts 
of stock & from other differences & disputes in ace* with them, 'tis therefore 
agreed that a new Stock bee proposed, & to entertain as many of the old Merchants, 
& other able ones, as will bring in their inony towards 100 Shares, att Pag 250 
each Share. 

Wee having discharged the Rochester, the disposall of the Princes[s] of Den- 
mark, was taken into consideration, & proposed to the Councill, whether to go to 
the West Coast, or Bengali, & by reason wee have Sent already to the former the 
Royall James, & Two Small Frigats which have carried Supplies, & what Stock 
wee can Spare, & are more wee fear then they will bee able to lade, besides the 
Severall Ships intended thether with recruits directly from England, Itt is 
agreed that she bee Sent to Bengali, where she may bee more Servicable to the R' 
Hon'' 1 " Comp a & bring up a lading of provissions, & what goods they may have 
by them, or Sent to Persia or home with permission goods, & that in her way She 
touches att Kisnapatam, to take in the Salt, of the R* Hon ble Comp as that has long 
layn there, & to proceed thence to Vizagapatam, for conveyance of the R* Hon We 
Companys Servants & Stock for that Factory. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat : Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

Jos Haddock. 

r : ffeeeman. 

Tho : Wavell. * 

Will : Feasek. 

W M Oawley. 
John Stables Sec ry . 

Rec d a Generall from Conimeer dated 5 th Ins* advising that all they can bring 
their Merchants to, is to undertake the Investm* of blue Cloth, Provided they may 
bee assured of Something hereafter considerable on better tearm3, that the rest of 
their Investment will bee ready, for the Bengali Merchant, that the rest of the 
Pirats they hear are att Wandewas. three Gentue Leagues from them, in the 
Mogulls Service, & receive each man Pag 7 ^ month, that they had writt to them, 
but the persons Sent were not yet returned, that Sounde Bollogie had been att the 
Factory, whose friendship they had engaged for the valine of Pag 10 and that all 
differences was made up with the Duan. 

Att a Consultation. 


Elihit Yale Esq President & Goveenoue 
M E Nath. Higginson S r John Biggs 
M K John Littleton Cap*. 
M E Robeet Feeeman M K Thomas Wavell 
M E William Fkasee M e William Cawlky 
Cap* Haddock aboard Ship 

Wee having recall'd the Southern Factorys to Conimeer only, in consideration 
of the great charge, & little Stock wee have to imploy in them, & Conimeer being 
now in the nature of a Garrison, having Severall Peeces of Ordnance mounted, & a 
Guard of about 50 Souldiers, 'tis requisite that Since their business will bee greater, 
that their assistance be proportionable, to itt, & M r Daniell Gyfford being of a long 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 107 



Standing & experience in India, wee do appoint him Second of Conimeer, esteem- 
ing that place now Senior to the Chiefship of Vizagapatam, & was order'd to 
hasten thether, to take charge of, & carry on the Books. 

The Governour upon a late Survey of the Gentue Town finding the Streets streets & 
& buildings much out of order, occation'd by the late mortallity & famine, Itfc is ^Genta*' ' 
agreed & order'd that the following Law bee made & published for those Inhabi- Town out of , 
tants Suitable to their condition & circumstances, as was lately madn for the ^iT^t 
1 nhabitants of the Christian Town Viz*. made. 

That two persons dwellers in each Street, bee appointed by the Justices to The Law. 
Iiee overseers thereof, for collections of all assesm ts thereon, & keeping the Streets 
in repair & good order, and there being many places in the streets run to decay, 
& others vacant to the great injury, inconveniency & annoyance, of the place, 
therefore that itt bee published, That if all Owners & proprietors thereof, do not 
in Six months, decently repair, build or well fence the Same in, with a Substantiall 
wall, or Sell them to those that will that they bee forfeited to the R f Hon We Comp a 
to bee Sold or disposed of, as they shall think convenient. 

Itt being the R' Hon ble Comp as late orders that there should bee no distinc- Goods to bee' 
tion, between English, Europeans & Native Inhabitants but that their Customes, J**^ 6 ^ 66 ' 
should bee equally alike as well in importation, as exportation, which having not paid c ns - 
yet been particularly declared, Itt is hereby order'd that itt bee anexed to the tome - 
Rules of the Custome house, that all Sorts of goods imported by any person what- 
ever, having once paid the Custome of five p Cent, may freely export the Same 
goods, when they please without paying further Custome. 

M r Richard Browne being Senceible of the Council! s dissatisfaction, of his Mr Browne 
late mannagment of Vizagapatam, came this day before us, making itt his request, ^.^"of* 
(since his late Services had not been so acceptable to us, as he designed, that hee Vizagapatam 
might bee appointed to some other place, according to his station & Merrit. & that 
wee would think of Sending Some other person to Supply the Chiefship of Vizaga- 
patam, to whom hee wisht better Success then he had, which considering & the 
late differences he had with the Merchants &c a there, tho" hee has cleared himself, 
from their charge, by M r Charltons & his own Oath, yet we Judge itt more for the 
R* Hon ble Comp as Intrest, & improvement of the place, to send some other experi- 
enced person to mannage the affair of the Government of that Town & trade, 
which wee think is capable, of greater improvment, then has been yet made 
thereon, Also upon perusall of M r Brownes acc ts wee find he has charged Pag 337 
for two Country guard Ships to Secure the R* Hon b,e Comp a8 Stock & treasure in charge of 
that Factory from the troubles of the Countrv, which appeared then to bee very keepinsra 

, , -i • ... ... '. , - x l ,, ti_ ■ Oruardship 

dangerous, but doing this without our particular order, or any Consultation att vizaga- 
among themselves, they also appearing to bee his own Ships, & as well to Secure ^ am " 
his own estate, as the R* Hon We Comp MS Itt is thought fitt & agreed that hee bee „iiowed°on ee 
allowed but Pag 100 of the said Pag 337. tkat acot ' 

Ship Princes[s] of Denmark being order'd for Bengali, & to touch att Vizaga- ship Princes 
patam & intending to Sail in few dayes, the Councill proceeded to an election of a ° f ^J™ rk 
Chief & Councill, and Stock for that place as followeth. few days. 

John Stables being next Senior upon the place, under the Councill (who the R l Concerning 
Hon ble Comp a have order'd not to bee removed from their stations here,) the Chief- j£ y^ 01 " 8 ' 
ship of Vizagapatam, falls to his right by Succession, & wee hope merritt too, patam 
believing him a person very fitting & well quallified for such a charge & from our ffaotul T' 
long experience of his fidellity & great dilligence in the Sever? 11 charges committed 
to him, as when As[si]stant to M 1 ' Bridger & M r Wilkes in keeping the Generall 
Books, & after in the Office of Secretary, which hee discharged with So great 
care & punctuality, that wee have reason to expect a good reformation in the 
affairs of Vizagapatam Factory & Government, with the ingenious good assistance 
of M r William Hall, from his integrity & great Skill in Callicoes, & other peece 
goods, which wee hope will make a great improvement of the manufactories of 
those parts, the Weavors there, being very enclinable to variety of works, & do 


Records of Fort St. George 



now make more then any on this Coast, therefore upon these & other just & good 
considerations, we appoint & settle that Factory Viz*. 

John Stables Chief. *) 

M r William Hall 2 d ' n .,, 
M' Daniell Do -Bob 3" \ oi CounclU 


Assistants Viz*. 
John Oneal. 
Heighs Tilson. 
Joseph Chapman. 

and Modepa Ancopa Chief" Dubass hee being 
well acquainted with that place and trade. 

And 'tis agreed & order'd to send down these persons by Ship Princes[s] of 
Denmark, with a Stock of Pa? 20000 Viz* Pag 15000 ready mony, & Pag 5000 
in Europe goods, as Broad Cloth fine & ordinary, Cloth Rashes, Serges, Per- 
petuanos, Allom, Red Lead &c a which -wee hope they will dispose of to their 
Merchants upon contract, tho little has been done yet therein. 

The Register delivers in a List of Actions enter'd in the Court of Admiralty 
Since Munday last, which was read in Councill. 

The Accomptant bringing in his report, of M r Littleton's debt to the R* Hon' ,le 
Comp a upon ballance of Books DD wherein itt [appeajrs, that M r John Littleton, 
was indebted Pag 1470: 12 for Ballance of his Paymasters ace* whereof Pag 
653 : 20 : 4 appears to have been in the Shroffs hands att the Surrendry of his 
employment to M r John Gray Succeeding Paymaster, the Intrest whereof must 
be accompted for, & made good by the Said Shroff, & that the Intrest of the 
remaining Pag° 816 : 27 : 2 be made good by M 1 ' John Littleton, to the time of 
Payment, only two months allowed him & to all other employments for making 
up their acc ts which appears to bee 14 months 20 dayes, att 9 =p Cent ^ Annum 
a mts to Pag 89 : 30 : 2 which M r John Littleton is order'd to pay into the R* Hon bIe 
Comp as Cash, which order hee being acquainted with, readily Submitted thereto. 

The Secretaries place being vacant by the removall of John Stables to 
Vizagapatam, Itt is order'd that M. r William Proby do Succeed him in that Office, 
in all respects being well quallified for itt & to enter upon itt on Thursday next, 
to whom the late Sec rv John Stables is to deliver up all Books, Letters, Papers, 
& ca relating thereto, with a List thereof Signed by him. 

Elihu Yale. 
• • Nat : Higginson. 

J. Bjggs. 
John Littleton. 
r : ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Will : Eraser. 
W M Cawley. 
John Stables Sec 1T . 

9- Rec d a Letter from our Vakeel Coje Abanus att Gulcondah, with one from Nabob 

Coje^bZm Ettabar Cawn to him from Viziapoor, wherin hee advises him, that the Mogull, had 

sent his Phirmaund to Surat, & 8o no need of his coming up, whereupon Coje 

Abanus again desires us to order the R* Hon ble Comp as mony out of his hands, as 

Soon as possibly wee can. 

Pass given to Ship Dragon belonging to M r James Wheeler Henry Pensax 


Chief A 
appointed tor 


A Chief 
A Stock for 

List of 
Mr Little- 
tons aoct of 
made up & 
to be paid. 

Mr Williati 


Pass to Ship 
Letter to 
•Coje Abanus 

Letter from the President to Coje Abanus our Vakeel att Gulcondah read & 
approved, being in answer to his Letter rec d yesterday, & desireing authentique 
coppies of the Phirmaund sent to Surat, as also the Nabobs Perwanna's to the 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 109 


Severall Govern 1 ' 8 att Metchlepatam Madapollam & Gingerlee, for the encourag- 
ment of our just and peacable trade as formerly. 

Rec d a letter from Conacapilla Gopallo at Kishnapatam concerning the Salt 12 - 
lying there. 

M r Daniel Gyffords Petition, for the second ship of Commeer. 

Att a Consultation 

Present m 

Eliuu Yale Esq" President & Goveenour 12. 

M E Nath. Higginson 
M R John Littleton Oap t Jos. Haddock 
M R Kob t Fee em an 
M R Will m Fiusi'R M k "William Cawley. 

Commission & Instructions to M r John Stables Cheif &c a Councill at Commission 
Viziagapatam, for the well Governing and. management of the E' Hon bIa Comp as fjj^^fa 
Affaires there read and approoved. John stables 

Cheif e &c* 
Connoill at 

Rec d this day a letter from Kisnapatam from our salt Merchant, that the A letter 

Boats they had provided for the ladeing the salt aboard o 1 ' ships could not be Kfcnapa- 

perswaded to stay any longer, but were gone out of that River upon their Paddy tam - 
trade, so that there will be noe possabillity of [Ladeijng the salt in any reasonable 
time, aboard the [Prjincess, they also writeing us they are in hopes of selling the 
salt for the prime cost notw lh standing much of it is wasted by rains and its 

long laying there, upon w ch Consideration tis agreed & order'd that y e : salt be order's yt 

sold at the best rates they can procure to clear that old Acc n and y' ship Princess th 1 e d sa i t be 

be dispatch't, hence for Viziagapatam w th all Expedition that they may have the best rates 

more time to Invest the Stock fwe selnd by her. proonreabie. 

L J J Ship Princess 

to be dis- 

The Powdermakers delivering their Acc tfl were found Debtors to the p wder- 

R 1 Hon ble Comp a Pacf 70: 30 : but they alledge they have lost considerably by it makers 

by the dearness of Labour and Charcoal, and that Presid' Gyfford had promised DrsPags 

upon the last contract to allow them something for that charge, It is therefore 7o : 30:to 

agreed & order'd y' : 10 pag s be allow'd them towards it and that 100 Pag s to be Hoabie 

advanced for the Provision of Powder. Oampa. 

Order'd yt 
10 P : be 
allowed to 
the powder- 

Order'd that Charlton & Milemay be Assistant to M 1 ' Cawley in the Custome- C hariton& 

house, and y' one of y m be constantly at y e Chowltry to prevent defrauds in the Milemay to 

Customer • t b e t t 8 t a d ntS 

M r Hall being appointed Second of Viziagapatam M r Roberts is order'd to be ^f^X^tg 

in his room as Receiver Provision of the Sea Custome house. appoicted 

BLIHU TALE. provisional! 

Nat: Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Jos. Haddock. 
r : efreeman. 
Tho : Wavelt,. 
Will : Fraser. 
W M Cawley. 

of the Sea 


Records of Fort St. George 




Genii from 
Lt-tt from 
Capt Perte. 

Genii t-> 


A lettr 

to ye Dutch 



Ship Dragon 

Sloop Speed- 
well saild. 

"William Peoby Sec 1 " 7 . 

Ree d a Generall from Conimere dated the 10 th Instant adviseing of 155 Bales 
lying ready att Ouddolore to be putt aboard the Bengali Merch'. 

Rec cl a letter from Cap' W" m Perse Command 1, of the Beng" Merch' w th a- 
Dyary relateing to His Voyage to Trincambar, dated the 6 Instant. 

A letter to the R' Worp 11 Agent & Councill in the Bay read and past. 

A Letter to the Dutch Commissary at Sadraspatam desireing his leave and 
Assistance for the Fitting of Ship Rochester in Trincomala River. 

Ship Dragon saild this Afternoon for Viziagapatam. Cap' Henry Pen sax, 

Sloop Speedwell Saild in Company w th the Dragon for Viziagapatam. 

Att a Consultation 



A pogee 
procured a 
Cowle for our 
i farming of 
St Thoma & 
its agencyea 
at 3800 Pa;,' s 
# anfi : and 
1000 paga 
piscaah to ye 
engages to 

Portigueze & 
settle « in we 

"lis agreed 
yt 1000 Page 
piacash be 
paid Apogee 
Pontnlo il he 
will engage 
ye Govermt 
to be conti 
nued to us. 

Dn[c> Com- 
Genii, as 
arrived at 
reqiusite to 
send 3 of 
y e Councill, 
to congratu- 
late hia 


Elihu Yale Esq" President & Governoue v 

M E Nat : Higginson S e John Biggs 

M E John Littleton Cap 1 Joseph Haddock 

M E Roe t Freeman M e Thomas "Wavell 

M E Will 51 Feaser M e Will m Cawley. 

Apogee Pontulo Govern our of Ponemelee, and the Sev" places of this port, . 
haveing according to his engagement to the Governour, procured a Cowle from 
the Seerlascar of this Countrey, for our Farming of S' Thoma and the several! 
adjacent Townes, as far as S' Thoma Mount belonging thereunto, at the usuall 
rates of 3800 Pag 3 f annum the same as the Portegueze doe now pay with our 
promised Piscash of 1000 Pag s to the Seerlascar for his grant of the same,' who' 

upon Payment thereof engages by his said Governour Apogee Pontulo to remove 
the Portegueze and settle whom wee shall appoint in that Government, but in 
consideration that we are advised, that the Porteguez have obteined from y e 
Mogull a Phyrmaund for the renting of S fc Thoma and its adiacencyes, tis probable 
they will maintain their Rights thereof, and that the removall of this Seerlascar 
the next may restore them to the Government, however the Consideration of the 
R* Hon ble Comp as order about the Renting of S' Thoma &c a and the great benefitts 
their present Removall & disappointm' may be to the Revenues & strengthning of 
this place. Tis agreed y' if Apogee Pontulo will [en] gage to [give] us security 
that the Governm* be continued to u [s] according to the Seerlascar's Cowl now 
brought That 1000 Pag 8 be paid him according to our former Agreement. 

Being advis'd from Pullicatt of the Arrivall of the Heer Van Readen, 
Commissary Gennerall for the Dutch East India Company, with an unlimitted 
Power for the Settlement of their Affaires in these Parts, and being also in place 
equall to the Generall of Batavia <k his orders now preferrable to y m , and it being 
accustomary upon all Alteration of Governours either here or Pullicatt to send two 
of Councill to wellcome and congratulate them to y° Place to preserve a fair and 
freindly correspondence with them, But this Person being in an Extraordinary 
Employ and authority, 'tis thought requisite and accordingly order'd that three 
of our Councill be sent w th a letter from y° Governour to compliment him 
at Pullicatt Viz M r Nathaniel Higginson, M r Robert ffreeman, & M r Thomas 
Wavell and that they prepare themselves for the Journey and goe as soon as we 
receive an answer of the Governours Letter to the Commissary, ab' his recom- 
mending Cap* Bromwell and his Ship to y° kind Assistance of the Cheif &c R at 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 111 

FORT ST. GEORGE, JULY 1688 [16th] 

The Judge and Justices of the Admiralty are according to the R* Hon ble Comp as The Judge 
order, advised to Examine and determine the buisiness of M r Sam 1 ' Barron &c a & / nst i°f 

■ c i> /~n • advised to 

their misdeameanours & breach ot orders in their Voyage "to China on Ship examine ye 
Shrewsberry, & that y e Accompt : doe give the Attorney Gen 11 some Instructions m^b™"^' 

Butt M r Henry Mose Attorney Gen" being a party concern'd therein, tis 
orderd that M r Gabriel Roberts be appointed to mannage this charge in the Court 
of Admiralty against the said Persons for the R* Hon ble Comp ;i . 

Cap* Joseph Haddock declareing to the Councill y* the Lead aboard his ship Ca P t Had- 
was intended & agreed to by the R* Hon ble Comp a to be for'Kentellage for the said dectaration 
Ship till her returne for England, tor w ch the Owners to allow y e R r ' Hon ble Comp' concerning 
40 s , f" Tonn, for the use thereof; and in consideration of s d agreem' that y e Owners ye L ^ a * ' 
had loaden noe other Kentellage, w ch otherwise they would have provided Iron [abdjfor 
Kentellage, but we haveing noe notice of this contract from y e R* Hon bIe Comp a & Kentella s e> 
it being Invoiced to us ; 'twas order'd to be taken ashoar with y e Rest of the goods, 
& a great part thereof unladen, But it now growing late for our buisiness at 
Viziagapatam & Bengali & y e Cap' declareing that it will cost at least L 4 : dayes 
to unlade y e Remaining Lead, & reballast his Ship w* h sand, 'Tis agreed & order'd Order'd y t 
that y e said lead be continued aboard Ship Princess & consign'd to y e Agent &c a continued 6 
in Bengali to be disposed of there, if they have an opportunity, otherwise to be aboard for 
return'd hither w a if there shall be occasion it shall be unladen, otherwise con- g en ? a11 - 
tinued aboard according to agreem* we haveing great quantities thereof by us, and slow vend for 
a slow vend for it here. '* here - 

Elihtj Yale. 

Nath : Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

r. ffreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Will : Feasee. 

W M Cawlet. 
"' 'William Peobt, Sec rv . 

A Pass given to Nosa Seniora Bon Viagio. 16. 

Pass giveen. 

Deliver'd Cap* Joseph Haddock his dispatch for Viziagapatam and Bengali 18. 
and also the Packett to the Agent & Councill in the Bay. Ca P t Had- 

docks dis? 


Deliverd M r John Stables his &c a Councills of Viziagapatam' s Commission 
and Instructions. 

This' day arrived a Ship in S* Thoma Road from Timore w th two English Sad news 
Passengers on her, who brought the News of M r Feilds and Severall other's deaths n°?J e West 
on the West Coast, as also of M r Fathergills, Supra Cargo of Ship Herbert at 
Batavia who was by the Instigation of the Dutch to the Banjarans as 'tis supposed, 
seized on and sent thither aud all the concern he had w th Him at, Jambee, which 
was very considerable reporting to have in Readiness there, Two Ships loading 
of Pepper, was taken from Him and that Ship Herbert had saild for England w th 
ninety men, and a small Cargo, also the Loss of two tradeing Ships belonging to 
this Port Viz* the Katherine and great Providence w th considerable Cargoes° on 

Rec d a Letter from the Dutch Comissary Geu 11 at Pollicatt. 



Becords of Fort St. George 


Att a Consultation 




Capt Biom- 
well request- 
ing i!000 | 
according to 


Order'd yt 
2000 * be 
paid him. 

Order'd yt 
100 Pa: be 
paid Mr 
Stables &c». 
for dis- 
Reed a letter 
from ye 
Dutch Comis- 
sary at Pol- 

Order'd yt Mr 


Aca doe goe 

to Pollicat on 



A Oenerall to 


C us torn r 
accts read. 

Elihu Yale Esq" President & Governour 
M" Nath : Higginson S k John Biggs 
M E John Littleton Cap t Joseph Haddock 
M R Rob t Frekman M r Thomas Wavell 

M R Will* Fraser M r Will m Cawlet. 

Cap' John Bromwell requesting 2,000 $ according to Agreem* Charter Party 
for the Fitting of his Ship urgeing that w* h out it he could not proceed with that 
desipne, the reasonableness and necessity whereof being taken into Consideration 
as also that much demorage is due to y* Ship. Tis agreed and order'd that 2,000$ 
be paid him according to his Charter Party Agreem* and y* the Warehousekeeper 
doe take his receipt for the same. 

M r John Stables Cheif &o a of Viziagapatam desireing a supply of money for 
the charges of their Voyage on the R* Hon ble Comp as Ace* for Servants Wages, 
Batty &c a ' Tis agreed and order'd that Pag 8 100 be advane'd to them, & take his 
receipt for the same, and that they give us Cred* for it, and enter a particular 
ace* of its expence in y e Books. 

The Heer Van Reede Dutch Comissary Generall being arriv'd at Pollicatt 
this day return'd an Answer to the Presidents Letter encloseing also a Letter of 
Recommendation to the Cheif of Trincomala, according to our desire for the assist- 
ing Cap* Bromwell in the repair of his ship ordering them to supply him with 
what men & Decessaryes that occasion requires. there, in retume of w eh civillity 
Tis order'd M r Nath : Higginson, M r Rob* Freeman, M r Thomas Wavell, doe prepare 
to goe hence to Pollicatt on Munday Night to pay him a Visitt & congratulate his 
Arrivall there, w* b offers of our Respect & service as order'd in last Consultation. 
A Generall to Conimere w th Rules and orders sent them about their present 
Circumstances and troubles as also a summons and Pardon to the English seamen 
w ch rnnne from the Private Ship at Trimlevas & entertain'd themselves in the 
Mores service at Wandivas, from which they cannot be *$' swaded to disengage 
themselves w th out assurance of our pardon for past faults, which agreed & order'd 
to be sent them as follows this Consultation. 

M r Nath : Higginson late Land Custom 1 ' deliverd his acc ts of the Land Cust m 
for the month of May w ch was read and past y e Cont ts as foil 3 Viz* : 
Land Customes ... ... ... ... ... P. 43 : 

Chowltry Customes ... ... ... ... ... „ 190: 

Measurer [s] duty ... ... ... ... ... „ 144; 

BanksallToll „ 2: 

Boteca rents ... ... ... ... ... ... „ 48 

Register of Slaves ... ... ._ ... ... „ — ; 









25 : 




Pag s 430 : 06 : 00 

Capt Had- 
docks objec- 
tionb why he 
could not 
spare ye 

arys he 
brought with 

Cap* Joseph Haddock was discours't about y 1 ' Supernumerary men he ship* in 
England for the R* Hon b,e Comp RS .Ace* to be deliverd here, an ace* of whom being 
desired thw Cap* declared many of them were dead and Run away in the Voyage, 
and that by reason of the great mortality among his Ships company, since his 
comeing from Johanna, he could not well spare those remayning Supernumeraryes 
ab d from the service of his Ship, therefore desired their continuance aboard, where- 
upon the Cap* was answer'd that we were also in want of Englishmen in the 
Garrison, by reason of y c great Loss of the Soldiers upon his Ship, and that if he 
could not deliver them to us, he must not expect the R* Hon bl - Comp" should be at. 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 113 



any charge for their Passage out of England since his Ship only had the benefitt Ordeid y t 
and service of them, & none being deliver'd here, Tis Order'd y* y e R' Hon bIe clml^be hl ° 
Comp a be advised thereof accordingly. advised 

Elihtj Yale. there of ' 

. Nat : Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

r. ffeeeman. 

Tho : "Wavell. 

Will : F baser. 

W M Cawlet. . 
William Peobt Sec 17 . 

To all Persons, to whom These Pres ts may concerne. 

That whereas Severall English Seamen, Subjects to his Majesty The King of a summon! 
England, lately arrived upon this Coast upon a Private Ship, from which they Hs^Truf- 
Voluntarily discharged themselves and deserted y m from their dislike to the ill tfvas. 
designes that ship and crew had practiz'd and intended to prosecute. But the 
said English seamen being conscious of their former misdeameanours, & doubtfull 
that Justice would question them and punish their Offences : they listed themselves 
in the Mogul! s service, to avoyd the same, w ch being expressly contrary to His 
Maj ty the King of England's Proclamation & his R' Hon ble Cornp 1 ' 8 possitive orders, 
w ch strictly forbids the same. These are therefore to Require and Command you 
and every of you Subjects of the King of England, & now in the Limitts of his 
Charter to His R' Hon ble East India Cornp 8, to quit & Relinquish that and all other 
services & employm* 8 of Indian Princes or any other service but y* of the s d R* 
Hon ble English East India Corn])' 1 upon penalty of the Lawes upon your dis- 
obedience & contempt, in that case. And to encourage your ready complyance 
herewith Wee the Governour & Councill of Fort S' George & Citty of Madras for 
Ace 4 of R* Hon ble English East India Comp a doe hereby for ourselves & Successors 
firmly & faithfully promise & engage a full and free Pardon to you, John Oliver, 
Tho : Craford, Benjamin Spenceake, Will m Clements, John Thacker, Robert Searles, 
Henry Smith, Charles Martin, Richard Home, Thomas Lane, William Jo[h]nson, 
W m Battrick, Rob' Barret, Jacob Andrews, Joyes &c a for your past misdeamea- 
nours & offences within our Limits and power, and that neither our Lawes nor 
Justice shall call you to an Ace* for anything acted aboard that Shipp, you lately 
belonged to and left at Trimlewas, and that upon your Arrival! here you shall be 
immediately entertained in the Right Hon ble English Kast India Companyes Service 
according to your Severall Capacityes and Abillityes and receive the same Pay and 
Wages as is allowed to other English in that Employment each of You shall serve in 
and also give you such due encouragements as your dilligent Behaviour shall 
deserve. Dated in ffort S* George in the Citty of Madrass, This Twentyeth day 
of July Anno : 1688. 

Elihu Yale, Goveru r . 

Nath. Higginson. 

John Biggs. Judge advoc*. 

John Littleton. 

Joseph Haddock. 


Thomas Wavkll. 
Wilmam Feasek. 
William Peobt Sec ry . Will m Cawley. 

A Generall from Conimere dated y e 16 th Instant, w th an Enclos'd Cuddolore Genii from 
Merch ts Ace 1 Curr', adviseing of Grimmogee Pontulo's threatnings to them if not g°-^^ e 
complyd with his Avaritious temper of Pag 8 500 : Piscash and Tasherift besides, Ponwio would 
and also ^mitts the Mogull's fflagg to be hoisted, and greatly obstructs their [;,, ] a ^jJ2° 
Investments there. &». 



Records of Fort St. George 



Ship Princess 
set eaile. 
Ship Timore 


The Land 
Cnstr accta 


Ship Princess of Denmark sett saile this morning for Viziagapatam and 
Bengali, w th M r Stables &c a of the R l Hon bIe Comp as Servants on her. 
Ship Timor came this afternoon into this Road from S 4 Toma. 

Att a Consultation 


Blihu Yale Esq" Peesident & Govebnoue 

M R Nath. Higginson S b John Biggs 

M B John Littleton M e Rob t Fb her man 

M R Thomas Wavell M r William Feasee 

M E Will [am Cawley 

The Land Customer M r W m Cawley, His Acc ts of the Land Customes was 
read and past in Councill, for the month of June ; the Severall heads am ts Yiz 1 . 
Land Customes ... ... ... ... P 84 : 10 : 75 

Weighers duty 
Ohowltry Customes 
Measurers duty 
Bauksoll Toll 

charges Deducted. 

2 : 11:23 
„ 122 : 22 : 31 

„ 131 : 30 : 08 
„ 2 : 07 : 25 

P : 343 : 09 : 9S 
8: 5; 16 

Pag* 335: 4: 

SeaOus- -"^ r Thomas Wavell, his Ace" of the ^ea Customes for th 
tomrs Acott read and past in Councill, the Sev 11 Heads am" to Yiz'. 
read - The Custome of Goods am' 

Ditto for Slaves ... 

Ditto for Tonnage 

Ditto for Anchorage 

for Weighing 



ihe month of June 

























Pag" 1735 : 29 ; 

PreBidt lettr 
to ye D atch 

ment places 

be hyred for 


P 1000 be pd 

Mr freeman. 

The Store- 
keepr & Ste- 
wards aocts 
by the Presi- 

The Presidents Letter to the Lord Henricque Yan[Ree]de Comissary Generall 
at Pallicat, was read and past & deliverd to M r Nath. Higginson &c a for their 
Journey thither y s Evening. 

The Hon bla Comp !ia Goedownes, being at present all filled w th their goods and 
grain, and the Storekeep 1 wanting Conveniency's for severall stores &c a , ' Tis orderd 
he hyre some Convenient places at the easyest Rent procurable. 

Orderd that Pag s 1000 : be paid M 1 ' Rob' ffreeman, Paymast r Generall for use 
of the Garrison. 

The Storekeep" and Stewards Acc ts not haveing been so Regularly methodiz'd 
and kept as to know the true Remains upon any Suddain Occasion by change of 
Employments & places as also the exact Expence of the Severall Stores & neces- 
saryes in their charge, The President therefore formed their Sev 11 Books into 
Leidger Acc ts with Columes therein for every indiveduall thing under Severall 
Heads ; which if kept up dilligently, may at any time in 2 : or 3 : dayes, may be 
ballano'd & a true Ace* of Remains deliver' d to Him that Succeed in the place, the 
Want whereof has lately occasion'd some trouble & mistakes, in the changeing of 
places ; The same Method off Aco ts were ^used and approv'd by the Councill and 
are order'd to be observ'd for the future. 

The President represented to the Councill the great advantage it would be to 
the R' Hon ble Comp a & the Own'' 8 of Ship Rochester, that after her fitting at 
Trincomala to proceed directly for Bencolen on the West Coast to be Loaden & 
dispatch't thence with Pepper for England, and not to returne from Trincomala 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688. 115 


[23kd} ; 

hither, whereby she -will loose near three months time, since the Monsoon will not 
"^mitt her comeing hither, till Decemb r or January and then we have noe other 
way for her despose but the West Coast, w ch will also be an unseasonable time for 
it, whereas the Winds will be fair for her sayling in October or Novemb r from 
Trincomala thither, by which time she may be repaired and fitted, and also avoyd 
the danger of the November Storme, but Cap* Bromwell being aboard we could 
resolve nothing therein the Result therefore is deferred till next Consultation. 

This night, about 9 a clock M r Nath. Higginson &c ft sett out for Pollicatt, 
with the Presid tB letter to the Dutch Commissary. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat : Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

R : ffreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Will : Fraser. 
William Proby SEc ry . W m Cawlet. 

Rec d a Generall from Conimere dated the 21" 1 Instant, w th an Ace' Curr 4 and 24. 
Ace* Stock of last years Books. 

M r Nath 11 Higginson &c a returned from Pollicatt this morning, and brought 25. 
with them the Coppy of the Articles between the Mogull and Generall Child at ^ n & c ^r 
Surratt, from the Dutch Commisary, and also adviseing of their Noble and kind turn'd f rom 
entertainm* there. • Po,licatt - 

In a Letter from Mons r Guetty, adviseing the death of the old King of Advice from 
Golcanda, who was killed by the Mogulls people there, through suspition, (that ^deathoi 
when they were beseig'd by the Savagee, and fearing their conquest over them,) ye old king, 
they might restore the Kingdome to Him againe, upon which they beheaded him. 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq R President & Governor. Thursday 

M E Nath. Higginson S r 26. 

M B John Littleton M k Rob t Freeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M e 

M R Will" Cawlet. 
The whole Councill being duly Summon'd 
S R John Biggs & M B W M Fkaser. Sick. 

According to order of our last Consultation, Cap* John Bromwell was sent captBrom- 
for, and discourst about his goeing from Trincomala to the West Coast representing weiidis- 
the great conveniencyes that would be to the rl' Hon bIe Comp a and his Owners, go^toyo 
of which 'he was also acquainted by the governour some dayes past, that he might West Coast. 
have time to consider duely thereof and his answer being required he gave it 
possitively notwithstanding all our arguments & "^'swasions that hee could not 
goe directly from thence to the West Coast, but mustreturne hither to recruite the 
Ship with men & necessary[s] which cannot be done at Trincomala, whereupon f rom Trinco- 
the Govern 1, deliver'd him the Dutch Commissary and his Lett rs to the Cheife of mala he could 
Trincomala O'rderingand Requesting his assistance to him in the fitting his Ship, eon'sforye*' 


The R* Hon ble Comp a in their Lett' of the 6 th June 87 : overland haveing TheRt 
possitively order' d & commanded us to loose noe more time in the receipt of the Honble 
ground quitt rents of this Citty and Town of Madrass, which haveing bin deferred f or ye receir. 
for some time in Consideration of our danger and troubles as also the famine w ch Q 1 f it ° t f r ^ tg 
made it very unsuitable and unseasonable to raise a Tax so Considerable and 
unusuall, amongst the Porteguez and Natives -as that is, but the Country 
Govern m? being now bett r settled, and the Inhabitants somewhat recruited from 
their late necessityes, It is therefore now Order'd that we doe proceed on the 



Records of Fort St. George 


Orders to 
prooeed on 
ye Collectio 

Mr Pitt, & 
Mr Trough- 
ton appointed 

in yt 


Collection thereof, with, the two last years arrears to the 29 th September next, and 
that an order be publish't that whosoever, Inhabitant shall refuse the ready 
payrn* thereof, that y B quitt rent shall be advanc't J part upon each such houses 
whose Own 1 ' 8 deny payment, or to destraine on y e Tennant & M r Thomas Wavell. 
being appointed Register & Renter Gen" of the Citty of Revenues. Tis order'd 
that he have y e superintendency thereof, but the buisiness of the Sea Custome, 
being soe considerable, that he cannot give his attendance to both. Tis order'd that 
M r John Pitt and Zouch Troughton doe take care and receive the Citty and Town 
Revenues, which they are to give ace* to M r Thomas Wavell, and take hi3 advice 
therein and whereas the Severall Branches of the Rents & Revenues haveing been 
formerly joyn'd to Severall employments of the Oouncill, which has occasioned 
some Neglects & Inconveniency to prevent w cYl tis therefore Order'd, that the 
abovesaid Persons shall have the sole charge of receiveing the Revenues Viz* : 

House Ground Rents. 
Gnurden Rents. 
Paddy tfeild Rents. 
Licences for Retailing 


Godown Rents. 
Boteea Rents. 
Street Rents. 
Rack licences. 

Mr Empton 
The Compa 
Merohts have 
agreed and 
setled their 

Their debt 
to ye Be. 
Compa to be 
firat paid. 

Pay maatra 

of all which the President haveing given a Method for each Head and Ace*, 
and also Rent Rolls of the Garrison, Citty and Town. 'Tis order'd that it be kept 
& observed accordingly and that M r Empton doe officiate the Stewards place in 
M r Troughtons room. 

The R* Hon ble Oomp as Merch ts after 5 years dispute and difference among 
themselves have at last agreed and settled their Acc ts & this day delivering it to 
the Councill where it appears, the great discouragem* of their trade and 
stock has bin from the great debts due to them as well from severall concerned 
therein as others to the amount of P : 24415 ; 10 : 1 : and the said stock oweing 
to Severall Merch** to the am* of P : 6193 : 20 : 4 who have bin very pressing and 
importunate with us to recover their debts, and the debtors to their stock, haveing 
signed to the BaU of their severall Acc t9 and debts as ^ a list given in, Tis thought 
Just and convenient, & order that the Justices do Assist and press the Payment 
thereof, and the whole Ace* be cleared as soon as possible, that we may proceed 
currantly and safely upon an Investment. It is also order'd that before they 
proceed any further to make good their debt to the R* Hon b!e Company first and. 
that the severall Debters, to the Stock to bring in their severall debts within three 
dayes to M r John Littleton, Warehousekeeper, and that soe soon as he hath re- 
ceived it, he doe therewith pay off the Stock's debts to the Severall Credit" w ch 
was also approoved and agreed to by all the Merchants to prevent further disputes. 
M r Robert Freeman Paymaster Generall read his Book of Acc ts for the month 
of June which was past in Councill as followeth : 

Charges Garrison ... 

Charges Generall ... 

Charges Dyett 

Charges Extraordinary 

Charges Cattle 

Charges Merchandize 

fortification and Repaires... 

Bay of Bengali Expedition 

Tauassary expedition 

William Peoby Sec rJ . 

. P 979: 



. „ 493 : 



. „ 249 : 

7 : 

. „ 22: 


• „ 28 



• „ 90 



. „ 189 : 



• „ 125. 


• » —■ 


Pags. 2186 



Elihu Yale. 

Nat : 


Appro d 






10 : 


Ap d Will 

: Fraseb. 


m n 


Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 117 



Pass given to boat Tagaray belonging to Ollacca Chittee &c a M r Nath : 27. 
Higginson°M r Rob' Freeman and M r Thorn 8 Wavell &c a arriveing trom Pollioat f as b 3 oa f Ten 
the 25 th Instant, did this day give the following relation of their Journey to and Tagaray. 
entertainment at Pollicat by the Commissary Generall &c a . 

That on Tuesday the 24 th Instant about 7 of the clock in the morning J f h ^ nner 
arriveing at a gaurden neer Pollicat, they sent the Commissary Generall word entertainmt 
that they were comeing to wait on him on which he desired their longer stay at PoUlcat ' 
there, that he might send some of his people to conduct them to town, and 
about 10 came six of the Councill &c a also many attendants with them to meet 
them there and after a Wellcome salute were conducted to the fort gate where 
they were received by the Yice Comissary and thence thro : a gaurd of Souldiers 
past to the stairs foot, where they were rec d by the late Govern 1 ' Pitt and so 
conveyd up to the Commissary who kindly rec d them and after the delivery of 
the Presidents Letter welcoin'd them with 21 guns some time after went to ■ 
dinner & were handsomely treated, and as twas alwaye3 accustomary began the 
King of Englands health with 21 guns, and then the Parliam* the R fc Hon ble 
Comp as and the Presidents and about 9 they parted, with the same salute of 
guns as they had when they came in, and dureing the whole time Courteously 
treated and entertaind, The Commissary Generall often expressing his kind 
resentm'' of our Vissit and respects promiseing suddainly to return it, assureing 
M r Higginson &c a of his readiness to serve the Hon ble Comp as Interest in all 
places he had an oppert unity for it. 

This Morning about 7 aclock, the Heer Commandore Johannes Bacherus 28. 
Successor to the Commissary Generall sent the President word by the Cheif The ^ oU 
Dubash that he was come to the gaurden to acknowledge and repay his late vissit. 
Vissit and civillity to the Commissary Gen" upon which the President appointed 
S r John Biggs M r John Littleton M 1 ' R : ffreeman M r Thorn 5 Wavell with a hand- 
some Retinue to meet & bring them into the Citty and Fort where M r Higginson 
met them at the gate so led them upstairs to the President who rec d them at the 
staire head, when after the delivery of the Dutch Commissary Gen lls Letter and 
his message being returns of thanks, for the late Vissit at Pollicatt, they were 
kindly wellcomed with 21 : Gunns, and after sometime and discourse of the 
Commissary his proceedings and other publick Affaires went up to a handsome 
dinner in the Consultation roome, where the usuall healths ; to equall their 
Entertainm' were began to the Prince of Orange w th 21 Guns, the States Generall 
Dutch East India Company and the Comissary's and after dinner about 3 aclock 
the President & more to oblige and divert them, carry'd them by boat to the R l 
Hon ble Comp M new garden where they were also handsomely entertained when 
after supper about 10 : the Presid' deliverd him his Lett 1 " of thanks to the 
Commissary Generall and acknowledgeing the Hon r and Kindness he was pleased 
to doe him w th thanks also to their severall troubles of the Journey, excuseing the 
slenderness of their Entertainment, which they acknowledg'd to be very generous 
and kind, appearing greatly satisfyed thereat, requesting leave to returne to the 
place from whence they came They parted with kind salutes accompanyed to the 
gaurden by II r Littleton M r Wavell M r Roberts &c\ 

Att a Consultation Munday 


Elihu Yale Esq,* President & Governour 

M B Nath Higginson S e John Biggs 

M B John Littleton M* Robert Freeman 

M R Thomas Wavell M r Will" Fkaser 

M E Will" Cawley. 

M r John Littleton, Warehousekeeper read his Acc ts for the month of June The w ««- 
which was past in Councill. housekeeper 


Records of Fort St. George 


The Land 

An order for 
ye Quit rents 

Orderd to be 

List of 

Peons to be 


The Land Customer M r Will m Fraser read his Acc ts for the month of Aprill^ 
which was Past in Council], Viz*. 
Land Customes 
Weighers duty 

Chowltry Customes 

Measurers duty 

Banksoll Toll 

Kegistring of Slaves 

Licence money for the year 88 : commencing Nov br 87 

Fines assessed hy the Justices 

14: 11 

00: 20 

185 : 10 

103 : 21 

2 : 6 

— : 8 
162 : 35 

38: 00 


Pag* 503: 16: 50 
Wages &c a deduct 8 : 19 : 00 

Pag s 494 

In Pursuance of our last Consultation, the President drew up an Order 
to the Inhabitants for their paying the Quitt Rents for two years past which was - 
read and approved and order'd to be proclaimed and affix't, in English Porteguez 
Moore, and Gentue upon the Cheif gates of the Citty. 

The Register delivers a List in of Actions enter'd in y 8 Court of Admiralty 
since Monday last w ch was read in Councill. 

The Countrey Government being now indifferently quiett & well settled near 
us and their being no apparent danger of the Moores or Morattaes. Tis order'd 
that one Company of Peons Consisting of 100 be disbanded, to ease the charge: 
of the Garrison. 

Blihu Yale. 

Nat : Higginson.^ 

J. Biggs. 

r. ff bee man. 

Tho: Wavell. 

Will : Fraser. 
William Proby Sec ry . W M Cawley. 

The Order for the Paying of the Quitt rents. 

To all the Inhabitants of the Citty & Surburbs of Madras both Christians, - 
Moors, Gentues & Mallabars, that dwell and Live under the Protection & 
benefitt of the English Government. 

That Whereas the R* Hon ble East India Company Lords & Proprietors of this r 
their Garrison and Citty have been at very long and great charge in purchaseing- 
raiseing building repaireing defending and maintaining the same with little or 
noe assistance from the Inhabitants, nor any other revenue near proportionable 
to the Vast expence they have been & are constantly at, in Secureing their Lives-' 
Libertyes and Estates from the dangers troubles and Exactions that are too com- 
mon in other Governments, in Consideration whereof and the undenyable reason- 
Justice and Custome that all Persons who pertake such great benefitts and safety- 
should readily contribute to the charge thereof, more especially since they have 
lately been graciously pleased to release a great part of the usuall Customes of the 
place for the encouragement of Trade & y e poor, The said R* Hon We Comp a have 
therefore order'd & appointed us and all their Inhabitants to pay a reasonable 
yearly Quitt rent for the ground of their houses towards the better fortifying and 
accomodation of the Towiie, and this Law being made by the R' Hon ble Comp a 
some years past, but y e execution thereof forbourn and deferred till now in Com- 
passion and Consideration of the late famine and troubles in the Countrey which 
now by God's mercy & blessing being indifferently well recover'd towards a Plenty 
We the Govern 1- and Councill doe therefore hereby order and appoynt M r Jn° 
Pitt & M r Zouch Troughton to be collectors of the s d quit rents and to receive 
the same from each house, Godowne, Garden or Lands within this Government 
only for 2 years past to the 29 th Septem br 88 according to a Rent Rowl signed and' 

Diary and Consultation Boole, 1688 11.9 

[30 i u] 


- delivered by us to tliem, and to destrainfor the same upon such as shall contemp- 
tuously refuse the payment of so just and small a Contrabution for the good & 

^conveniency of the Town and Inhabitants, Dated from Fort S* George in the Citty 
. of Madrass, this Thyrtieth day of July Anno 168S, 

Bliho Yale. 

Nath: Higginson. 

John Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

Rob t Freeman. 

Thom 8 Wavell. 


William Cawlet. 
A Pass given to Boat Vencatarownudo. 31. 

The Order for the paying the Quitt rents was proclaimed this morning at the Th? Order' 

Sea Gate. proclaimed. 

Bengali Merch* Cap* W m Pearse Command 1 " arrived from the Sout[h]ward, t m0 - 

& brought a Gen 11 from Conimere dated yesterday, approved and sent y s day, Befgaii 

adviseing them to write to M r Ingram at Portonovo to make an Agreement w th arrived 

Cap* Edward English there for the Ladeing the R* Hon We Comp as Bale goods on Q en]lt0 

his Ship since the Bengali Merchant was so full w th Paddy from Trincombar Conimere. 
that he could not take in more then 12 : Bales, and also the great want of them 

- to make up the s a Bengali Merch ts Loading for England. 

Pass given to Ship Triblicane belonging to Maucadum Nina bound for Pass given. 
. Atchein. 

Att a Consultation 


Elihtj Tale Esq" President & Governoor 
M E Nath. Higginson S b John Biggs 

M B John Littleton M b Rob t Freeman Thursday 

M E Thom s Wavell M e Will m Fraser 2 - 

M E Wi:,l m Cawlet. 

The President read his Cash Book for the month of July, which was approv'd, ThePresi- 
,& the Ballance examin'd being Pagodas, P 66355 : 09 : 5. Booked. 

He also gave in a Rent Bowl of the Houses Goedownes &c a . within the Eent Eow]e 
Garrison, or Christian Town with their sev" Quitt rents which was examined, 
approv'd and signed, & order'd to be collected accordingly, (as enterd next after 
this Consultation). 

The, Bengali Merch* arriving Yesterday from y 6 S° ward Laden w th " Paddy Warehous- 
and those Factory's goods, the Warehousekeep r is order'd to unlade her with all tomuadeye 
possible speed, in order to her dispatch this month for England, also y e Paymaster Bengali, 
is order'd to fitt up the Masulaa3 aud borrow as many more as he can, to hasten her 
Ladeing and the dispatch of the expected Europe Shipping for Bengali it growing 
late for that Voyage. 

M r Daniel Gyfford his acc ts of his TticuP expences in his Voyage on the MrGyffords 
Phaulkon from Sur rat to Syarn, in Syam and thence hither were examin'd and aoc ? 8e,! - 
debated on & he was call'd to answer severall objections, w cl1 for his better 
Consideration and our satisfaction he was order'd to give in writeing next 

Upon the Settlera* of our Sea Customes, twas agreed & order'd to allow Orderstoye 
10 ¥" 0* on y e Invoices of all Liquors for Leakage, breakage &c a damage, if they F"„*° m " 
• carry'd away the Chests &c" without opening ; but if the proprietors rather 
chuse to open & examine their liquors at the Custorae house, then they were 
to pay full Custome upon all y* was Merchandable & no more w ch few gave 
y m selves the trouble of, since y e damage commonly came under 10 f" C* But 


Records of Fort St. George 



great loss happning this year on liquors by the Princess, so y l many chests had 
not a full bottle in them, but y e Chests being carry'd to their own houses & there 
opene'd by themselves, the Customer could not excuse y e Customs thereof since 
twas in their own Choice to have examined y m at the Custome house & then paid 
for noe more y n appear'd Merchandable, But the R' Hon ble Co7np a 
Warehous being filled with Bale goods and at other times commonly employed 
•with Stores or grain ; it is now therefore agreed y* all Persons have liberty to carry 
their Liquors to their own godowns and to pay Custome for no more then shall 
duly appear to be full and sound provided they deliver the keys of their goedowns 
to the Custom 1 and y* the Chests be opened & examined before the Officers of" 
the Custome house. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat: Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 


Tho : Wavell. 
Will: Fbaser. 
W M Cawley. 
William Proby Sec ry . 

Bent Bowie. Rent Rowle of Dwelling Houses Goedowns &c B w ch in the Garrison or 

Christian Town, w th the names of their Severall Owners Tennants and Yearly 



. Owner. 



. fa. 

The Hon ble President Yal 

es house 

... Pag 3 

Cap' James Bette : house 

- „ 1 


Marti) ad Consason : . 

W m Dixon. ... 


Paul Cardozo ... 



Padre Ephraim's 



Martin Lope's 

'.'. „ 1 

M r Jn° Afflack 

.. „ 2 


Rich d Monk ... 

Jn° Strangway 

.. » 1 

Widdow Heathfeild . 

., 2 

M r Peter Large 

.. „ 1 


M rs Ursula Oneal 

.. „ 1 

Mr Afflack ... 

M rs Ursula On 

.. „ 1 


M r Afflack ... 

M r Troughton 

.. „ 1 


Pag 8 17 


Chowltry Street. 

Richard Monk's house 

.. P 2 

Jn° Coventry 

•• „ 1 


Cosmo Lorenso 



Emmanuel Morley ... 

..Widdow Haddok ... 

.. „ 1 


Emmanuel Morley ... 


Padre Theodosia 


M r Jn° Kicks 

..S r Jn° Biggs 

. . „ 2 


.. „ 2 

Thorn 8 Greenhill 

.. „ 1 


John Pa vera 

■• >, 1 

P«g* 14 


Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 





Joan Lopus 

Nath : Bonus 


Charles Metcalf 
Jn° Callender 

Panchecu Viera 
M r Heny Alford 
Arthur Filbury 
Madam Pavia 

M r Miller 

Panchecu Veira 



Jn° Inch 
Renou Perera 
Til man Holt 
John de Soza 
Domingoes Mendes 
M r Mead 
M r Mead 
Mods 1 " Chardin 
Martha de Consason 

Will ro Dixon 
Domingo Joan 
Bmmanuell Eosaira 

Mary Ware 

Emmanuell Rosaira... 

M' Miller 

Jane Taylor 

Widdow Ryley. 

M r Freeman's godown 

Chowltby Alley. 


.Ana : dandrada 
.Gab : Roberts 
.Jn° Voter 



M T Alford 

Toek Steeet. 
.Panohecu Viera 
.Padre Lopus 
.Andre Garmast 
.Fran 8 Fessera 
.Marmad Cofisas 

.Jn° Meverell 

Yoek Lane. 
.M r Glover 

...[Amu] Dunkly 

Chaeles Steeet. 

M r Will m Jearsey 

M r Jearsey's severall godowns 
M r Bridger 

M r Bridger 

M r Bridger , 

M r Jn° Davis 

M r Bridger's goedown 

M r Bridger 

M r Bridger 

Robert Bulfeild a Goedown 

M r Mose 
;M r Constable 
M r Styleman 

M T Parkers Child" 



p 1 


., I 

.. 1 


}) — 


}> — 


„ 2 


„ 1 


Pag s 8 : 18 

.. P — : 27 

... „ 2 

: — 

... „ — 

: 27 

- „ 1 

: — 

Pag s 4 : 18 

.. P — : 27 

• • „ — : 27 

.. „ 1 : — 

.. „ — : 18 

.. „ — : 18 

•• „ 1:- 

.. „ — : 27 

- » 1:- 

.. „ • — : 27 

.. ., 1: — 

• • „ —■ 27 

.. „ 1: 18 

• • „ 2 : — 

.. „ — : 13 

Pag s 12: 27 

.. P 2: — 

n — 





• J. — 







. „ 1: 


Pag s 7 : 18 

. P 2 


• » 1 


• ,, 1 


• » 1 


• » 1 


• » 1 


■ » — 


• >! 


» = 


)> : 


Pag s 11 : 



Records of Fort St. George 




Gimar Peni^ra 
Joseph Perora 
M r Gray Smith godown 

Bob 1 Hay JVi r 

Rob" Ray 

Puis ... 

Alexander Wodall ... 
M r Briger's godown 



Black Fi-anck 

Robert Bulfeild 

Maria deSuce 

Comp a * Merchants Godowns 

JSicliolas Westborough 

Pois new Hospital! 



Pa Ire lorence Parera 
Sicillia Mendes 
Maria Moedera 

Antony Caldera 
Thomas de clara 
Luis de Cuni 
Antonio rosada 
Alexander Woodall 
Bastian Severa 
Theodoras Gregory 
J;. Parera .. 
Matuias desilva 

James Street. 

• M r Pitt 

Pr d Gyfford 

Padre Bastrasi 

James Alley. 

Jn° Moor 

. p — 


1} — 




• „ 1 


• » — 


• „ 1 


n — 


„ — 


• a — 


}> — 


}) — 


■ — 


■ » ~ 


- „ 3 


• >, — 


M — 


. — 


}J — 


fi — 





Pag» 15 


. P — 






• » — 


» — 






tt — 


• » — 


Pa 5: 

Jn° Stevenson 
Nichola desilva 
Tar nan tony 
M rs Gryffith 
Senona Alvada 
Einman 11 desilva ... 

Presideut Yale a godown 
Maria Jebo 
Pasquall gallons 
President Yale 
Emmanuel Navis ... 
Rob' Eay 
John Baptista 
Bernado Medotn 
Antonys Qualio 
Clara Botalia 
Gaspar de Monte ... 
M r Gray a Godown 
Padre Salvadore 
Joan de Coasta 

St Thomas Street. 
M r Kiddell , 

M r Cheney 

M* Barron 

M r Betsworth 
M r Ivory 

p 1 


,- 1 


„ _ 


„ 1 



n — 




.. 1 

n — 




» 1 


* — 


„ 1 


„ 1 

,, 1 




>, 2 


„ 1 


., 1 


Pag' 20 : 9 

Diary and Consultation tfook, 1688 



Dona Izabella 

Emmanuel Vass 
Duarty Figarado 

St Thomas Lane. 


Eliz th Poulter 

Antony Gonsalis .. 
Dona Phillippa 
Catherena Passania 
John Stevenson 
M r Eodrigoea 

"Church Street. 

M r Burton 

— : 27 

— . 27 

Pag s 2 ; 18 





Abstract op Dwelling houses in each Street of the Garrison in the Citty Viz t . 

In Middle Street T annum 

In Chowltry Street 

In Chowltry Alley ... 
In Gloster Street ... 

In York Street 

In York Lane 

In Charles Street 

In James Street 
In James Alley 
In St. Thomas Street 
In St. Thomas Lane 
In Church Street ... 

129. Houses and Goedowns 

P 17 

„ 14 

8: 18 
4: 18 

12: 27 
7: 18 

11: 18 

15: 9 
5: 9 

20: 9 
2 : 9 
4: 9 

Pag s 124 : 9 

Etjhu Yale. 
Nath. Higginson. 
Joiin Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
Robert freeman. 
Thomas Wavell. 
W M Fraser. 
W M Cawlet. 

Two .Ships in Sight, to the N° ward of this Port supposeing to be from 

The said two Ships came to an Anchor in Trivetore road ab* five miles to the 
N° ward of this place, the winds hanging So much Southerly that they could not 
fetch this road, soe sent their Long boat, w th the Purser, the Cap' of the SouJdier[s] 
and a Passenger in her with the box of Particulars & Generalls from the R' 
Hon b,e Comp a which came T Ship new Defence Cap' Will™ Heath Command 1, : The 
IPusall of them was defer'd till the next day. 

This morning arrived the Shipps, The new Defence Cap' Will m Heath Com- 
mand' and the James Cap* Abraham Roberts, Command r from Europe into this 
road, and about nine a clock came M r Goff, the Purser &c a ashoar from aboard the 
James, and brought the R' Hon ble Comp" 9 box of Letters & a and also a Letter of 
recommendation from the R' Hon ble Comp a concerning M r Goff & ca w ch after the 
Tusall of it the Presid' promised his best Assistance to him, and about twelve 
came the Two Cap' ashoar, Cap* Heath and Cap' Roberts and also M r Thomas 
Gray one of this Councell, according to the R' Hon ble Comp" appointment. 


Ships in 


Arrived at 
Sent, ye box 
of Lett* 

ye ^usall 

carries ar- 
rived ya 

James Paokt. 


Records of Fort 8t. George 

|4* fl ] 


Att a Consultation Extra et 

ye Rt Ilon- 
ble Com pas 
lettra were 
re»d & con- 
sidered on. 

Ship Defence 
to be un- 

to dy«tt ye 

Elihu Yale President & Governoue 
M E Nath. Higginson S 11 John Biggs 
M E John Littleton M E Rob t Freeman 
M E M E Wii.l m Fraser 

M E Will m Cawley. 
The whole Councill was duly Summon'd. 
M E Thomas Wavell aboard. 
The Defence and James arriveing into this road this morning betimes, and 
the box of Letters sent ashoare, This morne were opened and the R l Hon bl * 
Comp as Generalls of the Septemb 1 the [lacuna in the original] October the 25 Janu y 
and the 6 of Febru y were read and disco urst on. 

And whereas the President concluded it absolutely necessary to keep as 
secret as possible the Bengali letters and orders sent by the Princess, in Considera- 
tion of the great prejudice the devulgeing such a designe might have been to the 
R* Hon bio Comp as affairs and possibly have prevented the Mogulls granting his 
Phyrmaund to the Generall, as also other priveledgds we were then treating about 
at Coart and w th the Go ferment here; the news also might have reach't Bengali 
before the arrivall of the Princess there and soe allarmed the Moors to a greater 
preparation to defend y os places, we design'd against; for these reasons the 
GoveSour only imparted those letters and orders to .M r Higginson & S r John 
Biggs who jointly and sent those letters to Agent Charnock, fticularly with advice 
to be as private therein as possible till the arrivall of the defence least they or y e 
design should suffer by the discovery, but being wholly referr'd to y m we could 
give no other orders or advice therein, & therefore of noe necessity to acquaint the 
Councill therewith, But y e buisiness being now to come into debate here, all those 
said letters, were read but nothing concluded thereon till Cap* Heath and 
M r Thomas Gray's comeing ashoare, when we shall fully debate and resolve what 
most necessary & expedient therein, The Govern 1- also enjoyn'd the Councill by 
the Oaths they had taken to be secret in y 8 affair, since the devulgeing is, may 
still be of prejudice to the R l Hon ble Comp as Affairs, the Mogull haveing his spies 
here for intelligence & therefore, ought to be y e more cautious of our discourse, 
which y e Councill faithfully engages. 

The Warehousekeep r M r Jn° Littleton is order'd to employ all the boats for 
the unladeing the Defence that she may have a suddain dispatch it being late in 
the season, and this day to take ashoare the Chest of Gold and box of Mace &c a & 
on Munday half the Cordage and as much of the sea Coals as the time will 'Pmitt 
haveing great occasion for them. 

The Defence and James haveing brought us a seasonable brave Supply of 
Souldiers to the number of 140 : lusty men haveing by good providence lost but 
12 : from both Shipps, whereas the Princess had the misfortune to bury near 50, 
and it being our great duty and care to preserve them well since they are sent 
with soe much charge and difficulty, but all provisions being still very scarce and 
dear, none of the publick houses will be ^swaded to entertain or dyet them, 
whereupon the President sending for VI r Troughton late Stew a prevail'd with him 
to undertake the Dyetting all the English Souldiers for three months at 60 fanams - 
T mensem each and to provide them sufficient good Provisions as Beef Muttea 
Pork fish, Pelow and Rice with a dram and Punch somtimes 2 meals each day, 
to eat at the new Lodge, dinner to be presisly at 11 : a clock, and Supper at Six, 
at which times the bell is to ring w n they are to appear upon the penalty of 
Fasting, except they are upon duty on the out gaurds, then their serv* 8 are to 
fetch Viotualls, two officers, is also appointed to keep good orders among y m and 
the "Warehousekeeper is order'd to let M r Troughton have w* rice he has occasion 
for at 1^ Meas'f fail and Bengali Butter at 6 : Pag 8 f Jarr : and w* other provision 
the Comp a can spare at the market price & each pay day the Paymaster is first to 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 125 


pay him 60 fan out of each Souldiers pay notwithstanding any other demands 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat: Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 
^ r : ffrkeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

Will: Frasee. 
William Probt Sec 1 *. W* Cawley. 

Pass given to Parr: Mallialum belonging to Maucadum N[i]na 6. 

Pass given to 

Att a Consultation aboat ' 

• Present 

Elihu Yale Esq President & Governour Munday 

M E Nath. Higginson S r John Biggs 
M E John Littleton Cap t Will m Heath 
M R Rob t Freeman M e Thom s Wavell 
M B Will" Fraser M b Will m Cawlet 
M u Thomas Gray. 
Orderd that the Warehousekeeper M r Jn° Littleton doe unlade the Ship ship James 
.James Cap' Abraham Roberts Command 1 ' of the R' Hon ble Comp as Cordage and to £ ^JSS 
discharge her. 

The Souldiers that came on the New Defence and y e James being very bare Provision for 
of cloths, 'Tis order'd that the Warehouskeep' do deliver out Perpetuanoes l^° a ^l" 
sufficient for that purpose, & to buy Gingham and Long cloth to make each 
Souldier a Coat, one Capp, two pair of breeches and three Shirts for w oh they are 
to pay 15 fan each f" mensem till the Ace* be clear'd. 

M r Thorn 8 Gray, one of this Councill, being by the R* Hon ble Comp a appointed Mr. Th*. 
Register of the assurance office, w ch buisiness being small at present, Tis order'd G e ra 5 y e *°c^ 8t 
■y' sometime of diversion from his Yoyage he be joyn'd w" 1 M r Wavell at the Sea tomer. 
Customehouse to inspect and advise in their proceedings there. 

The Councill entering upon the debate of the Bengali buisiness, the R* Hon ble The Gen]1 
Comp as severall Letters & orders to us and them were read and after much dis- from ye Rt 
course thereon, w th a due representation of our late great Loss of men in the Last c° m b 'a <a»wd 
expedition at the Bay the articles they had agreed upon, for a free and quiett & disoours't 
settlement and trade there for the future, the Mogulls resolute aversion against Tonckino- y9 
Fortifications, a late instance in their pulling downe a great part of the dutch affairs m ye 
building at Hughly, for makeing the Walls of their godowns thicker then ordinary, Ben s 11- 
the great power and force of those parts, being now by differences better 
arrn'd and prepar'd then ever ; The removall of Shasta Cawn and Settlem' of 
Nabob Cawn Jehan Badlan in y* Nabob ship a great and resolute . Souldier but 
reported just and kind, and formerly a good freind to the English, also our great 
want Of men stores amunition & provisions ; and the Geuerall haveing made a 
Peace w th the Mogull and taken his Phyrmaund, and as our Vakeel advises 
from Golcandah, has included this place and Bengali therein and thereupon 
deliver'd up the many rich prices in their possession These and the 
U,' Hon ble Comp as possitive orders were recommended to the CouncilPs serious 
'Considerations, it being a matter of great Importance, was adjourned till next 
'Consultation the Presid* enjoyning all to a profound secrecy therein. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 

Will : Heath. 
R : ppreeman. 
Will : Fraser. 
W": Cawlet. 
William Proby See 7 . Tho : Gray. 


Records of Fort St. George 

7. » 

A Pattamar 
from Bengll. 

Thuesda r 

General I 
from the Rt 


This Evening arriv'd a Pattamar from Bengali with severall Particular- 
Letters but noe generall adviseing that Agent Charnock &c a Councill there had' 
sent up M r Hevrs and M r Bradhill to the Nabob Cawn Jehan Badhan, at Dacca 
w th a Piscash to the amount of Bupees 10,000 in Broad cloth &c a Raryties to treat 
w th him and agree upon those articles formerly deliverd to Shastacawn, then 
Nabob, the effecting of which is much doubted, and that Shaslacawn upon the 
Mogulls summons is gone up to y e Court to him. 

Att a Consultation 

Blihd" Yale Esq r President & Governoue 

M E Nath. Higginson S E John Biggs # 

M E John Littleton Cap t Will" Heath 

M E Robert Fkeeman M r Thom s Wavell 
M B Will m Fraser M r W m Cawlet 
M*Thom Gray. 
Returning to our debate upon the Bengali Affair and the R* Hon ble Corop" 
Scence and orders concerning it, w ch first is their ill opinion of, and displeasure 
against the Conduct of their Agent and Councill in the Bay, in not following and 
obeying their orders in the takeing Chettegam &c a which they are still very 
pressing for, and desirous of, and possitively resolved, to have a fortifyed settle- 
ment, in Bengali, by fair means or force, or else to withdraw their servants and 
trade thence, upon Consideration whereof, and the expressness of their other 
designes, and orders, relateing to this Affair, as also their good opinion of the abillity 
and fidelity of Cap* W m Heath reposeing such trust and confidence in his conduct 
that they choose rather soly to rely on y* then the irresoluteness of the Bengali 
Gentlemen, It was therefore according to the R* Hon ble Comp as order proposed to 
Cap* Heath, to goe with his Ship directly to atack Chettigam, and that we would 
give all possible assistance therein, and would write by a Porteguez Ship now 
going to Bengali to the Agent and Councill to bring all their Ships, Vessells 
men &c a to his assistance ; w ch Cap* Heath did not refuse, but declared that he 
doubted, 't would be to little purpose, and considering the Dorothy is not yet 
arrived to accompany her, and all our Country Vessells disposed upon their severall 
Voyages, the season growing late, nor can we procure sloops or sufficient Pylotts 
for that designe. ' Tig therefore our Opinion also and agreement that the Defence 
goes directly for Ballasore, w th two Comp ss of Souldiers consisting of 60 each 
which is all we can possibly spare, also all the Armes Ammunition stores and 
Provisions can be afforded being Very bare of all, wanting Swords to aim the 
Souldiers, now arriv'd by the Defence and James, that upon Cap* Heaths arrivall at 
Ballasore, he immediately proceed to the Agent & Councill at Chuttenutta, takeing 
all the Command rs of the English Ships with him, that upon his arrivall he delivers 
the Agent &c° the R* Hon'' le Comp as and our Orders and a Councill be called 
consisting of the Agent &c a and all the Coninand" ; where the whole state of the 
Comp as affairs and their proceedings is to be duely recounted, and their Condition, 
fforce ; stores of armes ammunition and provision w th all other Necessaryes circum- 
stances duely represented, as also the Constitution of the present Government, 
their Inclinations and Power, with the strength of Chuttegam & forces therein & 
access thereto, for the Europe ships ; and these severally to be fully discourst and 
debated in Councill from whence Cap* Heath is impowred to draw a conclusion, and 
make such resolves thereon as he shall Judge requisite for the Honour and Interest 
of the R* Hon ble Oomp a and the good of their affaires, and future trade in Bengali 
which the Agent & Councill and all Command 18 and officers of Ships Vessells & 
Souldiers, are duely to obey his orders therein and Aid and assist him in the prose- 
cution thereof, to their power, and if they cannot conquer and maintain Chuttegam 
or some other fortifyed place in the Bay to secure our people and trade from 
future Injuries and exactions then to endeavour it by treaty, writeing the Nabob 
of Dacca, that except he will grant the R* Hon ble Comp" a fortifyed settlement to 
secure their Estates, and the lives of their servants from Kapine distruction, they 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 127 


have order'd you to depart fro their Countrey and wholly to quitt their trade and 
to repair our Losses where we can, and if neither of these Courses, proove effectual! 
lor the obteiuing such a fortifyed settlemt-nt as the R' Hon ble Comp a requires, then 
Cap* Heath is to summon all the Conp"- 3 servants and other English to repair 
aboard their ships w th the It' Hon bl " Comp M concernes as well Treasure, Goods, 
stores Provisions &o" useing y e uttmost eudeavours to lade all the Ships, with 
Goods, Grain, and provisions, consigned to this place and to come directly hither 
except you can dispatch one or two for England or Persia and one to touch 
at Vizagapatam to biing up their goods from thence. 

And to supply their occasi'>ns in the Bay the Warehou=ekeeper is order'd lorhests 
to continue 10 Chests of Dollars aboard the Defence, half the cordage to supply rder"dto 
the Shipping also the Lead and half the sea Coals, and to hasten the unladeing continue 
of the remainder of Iter Cargo. Bengali. 

The Chest w th Maces Sword and Silver Oar were brought ashoare, order'd T h e chest of 
the delivery of it to S r John Biggs as al-<o the Charter for him to peruse and ^ a ^, 9 h * oa 
Coppy and draw a supplymentall Charter agreable to the circumstances of this ashoare'. 
place if there be occasion, and to give us an Abstract of y e Laws contein'd 
therein and to prepare w 4 necessary for y 8 settling the Corporation at the time The charter 
appointed. ' t0 be ^ nBed ' 

The President deliver'd a method for the Silver Coyns w ch was perused Method for 
and approved, and M r Higginson according to the R' Hon ble Comp as order ^J™* 
appointed to gett the stamps cutt &c a necessaryes requisite to that buisiness 
and to .gett some money coyn'd as soon as possibly, for which purpose, the 
Warehousekeeper is order'd to deliver him a Chest of Dollars. 

Silver Coynes for Madrass. 
The standard to be Dollar finess to be calculated near % 1.6: ^10 Pag s ofwt 
which at the Invoyce price of Sta Silver will be proffitt to the It* Hon bIe Comp a fine"*, 
besides charges : of coyning & employ much of their Silver, w ch often wants a 
markett and lyes long by at a dead Loss besides twill be a great conveniency 
to y e : Inhabitants and housekeep™ of the Town, fanams being much counter- 
feited and by their smallness very subject to be Lost or undervalued and least 
our comeing too neer rupees, may now offend the Country governm* twill be 
best at first that our greatest coyne does not exceed the Vallue of four fanams 
The Weight and Stamp of the coynes Viz*. ST^ff" 

dwt. gr. to be of. 

The 4 : fanam peice to weigh ... ... ... ... ... 3: 4: 

2: fanam ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1 : 14 : 

1: fanam ... ... ... ... ... ... ... — 19: 

\ : fanam ... ... ... ... ... ... ... — 9£ : 

All the coynes to be first weighed & bulletted since we cannot have instruments The mart* 
suddainly nor well made here to make & cutt the plates, and the other way u P on7m - 
now serve as well & handsomely ; the stamp to be the R f Hon ble Comp a9 mark 
on one side cutt in a wreath of Lawrell for the circle and under to be Madrass 
and the date of the year, the reverse to be The English : four fanams. The 
English, two fanams, and The English one fanam, to be wrott cross the peice in 
Jentue. This was long since order'd but neglected by the Essay Mast r Johnson. 
For Sumatra the same only add the Bencolen peice in Mallay and make 8 : and 
16 : f a : peices. 

Elthu Yale. 
Nat: Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 

Will: Heath. 
r : ffreeman. 
Will ; Fraser. 
W M Cawley- 
William Proby Sec ry . Tho: Gray. 


Records of Fort St. George 


5 English 
men arrived 
from Coni- 


This Evening arrived from Conimere five English men w ch ran away from the 
Pyrat att Wandewash, who came & address'd themselves to the President, who 
after many Questions and enquiries told them that before they can be sett at 
Liberty they must receive their Tryall before the Judge advocate in y e Court of 
Admiralty according to Law. 


Last Consul- 

GeiiU to 
order'd P 
1000 to be 
sent ym. 
The Meddall 
of the Kt 
Compa to 
Capt lit 
to be melted. 

Mr Fraser 
Ship De- 
fences men 
of ye gold f 
ye defence. 
Rules to be 
P 100 be pd 
ye reddwood 
rates past. 

Mr Hardii 

Att a Consultation 


Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 

M R Nath; Higginson. S e 
M E John Littleton Cap 1 Will" Heath 
M E Rob t Freeman M b Thomas Wavel[4] 
M* Will" Fraser M k Will m Cawley 
M" Thom 8 Gray. 
The whole Councill was duely Summon'd. 
S K John Biggs sick. 

Our last Consultation concerning the Bengali Expedition was this day 
again read, and the Councill question'd if they could add to, or dislik't anything 
therein, who answering in the Negative twas past and Signed. 

Generall to Conimere of this date, also read & approved and accordingly 
order'd that Pag s 1000 be sent them over land, to defray charges Garrison and 
Factory expences. 

Cap* Kobert Aburthenett, and his Lady being both deceas'd in Bengall,- 
and no relations here, 'Tis order'd that the R* Hon tle Comp as rich and noble 
Meddall, sent bim for his good services, be melted and coyn'd for their Hon" Ace** 
notw th standing his Overseers, Cap' John Bromwell & M r Pounsett, made demands 
thereof for Ace* of his poor ffreinds, who the R* Hon ble Company may gratifie as 
they please. 

M r Will m Fraser delivers in the Muster of Ship Defence's men, wherein is 
Liveing 128 : and 15 : dead. 

The Warehousekeep 1 ' and Mintmaster delivers in the report of the weight of 

dwt. gr. 

the Chest of Gold N° C. ^ the Defence of 6 ; 18 : short of Invoice. 

Rules and Orders for the Establishment of the New Joint Stock Merchants 
read and approved. 

Order'd that 100 Pag 8 be paid the Reddwood Merchants to forward their 
Investment of the reddwood, and that it may arrive in season. 

Being advised by the Gentlemen lately come out, that in England the Cordage 

is risen 30 f- C° Tis therefore orderd that the Storekeep 1 ' till further order do sell 
the R fc Hon hle Comp a8 Cordage, to the English at 4 Pag 6 f- C° and to fforreign™ at 


M 1 " James Harding makeing it his Petition to returne for England on the 
Bengali Merchant, twas granted him provided he pay 26 : pag s accoroing to the- 
R' Hon ble Comp as possitive orders. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 

Will : Heath. 
R : ffkeeman. 
Will : Fraser.. 
W M Cawley. 
Tho: Gray. 

William Proby Sec ry . 

Diary and Consultation Book. 1688 129 

FORI ST. GEORGE, AUGUST 1688 [13th] 

Rec d a Generall from Conimere dated the 11 th Instant w th an accompanied 14. 
one from Nacque Panasahulla at Porto Novo. ConiLerT 

Ship Rochester Cap' John Bromwell Command 1 ' this morning Set saile for '*>■ 
Trincomala, and had not y e manners to salute y e ffort. Bo'iheBter 

There hapned this Evening a sad accident, by the Loss of one of the Corporalls aUd ' 
of the gaurd, named John Gray, who was kill'd in a duell by Rob* Dodwell, formerly 
belonging to the gaurd but was acquitted, who was Seiz'd on and clap't up in 
Prison in order for his Tryall. 

Att a Consultation 

Present Thursday 

Elihu Yalf. Esq r President & Governoub 16, 

M K NATn. Higginson S R John Biggs 
M R John Litmleton Cap t Will m Heath 
M R Robert Freeman M r Thom 9 Wavell 
M R AVill m Eraser M r Will m Cawi.ey 
M* Thom s Gray. 

Commission & Instructions to Cap* Will™ Heath were read approv'd and Commission 
sign'd, deliver'd him w th Coppies of the R* Hon bIe Comp as letter that part relateing Heath." 
to their Aff ares in the Bay and Coppies of our Consultations of the G lh and 9 th 
Ins* coQcemiug the same, also his dispatch signed, but he desireing a day or two's 
time to water, in consideration of the many Souldief3, the delivery was deferr'd. 

Genevall to the Agent & Oouncill in the Bay were read approv'd and sign'd, yeifay. 
also letters of recommendation to the Bay, West Coast and China for Ship James, 
■were orderd to" be deliver'd M r Gough. 

Genernll from Surrat of date the 9 th May relateiDg to their Affaires and the ^eneraii 
Mogulls Phyrmaand the contents of w ch was yet unknown ; being sealed up and rjm&ara ■ 
to be deliver[e]d to non[e] but the Generall who was at Bombay, Coppy of which 
order'd to be deliver'd Cap* Heath. 

Orderd that Pag s 100 be sent to Metchlepatara ffactory and Pag s 100 to 
Madapollam to pay the Peons charge of gaurd in g those Factoryes. 

fe r John Biggs deliver'd in a list of the Law Tax rec d in y" Court of List of Law 
Admiialty, being from the [lacuna in the original] to the [lacuna in the original] 
amounting to Pag 8 161 : 30 : w ch list is order'd to be sent for England. 

Et.ihu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 

Will : Heath. 
R: ffreemax. 
Tho .- Wat-ell. 
Will : fbaser. 
W M Caw let. 
William Proby Sec" 7 . Tho : Gray. 

Letters of Recommendations to the Bay, West coast & China deliver'd 17. 

M r GoUgh. Lei trot 


This morning carae advices from Trincambar of Ship Ann Cap' Freeck's, Ship Ann 
Command™ arnvull there, 
ules & Orders i 

Presid' & Govern 1- &c a Couccill of Fort S* George & the R" Hon b:e Honl ' le 
Comp as Merch* 8 of this Citty of Madrass for the Mangem* of their Joint sCSt" 

Stock Viz'. agreement. 


1 30 Records of Fort St. George 


[19th] FORT ST. GEORGE, AUGUST 1688 

First that their stock doe consist of one hundred shaires each to deposite Two 
hundred Pag s in ready money. 

That there be Twelve Gheif Merchants, Two whereof Heads to Summons the 
Rest to meet to Consult & direct their buisiness & to keep the seals of their 3 d 
Joint Stock under severall keys. 

Other Two of the s d Ten Cheif Merch ts are to keep the keys of the Cash Chest 
and Cash and under them one Conacaply to writ[e] their ace' 9 and the Casheers 
are only to pay money upon Order of Counsultation, and the Two head Merch* 8 
bill takeing a rec' from the Person to whom they pay it, and there to be produced 
and w th their ace*' of Cash to be read monthly in Councill of y e 12 Merch ts or the 
major part of them, to confirm or disallow the said Paj'ment, if allow'd, it must 
be enter'd so. and signed by the 10 Merch ts if disapproved the Casheer must 
make satisfaction and clear the same. 

Other Three Chief Merch ts are to take the Charge & care of the Callicoes and 
India goods, to see their cloth is well made according to muster and Contract, 
both as to goodness Lengths & breadths, & to return w* proves otherwise to those 
y* provided it, they are also to take care y* all goods be secured fro Loss or 
dammage, & they are to have one Conacaply to write their acc ts w ch are also 
monthly to be read in their Councill and upon each Goedown there is to be Two 
different Locks and keys one whereof to b« kept by each Warehousekoep T who are 
jointly accomptabie for all goods rec' 1 and deliver'd. 

Other Two Merchants are to look after their Europe Goods to take care 
that they be not erabezled or damraaged but dispose of them as much & as well as 
they can, or at such rates as the Cheif Merch* 3 shall agree upon & order that a 
Conacoply be also allow'd for their assistance and two keys to be kept. 

The other three Merch ts are to take care & charge of the Washers, Beaters, 
Weavers, painters and dyers, to see y* they performe their Severall Duties well & 
seasonably, and to Correct and remedy their defects mistakes, and they are also to 
have one Conacaply allow'd them for the keeping their acc ,s and all in their 
severall charts to have so many Peons as are necessary to their severall buisiness 
all to be p d by th-> stock, w ch the multiplicity of Conacaplies having been formerly a 
great charge and trouble & deceit to, wee therefore allow but of 4 Conacaplies for 
the Joint Stock bui-iness, & those to be chosen by one Head Merch* and five Cheif 
Merch* 3 The next by the other Head and five Cheif Merchants. The Comeetees 
the Third and the Chettees the fourth, each to be allowd three Pag 3 a month 
wages & no other ^Pquisite. 

The Cash Chest is to be kept at their Chamber at their Goedownes w th in 

the Garrison Town, where the said Twelve Cheif Merch ts are to meet twice every 
week Viz* on Thursdays & Saturdays at three a clock in the afternoon, to consult 
& direct their Affairs and w* they jointly agree and act therein to be allow'd of by 
the Best of the Joint Stock Merch* 3 w th out Scruple or question in Consideration 
of their constant care and trouble, the Joint Stock is to allow to the two head 
Merch' 8 60 Pag 3 each and to the other 10 Cheif Merchants each Pag 8 30 to be 
paid them on the Last of December, only deducting half a Pag ^ diem from each 
head Merch* & nine fanams from each Cheife Merch* for every day he absents 
from their Councill, and the m*nageni* of the whole buisiness being reforr'd to y e 
trust and care of the said Twelve Merchants, they are faithfully to discharge it, 
upon penalty of Forfeiture of their Respective Shares, in this Joint Stock for any 
corruption or fraud they shall be justly convicted of, as likewise the same to any 
of the Joint Stock Merch' 8 employ'd therein by them. 

That twenty Persons be chosen by the Chief Merchants out of the Sub Joint 
Stock Merch' 9 to goe up the Conntrey to buy cloth, and look after such buisiness as 
shall be ordered by them for w ch they are to be allow'd 3 Pag 8 <$■ month dureing 
their said service in the Country, also to be allow'd for that time, what Conacaplies 
& Peons are necessary for that buisiness and to leave their severall attorneys here 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 131 


in their abscence to follow the orders of the Cheif Merchants, and as all Acc fs 
relateing to their buisiness must be read and examined in their Councell, each 
month and all errors therein then Rectified, so they are at the expiration of every 
two years to ballance their Aco ts & make a just dividend of their Proffitts of their 
stock and trade to each Person concern'd therein. 

And whereas the Trade, encrease and good of y s Place depends much upon 
the Settlement, Reputation & management of this Joint Stock, The proprietors 
being the most Considerable Merchants here w ch being well & justly regulated 
& managed may purchase and acquire such an esteeme and Cred* of their fund 
for the future as will invite strangers from the adjacent governm ts to secure or 
Imployitheir Estates w th them, w ch will make money more plentifull and Interest 
lower to the great eccouragem' and encrease of trade and the Customes of the 
place. Wee the Presid' & Councill of the Citty of Madrass for ace' of the R' 
Hon ble East India Company do therefore for ourselves and successors hereby 
approve, and confirme the foregocing settlement of the Joint Stock w th all y e 
Rules & orders and penalties therein, to be constant & duely observ'd & acted & 
for the further encouragem* thereof Wee do hereby make it a standing Rule & Law 
y* no part of y e S d Joint Stock shall at any time be attack't [sic], arrested, or 
Seiz'd by any order of Government writts or from anv of our Execution Courts of 
Judicature upon any Acc ts demand or pretence whatever, though any p son 
concern'd in said Joint Stock may S'll assigne or transferr his part therein, to 
any sufficient Merch 1 by consent or opprobatio of the General]. President & Coun- Merchant* 
cill and not otherwise, nor may any Person be tnrn'd out from the said Stock Agreement, 
but by y m only & then upon Sufficient prooffs of his defrauding-, discovering the 
secretts or abuseing the S d Joint Stock contrary to the establishment thereof, and 
further we do appoint The 2 head Merch ts shall have each 6 : Shairs & each t'heife 
Merch' 3 Shairs & no more & no other Merch' s to exceed 2 Shairs in y e S d Joint 
Stock except he shall come to be one of y e Cheif Merch' & y" to be equall w th 
them, & y* in all debates in Consultation y e buisiness in dispute must be decided by 
majority of Votes, wherein y e 'c : Head Merch* 8 are to have each a double Voat & 
y e buisiness so.carrv'd must be sign'd by y e whole 12 : or so many of y m as shall 
be y n present & to be transacted accordingly. 

And y* then shall be our Common Seale for y e Joint Stock as shall be agreed 
upon by the 12 : Chief Merchants, to be affixt to all Contracts & Obligations, 
w ch shall oblige y e s d Stock to a just discharge and f'formance of all their 

That upon y e Removall of any head or Cheif Merch' The remaining Ch^if 
Merch ts are to present 2 : to the Generall or President & Councill who are to 
choose & Confirme one of y m in the room of the deceased & for the rest of y-! Joint 
Stock Mench' s the next of their kindred are to Succeed them in their shairs if 
there shall be noe just exception against them. 

Upon all contracts, 'twixt the R l Hon' ,Ie Comp a & y e Joint Stock Merch' 8 they 
are to manifest their stock to be ready & Sufficient to Secure y e H* Hon UIe Comp as 
trade w ,h them & y* it be not converted to fticular trades & acc ,s but reserved 
soly to y e Joint Trade of the stock & all Persons to suffer such a penalty as shall 
be awarded by the Generall President &c a and the 12 : Merch' 3 or the major part 
of them, that shall act contrary to these orders. 

Upon any urgent occasion the R' Hon' 1 ' 6 Comp a shall have for goods, for y" 
Ladeing & dispatch of any unexpected ship or suddain order, & if it should so 
happen y* they should be out of Cash here, in such case > e said Joint Stock are 
oblig'd to furnish y e R' Hon ble Cornp a8 occasions w th goods upon Cred* to y e am ot 
of their stock, to be made good from the next money y' arrive from them. 

That y e afores d Rules and Orders be yearly upon y e first of January publickly 
read, before the Generall, or President & Council and the R' Hon*" 6 Comp !ia Joint 



Records of Fort St. George 



Stock Merch ts , as well to Continue as keep f" the method hereby establish'd, Dated 
att Fort S* George in the Oitfcy of Madrass y e 12 th day of August Anno 1688. 

Chinna Vencjatadey. 
a lung all pilla. 

Sura Venoatabama. 


Passamobtee Cashee. 
Ayapa Chette. 

Copartee Cashee. 
Peetombe Chettee. 
Saeawana Modelle. 

Sa;«/_/r^&f to =g,5V>/E/«/rt_/r. 

airpessruuasr e$)&iu<5T(Lg0gi. 


tfoXcsfci -snexi. 

o *— 


List of ye. 
Rt Honble 
Compa Joint. 
Stock Mer 


List of the R* Hon bIe Comp as Joint Stock Merch ts and their Respective Shairs 

C henna Vencatadry : Sha r ... 

Allingall Pilla 

Cheif Merch' 3 Viz , 
Passapoortee Cashe ... 
Carnapa Ghettee 
Ayapa Chettee ... 

Saravanum Moodelee ... 
Copar tee Cashe 

Tandua Chettee 

^uranandya Appya 

Condemolla Madua Chettee 

iSura Veneatarania Mutalo 
Natarya pilla ... 

Conchee Balla Chettee 

Passanioortee Bala Chittee 
Ponapa Chettee 
Yeacunibniin Pereatombe 
Taragoo Muttamar 
Sancara Muttamar 
Pedda Verapa Chettee 

Madua Chettee 

Candapa Chettee 

Fynapa Chettee 

Tore Vengadum 

Pereatombe Tan apa Chettee ... 

Nerela Narran 

Severago Chettee 


Vencacliellum ... 

Veuayca Chettee 

Mootabaucam Veliapa... 

Puddnpawcum Tombe Chettee 

Yerra Chettee Multamarr 

Raohapa Chettee 

Tappa Chettee Verapa 

ChittDopautoo Tandua Chettee 

Pashmoorte Naique Chettee ... 

Pettucaune Ballya 

Poonamullee Nallamoorte 

Mana Cliettee ... 

Tanapa Chettee Nalla Chet 


Pa : Fa : 

6 : 

• 1200 : 00 


I2u0 : — 

3 : 

600 :( 



3 : 

600: - 

3 : 


a : 

600 : - 

3 : 

600 : ■ 

3 : 




2 : 







400 : ■ 






















: 100: 


• 400: 


: ICO; 


: 200: 


: 200: 


: 2C0 : 


: 200: 


: 100: 


: 200: 


: 200: 


: 200: 


: 1U0: 

: 100: 


: ]00: 


: 200; 


: 300: 


: 100: 


: 100: 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 




Vermee Teetn Chettee ... 
Comsirapa Chettee 
Chellaia Mooteapa 

Perreana Chettee 
Conchella Janga 
Bogavarapoo Yellapa ... 
Corrangoloopauluni ... 

Chevalooroo CLinnia Ohet 
Audeepooree ... 
Cello way Cliettee 
Paukee Cliettee 
Canaoapa Tilla Chettee 
Mauduapa Aneana 
Cassa Jangain, Ramapa 
Cana Varum Chinaramana 
Wollaca Cliettee 
Coondoor Narran 
Conchellapedda Jangam 
Monatnarr Monta Chettee 
Velleshary Moot-nnarr 
Colapatee Vencataputtee 
Buntaia Timma Chettee 
Aunda Chettee... 
Jalleepoollee China Tonibo 
Pandalee Chettee 
Amara 01) lo 


Peddaramana ... 
Caunavanum Vencaraputt 
Mogooroo Yellapa 
PoiioorO'i Sangapa 
Tallee Chettee Teagapa 
Ammyapa Chettee 
Caurta Chettee 







4 : 






















100 : 


2 0: 
















200 : 







100 : 









: 100 









: 100 







: 100 



: 100 



• 100 









: 100 



: 100 



; 100 


Att a Consultation 

Present munday20. 

Eijhu Yale Esq r President & Governour 
M B Nath. Hfgginson S E 
M B John Littleton Cap 1 ' Will" Heath 
M R Rob t Freeman M k Thom s Wavell 

M K Will 1 " Fraser M e Will" Cawley 

M B Thom s Gray. 
The whole Conncill being dnely Summon'd. 
S K John Biggs sick. 

The Pettipollee Merchants being come to town demanded the R' Hon bIe 
Com pas debt to them upon M r Littleton, Cheife &c a s their Bills amounting to Pag s 
6565 : 31 •■ 4 : w eh is orderd to be paid them, when upon produce of the Bills, they 
demanded Interest from their date, but the bills beiug in English & mentioning 
nothing thereof, it could not be allowed them, tho they urged 'twas their agree- 
ment, but M r Littleton affirming the contrary, The President told them the money 
was allways ready to be paid them or their Order, and 'twas their fault for that 
'twas not sooner paid them. 

The Land Customer M r W m Cawloy read his Book of Acc ts of the land 
Customes for y e month of July Viz. 

Land Customes Pag. 34:29:76 

"Weighers Duty „ 1:19:9 

Brokeridge... , 16 : y : 67 

The Honble 
Compis debt 
to ye Petti- 
pollee Mer- 
chts dig- 






Eecords of Fort St. George 


Chowltry Customes ... Pag. 

Mfasuiv rs duty ... ... „ 

BanksallToll „ 

Pag s 
Deduct Wages. 

Pag 8 




44 : 






67 : 

The Minters were discourst about the coynage of the Silver money, who 
demanded 10 fan^p seer for mintage charges and Los3, which being extravagantly 
high, they were dismist to more reasonable Considerations. 

The Register delivers in a list of Actions enterd in y e Court of Admiralty, 
since Mimday last w ch wast past in Couucill. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat : Higginso.y. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

E : Ffeeeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

W M Cawley. 

Tho : Gray. 
William Peoby Sec ry . 

Deliver'd Cap* W m Heath his dispatch for Bengal], dated y s day. 

Pass given to M r John Coventry and W m Coleman as Inhabitants of this place* 

Pass to boat Patlada Narasim, belonging to Peray. 

Att a Consultation 

Elihu Yale Esq" President & Govennoub. 
M R Natk. Higginson S R John Biggs. 
M R John Littleton Capt 
M R . i\1 R Thomas Wavell 

M* Will" Feaske M r W m Cawlet 
M R Thomas Gray. 
The Councill being duly Summon'd. 

Notwithstanding the many difficulties we have bad about the renting of S* 
Thoma, The President have by private correspondence w 11 ' the Governours of the 
Countrey, Mahomed Sadeek &c u procured their Cowle or lease for y e renting the 
Town and Customes of S' Thoma & the adjacent towns as farr as S' Thoma's 
Mount notw l "8tanding the Porteguez huffs and noise of the Mogulls l'hyrmaund, 
for their free enjoym' of the town &c a w ch has cost them by their Envoy Preist at 
least 70U0 Pag s to the Mogulls officers aud 'tis now reported their mighty 
Phyrmaund proves only a compliment referring them to former Customes in the 
King of Golcandahs time and to agree w th the Govemro* about S f Thoma as well 
as they can, whereiu we also haveing an equall title and priveledge, have Improv'd 
it beyond them and rented the said p aces, upon the following tearms, Viz* : 

That we have the free and sole Government of the Town Customes and all 
other Revenues of S* 1 homa for five years from the first of June last, for which, 
we are to pay the yearly Pent of 3,800 Pag s at three equall Payments, that is each 
4 : months, one third thereof w eh is two hundred Pag s less then the Portuguez 
paid and we formerly offer'd. In consideration of w th kindness & disappointing 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 135 

FORT ST. GEORGE, AUGUST 1688 [ 2 3 RD ] 

the Portuguez. We have agreed as formerly to Piscash the Seer lascar w th one 
thousand Pagodas to be paid him the f ,in0 October 1689 : provided we unrnolestedly 
enjoy the Go vernm* of S* Thoma &c a to that time and that he uses all possible 
means to procure the Mogulls confirmation of the said lease for as long a terme as 
possibly. But if the Mogulls or any other power or means the Governm* should 
be lett or wiested from us in such case we are to pay no rent but y e Duan are to 
take the Proffifcts from the receivers and the bt* Hon ble Comp" accountable for 
nothing thereof. 

And in Consideration of our present difference w th the Mogull and his aver- 
sion to us and our Governor* as also haveing order'd that these Parts should be 
under the same Rules and Govern m* as in the King of Goloanda's time, who had 
given his Phyrmaund to Verona for the renting S l Thoma w th its adjacencyes w ch 
by virtue of the said order still of some authority ; as also that we might not too 
much exasperate the Portuyueze in their loss and disappointment of a place they 
retain a most superstitious Veneration for, which possibly might provoke them to 
mutiny O'' rebellion at least some disturbance or mischeif, they being at present 
two thirds of our Souldiers and at least 6 ? for one to y e English Inhabitants, all 
w oh Considerations induce and prevail w th - us, to take the Cowlo in China Vencata- 
dry name for the R l Hon ble Comp as ace' which is accordingly done and two Cowls 
deliverd us one from Mohomed Sadeek freerlascar of all this Country and the 
other from Apogee Pontulo Governour of the Countrey from S-idraspatam to 
Pollicat, who tomorrow is to deliver up the charge of S* Thoma Government to our 
Bramenie, tyeing the green leaves and performing all other accustomed Ceremonies. 

The Collectors of the Revenues demanding ye ground Quitt rents according concerning 
to a rent mle drawn & order'd to be rec d by them, severall of our Inhabitants pro- ye Querents, 
duced Deeds under Agent Masters &c n hands & y° R' Hon ble Coinp as Seal for a full 
and free sale the ground their houses stand on in behalf of the R' Hon ble Comp a 
the severall summe being brought into thoir Cash, The Legality whereof, being 
debated in Councill, 'twas concluded to be firme and binding to us, being confirm'd 
by the Government and Company's Seal, but for the great conveniency and 
uniformity of the Governm\ Tis agreed and order'd, that M r Wavell, Renter Gen 11 
doe endeavour to prevaile with Those severall people to deliver up their deeds upon 
payment of the severall Summs they paid the R* Hon ble Comp a in Consideration 
thereof, and that all may be brought under the Same order of Quitt Rents. 

Mr Thomas Gray being appointed by the li* Hon ble Comp" to mannago the office of a 8 - 
assurance office, tis order'd y' e said office be kept in a Chamber at the Custome *""" o„t° b8 
house and the Rules and the Conditions thereof be publish't and affixed up there, tome house. 

Order'd that Pag s 30 be advanc't to the Miuters. p. so : be 

■.-, , r P a!d y e 

ELIHU YALE. Mintors. 

Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
R : Ff^eeman. 
Tub: Wavkll. 
Wm. Oawley. 
Tuo : Gbay. 
"William Piioby Sec" 7 . 

Generallto Conimere of yesterdays date read and past, and this day forwarded 24. 
w tb an enclosed list of goods, to be provided for the year 1,68:) : toCorimera. 

This day held at the Town Hall the gen 11 sessions of Peace, where there were ^eneraii 
three male factors try'd, whereof two of them were blacks and the other an Peace°" 80f 
Englishman, named Rob* Dodwell, the former pleading guilty at the barr for 
severall burgalarys committed by them and the latter, was by the Jury bro' in 
guilty for Man Slaughter, whereupon the Judge past Sentence of death upon them, 
but Rob f Dodwell desired of the bench the benefitt of the Clergy, w ch was granted 


Records of Fort St. Gaorge, 



Ann's arri- 

Capt Heaths 
James set 
nail for 


Ship Defence 
set sail for 

Lettr : from 


from Surrat. 

Senll from 

Lettr from 

Lettr from 
or Egibb at 
Golo nria. 
Gunll from 




The gen" Sessions of Peace continued till this day for the severall Present- 
ments to be brought in. 

Rec 15 a Generall from Conimere, dated the 22 d Ins* adviseing of the rec* of y e 
1,000 Pag s sent them overland and of the arrivall of Ship Ann there Capt Freek 
Com t,r from England, also of severall Soldiers running away thence and enteriug 
themselves into the MogulPs service. 

This morning arrived the Ann, Cap* Freek, Command 1 " bringing with her a 
Ship belonging to Eccojee Pontulo at Porto Novo, w ch he thought to belong to the 

Heath his Commission & Instructions 
Agent & Council in Bengali. 

also the Bos of 

Delivered Cap* W 
Letters, directed to th< 

The James, Cap* Roberts, Command 1- set sail this morning for Bengali 

The Ship Defence, Cap* W m Heath Commander set saile this morning for 

The many Paketts arriveing this day, prevented the Presid* 5 meeting the 
Council] in Consultation as summon'd being buisy in the perusall of the following 
letters, Viz*. 

From England by the James and Mary, who arrived in Bombay ?afely, and 
looseing only 12 : of our Souldiei s a particular letter only from the Generall to the 
President adviseing that all affaires are well there and that he would write largely 
in four or five dayes. 

Letter from Surrat informed us that they had procured a Coppy of the Mogulls 
Phyrmaund to the Generall, w ch being defective in his title as aiso about the 2 ^ 
Cent Custome and o'her things was thought fBtt to be return'd to the Nabob who 
engaged an amendation thereof to y e Gener 113 satisfaction. 

The Letter from Bengali adviseing of their being still at Chuttenuttee that 
M r Heyrs and M r Braddil from Dacca were relateing their proceedings w* h y e 
Nabob which bare no good aspect. 

Letters from Vizagapatam advises that the Princess would be dispatch't in 4 : 
dayes time. Notwithstanding M r Browns Cowle, the Seerlascar had rented y e 
town of Vizagapat : to a Moor's Governour at 1,000 rupees more then we gave for 
it, but that the R* Hon ble Comp as buisiness were like to be free of Custome and 
that the buisiness soe farr went currantly on. 

Letters from our Egibb at Golcnndah were of old date and the Cosset came 
cheifly to accompany those from Surrat. 

Generall from M r Benjamin Bloom and M r Knipe at Eencolen, also severall 
from Indeapore adviseing of the state of their affaires, being in a much pro[s]|>erous 
condition then formerly, by the favourable assistance of our worthy Pontcnt freiud 
the Plmperour Janapatwan, who has so esspoused our Interest that he is resolved to 
settle us in a fortification in spight of the Dutch or any other, who has confirm'd 
by a letter to the Govornour, accompauyed with a curteous present that the Success 
Friggot w oh is arrived at Bengali w* h a ladeing of 2?5 : ^ bahar of Pepper, was 
dispatch't from Bencolen to this place and that he wanted a raaine mast which 
he lost in October storme and could not be supply'd in those parts, The Agent &c a 
in Benoall intends to send him up hither w* ; * a Ladeing of Provision, as spoil as sho- 
is fitted. 

From Succadana Via Batavia by a Sloop Commanded by Samuel Glover rec d 
the confirmation nf the sad news of the Loss of the Katherine destroy 'd at Benjar, 
also two Ships belonging to the King of Syam and one to the Dutch, The King 
of Succadana giveing us many kind Invitations to settle in his Country, offering 
fi ?ee and sole possession of a large Island for a trade. 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 137 

FORT ST. GEORGE, AUGUST 1688 Tuesday * 

Att a Consultation 28. 

Eiihd Yale Esq* President & Governou e 
M* !Nath. Higginson S e John Biggs 
M B John Littleton M b 
M E Thomas Wavell M b Will m Fraser 
M R Will m Cawley M b Thomas Gray. 
The Whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 
M E Robert Freeman sick. 
The severall generalls rec a yesterday were perused and discour'st on, The Asiooptobs- 
Advices from Bencolen giveing us great encouragement and hopes of a better B °ntto-ye d 
settlement, the R' Hon b,e Comp a haveing expressly order'd us to indulge and culti- w eat Coast, 
vate those places by all means and ways possible that we may procure pepper for 
our great Tonnage, but wantting a Vessell at present to spnd advices, Assistance 
and other necessaryes thither and this being y e seasonable Monsoon for those parts, 
and that we may not loose more time therein, 'tis agreed and order'd that a Sloop 
be bought at the best rates, a fitting one just now arriving from Batavia. 

And the Storekeeper do provide what Stores &c a they require for the Pryaman stores to bo 
friggott to be sent her by s d Sloop. * ent to 

An order for the settlement and publishing the assurance office read and past Settismenty* 
and appointed to be affixed upon the Gates of the Citty, as enterd in a Duary a9 ^ aDCe 

M r Nathaniel Higginson gave in his Petition to the Councill requesting to be MrHig^n- 
now excused the office of Mayor of the Corporation in Consideration of the weighty to bemuse* 
buisiness of the Generall Books and the Mint which he doubt will not allow him ye office of 
time for other matters, the Generall acc ts being much behind hand but the Ma y° r - 
R 4 Bon ble Comp a haveing appointed him first Mayor of the Corporation, We are 
doubtfull the Alteration may displease them besides 'tis questioned whether we 
have Authority to excuse him before sworne, It is therefore recommended to the 
Judge to examine the R f Hou ble Comp as Charter & to report to the Councill his 
opinion thereon. 

At the Generall Sessions of Peace held at y H Town Hall the 24 th & 25 th Instant General! 
being two black Criminalls try'd and found guilty of Severall Burgalarys and the Pet8i ° D »- 
Bench inclineing as well to mercy as to make an Example to others for the Pre- 
vention of such crimes for the future, which of late have bin very common and 
notorious in Town, 'twas therefore order'd and agreed by the Bench that Tembee 
be executed on the common Gybbet and the other be banished the R' Hon ble 
Comp as Slave to S* Helena and mark't with their Honours Chopp upon his Soldier 

Orderd that the Warehousekeeper M 1 ' Jn° Littleton doe unlade the goods Waiehouse- 
aboard Ship Ann, as also the Paymaster to send for the remayning 9 Souldiers ke<? p'-t° 

. r " i/o unlade ye 

aShoare. Ann & her 


There being a Chest of Gold to be coyned, ti's therefore orderd y* M r Assistance 
W m Cawley & M r Thomas Gray & M r Pitt do give their Assistance therein at the *^^ d in 

The Packett from Bombay beiner 3 months comeing by reason of the troubles The Pacbett 
and Scarcity of the Country and severall of our Golcanda letters haveing been lost ^° a be sent - b y 
for which reason, The R fc Hon ble Comp as Packett is Order'd to be sent by a frencb 
conveyance by Sea and not overland. 

M r Robert Freeman Paymaster Generalls Acc t8 for the month of July, were Paymasters 
read and past in Councill, y e contents Viz. accfc rpad - 

Charges Garrison ... ... ... ... ... Pag 8 

Charges Generall ... ... ... ... ... „ 

Charges Dyett ... ... ... ... ... „ 

Charge? extraordinary ... „ 

Charges Cattle ... ... ... ... ... „ 

Charges Merchandize ... ... ... ... „ 

Fortification & Kepairs ... ... ... ... „ 





















138 Records of Fort St. George 


Expedition to Bengali ... ... Pag s 44: 8: £ 

Expedition to Tanassaree ... ... ... ... „ — 25: — 

Factors provision .. ... ... ... ... „ 75: 18: — 

House moveables .. ... ... ... ... „ 10: 18; — 

Pag 8 1967: 22 : 

Pag s 900 be paid M r Rob 1 ffreeman Pa 
charges Garrison. 

p. 900 be pd Orrler'd that Pag s 900 be paid M r Rob' ffreeman Paymaster Generall to defray 

Elihu Yale. 

. , Nat. Higginson. 

■ J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 
r. ffreeman. 
Tho. "Wavell. 
W M Cawley. 
"William Peoby Sec 17 . Tho. Geay. 

Concerning the Assurance Office. 

These are to give notice to all Persons, that the R* Hon ble Comp a have order'd 
& establish't an Assurance office for the greater encouragement & security of trade, 
where all Persons, may be rightly enformed therein, both as to assureing and 
being assured, according to the Severall Voyages and Premiums, the Partyes shall 
treat and agree upon where also they may have authentique Pollicies drawn and 
Registred the fees whereof being only one quarter ■$• C* to the R* Hon ble Oomp a 
. and nine fanams to the Register for each pollicy, and those who have occasion may 

repair to M r Thomas Gray at his office in y e Ousromehouse & no other Pollicyes 
being held Legall but w* registerd by him Dated at ffort St. George in y e Citty of 
Madrass, this 28 th day of August Ann 1688. 

By Order of the President & Councill. 
William Peobt Sec ry . 
29. Letters from Bombay adviseing the Shipp George looseing her Passage to 

News abtye Persia, and was forced to putt in there and that they did intend to dispatch her 

George irom p -n ■ ,t n . ■■ 

Bombay. for Persia the first opportunity. 

3 0- The Governour being advised from Pullicat that the Heer Henrique Van 

The Dutch Reede Dutch Commissary Gen" was sending his second Sen 1 ' Johannes Bacherus to 
eeud '°|J n e visit the Mogull at his camp in Vizapore and were pro videing severall sorts of 
Moguii to ye plates for Presents to the amount of 12000 Pag s 20 Ellephants, and 12 Persia horses 
p m & a f 12 °° anc ^ were i n hopes to procure a Generall Phyrmaund for their free trade in India. 
30 Ship Phenix Cap* Edward Inglish Command 1 arriv'd this morning from 

Ship Phenis Porto NOVO. 

»™ re ^ Generalls from Conimere of the 27 th & 29 th Instant, adviseing of the Avaldar's 

from stopping the R* Hon ble Oomp tt Bale goods at Porto Novo from being laden on board 

■Conimere. -ye g^jp p;h en i x \)j reason of Cap* Freek's takeing the Duans Shipp w ch was in 

Porto Novo, and has occasion'd Severall of our Merch* s that were at Carricall and 

Trinlivas to be put in prison. 

D° of the 24 Instant, adviseing their Ladeing 33 Bales of the R* Hon* 

Comp as on board the Ann Cap* Preek Commander. 

Att a Consultation 
Thursday Elihu Yale Esq r President and Goveenou* 

so - M E Nath Higginson 8 r John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M k 

M E M R W M . Fbasee 

M K William Cawley M b Thomas Gbay 

The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 
M B Rob t Freeman sick. M E Thomas Wavell ohst. 

Diary and, Consultation Book, 1688 139 

FORT ST. GEORGE, AUGUST 1688 [30th] > iV\ 

The President c^useing the Cuddalore & Porto Novo Gen" Books of Accompts, Umeason- 
for the year J 687, which arrived two dayes past, found therein many unreasonable ? bl * ' cnar s e * 
charges, more particularly severall abatements upon Europe Goods sold Chellum- Coddoiore 
brum &c a Merch ts at Porto Novo, and Chinna Chette &c" Merch ts at Cuddalore sold books - 
them at least 12 : months past, which haveing no Authority for, that we know of, 
'tis therefore order'd, y e Consultation and Books of acc ts and our severall letters, 
be examin'd, and the state of the matter be dehver'd in to the Court of Admiralty, 
and there to be examined and awarded according to Justice and equity 
therefore agreed & order'd that an attach em* to the am* of 10000 Pag s be layd 
upon M r John Davis concern es in the hands of M r Henry Alford &c a of his Trustees, 
and Attorneys. 

M r Higginsons paper resolv'd by the Judge &c a that by virtue of the Charter MrHiggin- 
he cannot be excused being Mayor of this Corporation, being particularly nomina- ™°™ s °* d 
ted and ■ appointed thereto, but that after his being sworne he may have the being Mayor, 
Liberty to chuse a Deputy upon any Extraordinary buisiness of the E* Hon ble 
Comp as . 

The buisiness of S* Thoma discourst and resolved, that it be prosecuted [St. Thoma 
against the Porteguez, they having sirrupticiously deposses't Chinna Veneatadry p° 0S e C utedi. 
from his late farme by giveing the Country Goveruour's 350 Pag s to restore them 
to the Government, but times are Variable that they cannot stand long, these 
common Charges does soe impoverish them, they cannot subsist. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat: Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

Joein Littleton. 

R. Ffreeman. 

Tho : Wavell. 

W m Cawlet. 

Tho : Gray. 

William ProBY Sec 17 . 

Generall to Conimere dated this day read, approved aud dispatch't. Generaii to 

The Black Crirninall was this day executed at the Common Jibbet, according 
to sentence past upon him, the 28 th Instant. 31. « 


Att a Consultation. executed. 

Elihu Yale Esq k President & Govern" Munday 3. 

M E Nath Higginson S b 

M K John Littleton M e 

M R Thom s Wavell M b Will m Eraser 

M E Willm Cawlet M e Thomas Gray. 

The whole Councill duely summon'd. 
S R John Biggs M r Robert Freeman sick. 
The Rt Hon ble Comp a haveing not sent out any Medicines this year for the Ac^tof 
garrison or ffactories, and the Doctor complaining of his great want thereof, 'Tis "*^ n S *° 
therefore order'd that the Paymaster do buy a Chest y* offers to sale at the best 
rates, he can, for use of their Servants, and great number of Soldiers, that now 
stand in great need of it. 

Receiving last night advices from Conimere of their Merchants proposalls for 
an Investment, w ch differing from the R* Hon ble Comp as List sent them, & our 
Orders thereon, 'Tis agreed that the same be repeated and confirm'd, & in 
consideration our Merchants here have too great an influence upon them they 
seeming to be infected w tb the same designs, & backwardnesses those here, Tis 
thought fitt, to order the Cheif &c a there that they had rather employ those 
Cuddalore & Porto Novo Merchants now with them, then let the R l Hon blt Comp a 



Records of Fort, St. George 




French Ships 
2 arrived. 
Genera II to 


committed to 
je North- 

suffer by the refractoryness of those former Merchants and for their encourage- 
ment that they be allow'd to contract with them to pay one half in money, one 
eighth in Silver and one Sixth in Europe Goods. 

Being in great want of boats for y e accomodation of our Shipping, haveing 
but 10 that's capable of service left us, from the last great Storrne, and all endea- 
vours having been sioce used, for the provision of those sorts of Planks, to make 
them with, but none hitherto procureable by reason of the troubles of the Coun- 
trey and those parts from whence they come, but a f'cell this day accidentally 
arriveiog from the Southward, tis order'd that the Paymaster doe buy them & what 
more he can for the repaireing our old boats and makeing of new with possible 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat: Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

John Littleton. 

R : Ffreeman. 

Tho: Wavell. 

W M Cawlet. 

Tho: Gkat. 
William Proby Sec ry . 

Two French Men of Warrs, arrived little to the Southw d of this road, from 
Pullicherry to take in some goods, for Syam. 

Generall to Conimere of this days date read, approv'd and dispatch't. 

Being advised from the Cheif Inhabitants of Armagon that there was lately 
a Pinnace arriv'd, mann'd with severall English men, who upon their arrivall made 
their first buisiness to enquire for a guide to conduct them to the Mogulls Camp, 
offering them both money and Broad cloth, but being unsuccessful! therein, they 
began to pillage those Seaport towns, committing sever 11 Egrigious outrages by 
killing & wounding severall of the natives, robbing them of their Jewells and 
boats which were in the River, to the amount of 4700 : and odd Pag s besides other 

Pass given to boat Salamatrow, whereof Chineapilla is Tandell. 


ns.d'Wth ye 
Merchts for 
.an Invefitmt. 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq" President &' Govern" 
M E Nath. Higginson S e John Biggs 
M R John Littleton M k 
M E Thomas Wavell M e Will* Fraser 
M E Will m Cawlet M R Thom 8 Gray. 
The whole Councill being duely Summon' d. 
M R Robert Freeman sick. 

After many tedious disputes, Perswasions and trouble about settling the 
Acc t8 and differences among the late Joiut Stock Merch ts , w ch has been labouring, 
these 5 years in the late Presidency to accomodate, but to little purpose that both 
the Merchants and Stock were in such confusion & distraction, that the one was 
near dismissed from trade to the great prejudice of the R' Hon ble Comp a affairs 
and the Generall trade of the Citty which depended mostly on them, as being the 
Cheif Merch ts and traders therein, and their Joint Stock being diverted from its 
first designe and foundation of being a fund to supply and Secure the R' Hon blt ' 
Comp" 8 trade with them, but upon examination found to be employ' d and engaged 
on Particular Acc ts and trade, little or nothing remaining but badd debts, and 
intreagued Acc ts among them w oh were noe wayes responsible or capable to indem- 
nifie their obligations to the R* Hon ble Comp a in case of any disappoint in' or 
failure in their contract,' Twas therefore judged unsafe to make any Contract with 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 141 



them, till we should see them, their acc ts and Stock better settled the first where- 
of being effected, we prevailed with them to subs[c]ribe a new Stock of 20000 Pag K 
consisting mostly of the same Merchants, that were formerly employ'd, but under 
much better regulations and Methods, which being agreed and Subscrib'd to, and 
their said stock paid into their Casheers, we proceeded upon contracting w th them 
for an Investment in such goods as were required and enlisted by the R' Hon ble 
Comp a , wherein we found great difficulty & backwardness, they refuseing the 
takeing off Europe goods or to provide those Course Callicoes we required, except 
we would Take a proportion of fine with them, alledging that they should be great 
loosers by the Europe goods, near 50 *$ Cent instanceing that the Broad cloth w ch 
cost them 22 : they sold for 10 : and 11 : Pag 8 the half Peice, and other goods propor- 
tionably, which every day proves the trueth of. in our" Bazarrs. Then for 
Course goods they got little by them, formerly, but expected to loose by them 
now, by reason of the fewness of Weavers, the scarcity of Cotten, and the 
troubles, and unsettledness of the Countrey running great hazzard in sending and 
investing out their money, where the Governm' is soe alterable & exactious, soe 
great, almost monthly changeing their governours since the Mogulls conquest 
and each to be gratified willingly or forceably, w th many other argum ts of the 
continued scarcity of graine and consequently of Labour they endeavour'd to 
avoy'd engageing upon any Investm* this year, but on the contrary the President 
represented the R* Hon ble Comp as occasions, and their obligation to furnish them, 
in consideration of their former benefitts, & the continu'd peace and safety they 
enjoy'd under their Protection and governm 4 , as also for the reputation of their 
new stock, and gratitude to the late honour done them in the Corporation, and 
the great troubles we had taken in settling and reconcileing their confused Acc ts 
and differences, without w ch they would have been great Sufferers, all which was 
so prest, that at lensth prevail'd w th them to contract for an Investm' of 40000 
Pag s in goods according to the R' Hon ble Comp a List & notw th standing all their 
objections, also to make an Abatem* on y e prices of their Callicoes, assureing them 
of the H* Hon ble Comp* 8 kind acceptance of their service and future favour to 
them, & also that they might expect more agreable goods hereafter but the 
Comp a being loaded w th such quantities of them were the reason they required 
noe tine goods now, but no doubt would, when those by them were disposed. 

The termes of the Contract as followth Viz 1 . 

To take of one quarter in Europe goods, one Eight Silver, and five eights 
in Pagodas, to be brought in by the fine of January next upon penalty of 25 ^ 
Cent for failure, the accidents of Warr and other unavoydable necessityes only 
excepted, the quantityes and prices of our Goods, and theirs as followeth Viz*. 

Europe Goods to be deliver'd them Viz 1 . 

Broad cloth Fine P 8 12 : at Pag s 52 : the half Peice. 
Aurora ... P s 48 : at Pag 8 : the half Peice. 
Broad cloth Ord y P 120 : at Pag 8 22 : the half Peice. 
Perpetuanoes Fine, 50 : at Pag 8 12 : the Peice. 
Perpetuanoes Ord y 250 : at Pag 8 07 : the Peice. 
Lead for Candyes ... at Pag 8 10 : ^ Candy. 
Corrall : Maunds : ... at Pag s . 
Silver at 17 : J $ f- 10 Pag s . 

Callicoes to be provided Viz*. 

Long cloth : white Ord y to the am' of Pag 8 10000 Viz 4 . 

No. 3 : at Pa ? 25 : 20 : f Corge. 

2 : at Pag 8 24 : 18 : f Corge. 

1 at Pag 8 22 : — : f Corge. 

Long cloth : brown to the amount of Pag 8 5000 : Viz*. 

No. 6 : at Pag 8 21 : 18 : f Corge. 


142 Records of Fort St. George 

Long cloth blue to the amount of Pag 8 7000 : Viz*. 
No. D X : at Pag 8 27 : 24 : 1" Corge black. 
D : at pa : 23 : 27 : ... blue. 

Sallampores Orclin y to the am* of Pag s 10000 Viz*. 
No. 9 : at Pag ff 11 : 05 : f Gorge. 
3 : at Pag s 10 : 25 : V Corge. 
D° Careda : Viz : 
No. 8 : at Pa : 12 : 5 : T Cor. 
7 : at Pa : 11 : 5 : * Cor. 
Sallampores Brown to the amount of Pag s 1000 Viz*. 
No. : at Pag s 11 : 05 : f" Corge. 
3 : at 10 : 25 : T Corge. 
Neck cloths, fine q* 16 in each Peice of 50 cov ds Long and one broad to then 
amount of Pag s 2000 Viz : 
No. 39 : at Pag 8 18 : V Corge. 
38 : at Pag s ] 6 : T Corge. 
Neck cloths according to muster at Pag s I W 33 : 
Ginghams of 16 : cov* 8 long and 2 : broad Pag s 1000. 
No 8 31 : at Pag 8 >4 : 18 : V Cor : 
3L X at Pag 8 23 : ... <f Cor : 
Ginghams of 40 coveds long & [lacuna] broad Pag s 4000 Viz : 
No. 35 : at Pag s 3 : ^ Peice. 

35 X : at Pag 3 2:f? Peice. 
D° of ] 6 : co : long & If : broad : 
No. 34 : at Pag 8 32 : f Cor. 
34 X at Pag 8 30 $ Cor. 

Elthu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson^. 
J. BrGGs. 

John Littleton. 
R : Ffreeman. 
W M : Cawlet. 
William PROBy Sec ry . Tho : Gray. 

Merchts ob. Wee the R 4 Hon ble Comp* 8 Chief Merchants of Port S* George doe for our- 

igation. se l ve s and Company hereby agree and oblige ourselves to y e due performance of 
the aforementiond Contract with the President and Councill for Ace* of the R' 
Hon ble Comp a for the severall sorts and quantities to be brought in, and deliver'd, 
in Fort S* George by the Last of January next, upon Penalty of 25 <$• Cent 
for what we shall fall short of therein by that time, only excepting the Impedi- 
ments of Warr and all other unavoydable accidents and Necessities by robberyes 
or other stops or oppressions from the countrey Government which the 
President &c a are to endeavour to clear, in Wittness whereof we have hereunto 
sett our hand sand Seals in Fort S* George and Uitty of Madrass this Sixth day 
of September Anno 1688. 

Cinna Vencatadry. |!-3"S9-ffl3 "SoSV^i^a. 

Allingai.l Pilla. ©su«i_/r.iR^ti <4£6ti/E/,B/r<_/r. 

SURA VeNCATARAMANOO. &t>tt° SoZi^^ZxaS |jr>e» 

CoENAPA CheTTEE. aztrissssruueisr es>su9er(t£^^i t 

PASHMO0RTE CaSHEE. 3So5Sbj9i -^°§ (jr»ex>. 

AYAPA ChitTEE. ^tuiuuuesr. 

Ranghia. sr^ioo ;5o?CcK:-g ^uo 

COPARTEE CaSHEE. ^^CSi) -5-°5 (jrw_ 

SaRAVANUM MlIDALAREE. &ffeu6ssr6sr, 

Pekeatomeee. Quifliu^LDiSl. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 




This evening the Hon ble President and Councill mett at the Fort, and after 
Consultation the R* Hon ble Comp as Merchants were sent for, and acquainted that 
since it was accustomary upon makeing of any new Contract for an Investment, 
to Tasheriff them hopeing by doeing them that honour, the Hon ble Company may 
deserve their best services, and accordingly The head Merch ts were Tasherif t w th 
3 : yards Scarlett each and the 10 Cheif Merch' 8 w th 3 : yards Aurora och, and 
seaven Great guns fired at their goeing out of y e Chowtry Gate. 

Ship Pegue Merchant belonging to [lacuna] Hart an Inhabitant of this Citty 
set saile this evening for Peg[uJ carrying w th him his family and severall of the 
Inhabitants of this place with him to dwell there by reason of the Great famine 
here which caused their removalls hence. 


saild for 

Att a Consultatio 


Eijhu Talk Esq* President & Governour 
M B Math Higginson S e John Biggs 

M E John Littleton M e Robert Freeman 

M E Thomas Wavell M b Will m Fbaser. 

M K Will m Cawley M E 

The whole Councill being duly Summon'd. 
M B Thomas Gray sick. 


The Warehousekeeper M r John Littleton &c a brought before the Councill, 
two peices of Broad cloth Ordinary came out by the Defence, w ch were much 
damaged & reports that most of them are in the like Condition &'tis their 
opinion, it proceeds from their ill package in England and not any wayes damag'd 
by the Ship. 

Cap* W m Perse Command' of the Bengali Merchant requireing 1000 Dollers 
for account of his owners, agreed by Charterparty for the defraying the charge 
of his Ship now dispatching for England, which is agreed & orderd to be paid 
him upon the tearms, that two receits be given for it, one whereof to be sent 
home in our Packetts for England and the other to remaine here. 

Haveing sent to Porto Novo, Pollicat and other places on this Coast to find 
a Mallay writer to direct y e Inscription of our money design'd for the west coast, 
who return'd for answer, that there is none procureable Tis agreed that we deferr 
makeing-those coynes till such time one can be procured. 

The Register delivers in a List of Actions enter'd in y e Court of Admiralty 
since Munday last w ch was past in Councill. 

The Storekeeper M r William Fraser read his book of Acc ts for the month of 
June, which were past in Councill. 

Elihij 5Tale. 
.Nat: Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 
John Littleton. 
R : ffreeman. 
Tho : Wavei,l. 
W M : Cawley. 
William Proby Sec rj ". 

Generall from Conimere dated the 8 th Instant. 

Cloth by the 
Defence very 
much damag- 

ing ii I $ to be 
pd Captain 
Wm Perse. 

Coynes for ye 
west coast 

accts read. 



Records of Fort St. George 

Att a Consultation 



Elihu Yale Esq k President & Governo* 
M B Nath. Higginson S e John Biggs 
M R John Littleton M b 
M E Thomas Wavell M a Will m Fkaser 
M B "Will" Cawley M e Thomas Gray 

The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 

Order'd that Pag* 5000 be paid Chinna Vencatadry & ca ., Company for the provi- 
sion of Callicoes, upon their new Investment. 

M r John Littleton Warehousekeep r read his Book of Acc ts for the month of 
August which was past in Councill. 

Haveing rec cl advices of those fugitives from Shipp Defence, that they still 
persist in their Pyracies to the Northward, haveing robb'd severall boats of con- 
siderable summs of money and Jewells and committed sev 11 outragious actions 
at all places they come, in Consideration whereof and the dayly great complaints, 
' Tis agreed and order'd that a small Vessel! be man'd & sent to take them, and 
20 Peons be also sent overland to raise the Countrey upon them and to seiz or 
kill them in any Port they shall find them, the charge whereof to be allow'd of by 
the Merchants, out of what money &c a shall be found with them. 

Elihu Yale. 

William Peoby Sec ry . 

According to yesterday's Summons, the President and Councill mett at the 
Fort Hall, to advise about the Establishing the Corporation of this Citty, where 
were present all, the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, and Burgesses in towne, when 
'twas agreed to meet in their Gowns and Ornaments, at the Towne Hall on the 
28 th Instant Vizt The Aldermen in Scarlett Ser^e Gownes, and the Burgesses in 
white China Silk, to consult about y e chooseing whom they shall think fitt to make 
up the number of Aldermen &c a appointed by the Charter. 

Att a Consultation 



3ei Cnetnmr 
accts rend . 


Elihu Yale Esq" President & Goveenoue 
M B Nath. Hiuginsox M e John Biggs 
M E John Littleton M e Robert Feeeman 
M b Thomas Wavell M e William Frasee 
M K William Cawlet M e Thomas Gray. 

The Sea Customer M r Thomas Wavell read his Book of Acc t3 for the months 
of July & August, which was past in Councill Viz*. 


Sea Cuetome for goods 

Ditto for Weighing 
Ditto for Anchoridge 
Ditto for Tonnage 

Warehouse rent 

Pags 922 : 01 : 62 

09 : 18 : 65 

32 : 00 : 00 

102 : 18 : 00 

03 : 00 : 00 

Pags 1077 : 02 ; 27 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 





Sea Oustome for goods 
Ditto for Slaves 



for Anchoridge 

829 : 28 : 91 
10 : 00 : 00 
39 : 00 : 00 
6 : 05 : 41 

Pag s 884 : 34 : 32 

The Land Customer M r Will m Cawley read his book of Acc ts for the month of Land Oua- 

Aug 9 ' which was past in Councill, Viz'. 

tonus accts 

Laud Custome for goods 

Pag 8 2 



Weighers duty 








Chowltry Customes 


: 16 


Measureing duty 




BanksoU Toll 




Boteca rents 




Shroff's Shopp rent 






: — 


M r Robert Freeman Paymaster Gene rail, 

read his Book of Acc ts of expences Paymasters 

in the month of August, which was past in 

Councill, Viz' 

aoots read. 

Charges Garrison ... 

- Pag* 

1330: 23 


Charges Generall ... 

392 : 01 : 


Charges Dyett 


278 : 32 


Charges Extraordinary ... 


03: 00 


Charges Cattle 


30: 31 


Charges Merchandize 


100: 23 


Fortifications & repairs &c a 


83: 13 


Expedition to Bengali 


672 : 08 


Ditto to Taoassaree 


00: 25 

West Coast 


11 : 06 


Voyage to China ... 


20: — 


House moveables ... 


4: 18 


Pags 292 8 : 02 : |g- 

The President read his Ace* of Cash for the month of Aug 8 ' w oh was past in 
Council], and the Ballance examined amounting to ... ... Pag s 78780 : 03 : 1 

M r John Stables, Cheif &c tt at Vizagapatam, haveing advised us, of their very 
good Contract w th their Merch' 8 for the Course goods required for the am* of Pag 8 
20000 which encourages us to send them down more money but y' the wayes 
are so pestred with theives, 'tis too dangerous to send it overland, and to send it 
by sea is also hazzardous from the stormy season we may expect, so that tis 
resolved the safest to deferr it till December, w" we shall have many good oppor- 
tunities by sea, and by y* time we hope they will have compleated their Invest- 
ment and be ready for another, iD the mean time assureing y m of 20000 Pag 8 with 
a proportion of Europe goods, in Decern 1 " next, they writeing us, that they are 
not able to provide more goods by that time, then they have already, undertaken 
and something doubtfull of their Merchants, compleating that from the great 
troubles and many obstructions in the Countrey but promise their uttmost 
endeavours for it. 

There offerring a Countrey good new teak vessell for sale about 180 Tonus, 
& the great occasion we have to send one to the W st Coast according to the R* 
Hon ble Comp a9 orders by the Defence 'tis agreed & order'd, y' the Paymaster do 
buy her for the R f Hon ble Comp as Ace' at a publick sale, none of their Hon rs being 
here, nor any expected to arrive this season, nor any other procureable fitt for this 
occasion and service. 

M r John Littleton Warehousekeep* is order'd w th all possible expo ition to 
finish the unladeiDg the Bengali Merch* of her Paddy, and after to hasten the 

F residents 
acct of Cash 
for Angst 
read & past. 
Advice from 
of a very 
good Invest- 
ment there. 


Records of Fort St. Georgt 



ladeing the appointed, to be sent upon her to England, as much as may be w th 
safety from danger & damage, and y* most of y° Mas[su]las be employ'd to that 
Service, that if possible wee may dispatch her by the Fine of this month, least wee 
fall into last years accidentall misfortune 

Blihu Yale. 


[Pre] 8idt_ 
paid ye ball of 
Mr [Or]d3 
acot into ye 
The Porte- 
guez Snip 
bought [fori 
ye Et Honble 
Couipa Acct. 

Genii to 


sheets to be 

Also a f 1 Cell 
of BengU to be 
lookt over, 
Mr. Alf.ird's 
Petition abt 
ye freight of 
ye Turnie- 

aoota read. 

William Peoby Sec TJ 

Att a Consultation 
Blihu Yale Esq r President & Governour 
M R Nath. Higginson S b John Biggs 
M E John Litileton M r Rob t Freeman 
M B Thomas Wavell M r Will m Prase it 
M* Will™ Caw let M K 
The whole Councill being duely Summond 
M B Thomas Gray sick. 
The President deposited into the R* Hon ble Comp as Cash the Ballance of 
M r Ralph Ord deceased his ace* with him being P 200 : 18 : fa : to be made good 
to his Lawfull Heirs in England his only sonn dyeing here of the small Pox. 

The Porteguez Ship mention'd iu last Consultation was according to order 
bought yesterday for Pag s 8l0: — which we esteeme a very good bargaine, she 
being a new teak shipp, built near Surrat, of about 180 Tonns, and were enform'd 
that 1700 Pag s was lately bid for her, by the Avaldar of Pullicatt, the Said 810 
Pag 8 to be accordingly paid, and the Storekeeper is order'd to man and fitt 
her for her Voyage, to the West Coast, M r W m Rider a marryed Inhabitant 
of this Citty to goe Command 1 ' and M r Plemmen to be Cheif mate, and to send 
as many Mustees seamen, and others as can be procured, and she can well 
carry, also Factors and Soldiers, & To lade Bricks, Tyles, reepers Spars 
Palmeiraes as also a good quantity of graine, Arrack &c a provisions Canvas 
Cordage &c a with what 3mall armes wee cann well spare. 

A Generall letter to Conimere, to hasten the Conclusion of their Contract 
with their refractory Merchants &c a read and past. 

Another Generall to the Cheif &c a at Vizagapatam ordering the hastning in 
their agreed for Investm 4 to be in readyness for the Bengali Shipps, also to 
furnish us with graine Packiug Stuff &c a and to dispatch noe Ships to us empty. 

A Parcell of Gingham Sheets offering to sale of 7 : cov ts loDg, and Six 
covets broad, and the R 1 Hon ble Comp a requireing 500 or 1000 pair as ty a list now 
sent out Tis agreed and order'd that they be bought at P : 2| f' Pair, which we 
esteeme a very reasonable rate, as also a Parcell of Bengali Cossaes, which the 
Warehousekeepers are order'd to inspect and give in their opinions of them. 

M r Henry Alford giveing in his Petition to the Councill about the freight of 
some Turmerick seut to Persia on the Dragon, which amount to more then the 
produce of the Turmerick, M r Nath. Higginson and M r Robert ffreeman are 
order'd to examine the orders and Instructions concerning y* Commodity about 
the freight, and that he pay noe more then agreed upon. 

M r Nathaniell Higginson his Ace* of the Mint for the months of June and 
August were read and past Viz. 

The Ago* of w* rec d for the R' Hon ble Comp a $ f Cent for mintage duties 
upon Particular person's gold Viz : 

June, coyn'd Pag. : 712 : y° | f 0* is P : 3 : 20 : 

July nill ... 

August, coyn'd Pa : 266 : y e : a <& C* is P : 1 : 12 : 

P : 04 : 32 : 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 147 



The Aoc'- of coyning the R : H : Comp as Gold : 
June 1 : Chest :N°Af Princess den- 
mark : the nett produce. Pag 9 25167 : 00 : 3 
1 : Chest No. Bf Ditto Shipp 

y e nett produce Pag 8 27290 : 35 : 3 

Order'd that Pag s 1000 be sent overland to Conimere ffactory, for their 


Elihu Yalk. 

William Pkoby Sec ry . 

Generalls to Conimere and Vizagapatam dispatch t. Generaii 

to Conimere. 

Ship Francis, Cap 4 Thomas Bowrey Commander arriv'd here from Bengali, [S ^ p -| Pran . 
and brought the Bengali & Bencolen Generalls. "is arrived. 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq r Pkesipknt & Govekn r 
M R Nath. Higginson S e John Biggs 
M" John Littleton M e 
M B Thomas Wavell M a William Fhasee 
M B William Cawley M" Thomas Gray. 
The whole Couucill being duly Summon'd. 
The Bengali Generaii which arrived yesterday f- Ship Francis Cap 1 Thomas Bengali* 
Bowrey Command er were this day perused, but haveing our orders about them <$■ generalls* 
Cap* Heath there needs noe farther orders about them yet, also Sev 11 other letters used anddia- 
from the West Coast that came f Cap' Thomas Walthrope on y e Success Frigat, cou,st - 
giveing an acc' of 2000 baharr of pepper then in readiness & expectation of great 
quantities by the freindship & Authority of the Manacobo Prince Janapatwan, 
who M r Bloom highly extolling him, for his great generosity & fidellity & resolves 
to stand by & maintaiue y e English's Interest & Settlemen 18 against y e dutch & all 
opposers, its therefore agreed y l all means be used to engage him to us & that 
acceptable presents such as M r Bloom advises & are procureable, be sent him. 

By this Ship we rec d advices of M r Hills getting away from Syam with Advice of 
the Pearle Friggat &c a and his arrivall at Atchein, but noe Generaii letter from jfet'dug'away 
him, and only a report that M r Hodges with four score English more weredetein'd from Syam. 
Prisoners at Syam under great Severity. 

M' s Nathaniell Higginson &c a delivers into the Councill Severall musters M r . B" ; ggin 
taken from the Gold, came out ty the Princess of Denmark, and Defence, before son's paper 
& after its melting, which is order'd to be sent home for England, and their ^a^jTship 
Attestations relateing to it to be enterd next after this Consultation. p.-.nre«s 

° Dnfence 

M ra Lucy Francis Widdow to Cap 1 Francis who was killed in the Warr last ^g^. 6 ' 1 ' 
year at Hidgley, being sent hither by the Agent &c a in a very poor & weak Francis 
Condition, whereby were necessitated to allow her Pagod 8 3 : a month for her P^Jjjj? to 
maintenance, but she now importunely Petitioning to returne home to her freinds England. 
in England, and not being able to Subsist here without the R* Hon bIe Comp a " 
Charity, which she is not satisfyed with, what wee allow, and being of a turbelent, 
Clamarou3 Spirritt and of a badd Reputation, Tis agreed and orderd that Cap 1 OHei'd capt 
William Pearse Command" of the Bengali Merchant, be order'd to receive her r^oeTvpher 
aboard upon the R* Hon ble Comp 38 Aco' for her passage to. England. aboard on ye 

Elihu Yale. Acct - 

William Probst Sec rv . 



Records of Fort St. George 




[ r Higginson's &c a attestation concerning y e Gold : dated the 24 th Instant 

Wee the subscribers being by Consultation of the 21 st June 1688, appointed 
to see two Chests of Gold N° A ; and B w ch came by the Princess of Denmark, melted 
and musters taken thereof, doe hereby certifye that the Ingotts in each chest were 
in our presence cut or broake in the middle, and out of the middle of each Ingott so 
broken was taken a muster of one Penny weight before melting herewith sent, 
that the said Ingotts were melted in seve 11 Potts in our presence and cast into Cakes 
and broken in the middle, and out of the middle of each said broken Cakes a 
muster of one Penny w 1 herewith sent. 

The said Essay Peices or Musters are in Severall papers which in the pre- 
sence of the President and Councill were made np in one paper sealed with the 
R* Hon ble Comp a8 Seale and the Subscribers. 

And further wee declare by the oath we have taken of Fidellity to the R' 
Hon We Comp a that the musters now returned are truely numbred according to 
Invoice from England, and that the said Ingotts were melted down in our 
presence, and the musters as now numbred are true musters thereof. 

Nath. Higginson. 
William Fraskr. 
William Cawlet. 
Nath : Halsey. 

The like Attestation for the musters of Gold f- new Defence, Subscrib'd by. 

The Must 1-8 of Princess p z : 50 p s ° 2 ; 10 
The Must rs of ye Defence p z : 22 p 8 1 


Nath: Higginson. 
William Cawlet. 
Thomas Gray. 
John Pitt. 
N ath : Halsey. 


deld to ye 
Oaths to ye 
Mayor & Re- 
corder & they 
the like to ye 
Aldermen & 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq* President & Govern" 
M E Nath : Higginson S k John Biggs 
M B John Littleton M r Robert Freeman 

M R Thomas Wavell M r William Fraser. 
M E William Cawley M r Thomas Gray. 

This being the R' Hon ble Comp as appointed day to establish the Charter, 
and Corporation, The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses, and the Cheif Inhabitants 
of the Town were summon'd to the Fort, before whose comeing, the Councill 
mett, and debated upon the methods & solemnity of our proceedings therein, and 
the severall forms of Oaths for the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, & Burgesses 
were drawn up, approved, and agreed, and order'd that upon our meeting, the 
Charter should be publickly read by y e Secretary and after which, the Maces to 
be deleiverd by the President into the charge of the Mayor, giveing him & the 
Recorder their severall Oaths for their just & due performance of their places, 
which the Mayor & Recorder are to administer Oath to the Aldermen, and 
Burgesses, and that in the Evening the whole Corporation in their Gowns do walk 
with the Maces before the Mayor to the Town Hall, to confirme their Establish- 
ment, and make some beginning upon their buisiness. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 



Cap* William Perse Command 1, of the Bengali Merch* makeing his request to CaptPerse 

have 150 : baggs of saltpeter more then the Quintellage allowed by Charter Party, iXbags 

Tis aerreed and order'd, that the Warehousekeeper doe deliver y e same to him saltpeter. 

S-,, . rr i Orderd to be 

upon Charterparty learras. deiiverd ' 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat ; Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 

William Proby Sec ry . 

Tho: Wavell. 
Will : Fraser. 
W M : Cawlet. 
Tho : Gray. 

According to this day's appointment, The President, Mayor, Recorder, 
Aldermen & Burgesses, and Cheif of the Inhabitants mett at the Fort Hall, 

The Presi- 
dent, Mayor, 
Recordr, &ca 

before whom the R f Hon ble Comp as Charter for this Corporation was publickly 
read by the Secretary, after which the President administred oaths to the 
Mayor, and Recorder for their due performance of their Places, and then the 
Mayor and Recorder did the like to the Aldermen, and Burgesse9, in their 
sever 11 manner and formes, a while after went to a Handsome dinner, and about 

three in the Evenirig the Whole Corporation march't in their Several! Robes, 
with the Maces before the Mayor to the Town Hall. 

Ship Ann Cap' Freek Command r sett saile this Evening for Trivetore to 
take in a freight of Slaves for Atchein. 

No Consultation the President being indisposed. 

Pass given to Shipp Tartar, Cap' Edward English Comander. 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq," President & Governoor 
M B Nath. Higginson S b John Biggs 
M K John Littleton M k Robert Fkeeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M b William Fraser. 
M R William Cawley M r Thomas Gray. 
The whole Councill being duely Summond. 

The Generall to the R* Hon ble Company was read and approved. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat: Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 

ye Rt 
lompa Chai- 
ter read b} 
the Secre- 
tary. Oaths 
to the Maynr, 
Recorder &ca. 
The whole 
wth their 
robes to the 
town hall. 
Ship Ann 
set saile. 

fmo. Pass to 
Ship Tarter. 

day 3. 

Genii to ye 
Rt Honble 
Compa read. 

Tho : Wavell. 
Will : Fraseu. 
W M Cawley. 
Tho : Gray. 

Willum Proby Sec rv . 

Pass given to Sloop Princess, William Tuer Master and Owner. 

Dispatch't a Generall to Coniniere of this date, with Pag 9 10000 

Pass to Sloop 


Genii to 
100'X) P. 


Records of Fort St. George 

Letter from 


Ship Tarter. 
& Sloop 
eet saile. 
Letter from 


Received a letter from Golcandah, but noe date. 

Ship Tarter, Cap' Edward English, Commander and Sloop Princess, William 
Tuer Master, set saile this morning, the one for Persia, and the other for the 
Mallabar Coast. 

Rec d a letter from Madenanto Governour of this Countrey demanding y 8 
Town's rent. 



Mr Higgin- 
son requested 
Bills of Exca. 

read his acct 

Att a Consultation 
Emhu Yale Esq" President & Governotjr 

M E Nath. Higginson 
M E John Littleton 
M B Thomas Wavell 
M B William Cawley 

S k John Biggs 
M E Robert Freeman 
M R William Fraser 
M E Thomas Gray. 

M r Nathaniell Higginson desireing Bills of Exchange at 8 9 f- Pagoda, payable 
in England. Viz 4 to Agent Beard's Widdow, M rs Susanna Beard, Pag 9 455 and S r 
Josiah Child & ca Owners of Shipp Loyal] Adventure, Pag s 232 : 9 : it was allowed 
of, and Bills given him for the severall Summs. 

The President read his Ace* Cash for the month of September, which was 
past in Councill, and the ballance amounting to Pag 8 . [Lacuna] 

Report of the M r William Cawley gives the report of the muster of Ship Bengali Merchants 

shipliengaii men, to be 80 Europeans and 11 Blacks, and that by computation 100 Bales would 
Mercht & yt fully lade the Ship, whereupon 5 hundred baggs of salt petre was order'd to be sent 
would mi aboard, and the Warehousekeeper &c a to hasten the sorting and baleing up what 
her - , cloth the Merchants have in readiness, or can procure in four or five dayes, the 

Bent 6 aboard. e weather continueing calme and fair, and that wee may not want Bales to lade her, 
t'is order'd that they make a second sort of Browne Long cloth to be the same as 
ft' 1 : white and also bales up the Careda sort of browne Sallampores. 

Postscript to the Generall letter to the R* Hon bl Comp" read & approved, it 
being demanded of the Councill by the Presid* if any of them, had any objections 
or addition to make thereto, which was answer'd in the Negative, hopeing y e good 
news of the groat encrease of the Citty Revenues will be wellcome, and acceptable 
to the R* Hon ble Comp a and the rest of our mannagement. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nath : Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

Order'd a 
second sort 
of brown 
long cloth 
be made. 

Postscript to 
ye GeneraH 
read & ap- 


William Proby Sec rv . 

Rec d a Generall from Conimere dated the 8 th Instant. 

Tho : Wavell. 
Will : Fraser. 
W M Cawley. 
Tho: Gray. 

Genii from 




Pass +o Ship 


arrived from 


No Consultation, being buisy about the dispatch of the Bengali Merchant. 

Pass giveD to Ship Francis, Robert Masfen, Command 1 '. 

This mornirg arrived the Dorothy Friggat, Cap* James Thwaits Commander, 
from England and the Canaryes. 

The Dorothy Friggat's Charterparty and Coppy of the Instructions to Cap* 
James Thwaits, were brought ashoar and perused. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 151 


Att a Consultation . - 


Blihu Yale Esq," President & Governour Tuesday 

M* Nath. Higginson S e John Biggs 16. 

M' R John Littleton M e 

M B Thomas Wavell M b William Fraser 

M R William Cawlry M e Thomas Gray. 

The whole Oouncill being duely summond. 

The Dorothy Friggat unexpectedly arriveing here the 14 th Instant, from Dorothy's 

England, and the Canarys with a cargoe of wine and eighteen out of twenty charterparty 
soldiers, which are orderd ashore with all possible expedition, Her Charterparty ca perused - 

& oa were perused, and accordingly orderd, that since she cannot goe well to To send her _ 

Bengali, Arrackan, Negrais, Pegue, ur Tanassaree, wee must of necessity send her to ye west 

to the West Coast to returne hither with a Loading of Pepper, but by the way to toTaU at At- 

chein, for ye 

call at Atchein, where possibly she may meet with some of the Mogulls or Syam's syfmShfps. 
Shipps, and thence to proceed to Indiapore and Bencolen, sending upon her what The Bencolen 

rr r ' Friggat to 

Stores, people, and necessary s are procureable here, The Bencolen Friggat also to heTparT'of 
accompany her, part of her way, ordering her directly with stores and other ? e w *y- 
materialls to Bencolen, and to keep her there so long as their occasions will require, Letter from 
and after to returne her w th pepper hether. cwevorum 

Received a letter from the Nabob at Conjevorom ordering the Payment of abtyerent.' 
the Townes Rent to Madenanto this Countrey Governour, The buisiness being to a e ^° e tt n 8 t e ye 
duely consider'd and debated, twas resolved to excuse the payment, at present, 
till we hear the contents of our Phyrmaund, which was sent to Surrat. 

Eljhu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 

Tho : Wavell. 
Will : Fraser. 
W M Cawley. 
Tho: Gray. 

William Proby Sec ry . 

This morning arrived Shipp Delight from Atohein Robert Turlington 16. 
Master. ship Bought 

arrivd fro : 

This Evening dellver'd Cap* William Perse, Command 1 of Ship Bengali De i dCap 
Merchant, his Dispatch for England. Perse's dis- 

Rec d a Generall from Conymere, dated the 15 th Instant. p $ ch - 

from Coiii- 

President Gyfford went aboard the Bengali Merch* this morning, in order to "3"' 
take his passage on her for England. Presidt 

r ° GySord went 

Deliver'd Cap* William Perse, the Packett to the R* Hon hle Comp a and the 19^ ' 
Bagg of Particular letters. PefdCapt 

Perse ye 

The Shipp Bengali Merchant sett saile this morning for England. 20. * 

Ship Bengll. 

Mercht sett 
a sail for Eng- 

152 Records of Fort St. George 


Att a Consultation 

"20. Present 

Elihtj Yale Esq" President & Governour 
M K Nath. Higginson S tt John Biggs 
M B John Littleton M s 
M" M K William Eraser 

M E William Cawley. M b 
The whole Councill being duely summond. 
We not being able to perswade our own, nor the Conimere Merch* 9 to under- 
take a greater Investment, then 4000U Pa : here & 30000 : there, and M r Nicks 
Prnvaiid wth &o a adviseing that they had prevailed with the Porto Novo Merchants for an 
ye Porto Investment of 80000 : but will not be pers waded to joine w th the Conimere Merch* 

Novo Meroh- . ,,. ti-i , . i , i i i » -i i -, , 

ants fo.- to bring their goods thither, which has long been endeavour d by us and them, 

investmt however rather then loose the oppertunity of putting off, soe much of our Europe 

Cannot ' goods, and provideing of course one3, to lade the large Tonnage of our Shipps, Tis 

1o r jo*ineVth therefore agreed that 10000 Pag 3 be sent them overland, and that if they cannot 

ye Conimere bring them on better tearms ; To accept of those ; obligeing the Merchants at a 

pioooo be prefixt time, in January to conclude their Contract, upon penalty of 25 f" Cent 

sentym failure therein. 

To Oblige ym 

in j^ny next. Being advised by severall Masters and Pylotts here that our Shipps may very 

well gett to Atchein this monsoon, and being the Windermost port of that Island;- 
Dorothy Tis therefore thought necessary and convenient that the Dorothy Friggat do goe 

toAteheiu°, in° &° Atchein in Quest of the Mogulls and King of Syam's Shipps, hearing they 
quest of the intend to send 2 small ones, to lye in that Port in expectation of our Ships, & bet- 


20 Soldiers to ter to strengthen & encourage against those they may meet with, Tis orderd y* 20 
Soldiers be sent on each Ship, well arm'd & fitted, as well to defend as to supply 
y e West Coast, where they are to leave y m upon their returne and haveing a con- 
Bengii siderable quantity of Bengali Oyle and butter, that wee cannot sell well here, and 

to n be e 8ett°for wast & decayes much by keeping, It's therefore thought best to send one hundred 
sale. of Oyle, and fifty of butter, to Atchein, upon the Dorothy Friggat, it bearing 

a good Price there, also thirty Jarrs of each on the other Ship to Bencolen, also 
Rice &c a Graine. 

Tis also thought convenient, that the Governour doe write to the Queen 
write to ye °f Atchein, satisfying her Majesty of the many wrongs, abuses, and insufferable 
Queen of injuries, and provocations the R* Hon blj Company have reo ri from the King of Syam,. 
ShebeTns an( l his Ministers also of their unhumane actions at Mergen. Shee being greatly 
gTeaiiy of- offended at some of our Actions of hostility by sinking and takeing some of the 
actions there' King of Syams Shipps in her road, and that a Present be sent to her, and also, to 

Janapatwan, suitable to M r Bloom's advice and desire, 
io years The Generall letters for these ten years Past, are order'd to be deliver'd to the 

y e 6 Rt Honbie several] Persons to peruse and collect, and register in a book for that purpose all 
Compa to be the Hon ble Comp a9 laws and Rules relateing to y 8 Government &c a , and that M r ffree- 
& U c*oiieot nian haveing Sometime, doe peruse the Severall Consultation Books, for twenty 
& elr i° r i 8rs Years past collecting all the Laws and orders made here, and that they be enterd 
have in a book particularly for that purpose, wherein are also to be registred all future 

ymregfetr- lawes that shall be made here, with an Index and Alphabet thereto. 

tof£r MW £lihu Yale: 

the 20 years NaT . HiGGIiNSON. 

Sr^ J - Biggs. 

Tho : Wavell. 
Will : Fraskr 
• W M Cawlev. 

William Proby Sec ry . Tho: Gray. 

each Ship. 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 1&3 


Att a Consultation , .. Vi ;| . 

^resent s 

Blihu Yale Esq b President & G-overnotjr Wedneb- 

M R Nath Higginson S r John Biggs day 24. 

M E John Littleton M e Kobkrt Freeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M e William Fra?er 
M E William Cawley M e Thomas Gray. 

Generall letter for Direction to M r Benjamin Bloome &c a at Bencolen, as also Genu to , 

a complimentall one from the Governour to the Emperour Jenaputwan,: read and bi^"^ :> 

approved. ' | 

Orderd that Pag s 10000 be sent overland to Porto Novo upon ace* '..of the Pioobo;.b& 

new Investment to be provided by those Merchants. STpoTto* 1 *"' 1 

Orderd that Pag s 1382: be paid M r Robert ffreeman Paymaster to defray pi3°82:be' 
charges garrison, also that Pag s 96 : 9 ; be paid him, for 32 p r Gingham Sheets w Mr.ffireet- 
bought of him. 

M r William Cawley Land Customer read his Acc t3 of the Land Customes for Land Cna- "', 
the month of September which was past in Councill Viz*. tomr-rs a'iotb 

Land Customes ... ... ... ... ... ... Pag 8 

Weighers duty ... ... ... ... ... ... „ 

Buby Brokeridge at 1$ f" Cent „ 

Town Brokeridge at i ^ Cent „ 

Chowltry Customes ... ... „ 

Measurers duty ... ... ... ... ... ... „ 

BaaksollToll ... „ 

ffines ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ., 

Register for Slaves & oa „ 

Pa 265 : 03 : QO 
Deduct for Wages & ca 6: 3 : - 

1 24: 

: 03 : 

: 15 

01 : 

: 1«, 


06 : 


: 00 



: 00 


: 10 

: 22 



: 38 


02 ; 



: 00 

: 00 

03 , 

; 12 : 


Pag s 259 : — 

Order'd that the sallary due and payable to the R* Hon ble Comp aa servants at 0rderd thp 
this place the 29 th last month, be paid them, and that M r Higginson do draw up ,s$iiary.,te,j$ 
a list accordingly, payable here for these last six months. ., ;,, ; • i.m > 

Elihu Yale. .' ' . ' 

Nat : Higginson. » 
J. Biggs. '. : , ; , ; 

Tho : Wavell. ; ■ 

Will : Frajser. ' ' ' . ! 

W M Cawley. ( ■• . 
William Proby Sec rr . Tho ■• Gray. 

This morning the President order'd three gunns to be fyred, which was for 25. 
a signe, that the Dorothy & Bencolen Fnggatt, and Ship Delight, should weigh shi PP fl ''"•?■? 
Anchor & putt off to Sea, for fear of the threatning weaather. isa'Ue & pitt ! 

This day received advices of Jonshercawn, late Govern 1, of this Countrey, 
being turn'd out of his government, and Mahomet Allebeague order'd to Succeed 
him, and 'till his comeing to the place, Mahomed Sadeek to act in it. 

Allebeague to 

Rec d another threatning letter from Medenanto Gov r of Conjevoram, demand- jjj," 6 cceed - 
ing the rent of this towne. Threatning , 

letter froth ' 
I Madera nto 

Govrof Coii- 

Rec d a Generall from Conimere dated the 24 th Instant. jevoram.. ' 

Genl from 


off to «ea,', 

country tur- 


Records of Fort St. George 




The sharp 
letter reed 
from Made- 
upon, & yt 
we Btill ex- 
cuse ye pay- 

Generll to 
Bengll & 
keeper Accts 

accts read. 

Att a Consultation. 

Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 
M B Nath. Higginson S E John Biggs 
M R John Littleton M e Eob t Freeman 
• M K Thomas Wavell M e William Fraser 
M E William Cawlet M k Thomas Gray. 

The sharp letter lately received from Madenanto Govern 1 " of Conjevorom 
concerning the nonpayment of the rent money, which being debated, and 'tis 
thought fitt that wee Still excuse it, upon the score that Nabob. Mahomed Allibea- 
gue is comeing to the Government of this Countrey, who knowing the contents of 
the Phyrmaund sent the Generall at Bombay, which when we doe and hear from 
him, we shall then act accordingly.. 

Generalls to Bengali and Vizagapatam read & approv'd and order'd to be 

M 1 ' John Littleton Warehousekeeper read his Book of Accompts for the month 
of September, which was past in Councill. 

M r Robert ffreeman, Paymaster read his Book of Acc ts for 
September, which was past in Councill Viz*. 

Charges Garrison ... ... ... ... ... ... P 

Charges Generall 

Charges Dyett 

Charges Extraordinary 

Charges Cattle 

Charges Merchandize 

Fortifications Repairs 

Expedition to Bengali 

West Coast 

Expedition to Tanassaree ... 

Voyage to China 

for the 


1071 : 31 : - 

453 : 23 


333 : 35 





129: 24 

79 : 07 


44: 8 


19: 20 



10: - 


Pag s 2181 : 07 . 

Mr Higginson 
Mayor having 
ye charge of 
ye books & 
ye Coart so 
often as is 
the Coart to 
be held onee 
a fortnight. 
2 Aldermen 
Justices do go 
to ye C howl- 
try as for- 

The Register delivers in a List of Action enter'd in the Coart of Admiralty* 
since Munday last w oh was past in Councill. 

M r Nathaniell Higginson, Mayor, haveing the care and charge of the Generall 
Books of Accompts, and the Mint upon him, which will take up so much of his 
time, that he cannot attend the Coart so often as may be requisite, tis therefore 
agreed and order'd that the Mayors Coart be held once a fortnight, and that any 
two of the three English Aldermen Justices or what other Aldermen are willing 
doe goe to the Chowltry as formerly twice a week, to hear, punish and determine 
all small Offences and Complaints, to the amount of 2 Pag 8 fine or award, all 
greater to be [dej ferr'd to the Mayors Coart to be reexamined and descided there. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat. Higginson. 
J Biggs. 

William Probt Sec ry . 

Tho : Wavell. 

Will : Frasee. 
W" Cawlet. 
Tho : Gray. 

Letter to 

Ship Benrg 
at Oonimero. 
No new[s] of 
ye Dorothy. 

Letter to Mahomed, Sadeek Sirkeel, and Madenanto Pontulo Governour of 
Conjevoram, excuseing the payment of the Towns rent, with promises readily to 
obey, Nabob Assurcawn (alias Allibeague's) orders therein, who is comeing w th 
great power and authority to governe this Countrey, if Allumgees has not already 
forgiven it in his Phyrmaund, sent to the Generall at Bombay. 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 




'■■■ This Evening rec d advices of Ship Bencolens b^ing at Conimere, and the 81. 

Delight at Sadraspatam, hut no news of the Dorothy ffriggat, w ch put out to sea, ^Delight 

the 25 Instant. ■ , November 

Ship Delight arrived this morning, in this road. 4. 
Dispatch't Generalls to Vizagapatam and the Bay. 

Att a Consultation 


Elihtj 5Tale Esq" President & Governour 
M E Nath Higginson S e John Biggs 
M E John Littleton M e Robert Freeman 
M E Thomas Wavell M r William Fraser 
M E William Cawley M e Thomas Gray. 

Order'd that Pag s 1000 he paid M r Robert ffreeman Paymaster General], to 
defray Charges Garrison. 

Order'd that Pag s 50 be paid Paray, Powder maker, for provision of Gun- 

Ship Delight belonging to some of the Inhabitants of this Citty, being bound 
to the Southward, and the R' Hon ble Comp as Shipps, the Dorothy and Bencolen 
friggats which putt off to Sea, for fear of the danger of the monsoon, being yet not 
return'd, to take in the R l Hon ble Comp as Europe goods for Conimere and Porto 
Novo, according to contract w th those Merchants for their severall new Invest- 
ments, Tis therefore thought fitt and Agreed to take the opportunity of this 
countrey Vessel], to send what of the R fc Hon ble Comp as Servants, Silver, Broad 
cloth &c a goods design'd thither, upon the usuall ffreights, which the Warehouse- 
keeper is order'd to get in readiness, and lade on her, with all Possible speed, 
that the Merchants may have noe just Pretence, for not complying with their 
Contracts,. at the aforesaid places, and twould be a great delay to wait the retnrne 
of said two Shipps, being very uncertaine this season a,nd the Currants setting 
strong to the southward, their goeing to Portu Novo would be a great hindrance 
and Loss of time in their Voyage to the West Coast. 

Elihtj Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 
Tho : Wavell. 
Will : Eraser. 
W K Cawley. 
Tho : Gray. 
William Proby Sec' 5 '. 

Mjjnday 5. 

P 1000 be 
paid Mr ffree- 

P 60 be pd 
the Powder 
The Rt Hon- 
ble Cosnpa 
Ships not yet 

Order'd yt 
the Rt Hon- 
ble CompB 
Servts and 
goods be sent 
on ye Delight. 

Dorothy Friggat return'd and anchor'd this morning. 

Att a Consultation 






Elihu Yale Esq R President & Governoue Mundat 

M* Nath. Higginson S e John Biggs 12. 

M R John Littleton M R 
M R • M K William Fraser 

M R William Cawlkt M R Thomas Gray 
The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 
M R Robert Freeman sick. 

The Dorothy being return'd from Sea, putting off to prevent the danger of The Dorothy 
the Storme, the Captain is order'd to unlade her with all possible expedition, that to bo an ' 

r liden. 



Record* of Fort St. George 


to proceed to 
Atchein & . 
thence to ye 
Wast coast 
for (.eppsr. 
The Present 
to Jans pat- 
wan appro- 

offers to 
single ,1 

Gotten yarn 
pepper also 
20 Ca : Indigo 
at 25 P. *$■ 

Proposed to 
the Cbnncill. 
not to exceed 
the Honble 
Musters of 
Indigo to be 
sent home. 
P 10U03 be 
pd Cbinna 
&ca Merchts. 
read his aoct 

[Old ers that 
none should 
advance any 
thing upon 

Order yt 
none should 
send Gold 
from, hence, 
to be co ; n'd 
[at], Pollioat. 
[P 5]C00 be 
sent to Coni- 
mere i on] 
Ship Delight. 


he may proceed on his intended Voyage to Atchein, and thence to Indiapore and 
Bencolen to be laden with Pepper and returne hither. 

The Present to Janapatwan was perused & approved referring it to M r Bloome 
to present it him, the most obligeingst way he can contrive, or what thereof he 
shall Judge sufficient, and to referre the rest for another time. 

Received advices from Conimere, that the R l Hon ble Comp as Merchants had 
undertaken the provision of single threaded Gotten yarne, and offer'd to provide 

50 Ca : of round Pepper, and 50 Ca : Indigo at 25 Pag" f" Candy but the Chief &c a 
write us that they beleived they could procure the pepper at 22 : that being the 
price y e french paid for it, as also for the Indigo, which being propos'd to the 
Councill, 'twas concluded by majority of Votes as formerly, the R* Hon ble Comp a 
haveing possitively limitted us not to exceed 17: Pag s therefore would no [t] 
venture upon breach of their orders, tho some were of another opinion ; consider- 
ing the scarcity of Pepper in England and its Price, the muster of Indigo i3 
agreed to be sent home for England to have the R 4 Hon ble Comp as approbation 
thereof before we buy any. 

Order'd that Pag s 10000 be paid to Chinna Vencatadry &c a Merchants for 
provision of Callicoes upon their new Investment. 

The President read his Accompt Cash for the month of October, which was 
past in Councill & the ballance amounting to ... ... Pag s 92158 : 06 : 3. 

Some Rogues to the Northward haveing falcifyed and counterfitted our 
Pagodas Coyne, makeing Pagodas of the same stamp, but not three quarters of the 
Valine of ours, which has raised great doubts, and seandalls upon our Coyn, to the 
depreciateing it, two or three <p Cent, below Pollicatt Pagodas, even in our Citty 
by the Merchants and Sheroffs, to the great prejudice and discredits of our Pagodas, 
and loss of our Mint Custome, 'tis therefore agreed, and orderd that Proclamation 
be made in Severall Parts of the Town and Citty, Prohibiting all Persons what- 
ever from advanceing any thing upon the Pollicatt Pagoda by exchange, they 
being equall to ours, both in weight and fineness, and whosoever shall offend 
herein, to Pay twenty Pagodas for the first fault, and Double for the Second, and 
a twelve months Imprisonment for the third. 

Also that all Persons be forbidden to send Gold from hence to be coyned at 
Pollicatt Mint, upon fforfeiture thereof, upon due Prooffs, and that the Justices of 
the Peace, doe appoint the Publishing, and Affixing these Orders, In Inglish, 
Portugueze, and Gentue a"t Severall publick Places of the Citty. 

Orderd that Pag 8 5003 be sent to Conimere on Ship Delight, on Ace 1 of their's 
and Porto Novo's new Investment. 

Elihtj Yatjs. 


Genii to 
Surrat & 


Pase to Ship 



Ship Delight 

set saile. 

Generalls to Surrat and Conimere, approved Signed and deliverd to the charge 
of the Master of Ship Delight. 

Pass for the men belonging to Ship Delight. 

Ship Delight, sett saile for Conimere and Porto Novo th [is] Evening. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 157 


Att a Consultation • '• 
Elihu Yale Esq 1- President & Goveenoue. 

M E Nath. Higginson S e . ™ AY 

M R John Littleton M e 

M K Thomas Wavell M r William Feasee 
M E William Cawley M e 
The whole Council! being duely summon'd. 
The Land Customes being a carefull, Laborious Charge and Employment, and. 
Fees being appointed to the Sea Custome house, but none yet to the Land 
Customer, the Following small Fees are order'd to be paid him and his Assistants. 
There being Severall small Timbers bought and made use of, for the R 4 Hon bIe 
Comp BS by M r Jn° Cheney then Storekeeper, but not then paid for, or by him 
charg'd to Ace 4 the price not being agreed upon, which now haveing concluded, 
and being satisfied therein M r Fra^er is orcler'd to pay for them, the same price 
others doe. 

The Government being still unsettled and y e Countrey surrounded w th Warr 
and troubles, which we have reason to beleive this place will shair in, from their 
often demands and threats against us, and the R* Hon ble Comp" haveing order'd us 
to Fortifie the Garrison and Towne where there is occasion, for its defence, and 
Severall Places being weak and decay'd, Tis agreed and orderd that the Paymaster 
M r Robert Freeman doe give out money, to provide Iron Stone, Bricks, Timbers, 
Chinam &c a for that use, and this being a dry and good season for building, Tis 
held most convenient that a small point of Six Gunns be built at the Bridge River 
Point to clear that side of the town and river, also a B[r|idge gate with four 
Gunns, and if Possible, to provide materialls, that a wall be built on that side of 
the Town, and a small Point of five gunns at the Northwest part of [lacuna, in the 
original^ for which the Mayor and Aldermen were advised to move the Corporation 
to a contribution to y' necessary charge for the safety of them and the place. 

M v [lacuna in the original] Dean Son to S r Anthony Dean comeing hither clan- Mr Dean 
destinely, and makemg his request to Serve the R r ' Hon ble Comp a as a writer, noe entertain'* 
other employment at present offering, and he being much recommended by the Honble 
Governour to the President, he therefore entertains him accordingly, ordering him Q°»'P aB 
to have his dyet & lodgeing in the Fort, and to be kept close to writeing. 

A small Parcell of Tonqueen Ware offering for sale which b<4ng very Tonqueen 
necessary for the Soldiers Slaves and severall other occasions at the West coast, ^^Ji ^ 9 
Tis order'd that the Storekeeper doe buy them at 4 i'ag s y e thousand and send y e°west * 
them upon the Bencolen when she arrives. 0oaBt - 

M r John Littleton Warehousekeeper read his book of Accompts for the month Ware hou»e- 
of October, which was past in Council]. kee | rs AootB 

M r Thomas Wavell Sea Customer read his book of Accompts for the month of geaCnsto- 
September which was past in Council!, Viz. mersAccu 

Custome for Goods Pag 4 1,066 : 22 : 23 

Weighers duty „ 13:00:04 

:Slaves „ 16:00:00 

Anchoridge „ 28:18:00 

Pag s 1,124: 04:27 

According to the Hon ble Comp 89 order that Pag* 40 be paid M r Thomas Wavell, 
to encourage his dilligence & fidellity in the collecting the Citty ground rents. 

Elihu Yale. Will ; Fraseb. 

Nat: Higginson. Wm Cawley. 

William Proby Sec rv . Tho : Geay. 

Tho : Wavell. 

158; Records^ of Fort St. George 

[19ra] FORT 8T. GEORGE, NOVEMBER 1688 

Fees for ye Fees for the Land Customer & Assistants. 

£ and AH sorts of Goods, except the R' Hon ble Comp us imported or exported & 

Grain Provisions & Wood, exceeding y e vallue of five Pag 9 are to Pay Fees upon, 
. all entries of Merchandize sent out or brought into the Citty Viz 1 . 

from 5 Pag" to 1 each entry to pay ... ... ... £ fanam. 

from 10 Pag : to 20 to pay ... ... ... \ f an : 

from 20 Pa : to 50 to pay ... ... ... 2 f an : 

from 50 Pa: to 100 to pay ... ... ... 4 fanam. 

And So : at 4 : fan ^ C l Pag according to y 6 vallue of goods enterd & 
to take noe more upon any Pretence, w'ever, und r penalty of paying 1 Pag for 
each fan. : to y e Person so wrong'd, & y e said Fees to be devided Viz' f to the Land 
0ustom r & £ to his Assistants, to encourage their dilligence & fidellity therein. 
> Elihu Yale Gove. 

Nath. Higginson. 

John Biggs. Judge. 

John Littleton. 

R. Ffeeeman. 

Thomas Wavell. 

¥m Feasee. 

¥m Cawlet. 

Tho : Geat. 

22 - Rec d Generalls of the 11 th and 15 th October last from Vizagapatam, w th their 

Consultations, Ace' Cash and Stewards Ace* and Coppies of their Generall Books. 

Att a Consultation 
Thursday ' Elihu Yale Esq b President & Governoue 

22 - M B Nath. Higginson S b 

M B John Littleton M b 
M B Thomas Wavell M r William Frasee. 
M R William Cawlev M k Thomas Geat. 
The whole Councill being duely Summond. 

LandCusto- M r William Cawley, His books of Acc ts of the Land Custo for the month of 

° e a r d. AcotS ' October was read and past in Councill Viz*. 

Land Customes 

Weighers duty 

Eubie Brokers 
',. ■■■■ ■ -■■■'■ Town Brokers 

Chowltrv Customes ... 
'■':;,'.' Measurers duty 


Banksoll Toll 

... Pag* 

26 : 09 : 53 

0] : 01 : 43 


06 : 00 . 00 
06:01 ,-00 
■49 : 2S : 20 
96 : 35 .- 05 

- "„ 

03: 18: 00 
16: 21: 37 

206 : 06 : 58 




' Pag s 199 : 23 : 70 

Sea Custo- jy[r Thomas Wavell. Sea Customer, His Books of Acc t3 of y e Sea Customes for 

read. the month of October was read & past in Council]. Viz*. 

: ! Ace*" Customes ... ■ ' .v. • Pa i 511 : 21 : 27 

.Wei ghers duty „ 01:09:14 

Anehoridge „ 13:00:00 

Tonnas-e ... „ 30:00:00 

Pag» 555: 30: 41 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 




M r Robert Freeman, Paymaster Generall his Book of Acc ts for the month of Pay masters 
October was read and Past in Oouncill Viz 4 . 

Charges Garrison - Pag s 1036: 

Charges Generall ... ... ... ... „ 425 

Charges Dyett ... . .... „ 220 

Charges Extraordinary ... ... ■•■ » 03 

Charges Cattle ... ... ... ••• „ 13 

Charges Merchandize ... ••'. ■ -■ » 52 

Fortifications and repaires .. ... ... ,, 101; 30 

Expedition to Bengali „ 44:08 

Expedition to Tanassaree » 00 : 25 

West Coast „ 20: 20 

Voyage to Chiua ... ., 10:00 


Pag s 1928 : 32: ■& 

Blihu Yale. 
Nat: Higginson. 

Tno : Wavell. 

William Proby Sec 17 . 

Will : Eraser. 


Tho ; Gray. 

Att a Consultation 


Elihtj Taie Esq" President & Governour 
m b inath. hlgginson, s e . . 
M E John Littleton M k , 
M K Thomas Wavell M b William Fraser 
M B WiM'iAM Cawley, , M R Thomas Gray. 
The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 
Haveing lately advice f rom M r Rider, Master of the Bencolea, that she is still 
at Sadraspatam, and little hopes of a suddain attainment of this Port, the winds 
and Onrrants, continuing strong against her, tis therefore thought good that her 
supplies, [Stores Provisions &c a be shipt aboard the Dorothy Friggat to be laden 
upon her there, and that M r Fraser Storekeeper do write to the master overland 
to come hither to take an Account, what Stores &c a shall be laden and so to, 
accompany them with his dispatch, and in the meantime to order one of y e 
Mates to remaine there with the Shipp, except an oppertuuity offers to come 
nearer, but not to Venture out of Anchor hold, least She falls more" to< the 
Southward, and thereby longer delay her Voyage to the West Coast. 

M r Ralph Ingram Bookkeeper at Porto Novo haveing retarnd his answers to 
the many objections against severall strange Entryes in those books sign'd by 
him, which not appearing to us of Sufficient Vallidity, to warrant such unreason- 

able allowances, Tis order'd that M r Henry Mose, Attorney Generall do <p use the 

Severall Accompts, Letters Consultations, &c a and draw up a remonstrance from 
them to be examin'd and adjudged by the Coart of Admiralty. 


Benoolen at 

her Stores, 
&oa be sent 
on Dorqthy 
Friggat, to 
be put 
aboard her 

Mr. Ingram 
retnrn'd his 
answer to ye 
agst sevl 
entrys in 
Orderd yt 
Mr Mose do 
f use ye 
severll Acots: 
lettre : Con- 

& draw-up a 
trance to be 
examind & 
adjudged in 
yo Coart of 


Beeords^ of Fort St. Georgt 



yt they are 
at great 

charge yn 
P 60 to be 
pd Narso 


The Minters complaining that they are at much greater charge then formerly, 
charcoale being very scarce and dere, and the eager gold requireing more fire then 
usuall, the Mint master is order'd to make an equall Proportion for their extraordi- 
nary charge. 

Order'd that Pag s 60 be paid Narso &c a Washers for washing the R* Hon bl ° 
Comp^ 8 Callicoes. 

General! tq Conimere read and past. 

■ ; i Elihu Yale. 

■ : ,. Nat : H.IGGINSON. 

'< : Tho : Wayell. 

' W M : Cawley. 

Will : Feasee. 
Tho : Gray. 
Wiliiam Pjioby Sec ry . 

Letters from Mahomed Sadeek and Meermahamed from y e Camp, demanding 
this Towns rent. 

Letters to Mahomed Sadeek and Meermahamud, excuseing the payment of the 
Towns rent. ' 

Dipatch't a Generall to Conimere of this Date. 
Att a Consultation 
■' Present 

Elihu Yale Esq" President & Govern 
M b ,Nath. Higginson S b 
M R John 1 Littleton 
M B Thomas Wav ell 
M B William Cawley 

M' ! 

M B William Fraseb 

M B Thomas Gray. 

The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 

There being complaints made to the Councill of some misdearneanours, 
committed by an Ensigne and Corporall of the gaurd on their rounds, few nights 

past, who were sent for and examined and being found faulty, were seveerly repre- 
hended and fined two months pay to the Hon ble Comp a . 

The Councill, adjourn' d to a Coart Martiall held at the ffort Hall, for the tryall 
of a Corporall and three Soldiers of the gaurd, that had lately committed theft at 
the house, where they were sent by the Justices to apprehend two Moormen for 
misdeameanors to be examined before the Justices. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat: Higginson. 

Ship Roch- 
eeter nrrive 
from Trinci 

William Proby Sec rj? . 

Tho : Wavell. 
Will: Feases. 
W M : Cawley. 
Tho : Geay. 

Ship Rochester, Cap' John Bromwell Command, arriv'd this day from Trinca- 
mala, and brought a kind letter from the Cheif &e a there to the President, with an 
Enclosed for the Commissary Generall at Pollicat, w oh was immediately dispatcht, 
with another from the Presid' to him, returning him thanks for his kindness in 
ordering the Cheif &c a assistance to Cap 1 Bromwell, in y e fitting his Ship 
at Trincamala. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 161 


Att a Consultation 

Present Thursday 

Elihu Yale Esq, 8 President & Governour 6 - 

M E Nath. Higginson S e 
M E John Littleton M k 
M E Thomas Wavell M r William Fraser 
M B William Cawley M a Thomas Gray. 
M r William Fraser Storekeeper his book of Acc ts for the month of July & 
Aug st was read and past in Councill. 

Ship Rochester arriveing yesterday from Trincamala, where Cap' Bromwell Ga ?, t ' H Rr , om ". 
declared he was civilly treated with all freindly assistance given him in the f ye oiviii. 
repaireing of his Ship, which he now affirmes her hull is tight and Sound, his leaks J 1 ^ had 
being well stopt and mended, 'Tis therefore order' d according to our former Con- cheV&ca 
sultations and Resolves on this matter, that M r ffraser with what Command 1,3 a n t '[ a rinca " 
Masters, & Carpenters procureable in the place doe goe aboard and Veiw and survey m» snips to 
the said ship, her Condition, both as to her tighteness, soundness and the Condition be tl ^ ht and 
of her Masts yards rigging & ca and give us a due ace' thereof, in writeing, and Mr Eraser 
afterwards we shall proceed accordingly, as to her entertainment or otherwise, and * ca g°. 8 ) ur ' 
consider upon what Voyage to employ her, though we could have wish't, Cap* Rochester. 
Bromwell had taken our advice (which had been both the R' Hon ble Comp as and her 
owners Interests) to have saild from Trincamala to Bencolen, whence he might 
probably have been Laden and dispatch't for England. 

The reddwood Merchants complaining to the Councill, that they are not able ^ dd h TOod 
to comply with their Contract, for the provideing of Reddwood without great complaint. 
Loss to themselves, it not being procureable at that place where it growes, at the N ^ a , blet t ? 
price they formerly contracted for, by reason of the continued famine & great ™rircoZ 
mortallity, that there is not Labourers to work, as also the Dutch's buying great f»otinye 
quantityes, w ch raises the price, however the Councill told them that they cannot reddwood. 
receed from their Contract, but must duely f" forme it, but in consideration the the reason6 - 
Hon ble Comp a doe much require it, Tis agreed that what wood they shall bring in 
hereafter, more then the late Contract to allow them 2-^ Pags <§■ Candy, and that 2jpf-cato 
500 Pag 8 be now paid rliem upon those tearms. ymforwt 

ElIHU YALE. they shall 

Nat: Higginson. SSSS? 

ye late 

Tho: Wavell. Contract - 

Will : Fraser. 
W M Cawley 
William Probi Sec ry . Tho : Geay. 

Generall from Agent Charnock and Francis Ellis aboard the new Defence in 7. 

Genii fron 

Ballasore road, adviseing of their Expectation of a perwanna from Dacca, shortly 
and that they still continueing their abuses, by detaineing several of our Men 
Prisoners, at Ballasore, nor permitting y e Shipping off our goods or provisions to 
come to us, also adviseing that they desired some of our people might be sent to 
treat of peace, with a person y* was comeing from Dacca with tearmes in order to 
it, and threatned, if we used any hostile action, they would put all the English 
with them, to the Sword, and confiscate our goods to the King's use. 

Att a Consultation 

Present , 

Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governoue Mdndat 

M R Nath. Higginson 8 b John Biggs 
M K John Littleton M R 
M B M B William Feasee 

M B William Cawley M k Thom 6 Gray. 
The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 


162 Records of Fort St. George 

[ 10th ] .FORT ST. GEORGE, DECEMBER 1688 

lentvlcot ^ ne President read his Ace 4 Cash for y e month of Novem r w ch was examined 

Cashread. and past in Council], the Ballance amounting to ... ... Pag s 78007 : 10: 3. 

&M H rlree-° n ^ r Higginson & M r Freeman gave in their report about y e examination of 

man report the ffreights of M r Alfords Turmerick, laden on Ship Dragon for Persia, & are of 
TufmeHct' 38 opinion y l y e said goods were laden at 20 f Cent fre< & not at 1 Pag f" bag w ch 
to pay 20 ^ is order'd to be so paid and charged. 

Ct Freight. ° 

Mr Fraser M r Fraser &c a haveing been aboard & Surveyd y e Ship Eochester, delivers in 

sh? p S Ss- taeir report to the Councill, wherein they find, tho her leaks & hold be well fitted 
ter. & repaired, yet y 4 she is defective in her masts, yards, boltsplitt and rigging, w ch 

will require sometime to fitt, Tis therefore agreed y* she be not reentertained 
Sessions into the R' Hon ble Comp a service, untill she be capable to take in goods & saile 
to be held on when we shall also resolve the disposall of her, y e afores d report is orderd to be 

an aynex . enter( j i mme diately after this Consultation. 
Casea Bamana There being occasion for a sessions to be held for the tryall of offenders and 

Deputy Govr other Causes. The Mayor &c a are orderd to Summon & hold a publick sessions 
trey.'cameto upon Munday next at y e Town Hall for a Goal Delivery. 
t^v^SirtV Cassa Bamana Deputy Grovern r to the Seerlascar of this Countrey, comeing to 

pay his Vissitt to the President who being a person of Bminency at Coar [t], & 

to ye Presidt. 
a small 

Present be capable to doe us kindness there, Tis orderd that a small present of Scarlett and 

marlA him. L - __. _ . _ _ _ . l . . 

Perpetuanoes be made him to engage his ffreindship to our Affaires. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 

Tho: Wavell. 
Will : Feaser. 
W M Cawley. 
William Peoby Sec ry . Tho : G-eay. 

s S bj r Too°h Survey of Ship Rochester y e 7 th December 1688. 

ester. °° Whereas the Hon ble President & Councill haveing orderd a survey to be 

made upon the Ship Uochester, Cap' John Bromwell Commander. In pursuance 
to said order wee the Subscribers came on board the Rochester, searched & 
veiw'd her in all Parts within board, fore and aft between decks, the Eslope and 
the hould and find her in every part firme and sound and Very strong, there 
being neither Beam, knee, standar or bolt in her budged or started, which we 
narrowly inspected. 

And haveing Veiw'd into her Larboard Bow where her old leak was, we find 
the same to be well mended firme and strong as any other part. 

Her main mast a little under the Maintop we find to be fished, Her foreyard 
being broak, we find to be secur'd and both to us appear to be firme and strong, 
her Bowspritt being disabled must be taken out and repaired which the Carpen- 
ters of said Ship doe promise to effect in a short time. 

And haveing gone round her without board to Veiw her sheatings, as much 
as could be seen by us above the water, find the same to be mended in many 
places with peices of deal boards about the Wales. 

And when her Bowspritt is well and firmly mended & fast and well sett, we 
say upon the whole, according to our best Judgement & understanding, that she 
is a fitt Ship to adventure mens lives and Estates upon, for such a Voyage as 
from hence to England. 

William Feaser. 
James Thwaites. 
John Deane. 
William Russell. 
H Letter from the Commissary Generall at Pollicatt to the President. 

22 The President return'd an answer to the Comissary's letter. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 163 


Att a Consultation 

Present Thursdai- 

Elihu Yale Esq* President & Governour 13 * 

M E Nath. Higginson S r John Biggs 
M E John Littleton M e 
M* Thomas Wavell M r William Fraser 
M s William Cawley M b Thomas Gray 
The whole Councill being duely suinoii'd. 
M K Fereeman sick. 
They being in want of money at Conimere to defray theirs and Porto Novo 
Charges and expences, Tis order'd that Pag 8 3000 be sent them by sea upon a 
Cattamaran esteem[ing] tbat much safer, then sending it by land, the Roads 
being very dangerous by the Mogulls and Maratta's army es, who are dayly robbing 
& plundering those Parts, they being also in want of a Dubash at Porto Novo to 
carry on their buisiness therewith their Merch ts and Government; Tis orderd that 
sampson, an experienc'd man in that buisiness and those parts, be sent thither at 
50 Pag s f" anfi. : sallary dureing the time of his service there, which is but half 
the pay of other Kactoryes. 

Alvara Cassella desireing leave (according to the R* Hon ble Comp as Liberty 
given) to dispose of the Europe goods consigned out to him, there being no 
opportunity of a transportation at Present Tis agreed tBat it be granted him upon 
the R* Hcn ble Comp as tearmes of 20 f- Cent upon Invoice. 

Letters to Conimere and Porto Novo read & approv'd being to press their 
Merchants to allow the same prices for silver, and Corrall our[s] doe, which they 
obstinately dispute, it being more then the price Currant. 

Also to hasten in their Investment as well to prevent the danger of the 
approaching troubles & warrs in those parts, as also that wee may have their 
goods in readiness for the early dispatch of a shipp for England. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 

Tho : Wavell. 
Will : Fraser. 
W M Cawley. 
Tho : Gray. 
William Proby Sec 17 . 

Quarter Sessions held this day at the Coart of Admiralty for the tryall of a 17^ 
moreman, who was accused of Buggaree. 

Rec d a Generall from Conimere dated the 13 th Instant, adviseing they had 
been lately disturbed by Ramajee Kislma's comeing downe (w th Harja Raja's 
Commission) with a considerable fforce of horse and foot to plunder the borders of 
Golcandah Countrey, and in his way wrote them, that he would come and Vissit 
them, but was diverted by adviseing the great loss it would be to ye Divan to 
irnpeed our Affaires at that Juncture, but no sooner he had left them, fell Contrary 
to his Commission, to robbing the adjacent ports of money and Jewells to the 
amount of 20000 Pag B for which rash action he was sent to give an ace' 
and placed Vittulepillees son in his stead to mannage the said Commission, as also 
Gopall punditt made Subidar of Cuddalore &c a and Vittulepillee restored to his 
former station. 

Rec d another from Conimere dated the [lacuna in the original] Instant. 

Letter from the Commissary Generall of Pcllicatt to the President, adviseing ■ 
of a boat with nine English seamen and one ffactor, arrived at Gallee on Zeilon, y* 20 * 
belong'd to Ship Providence, who came ashoar for Provision, but the boat proveing 
leaky was forced to stay. 


Records of Fort St. George 









The President return'd answer to the Commissary's letter, desireing he would 
order those English men at Gallee up hither whose charges shall be repaid. 

Ship Resistance, M r John Coventry, Owner arrived this day from Bengali and 
brought us a Geuerall from the Agent and Councill there and another from Cap* 
William Heath. 

Att a Consultation Ext rt 


Elihu Yale Esq* President & Goveenoue 
M R Nath Higginson S e John Biggs 
M R John Littleton M e 
M B Thomas Wavell M e William Feasee 
M. E William Cawley M e Thomas Gbat. 

Ship Resistance arriveing this day from Bengali, Brofit us a Gener 11 from Cap* 
Heath : & another from y e Agent &c a in Ballasore road, w ch were ^ used & adviseing 
their design upon Chettegam, the President enjoyn'd y e whole Council to secrecy 
therein, being a matter of great consequence since the discovey thereof might 
bring troubles upon y e place, he also proposed the sending of y e Dorothy thither 
w tb men, Arms, Ammunition Stores to recruit y™ w ch was left to the Councills consi- 
deration, to give their resolves next meeting, in y e meantime, y e Storekeep 1 " is 
order'd to get ready such stores &.c r " nece3saryes as may be usefull for that designe 
in Bengali, if we have any notice of y e want of them. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat: Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

Tho. Wavell. 
Will: Feasee. 
W M Cawley. 
William Peoby 8ec Iy . Tho : Geay. 

Pearle Friggat, Cap* James Perryman Commander arrived this day from. 
Mallacca, being forced thither by contrary winds and bad weather he mett w th 
comeing out of Atchein, and intended for Bengali, and brought the news of the 
King of Syam's death and of Constant Phaulkon being beheaded for conspiraceing 
the death of the King. 

A "French man of Warr arrived here this day from Mergen, and brought a 
letter from M r John Treader confirming the news of the death of the King of 
Syam and Constant Phaulkon, also adviseing of another cruell massacre that had 
lately been committed on the ffrench at Merge and Syam. 

Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esa K Peesident & Governoue 
M R Nath. Higginson S r John Biggs. 
M R John Littleton M b 
M B Thomas Wavell M r William Feaser 
M R William Cawley M r Thomas Gkay. 
M R Robeet Freeman sick. 

The discourse last Consultation day upon sending the Dorothy Friggat to 
Bengali was renewed, but the Pearle ffriggat arriveing this day from Mallacca, w* h 
M r John Hill, put us in consideration of sending her instead oE the Dorothy, she 
being a small Shipp, more capable of those shallows, and comeing nearer the ffort 
of Chittegam then the other, as also of sufficient Tonnage to carry Stores &c a 
necessaryes thither. 

Diary and Consultation Book, 1688. 



M r John Hill and Cap* James Perryman was also questioned upon the 
discharge of their Commission where they had been, and how they had disposed 
of their time and concernes since they departed from us which being too large for 
discourse, they were order'd to give a Journall and Dyary of their Voyage & Affairs 
with an ace' of all news transactions & occurrances of moment at the severall places 
they have been at, & M r Hodges and M r Hills goeing to Syam being not 
agreable to our Orders, Tis orderd that the Coart of Admiralty doe examine the 
occasion thereof & adjudge it accordingly. 

The Storekeeper order'd to send for the Soldiers, Stores &c a ashoare from the 
Pearle ffriggat and that she be fitted here if Possible to proceed upon another 

The Councill discourst of the news brought by M r Hill of the Dutch great 
preparation for Bengali from Mallacca. Tanasseree and Atchein, also of the death 
of the King of Syam, and of the expected untimely end of Constant Phaulkon 
and of another cruell Massacre that had lately been committed on the french at 

The sending of a shipp to Syam was also discourst of, to accomodate differences 
there, but nothing resolv'd thereon, haveiDg noe orders from the R* Hon b,e 
Comp a for it, tho beleiv'd by all, that it might be of good service to them, however 
twas resolved to send an early ship home for England, to advise their Hon™ of the 
death of the King of Syam, Cap* Heaths Actions and designes in the Bay, and of 
the state of the troubled Countrey, all being of great Importance to their Affaires. 

M r John Littleton Warehousekeep r his book of Acc ts for the month of 
Novemb r was read and past in Coun" : 

Also M r William Cawleys Land Customer His book of Acc ts for the month 
of Novemb r was read, Viz. 

Land Customes 

Weighers duty 

Rubie Brokers 1£ f C k 
Cloth do. i f- 0» 
Chowtry Customes 
Mesurers duty 
Banksoll Godown rent 
Butteck & Shroffage ... 


ag s 13 : 






, 40: 


, 51: 




„ 66 





193: 22: 91 
Charges Deducted. 10 : 8 : 37 



183: 15: 54- 

M r Thomas Wavell his book of Acc ts of mintage in his time, was read and 
past and the ballance paid in. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat. Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 

Tho Wavell. 
Will Frasek. 
Wm Cawley. 
Tho. Gray. 
William Pro^x Sec ry . 

Stop Retreive, George Paulin, Master arrived this day from Bengali. 


166 Records of Fort 


Att a Consultation 


27. Blihu Yale Esq b President & Governocr 

M E Nath Higglnson S r John Biggs 
M B John Littleton M r 
M B Thomas Wavell M> William Fraser 
M B William Cawlet M> Thomas Gray. 
M> Robert Freeman sick. 
Since our last discourse about our sending the Pearle Friggat to the Bay, 
she is found upon survey to be leaky that, she is not fitt to proceed upon any 
Voyage, till she is well repaired, Tis therefore orderd that she proceed to Porto- 
Novo and there to be well fitted, carrying with her what Stores and necessaryes 
requisite for that and Conimere ffaotory as also the stores and Provisions for 
Ship Bencolen for the West Coa3t, she being not able to beat it up from Sadras- 
patam, and that after her speedy fitting at Porto Novo, that she bring down the 
goods from those ffactoryes for the Europe Shipping, and then to proceed to 
Vizagapatam, with a stock intended for that ffactory and thence to the Bay 
according as we shall receive advices of their proceedings and intentions, or else 
returne with what goods the}' shall have in readiness at Vizagapatam. 

The Captaine of the Dorothy ffriggat haveing now repaired her Masts, and 
well fitted her, tis ordered that she proceed on her intended Voyage to Atchein 
and West Coast with the Hon' ,le Comp as Jarrs of butter and Oyle, not Vendible 
here, also what ffreight procureable for Atchein, they yet desireing noe assistance 
from the Bay. 

Orderd that Pag s 2000 be paid M 1 ' Rob 1 ffreeman Paymaster to defray 
Charges garrison, he being out of Cash. 

The Paymaster M r Robert ffreeman his Acc t! for the month of November, 
were read and past in Councill, |pticulars Viz. 

Charges Garrison ... ... ... .,. P. 

Charges Gmerall ... ... ... ... „ 

Charges Dyett ... ... ... ... „ 

Charges Cattle ... ... ... ... „ 

Charges Merchandize ... ... ... ... >t 

Fortifications and Repaires ... ... ... P. 

Factors Provisions ... ... ... ... „ 

Expedition to Bengali ... ,.. ... ... „ 

Expedition to Tanassaree ... ... ... „ 

Ditto to the West Coast „ 

Voyage to Tonqueen ... ... ... ... , } 


The Prisoners that were brought on y e Pearl ffriggot taken on the Pyrat Sloop 
from Bengali, are order'd to be examined in the Coart of Admiralty, & adjudged, 
according to the merrits of their Crimes, being some of those that run away with 
the good hope from the Bay, and after committed many Villanous Pyracyes on 
the China Juncks and other Vessells in the south seas. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nat : Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

Tho : Wavell. 
Will : Frasek. 
W M Cawlet. 
William Proby Sec ry . Thomas Gray. 

Ship Williamson, Cap' Stephen Ashby Commander, arrived this day from 
. Bengali and Vizagapatam. 


; 12: 



: 32: 


; 05: 



; 03: 












— : 







Diary and Consultation Book, 1688 167 


Att a Consultation 
Elihu Yale Esq 8 President & G-overnour Saturday 

M K Nath. Higginson S r John Bisgs 29. 

M B John Littleton M r 
M R Thomas Wavell M e "William Frasee 
M B William Cawlet M R Thomas Gray. 
M K Robert Ffreeman sick. 

Ship Williamson arriveing last night, with advices from Bengali and Vizaga- 
patam, wherein the letter from the Agent and Councill and Cap* Heath, doe tell us 
that the Cap* has not yet possitively determined whether to goe upon the designe 
of takeing Chettegam or not, but supposed they were inclined that way, if they 
could not make a peace according to the R* Hon ble Comp a3 , orders, but the 
Cap 4 seems doubtfull of great difficulty therein by reason of the Shallows on that 
Coast, as we are, that their actions at Ballasore, has alarm'd the Nabob to 
encrease his forces there, being reported they are 10,000 strong in the ffort of 

Being much disappointed of the quantity of goods, wee expected from Bengali 
from the great stock of mony and goods they have had near 14 months by them 
with our often repeated advices and desires to invest it, for the early ladeing and 
dispatching of a Ship for England but to our sorrow have sent us but 363 Bales 
of goods and those not rightly sorted nor Invoiced by reason as they write us of 
• their suddain leaveing the towne of Chootalootee, sending up M r Meverell &c a to 
resort, pack and Invoice y m , Tis therefore orderd that the said Bales b9 brought 
ashoar with all expedition, & accordingly sorted and embaled by the said 
M r Meverell &c a Bengallers, and one of our Godown to inspect them. 

M r John Littleton Warehousekeep is order'd to unlade the rice Gunnyes 
Ropes, and haveing a great quantity of butter, Oyle here tis order'd that the butter 
now sent us be traverst aboard the Dorothy for Atchein and the West Coast, it 
being not Vendible to any proffit here by reason of its rankness. 

Upon Debate what shipp to send first to England, in consideration that Shipp 
Rochesters Charterparty time will be expired the 20 th January next, ^agreed and 
the Cap 4 re3olved laden or not laden to proceed for England, The Capt engageing 
to fitt and man her well & be ready to take in goods in 6 or 8 dayes, and y e 
Williamson, haveing yet twelve months time to serve in the Country and in all 
appearance in noe better Condition, neither in men or repair then the other, tis 
therefore agreed & order'd that Ship Rochester be laden and dispatcht for 
England with all possible expedition, and that the Bengali goods and Permissive 
trade upon y e Williamson be traverst aboard the other, except those order'd 
ashoar to be resorted and Invoiced, and that the Warehouskeep do hasten the 
Merchant's bringing in and sorting their goods, and that advices be sent to the 
Southern ffactory's to forward theirs, that she may be dispatch't early for the 
saveing of her Passage. 

Some Persons desireing to be insured upon Shipp Rochester for England, 
according to the R* Hon bIe Comp as orders, and libertyes granted in that Affair, 
M r Gray Register of the Insurance office is order'd to make ready what Pollicyes 
are desyred at the rate of 5 ^ Cent and not under. 

Cap' Heath haveing sent us severall ffrench Officers and Soldiers from Bengali, 
which were by him taken there, order'd that both the Persons and Shipps be 
referr'd to the Coart of Admiralty, and there to be examined and adjudged accord- 
ing to Justice. 

And there not being sufficient goods procureable in the Countrey to lade the 
Williamson this season for England, by reason of the Warrs and troubles in the 
Countrey and the great want of weavers, § of them being dead & removed by the 
late famine & Pestilence, & not being yet able to Perswade ours, the Conimere or 
Porto Novo Merchants to engage in a further Contract, they finding great difficulty 

168 Records of Fort St. George 

[29th ] 


and loss to comply with their formers, tis therefore thought best and most for the 
E* Hon ble Comp as Interest, to send the Williamson for Persia, with the 800 Baggs 
of Sugar now brought from the Bay, and what freight procureable, which we hope 
may am* to a full Ladeing, and a considerable Proffit from four Shipps expected 
hither this month from China with Sugar &c tt goods proper for Persia, tis there- 
fore orderd that bills be putt up to give notice of her intended Voyage, to Sale by 
the 10 th february, and that all Persons have liberty to freight on her at the - 
accustomary rates. 

Elihu Yale. 
Nat : Higginson. 
J. Biggs. 


Will: Fraser. 
W M Cawley. 


William Pkoby Sec 17 . 

Att a Consultation 


Elihu Yal e Esq r President & Goveenour 

M R Nath. Higginson S r John Biggs 

M R M B 

M R Thomas Wavell M r 

M R William Cawley M r Thomas Gray. 

The whole Councill being duely Summon'd. 

The Ship Bencolen being order'd to be dispatch't directly to tbe West Coast 
w th Stores &c a necessary es, but y e Dorothy ffriggat being a more warlike and Secure ■ 
Shipp. Tis order'd that 6 : Chests of Silver, Arms &c a be sent on her, notwith- 
standing she is first to touch at Atchein, supposeing there will be less difference - 
in their Passage y n Safety. 

They haveing sent us noe list of Freight goods laden on the Williamson from 
Bengali, Cap* Ashby is therefore orderd to give in a Particular list thereof, that 
the freight of them may be taken by the Warehousekeep and likewise a list of 
Permissive trade laden for England, that the Proprieters doe give us their Invoices,, 
and consign'd to the R* Hon ble Comp a according to their Conditions. 

The Accomptant haveing an occasion for an assistant for y e bringing up y e 
Gen" books & M r Safford lately in quality of a Merch* in Bengali comeing up 
hither on y e Williamson w th designe to returne home for England who being 
reputed an able Accompt 4 was sent for to the Councill to ^s wade his stay to 
undertake y t charge, his sallary to be 40 e ^ an : the half to be paid here, w ch he 
desired till next Consults day to Consider of in w oh time he will give his answer. 

Cap 1 Bromwell being design'd home and wanting men, there being severall 
Seamen upon the gaurd and desireous to goe upon him & being a case of necessity,, 
tis agreed that such Persons be spared him, but not to exceed the number of 10, 
Paying the R* Hon ble Comp a k6 : Pag s each for the charge of their comeing out. 

The Paymaster is order'd to make up the Pearl friggots mens wages, and 
deliver the ace* into the Councill that they may have it paid them. 

- Nicholas Garren a poor Soldier haveing both his leggs shott off in the late 
Warr in Bengali and now sent us on the Williamson, Petitioning the R* Hon ble 

Diary and Consultation Booh, 1688 ]69 



Comp as charity to his misfortunes, tis agreed that his Pay be continued, and an 
Imploy given him wherein he may be as Serviceable as his sadd Condition is 
capable of. 

Elihu Yale. 

Nath. Higginson. 

J. Biggs. 

Tho : Wavell. 
Will Fraser. 
W M Cawlet. 


William Probt Sec ry . 


Abullassan (the King of Golcondah), 76. 

Aburthenett, Robert, Captn., 128. 

Aoheen, Atchein, 2, 16, 17, 26, 27, 33, 39, 40, 
41, 43, 47, 48, 50, 55—57, 61, 85, 87, 95, 
105, 119, 147, 151, 152, 156, 164—168. 

.Adam Cawn, 49. 

Adventure, the (ship), 1. 

Affloeck, John, Lt., 4, 5, 90, 92, 94, 120. 

Allabux, 99. 

Allebeague, Mahomet, 153, 154. 

Allford, Henry, Captn., 64, 121, 139, 146, 

Allingall Pillai, 60, 132. 

Allumgeer, 56, 154. 

Alvada, Senona, 122. 

Alvaro Cacella do Valle (Portugues Embas- 
sador), 34, 163. 

Amara oblo, 133. 

Amaure de La Saugere, 92. 

Ammyapachettee, 133. 

Ancona, Modepa, 108, 133. 

Andalusia, the (ship), 57. 

Andrews, Captn., 28, 1 13. 

Ann, the (ship), 129, 136—138, 149. 

Annapourna, the (ship), 34. 

Anta Pontoio. Madana, See Madananta. 

Appauge Pontoio, 80, 1 10, 135. 

Appya Suranandya, 132. 

Armagon, 51, 140. 

Arrackan, i51. 

Arrealoor, 43. 

Ashby, Stephen, Captn., 166, 168. 

Assur Cawne, 154. 

Audeapoore, 133. 

Aunda Chettee, 133. 

Aureapa, 133. 

Ayapa Chettee, 132. 

Bachems, Johannes, the Heer Cornmandore, 

117, 138. 
BadheulzamOD, 55, 59. 
Bagnagar, 43, 50, 59. 
Bakeer, Mahomed, 15. 
Balachittee, Pasumartee, 132. 
Ballachettee, Conchee, 132. 
Ballasore, 39, 40, 126, 127, 161, 167. 
Ballya, Pettucaune, 132. 
Banckoak (Fort), Bankoke, 10, 53. 
Bantam, 27. 
Baptista, John, 122. 
Barret, Robt., 113. 
Barron, Samuell, 22, 25, 27, 32, 61 , 64, 65, 

111, 122. 
Bastrasi, Padre, 122. 
Batavia, 61, 110, 111, 136, 137. 

Batchelors Delight, the (ship), 91. 
Batten, Thomas, Captn., 15, 39—41, 50, 55, 58, 
68, 69. 
; Battriok, Wn, 113. 

i Bay, the, 1, 12, 15, 21, 42, 46, 57, 62, 92, 95 
110, 111, 125—127, 129, 155, 165, 166, 168. 
i Beard, John, 15, 57. 
1 Beard, Mrs., 150. 
I Beaufort, the (ship), 15—22, 24—29, 30—35, 

39, 51. 
i Bencoolen, 61, 92, 114, 127, 136, 137, 147. 

Bencoolen, the (ship), 166, 168. 
| Bengali, 4, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23—28, 
30, 35, 39, 40, 46, 48, 49, 51, 52. 54, 55, 56, 
I 58, 66, 69-71, 74, 77, 84, 86, 91—93, 
96, 99, 102, 103, 106, 107, 111, 114, 116, 
119, 124—126, 128, 134, 136,137,145— 
147, 151, 154, 159, 164—168. 
Bengali Merchant, the (ship), 16, 47, 62,— 
64, 66, 68, 72, 73, 75, 81, 87, 91, 92, 94, 
106, 110, 119, 128, 143,145, 147, 149—151. 
Benjar, lo6. 

Berkley Castle, the (ship), 51, 54. 
Bett, Captn., 54, 100. 
Betsworth, 122, 
Betts, James, Captn., 120. 
Biggs, John, Sir, 15, 21,24, 117, 120, 124, 

127, 129. 
Biggs, Lady, 55. 
Bimlepatam, 87. 
Bird, John, 57. 
Black Bagle, the 
Blake, John, 24. 

lip), 59. 

5, 136, 147, 152, 153. 156. 
Boa Vista, the (ship), 87, 88, 94, 97, 101, 

Bobba Sadaradeen, 15, 53. 
Bollogie, Bolloje, Sounde, 6, 13, 49, 87, 90, 

96, 106. 
Bombay, 1, 8, 21, 27, 34, 47, 50, 54, 57, 62, 

63, 66, 68, 86, 129, 136—138, 154. 
Bonus, Kath., 121. 
Botalia, Clara, 122. 
Bowdler, Wm, 63, 81. 
Bowney, Richard, 67. 
Bowrey, Thomas, 41, 47, 147. 
Bowridge, Wm., 56. 
Braddill, 126, 136. 
Brereton, 47. 
Bridger, 107, 121. 
Bromwell, Brumwell, John, Captn,, 39 — 41,. 

50—53, 55, 59, 71, 73, 74, 77, 81, 82, 94, 

103, 105, 110, 112, 115, 128, 160—162, 

Browne, Richard, 50, 51, 52, 55, 69, 70, 81, 

68, 90, 107. 
Browne, Samull, Dr., 77, 136. 
Bulfeild, Robert, 121, 122. 
Bornaby, 42, 63. 

Burton, Captn., 20, 43, 54, 71, 123. 
Busby, Francis, 81. 
Bussora, 78. 
Butterfeild, John, 100. 

Cabessa, 65,. 

Calberga, (Fort), 50. 

Caldera, Antony, 122. 

Callawa Chetty, 34. 

Callender, John, 121. 

Oalliout, 16, 63. 

Candapa Chettee, 132. 

Canton, 65. 

Capell, Mr., 64. 

Careen, the, 25. 

Carera, 38. 

Carnapachettee, 132. 

Camera, Anthony, 100. 

Carricoll, 34, 39, 50, 138. 

Car war, 47. 

Cashua Pontolo, 83, 84. 

Cashe, Copartee, 132. 

Cassa Cawn, 1 1. 102. 

Cassim Cawn, 51, 99. 

Caurta Chettee, 133. 

Cawley, fm, 13, 19, 20, 30, 31, 92—94, 98, 

104, 114, 133, 137, 145, 150, 153, 158, 165. 
Changalaput, 9. 
Chapman, Joseph, 92, 108. 
Chardin, Daniell, 3, 6, 18, 22, 23, 32, 34, 43, 

50, 59,76, 121. 
Charles Point, 36. 

Charles the second, the (ship), 28. 78. 
Charles street, 36, 107, 109, 121,' 123. 
Charleton, Francis, 50, 88, 90 109. 
Charnock, Job, 57, 124, 126, 161. 
Checea Neena, 47, 48. 
Chekacull, 53. 
Chellaia, Mooteapa, 133. 
Chellumbrum, 139. 
Cheney, John, 20, 61, 62, 122, 157. 
Chettigam, 126, 164, 167. 
Chettiput, 38, 71. 
Child, John, Sr., 84; Josia, Si\, 26, 31, 94, 

150; Eichards, 51,115. 
China, 5, 19, 21, 22, 25, 27, 31, 32, 35, 49, 54, 

61, 63—65, 68 69, 73, 75, 78, 93, 102, 111, 
144, 145, 154, 159, 166, 168. 

China Tonibe, 133. 

Chinaundee, 133. 

ChiueaPilla, 132, 140. 

Chingee, 11, 43. 

Chinna Chettee, 139. 

Chinna Oblo, 133. 

Chinna Ramana, Canavarum, 133. 

Chinna Vencatadry, 60, 97, 105, 106, 132, 

135, 139, 144, 156. 
Chmnea Chettee, 133. 
Church street, 36, 123. 
Chowtry Gate, 36. 
Chowtry street, 36, 120, 123. 
Chutanuttee, 15, 126, 136, 167. 
Clements, Wm, 113. 
Clemtnons, George, 81. 
Clifton, 47. 
Coje Abanus, 11, 22, 32, 34, 35, 43, 57, 59, 

62, 83, 84, 103, 108. 
Coleman, Wm., 134. 
Collaway Chettee, 133. 
Comarapa Chettee, 133. 
Comerine Cape, 68. 

Conimeer, Conimere, 2-4, 6-8, 10-13, 16, 23 
25, 27, 28, 32, 33, 35, 38, 40, 41, 43, 47- 
49, 55, 58, 59, 71-75, 77, 80, 82-84, 87 
90, 92, 95, 96, 98, 100, 106, 107, 109, lio' 
113, 119, 128, 129, 135-140, 143-156, 160- 
I Conimeer Merchant, the (ship), 80, 95, 105. 
I Conjeveron, 6, 9, 14, 38-40, 47, 49, 70,71, 
80, 151, 153, 154. 
Consason, Marthad, 120, 121. 
j Conset, Captn., 15, 51. 

Constable, Thomas, 11, 121. 
■■ Coodaloor, 2, 3, 9-11, 13, 14, 16-23, 25, 27- 
! 29, 31-35, 38, 40, 41, 43, 47, 49-53 55, 59, 
62, 66, 67, 73, 77, 81, 83, 84, 87, 88, 90, 93 
—95, 97, 100, 101, 110. 
Coodaloor Merchant, the (ship), 57, 113. 
| Cook, Richard, Captn., 10, 11, 13, 14, 17 19 

29, 60, 76. 
; Cooke, George, 66, 84. 
Coppinger, Harman, 91, 92. 
Cordozo, Paul, 120. 
Cornells, Pedro, 99. 
Corrangoloopanlum, 133. 
Coventry, John, 120, 134, 164. 
Coxes, 15. 
Craford, Tho., 113. 
Cranwell, 26. 
Cropley, Captn., 10, 42. 
Cuddalore, 113, 139, 163. 
Cumbaua, 61. 

Curtana, the (frigat), 2, 3, 6, 9, 14, 18, 19, 28, 
35, 45, 49, 52, 60, 70, 75. 

Dacca, 126, 136,161. 

Dandrada, Ana, 121. 

Danes East India Company, 4, 5. 

Dansborg, 4. 

Davis, John, 12, 13, 17, 19, 20, 23, 25, 28-31, 

34, 50, 62, 90, 92, 94, 121, 139 ; Thomas, 

24, 26. 
Dean, Anthony, 1 57. 
Defence, the (ship), 96, 124, 126-128, 136, 

143-145, 147, 148. 
Deliqht, the (ship), 12, 82, 92, 95, 151, 153, 

155, 156. 
de Clara, Thomas, 122. 
de Coasto, Joan, 122. 
de Cuni, Luis, 122. 
de Mai as, Antony, 83. 
de Monte, Gaspar, 122. 
de Silva, Emanuel, 122; Mathias, 122; 

Nichola, 122. 
de Soza, John 121. 
de Suce, Maria, 122. 
Denmarke, 22. 
Devett, 12, 96. 
Dixon, Wm., 120, 121. 
Dodwell, Robt., 129, 135. 
Don Joao, the (ship), 51. 
Don Theodore de St. Lucas, 87, 97, 99, 101, 

Dorothy, the (fviggot), 126, 150-153, 155, 159, 

164, 166-168. 
Dorrill, Nicholas, 18, 24. 

Dover Battery, 36. 

Dragon, the (ship), 27, 66, 72, 77, 81, 84-87, 

99, 108, 110, 14-6, 162. 
Du Bois, Daniell, 54, 61, 64, 77, 98, 108. 
Dunkly, [Anne], 121. 
Durgapa, 132. 

Eachuma Naigue, 38. 47, 70. 

Eagle, the (ship), 40, 41. 

East India Danes Company, 4. 

East Indies, the, 41. 

Ebraim Cawn, 43, 51. 

Eccogee Pontulo, 77, 81, 90, 98, 101, 136. 

Eckbar Saltan, 76. 

Eldred, Francis, Captn., 33, 70, 73. 

Ellis, Francis, 161. 

Em holt, George, 4. 

Emoy, 19-22, 25-27, 35, 40, 46, 49, 64, 75. 

Empton, Mathew, 63, 77, 116. 

Enassuaris (Master of ship). 39. 

England, 3, 7-10, 12, 15-17, 19, 21, 22, 24- 
27, 29, 30-34, 42, 43, 52,58, 62, 63, 66-69, 
76-78, 81, 84, 85, 91-93, 96, 104-106, 111- 
113, 114, 119, 127-129, 136, 143, 146, 148, 
150, 151, 156, 161-163, 165, 167, 168. 

Englesby, Thomas, 61. 

English East India Company, 4, 5, 67, 94. 

English Point, the (Port point), 36. 

Ephraims, Padre, 120. 

Ettabar Cawn, 11, 12, 108. 

Europe, 16, 18, 32, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 63, 82, 
87,91, 99, 101, 108, 12b, 126,130,139- 
141, 145, 152, 155, 163, 166. 

Evans, Joseph, 81, 97, 108, 119 ; Padre, 56. 

Fathergill, 111. 

Feild, Mr., Ill, 121. 

Fenn, Anthony, Captn., 27, 66, '84. 

Fessera, Francis, 121. 

Pforbin, fforbean, 9, 12. 

Figarado, Duarty, 123. 

Filbury, Arthur, 121. 

Fleetwood, Charles, 39, 56, 108. 

Flemmen, 146, 

Flemming, Tho-, 81, 83. 

Fort St. George, 7, 9, 34, 39, 41, 47, 50, 53, 
57, 67, 73, 85, 88,91, 94, 102-105, 113, 
119, 120, 132, 138,142. 

Fowle, Wm., 92. 

Fox, Christopher, 27, 34. 

Fox, Thomas, 64. 

France, 10, 12, 13. 

Frank, Black, 122. 

Frances, the (ship), 41 47, 1 1,7, 150. 

Francis, Mrs., 46, 147. 

Fraser, Wm., 6-8, 54, 60, 63, 66, 77, 79, 86, 
98, 118, 128, 143, 157, 159, 161, 162. 

Freek, Captn., 129, 136, 138, 149. 

Freeman, Robert, 3, 7, 20, 22, 28, 30, 35, 49, 
50, 60, 65, 69, 75, 84, 91, 94, 96, 98, 99, 
103, 110, 112, 114, 116, 117, 121, 137, 138, 
145, 146, 152-156, 159 162, 166. 

French Point (Port Point), 36. 

I G 

! Galle, 163, 164. 

; Gallone, Pasquall, 122. 
Games, Trevor, 92. 
Ganjam, 39, 56. 
Garmast, Andre, 121. 
Garren, Nicholas, 168. 
! George, the (ship), 21, 92, 98, 138. 
Gingerlee, 39, 53, 56, 109. 
Gladman, 20, 40. 
Gloster Point, 36. 

Gloster street, Glochester street, 36, 121, 123. 
Glover, Samll, 121, 136. 
Goa,63, 66, 83, 85, 91. 
Goff, Mr., 123. 
Golcondah see Gulcondah. 
Gombroon, 57, 66, 85. 
Gonsalis, Ant., 123. 
Goodhope, the (ship,) 25. 
Gopall Pundit, 14, 163. 
Gopaloo, 109. 
Gnrbole, Mr., 66. 
Gough, 129. 
Graddara Pontolo, 54. 
Gray, John, 4, 62, 65, 68, 77, 83, 92, 93, 100 

101, 108, 122, 129; Thomas, 123-125, 135, 

137, 138, 167. 
Great Providence, the (ship), 111. 
Greenhill, Udward, 92, 98 ; Thomas, 1 20. 
Gregory, Theodoras, 122. 
Griffith, Samull, 21,34, 122. 
Gvimmogee Pontolo, 113. 
Grudgfeild, Doctor, 62. 
Guetty, Mons r , 115. 
Gulcondah, 6, 11, 12, 18, 22, 23, 32, 34, 35 

50, 51, 57, 59, 62, 76, 83, 84, 95, 103, 108,' 

115, 125, 134-137, 150, 163. 
Gyfford, (President,) 95, 109, 122, 151 - 

Daniel, 106, 109, 119. 

Haddock, Joseph, Captn., 92, 93, 95, 101, 

103, 111, 112. 
Haggerstone, 51, 54. 
Haksey, Nathaniel, 92. 
Hall, 14, 26, 59, 93, 107, 199. 
Hampton, John, Captn., 56, 57, 63, 95, 97, 

Harden, Samll, 81. 
Harding, James, 26, 27, 128. 
Harja Raja, 48, 55. 163. 
Harrison, Wm., 10^ 13. 
Hart, Augustin, 57, 143. 
Hassnmbeague, 53, 55. 
Hatsell, Wm, 22. 
Haynes, 97. 
Heath, Wm.. Captain, 123, 124, 126, 127, 129 

134, 136, 147, 164, 165, 167. 
Heathfeild, Dr., 47, 57, 76, 77 ; (widow), 120. 
Helena St., 30. 
Herbert, the (ship), 111. 
Heyrs, 126, 136. 
Hickes, Thomas, 1. 
Hidgley, 46, 147. 
Higginson, Natheniell, 1, 

25, 26 32, 35, 38, 44, ' 

68, 69, 71, 72, 85, 87, 92, 93, 96, 98, 103, 

110, 112, 114, 115, 117, 124, 127, 137, 

146-148, 150, 154, 162. 

11,16, 19, 22, 
54, 57, 58, 60, 

Hill, Mr 10, 53, 68, 80, 120, 147, 164, 165. 

Hodges, (Vm, 10, 42, 53, 80, 147, 165, 

Hoi comb, 96. 

Holt, Tilman, 121. 

Home, Richard, 113. 

Hugly river, 56, 57. 

Hugly, 125. 

Hunter, Alexander, 18, 22. 

Inch, John, 121. 

India, 26,66, 107, 130, 138. 

Indostan, 76. 

IndraDoora, Indeapore, 27, 39, 71, 136, 151, 

Inglish, Edward, Oaptn., 20, 78, 80, 119, 138, 

149, 150. 
Ingram, Ralph, 9, 14, 93, 119, 159. 
Intsham, Lewis, Oaptn., 71. 
Irish Point, 36. 
Ishmael Cawn, 38. 
Ivory, Mr., 122. 
Izabelia Dona, 123. 

Jaffer, Zaffer, Mahomed, 51, 96. 
Jaffry, the (ship), 99. 
James Bulwark, 36. 
Jambee, 111. 

street, 30. 

the second, H.M. King, 23. 
James, the (ship), 43, 46, 49, 63, 65, 71, 75, 

92, 102, 123-126, 129, 136. 
James Alley, 122, 123. 
Janapatwan, 136, 147, 152, 153, l"i6. 
Janga, Conchella, 133. 
Jearsey, Win., 5, 121. 
Jebo Moria, 122. 
Jehan Badlan cawn, 125, 126. 
Joan Domingo, 121. 
Joan Sta, the (ship), 62, 69. 
Johanna, 112. 
Johannes, the Heer, 1 17. 
Johnson, Win., 25, 113, 127. 
Jonsher Oitwn, 153. 
Joyes, 113. 
Jugga, Chundore, 91. 


Katharina, Katherine, the (ship), 51, 111, 136. 

Keeling, Wm., 45. 

Kiddell, John, 16, 122. 

Kisna river, 4. 

Kisnapatam, 38, 92, 95, 106, 109. 

Knipe, Mr., 136. 

Knowlman, John, 50, 90, 92. 

Korpa, 3. 

Lacy, Thomas, Captn., 51, 53, 63, 70, 73. 

Lane, Thomas, 113. 

Large, Peter, 120. 

Lesley, Leslie, Lt., 25, 42, 46. 

Levison, Rob., 27, 66, 86. 

Levo, 42. 

Littleton, John, 4, 1 1, 23, 26, 28, 42, 44 48, 
49, 56, 62, 66, 67, 86, 87, 93, 96, 98, 101. 
102, 108, 116, 117, 124, 125, 133, 137, 143- 
145, 154, 157, 165, 167. 

London, the (ship), 21. 

London (city), 15, 71. 

Lope; Martin, 120. 

Lopus, Joan, 121. 

Lorenso, Cosmo, 120. 

Tiott, M r ., 64. 

Loyall Adventure, the (ship), 11, 16, 150. 

Loyall Captn , the (ship), 33, 69, 70, 73. 

hoyall Merchant, the (ship), 92. 

Lucas, Thomas, 5, 8,. 15, 24, 47, 92. 

Lytcott, Litcott, Giles, 45, 54. 

Lyon, the (ship), 56, 90, 92. 


Maccao, 62, 75. 

Mackhadum Neena, Maucadum Nina, 39, 47 

119, 125. 
Macquaw Town, 36. 
Madananta, 657, 150, 151, 153, 154. 
Madapa, 85, 90, 92. 
Madapollam, 1,5, 6, 8, 17, 21, 25, 28—31, 

47, 53, 69, 84, 109, 129. 
Madapollam, the (ship), 39. 
Madrass (frigatt), 4, 5, 17, 20, 26-29, 32, 35, 

52, 61, 75, 95. 
Madrass (City), 9, 42, 51, 56, 69, 81, 85, 91, 

94, 102, 105, 113, 115, 118, 119, 127, 129, 

131, 132, 138, 142. 
Maduachettee, coudemolla, 132. 
Mahmaudu, 102. 
Mahobat Cawn, 11, 50. 
Mahomoodu Woosen, 49. 
MaUubar, 38, 150. 
Mallacca, 25, 32, 61, 73, 164, 165. 
Mallialum (boat), 125. 
Mallianoor, 71. 

Mamoodee, the (ship), 89, 47, 48, 50. 
Mana Ohettee, 132. 
Mangalore, 47, 63. 
Manilla, 103. 

Manuell Gomesseris de Ribero, 69. 
Manuell Mendis de Livera, 50, 74. 
Marcaunum, 43, 98. 
| March, Uaptn., 51. 
Marnpa, 34. 
Martin, Charles, 113, 120; Monsr., 6, 7, 50, 

51-53, 56, 59, 73, 75, 83, 100. 
Mary, the (ship), 68, 136. 
Masfen, Robert, 150. 
Master, Streynsham, 96. 
Mathies, Mathews, George, 4, 67. 
Mead, Mr., 64, 121. 
Meclenen, J., 122. 
Meer Mahamud, 160. 
Meers, Charles, 27. 
Mellick, Mahomod, 51. 
Mellish, Robert, 82. 
Mendes Domingoes, 121. 
Mendes Sicillia, 122. 
Merge, 164. 

Mergen, 1 , 5, 9, 10, 24, 25, 42, 53, 152. 
Metcalf, Charles, 121. 
Metchlepatam, 3,27, 34,53, 55,59, 69,70, 

78, 84, 85, 91, 109, 129. 

Meverell, Mr., 67, 121, 167. 
Middle Gate, 36. 
Middle street, 36. 
Milemay, 109. 
Miller, Wm., 61, 121. 
Mills, Edward, 56. 
Milton, 5, 35. 

Mindanao, 61, 68, 70, 79, 103. 
Mirzam Mausum, 49. 
Mocho, 28. 

Modena, the (ship), 78. 
Moedera, Maria, 122. 

Mogull, the, 3, 4, 6, 11, 12, 14, 22, 23, 29, 31, 
32, 34, 35, 38, 41, 43, 47, 49-51, 53, 56, 57, 
59, 60, 62, 70, 76, 78, 80, 83, 85, 90,91, 95, 
99, 103, 106, 108, 113, 115, 124-126, 134— 
136, 138, 140, 141, 151, 152, 163. 

Mollaia (Tandell), 34. 

Monk, Rich., 120. 

Moody, Mr., 70, 79, 82. 

Moor, John, 122. 

Mootachettee, Monamarr, 133. 

Mootamarr, Velli Ohery, 133. 

Mooteapa, Chellia, 122. 

Morgan, Mr., 10. 

Morley, Emanuel, 120. 

Mose, Henrv, Mr., 61, 64, 100, 111, 121, 159. 

Moulsford, the (ship), 20-22, 25, 35, 40, 46, 
49, 63, 65, 71, 75. 

Mount, the, 49. 

Muttamorra, 100. 


Naisby, James, 24 ; John, 18. 

Nallachettee, Janapachetti, 132. 

Nallamoortee, Poonamuliee, 132. 

Nanckin, 65. 

Narran, Coondoor, 133. 

Narrand, Kitte, 22, 25. 

Narran, Nerela, 132. 

Narrapa, 6. 

Narso Sancho, 17, 25, 58, 160. 

Nataraya Pilla, 132. 

Nathamell, the (ship), 56, 62, 68. 

Navis, Emmanuel, 122, 

Negapatam, 77, 87. 

Negrais, 151. 

New Defence, the (ship), 123, 125, 148, 161. 

Neuo London, the (ship), 78. 

New Madras Merchant, the (ship), 27, 34. 

Nicholson, John, Captn., 15, 16, 22, 25, 30, 

33, 34, 39, 42, 52. 
Nicks, John, 7, 14, 27, 31, 43, 51, 71-75, 

93, 94, 320, 152. 
Northay, Benjamin, 87. 
Nosa Seniora Bon Viagio, the (ship), 111. 

Oliver, John, 1 13. 

Ollacca Chittee, 117. 

Oneal, John, 108 ; Ursula, Mrs., 120. 

Ord, Ralph, 78, 146. 

Osmer, Henry, 67. 

Outramallore, 38. 

Packeer Mahmaudu, 102. 

Palliacat, Polliacat, 5, 7, 20, 21, 26, 43, 51, 
87, 99, 104, 110-112, 114, 115, 117, 135, 
138, 143, 146, 156, 160, 162. 
Palliacunde Chetty, 100. 
Panasahulla, 129. 
Pandalee Chettee, 133. 
Paray, 134, 155. 
Parker, 121. 

Passania, Catherina, 123. 
Pashmoortee Naique Chettee, "132. 
Patlada Narasim (boat), 134. 
Pauk, Christian, 5. 
Paukee Chettee, 133. 
Paulin, George, 57, 83, 85, 165. 
Paupa, Mothera, 102. 
Pavica, Madam, 121. 
Pearle, the (ship) 2, 10, 11, 24, 147, 164-166, 

Pecuchet, Nicholas 62. 
Pedda Naigue, 92. 
Peddaramana, 133. 
Pedda Verapa Chettee, 132. 
Pegu, 10, 43, 46, 57, 62, 69, 151. 
Pegu Merchant, the (ship), 143. 
Peniora, Gimar, 122. 
Penistone, Anthony, 80, 95, 105. 
Pensax, Henry, Captn., 66, 81, 84, 86, 108, 

Penugundah, 53. 
Peray, 134. 

Pereatombe Yeacumbrutn, 132. 
Perera, John, 120, 122; Joseph, 122; 

lorenee Padre, 122 ; Renou, 121. 
Perreana Chettee, 133. 
Perrimnn, James, Capt., 10, 24, 164, 165. 
Perse, Wm., Captn., 62, 73, 74, 76, 81, 87, 92, 

Persia, 28, 43, 56, 66, 72, 76, 78, 85-87, 106, 

126, 138, 168. 
Pettepollee, 5, 15, 53, 133. 
Phaulkon, the (ship), 119. 
Phaulkon, Captn., 10, 42, 53, 164, 165. 
Phenix, the (ship), 50, 55, 61, 74, 78, 80. 
Phihppa, 122, 123. 
Pitt, John, 14, 87, 98, 116, 118, 122 137; 

Laurence Heer, the, 87. 
Plimouth Battery, 36. 
Plummer, John, Dr., 76. 
Pollicull, 53. 
Ponapa Chettee, 132. 

Porto Novo, 2, 7, 9, 14, 18—21, 26, 27, 29, 31, 
33, 34, 40, 41, 43, 50—52, 59, 62, 71—75, 
76, 81, 82, 88, 90, 93, 97, 99, 101, 119, 129, 
136, 138, 139, 143, 152, 153, 155, 156, 159, 
163, 166, 167. 
Potts, Mr., 27. 
Pownsett, John, 42, 47, 128. 
President, the (ship), 9. 
Priaman, the (ship), 39, 137. 
Priaman, 57. 
Prince of Orange, 117. 

Princess of Denmark, the (shin) 92, 93, 95 — 
98, 101, 102, 106-109, 111, 114, 124, 136, 
Prospect, the (ship), 70, 73. 
Proby, Wm, 100, 103. 

Providence, the (ship), 163. 

Pollicherry, Puducherry, Pullicherry, 4, 6-8, 
10-13, 18, 34, 39-41, 43, 47, 50-53, 55, 56, 
59, 63, 68, 72, 75, 83, 87, 100, 140. 

Ponemelee, Pullimelee, 4, 26, 28, 110. 

Poulter, Bliz : 123. 

Pynapa Chettee, 132. 

Rachapa Chettee, 132. 

Ramadas, 102. • 

Ramajee Kishna, 163; 

Ramapa, Cassa Jangam, 133. 

Ramana, Cassa, 162. 

Ranga Chitty, 39. 

Ranganauta, the (boat), 39. 

Ray, Robert, 122. 

Read, George, 18, 24, 91. 

Reede, the Heer Van (Dutch Comissary 

General), 110,112,114, 138. 
Rebecca, the (ship), 55, 58, 68, 69. 
Recovery, the (ship), 56, 57, 70, 92, 95, 97, 99. 
Resistance, the (ship), 164. 
Resolution, the (ship), 2, 7, 8, 22, 25, 39, 92. 
Retrieve, the (ship), 83, 85, 165, 
Rider (a good Artist), 28, 146, 159. 
River Battery, 36. 
River Gate, 36. 
Roberts, 109, 117, 123, 125, 136; Gab; 111, 

Rochester, the (ship), 39-42, 47, 49, 50, 53, 

55, 59, 72, 73, 75, 77, 81-83, 86, 98, 101, 

103, 105, 106, 110, 114, 129, 160-162, 167. 
Rodngues, Salvadore, 3, 6, 18, 22, 23, 59, 78, 

Rohaloo Cawn, Rowalloo Cawn, 11, 12, 43, 

76, 84. 
Rosada, Ant : 122. 
Rosaira, Emanuell, 121. 
Rose, the (ship), 24, 57. 
Rowdowne, 57. 
Royall James, the (ship), 2, 9-11, 13, 14, 16- 

22, 24, 25, 27, 33, 34, 46, 61, 62, 64, 66- 

68, 71,74-76, 95, 106. 
Russell, Nathaneil, 68, 103. 
Rustum Cawn, 38. 
Rutterah, 63. 
Ryley (widow), 121. 


Sadick or Sadeek, Mahomed, 38-40, 47, 51, j 
53, 56, 57, 78, 80, 85, 86, 90, 92, 101, 134, ' 
135, 153, 154, 160. 

Sadraspatam, 42, 110, 135, 155, 159, 166. 

Safford, Mr., 168. 

Salam Mattaras, the (ship), 49. 

Salamatrow, (boat), 140. 

Salvadore, Padre, 122. 

Sambrook, Jeremy, S r , 26, 31. 

Sampson, M r , 163. 

Samuell, the (ship), 28, 30. 

Sancara Muttamar, 132. 

Sangana, 6, 57. 

Sangapa, Ponooroo, 133. 

Santogoe, 70. 

Saphir, the (ship), 51—55, 01, 70, 73, 75. 

Sarvanum Moodelee, 132. 

Scotch Point (Fort Point), 36. 

Scott, 64. 

Sea Gate, 36. 

Searles, Robert, 113. 

Seer Cawn, 43. 

Sevagee, 4, 6, 9—11, 14, 23, 26, 28, 29, 31, 
35, 38, 43, 47, 54, 70, 71, 76, 115. 

Severa, Bastian, 122. 

Severago Chettee, 132. 

hhastee, Shasta Cawn, 11, 125, 126. 

Shaw Allum, 11, 50,76. 

Shaxton, 47, 63. 

Shelden, Ralph, 92. 

Shrewsbury, the (ship), 20, 22, 27, 61, 64, 111, 

Siam, Syam, 4—7, 9—12, 18, 39, 41, 43, 50. 
53, 55, 56, 58, 68, 71—75, 8u, 83, 85, 99, 
119, 136, 140, 147, 151, 152, 164, 165. 

Sidimassan, 43, 76. 

Smith, Henry, 113; James, 18, 20. 

Sophia, the (ship), 49, 61, 64, 87, 98. 

Sounde Bolloje. See Bollogie, 

Speedwell, the (ship), 50, 51, 81, 83, 110. 

Spenceake, Benja., 113. 

Spencer, Captn., 7, 9, 26, 27, 50, 52. 

Spencer, Thomas, 24. 

Stables, John, 107—109, 112, 114, 145. 

St. Antonio, the (ship), 85. 

St. Helena, 30, 137. 

St. Michael (order), 10. 

St. Peter (order), 10. 

Sta Joan, the (ship), 62, 69. 

St. Mary, 67. 

St. Pedro de Alcanta, the (ship), 83. 

St. Thoma, 34, 51, 85, 110, 111, 114, 134, 135, 

St. Thomas Lane, 123. 

St. Thomas Point, 36. 

St. Thomas street, 36, 122, 123. 

Stevenson, John, 122, 123. 

Stewart, Walter (a Phisitian), 2. 

Strangways, John, Captn., 8, 61, 64, 86, 120- 

Streaker, Ralph, 18, 20. 

Styleman, John, 42, 121. 

Succadana, 136. 

Success, the (ship), 57, 95, 136, 147. 

Sumatra, 19, 27, 75, 95, 127. 

Sunderland, Robert, 18, 24. 

Surat river, 3. 

Surrat, 3, J 2, 13, 16, 18, 23, 26, 33, 34, 46— 
48, 50, 52, 54, 57, 58, 68, 78, 80, 83, 84, 91, 
103, 108, 115, 119, 129, 136, 146, 151, 156. 

Swally, 50, 78. 

Swynoke, Swynock, 32, 59. 

Tagaray t^boat), 117. 

Taianoor, 71- 

Tanapachettee, Pereatombe, 132. 

Tanduachetee, Chittoopatoo, 132. 

Targu Muttamar, 132. 

Tarnantony, 122. 

Tarra Sultan, 11. 

Tartar, the (ship), 149, 150. 

Taylor, Jane, 121. 


Teagapa, Telleechettee, 133. 

Teetachettee, Vennee, 133. 

Tegnapatam, 55, 87. 

Tellicherry, 63. 

Tembee, 137. 

Tenasseree, 1, 6, 12, 22, 35, 48, 71, 72, 80, 86, 

98, 116, 138, 145, 151, 154, 159, 165, 166. 
Tere Vengadam, 132. 
Thacker, John, 113. 
Theodosia, Padre, 120. 
Thomas, John, 25, 34, 
Threader, 10, 164. 
Thwaits, James, Captn,, 150. 
Tillachettee, C, 133. 
Tilson, Heighs, 108. 
Timma Chettee, Bnntala, 133. 
Timmana Naigue, 11. 
Timore, 111. 
Timor, the (ship), 114. 
Tombe Chettee, Puddapaukam, 132. 
Tonqueen, 35, 45, 49, 52—55, 61, 70, 73, 75, 

157, 166. 
Trevicane, Triblicane, the (ship), 6, 16, 27, 33, 

38,39,43, 119. 
Trevitore, 10, 123, 149. 
Triggs, Mr., 42. 
Trimlevas, 11, 31, 60, 62,85, 90—92, 94, 112, 

113, 138. 
Trincomala, 104, 110, 112, 114, 115, 129, 160, 

Trincombar, Trangambar, 4, 5, 7, 8, 22, 35, 

91, 92, 110, 119, 129. 
Troughton, Zouch, 63, 116, 118, 120, 124. 
Tuer, Wm, 149, 150. 
Turlington, Robert, 92, 95, 151. 

Union flagg, the, 91, 92. 
Unkettle, Jonathan, Captn., 39. 

Vancachellum, 132. 

Vass, Ema : 123. 

Vellapa, M. 132. 

Vencatadry Chinna, 60, 97, 132. 

Vencatadry, Nalla, 7, 35. 

Vencataputtee, Colapatee, 133. 

Vencatarownudo (Boat), 119. 

Veragn, 102. 

Verona, 135. 

Verapa, Tappachettee, 132. 

Viera, Panchecn, 121. 

Vittulapillee, 14, 163. 

Vizagapatam, 15, 27, 29, 50—55, 59, 69, 70, 
88—90, 92, 100, 106—112, 114, 126, 136, 
145—147, 154, 155, 158, 166, 167. 

Viziapore, 32, 43, 108, 138. 

Voter, John, 121. 


Wales, the (ship), 162. 
Wales, Samll :, 8, 30, 47, 69. 
Walsh, Enoch, 46. 
Walthrope, Tho :, Captn., 147. 
Wandawasse, Wandawash, 47, 56, 57, 70, 71, 

85, 90, 91, 106, 112, 128. 
Wavell, Thomas, 4, 5, 10, 16, 20, 24—26 32 

35, 41, U, 59, 60, 64, 68, 72, 76, 90, 93, 96,' 

98, 101, 102, 110, 112, 114, 116, 117, 125 

135, 144, 157, 158, 165. 
Weltden, Antony, Captn., 1, 2, 5 — 7, 9, 18 22 

24, 28, 42, 60, 65, 70. 
Westberry, Wesbary, Nicholas, 33, 39, 43, 122. 
Wetwang, John, Captn., 13, 19. 
Wheeler, James, 78, 108. 
White, Samll., 5—8, 26, 42, 62. 
Willcox, Francis, 46, 63—65 ; John, 7, 49, 59 

80, 86. 87, 91—93. 
Wilkes, 107. 
Williamson, the (ship), 25, 27, 63, 98, 166— 

Wingfield, George, 81. 
Wollaca Chettee, 133. 
Woodall, Alex., 122. 
Woodoomun (Tandoll), 39. 
Worcester, the (ship), 21. 
Wright, Thomas, 47, 69. 

Yale, Elihu, Hon'ble (President), 67, 120, 

122, 129 ; Thomas, 46, 63, 65. 
Yellapa, Bogavarapoo, 133; Mogooroo, 133. 
Yerrachetti Muttamarr, 132. 
York Lane, 36, 123. 
York Point (the Garrison work), 3d. 
York street, 36, 121, 123. 

Zaffer, Mahomed, 51. 

Zeloan. Zelon, Zeilon, 49, 8-5, 91 163.